Third Time’s a Charm
Paul Offit’s 10,000 Vaccine Doctrine and Deception on Every Child By Two

Laura Hayes: The Vaccine Myth An Issue of Trust

Radio micOn Sunday, February 12th our good friend Laura Hayes was part of an hour-long radio interview with Shawn Siegel on the topic of vaccinations.   Fast forward to minute 14 to hear Laura and the interview. Special thanks to Joshua Coleman for creating the YouTube link.  Check out Josh's channel for a plethora of videos from the VaXxed bus and much more.


Paul Picha

I love the matter-of-fact style of delivery by L Hayes. Her perspective on autism is invaluable for those of us who have not walked in her shoes. Thanks for this.

Jeannette Bishop

Valuable discussion. Thank you so much for broadcasting this information!

angus files

Well done agree with it all - truth wins.

Pharma for Jail



That was a very thoughtful interview. Thank you both !

Your words resonate so well -
A moratorium.
No tolerance at this point.
Common sense.
If I could have one do-over in life....
Where are the placebo controlled, double blind studies ?
The effect of the 1986 Act.
Finally, how can I sue the DOJ while I'm raising a vaccine injured child ?

thanks again, I hope you find reasons to smile today. great interview


I'm looking forward to watching this... I agree completely with Laura Hayes on the dangers of vaccines. It's so difficult for me to see clearly that Big Pharmas are all about making money and pushing a product and not even a little bit about safety or the welfare of children. I despise their vision of the future with a vaccine for everything... give me a break. This is a 19th Century science before anyone knew anything about gut bugs or cell metabolism or DNA or RNA or the immune system. So... let's go back to a time before anyone had any access to any of these scientific breakthroughs...No thanks!

Richard P. Milner

Laura Hayes is outstanding, but don't short Shawn Siegel. He sets the stage perfectly.

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