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Invitation: Meet Robert Kennedy Jr. and Support World Mercury Project

RESCHEDULED TO 4/18 DUE TO... Blizzard!

WMP invite (2)
By Kim Stagliano

Friends, I'm happy to invite you to an unique event on March 14 to support Robert Kennedy Jr's World Mercury Project.  Tony Lyons, Publisher of Skyhorse Publishing, is opening his home in New York city for a meet and greet and special presentation by Robert Kennedy.   We can share a nosh and an Immunitini together!

We need all hands on deck to eliminate mercury from our medicine and elsewhere.  We're so far deep into the vaccine trenches that we can't see the land above us. Most parents outside our realm are clueless - I say that with no rancor.   They have been told, screamed at, preached to, browbeaten with "all vaccines are safe and mercury is gone."  We were once trusting souls too.  We need to educate and inform them and the Kennedy name goes a long, long way.

This event and everything World Mercury Project does moves the ball down the field for vaccine safety awareness - and yes, that is what we need whether we want to support vaccine bans or choice.   This means working collaboratively, and we're happy to support our friends and colleagues at WMP.

I hope to meet some of you there. The donation is $250.  We understand that this is a dear price for many (most) of us.   If you can not attend, you can show your support with a donation of any amount.  Click here. Every penny counts. From this we know, at Age of Autism/AutismAge.   Every donation is important. 

To RSVP please contact Tony's executive assistant Kersten Kim, who will then provide additional information.  [email protected].


Hans Litten

Edinburgh University researchers hoping to develop new treatments for autism have received a £20m funding boost from a US philanthropic foundation.
The Simons Foundation has given the cash for studies into the biological mechanisms that underpin changes in brain development linked with autism.
Autism spectrum disorders affect about 75 million people worldwide.
Symptoms include altered social interaction, communication and restricted and repetitive behaviour.
The Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain will be based at the university's Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities.

John Stone


Kim is not the only person resposible for editing comments. There are often reasons why comments are not posted. For instance, they may be off-topic, they may have elements of abuse, groundless accusations, they may have extended quotes from other sites. These are issues which come to mind.

Hans Litten

Kim , stop cherry picking my comments.
If you want to censor me outright . That is fine . But don't cherry pick my comments .
I brings tons of useful links and knowledge to this website , stuff which amazingly AoA glosses over time and again , like this for instance .

If you want me off of here , just say so I will start my own website happily enough , combining all the vaccine news from all websites under one roof , so people are properly informed of just how bad this crime against humanity actually is . I don't suppose I'll be linking back to AoA too often because you are not cutting edge .



The biggest problem is that people, indoctrinated from childhood to trust doctors, believe whatever Dr Paul Offit and other doctors say simply because they are doctors. It's only when things go wrong that they wake up and discover that doctors lie, close ranks and treat their former patients as enemies.

Dr Wakefield, on the other hand, has always listened carefully to people because he genuinely cares about them. It's not all about him.


Something I did not realize, vaccines listed as preservative free still contain thimerosal.

Vaccines with trace amounts of thimerosal are labeled “preservative-free.” Vaccines that do not contain any thimerosal are labeled “thimerosal-free.”
 Manufacturers are working to remove this trace amount found in a few vaccines.

Seems like false advertising to me. I was truly fooled by this.


I second kapoore.

Suzanne Humphries website/videos explain why Aluminium is neurotoxic based on published scientific articles and explains the basic chemistry of Aluminium being highly reactive, a 3+ charged of element as a free radical that wreaks havoc in our cells, notably brain cells. Vaccines use different forms of Aluminium, I'm not sure if some are better but all have the potential to cause problems....possibly long-term, slow burn problems like Alzheimer's and possibly cancer in theory. Suzanne also does a great job in explaining and showcasing some animal research on epigenetic changes after Aluminium injection, and vaccines themselves in humans. Fascinating and troubling.

Please watch Suzanne Humphries. I hope Kennedy is aware of her work. I agree that it would seem logical for Kennedy to expand the mercury concern to other heavy metals and vaccine contaminants. I do understand the 'focus' on mercury from a PR and messaging perspective, privately and hopefully once a commission is formed, publically looking at all ingredients and aspects of vaccine safety.

Bob Moffit


'This shows that doctors, like Offit, don't listen carefully to what parents say."

I wish it were as simple as doctors not listening carefully to what parents say .. but .. I suspect the far greater problem are the majority of doctors .. such as ... Offit ... who KNOW exactly what Dr Wakefield .. or .. parents .. say .. then DELIBERATELY LIE ABOUT WHAT THEY SAID.

After all .. Offit's entire effort to demonize Dr. Wakefield is built upon his LIE .. that Dr Wakefield said the .. "combination measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine CAUSED autism."

Take out the blatant LIE (CAUSE) .. and ... Offit would be unable to challenge what Dr Wakefield truly said.

There seems to be a new phenomenon today .. called "FAKE NEWS" .. and .. I would suggest Offit's bold lies would qualify as prime examples of it.


I really hope that Robert Kennedy goes beyond just targeting mercury in vaccines. Aluminum is just as toxic and it is in a lot more vaccines. There is no requirement that either pregnant women or children have the mercury containing flu shot. On the other hand, a child who wants to go to school in California will have to be injected with thousands of micrograms of aluminum just to go to school. The Hepatitis B is loaded with aluminum and is for a sexually transmitted disease and yet it is required to go to school, even though students that have hepatitis B must be permitted in school. The ap part of the DTap is essentially a failed vaccines since it does not prevent a child from catching asymptomatic pertussis. It is actually more dangerous for transmission of the disease since a vaccinated child might catch pertussis and spread it without have symptoms. Plus it makes the child more susceptible to types of pertussis that are not not included in the vaccine. It, too, is loaded with aluminum. So there are two vaccines that require multiple doses, are filled with neurotoxic aluminum, and do not prevent the spread of disease.

My understanding is that mercury is in vaccines not as an adjuvant but as