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Have You Been Denied Academic Freedom On Vaccine Safety Research?

Dachel Wake Up: Julia Belluz Is CDC's Company Gal!

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Here’s a story warning us that funding for our vaccine programs is being threatened by the Republicans.

Julia Belluz’s name is a familiar one regarding this issue. I looked through her reporting over the last couple of years and I was struck by how unwilling she is to challenge anything an official says about vaccine safety. Her articles are rife with statements meant to shut down the debate:

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder.

“…many other studies have since discredited the idea.”

“In another of the most thorough studies to date, nearly half a million kids who got the vaccine were compared with some 100,000 who didn't, and there were no differences in the autism rates between the two groups.

Belluz is one of the most prolific pro-vaccine journalists out there. (See more stories below.)

None of her articles honestly investigate the arguments on both sides of the debate. In her mind, there is no debate. She blindly relies on official denials as the final word, just like everyone else in the mainstream media.

It’s hard to understand the complete obeisance paid to health officials holding a study as proof of no link. No one ever bothers to look into the research we’re all supposed to trust. What if it was done by the vaccine makers? What if it’s merely an easily flawed population study? What if the researcher is on pharma’s payroll? What if there are a dozen studies that challenge the findings?

The reporters who willingly accept whatever a CDC official has to say about vaccine safety would never do the same thing with anyone else in government. There is expected to be skepticism when elected officials tell us things, but strangely, that isn’t the case when this issue is vaccines. Somehow we’re to believe that federal employees at the CDC only tell the truth.

In many of her articles on vaccines, Belluz went after Andrew Wakefield and his MMR study. I wonder how she would report the story of William Thompson and his claim of CDC cover up of a vaccine/autism link.

Notice the taxpayer money going to the CDC that is talked about in this article. This place is pharma's dream. I seriously wonder if vaccines cost the industry anything. I’d love to know much money is channeled into vaccine promotion through federal and state funding.

March 7, 2017, The Republican health insurance plan slashes funding for vaccines and public health

Julia Belluz

The American Health Care Act makes a number of changes to the Affordable Care Act that’ll likely disadvantage poorer and sicker Americans, and result in fewer people covered. But the plan also includes a subtler and very significant move for American health: the elimination of the largest fund for disease prevention in the federal budget, along with 12 percent of the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by 2019.

The ACA established the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which provides $14.5 billion over 10 years. The goal of the fund was simple: Boost public-health money, much of it for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to support activities that keep people from becoming sick with preventable chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and infectious diseases that can be staved off with vaccines. ...

The federal vaccines program. The Section 317 vaccines program has been called “the backbone of our nation’s immunization infrastructure.” It ensures doctors get the vaccination doses they need, helps people who can’t afford vaccines gain access to them, and mobilizes responses to outbreaks like measles, among other things. It would lose half its funding, which is frightening at a time when vaccination rates are already down in some states.

At a time when life expectancy in the US has declined for the first time in decades, chronic diseases are affecting millions of Americans, and we are facing the risk of a new pandemic, America could use a strong public health force more than ever. Instead, Republicans are hoping to weaken public health.

There’s more.

Back in January, Belluz trashed Dr. Daniel Neides of the Cleveland Clinic for his dangerous, “anti-vaccine” views.

By the way, the "new pandemic" Belluz refers to in her current article is bird flu. (Mar. 3, 2017)

Belluz authored a resounding denial of a vaccine/autism link in the face of the possibility of a federal commission to look into the workings of the CDC, also back in January.

Rather than write about what's going on regarding vaccine safety, she labels all dissenters as "anti-vaccine." According to her, Kennedy and De Niro are "anti-vaccine crackpots" and exempting parents scare her. (Feb. 15, 2017)

Belluz has covered other diseases and their vaccines. She wrote about Ebola. (Dec 22, 2016)

Belluz supports CDC head Tom Frieden went it comes to vaccine safety (and has warned us about Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s vaccine views). (Jan 16, 2017) 

During the campaign, (Sept 16, 2015)  Belluz attacked Trump for linking vaccines to autism.

Belluz has written lots and lots on vaccines and all of it is pro-industry/pro-CDC. She thinks every vaccine is good for us.

MY QUESTION FOR BELLUZ: In your recent story you wrote, "At a time when life expectancy in the US has declined for the first time in decades, chronic diseases are affecting millions of Americans, ..."

While you're worried about some kind of pandemic, you also point out that Americans are getting sicker and sicker, and our children may not live as long as we do. That is a pretty serious situation. What's the CDC doing about it? Are you aware that kids today are the sickest in history? We have a bloated vaccine schedule which many feel is a massive attack on a normal immune system. No one has ever looked into this, so I’m sure officials will say there is no link, but the simple truth is, as we vax and vax and vax, our kids get sicker, and sicker, and sicker.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Cherry Misra

@ Bob Moffit- Thankyou very much Bob. Sorry to make a small correction, but you missed the last one- 5 Cents for Educating the public about keeping their immune systems in top gear, so that they dont need any of the other services we offer at vast cost.
And Hmm- I wonder what the huge sum for Alzheimers gets us, considering that they want us to believe that it is unpreventable and untreatable. Awareness !- maybe.

Jeannette Bishop

"The measure orders the Office of Management and Budget director, Mick Mulvaney, to come up with a proposal 'eliminate unnecessary agencies...components of agencies and agency programs.'

"Agency heads have 180 days to submit efficiency plans to Mulvaney and reorganize 'if appropriate.'

"The public will also have the opportunity to suggest improvements to the executive branch.

"After the public comment period, Mulvaney will have 180 days to submit a document to the president, the executive order Trump signed says."

Bob Moffit

@ Gary

"I had no idea Obama had shoved all that additional money into the CDC with the ACA."

I was encouraged to read the following in today's NY Post:

"The House GOP health-care plan would wipe out a $ BILLION fund that finances disease-prevention and wellness programs across the country. Listed number ONE among the impacted programs:

#1 .. $324 MILLION to increase vaccines/child immunizations
#2 .. $160 MILLION to address foodborne and waterborne illnesses
#3 .. $126 MILLION for anti-smoking initiatives
#4 .. $73 MILLION for heart-disease and stroke prevention programs
#5 .. $72 MILLION for diabetes prevention
#6 .. $60 MILLION for infectious-disease control
#7 .. $51 MILLION to improve chronic disease conditions in minority communities
#8 .. $17 MILLION for lead-poisoning prevention.
#9 .. $14.7 MILLION for Alzheimer's disease and prevention outreach
#10 .. $12 MILLION for state youth suicide-prevention programs
#11 .. $8 MILLION for breast-feeding promotion
#12 .. $5 MILLION for community programs to help reduce falls among older adults

Much of the money in the AFC act's $1 BILLION .. "Preservation and Public Health Fund" .. including ALL of the $324 MILLION to increase vaccines/child immunizations .. was administered by the CDC .. and .. for the most part .. those "cuts" to the entire FUND .. will be off-set by $442 MILLION .. earmarked for "community health programs".

I know many will disagree .. some with justifiable reasons to do so .. with the House GOP plan to wipe out that $1 BILLION FUND .. or .. redirect the funds .. but .. in my personal opinion .. removing $324 MILLION from the CDC's determination to increase vaccines/child immunizations .. is a GOOD THING.

Jeannette Bishop

The establishment Republicans probably figure pharma will be willing to fund the projected increase themselves (if they don't find backdoor ways of doing it) in the exchange for nothing else changing much.

Will they sell these vaccines as nothing to worry about because our current vaccines also probably sometimes modified DNA?



Do you think poor sweet, little Coleen will get laid off? Heee,eeee, heeee, heeeee.

Gary Ogden

Only half of it? Why not all of it? I had no idea Obama had shoved all that additional money into the CDC with the ACA. His legacy? All the forced-vaccination bills sweeping the nation year after year. The blind eye all the media have turned to actual reporting of this disaster. Your legacy, Mr. Obama. And now you're back in D.C. working behind the scenes to undermine our new president. Shame on you. This "reporter" long ago sold her soul to the devil for a few pieces of silver. Why are people so easy to buy? Because the MSM has convinced so many that we are consumers rather than citizens? She never learned critical thinking skills in school?


She`s the full metal Offit for profit jacket - bird flu, ebola .....They're coming to take her Away, Ha-Haaa!" this space.
Pharma for Prison

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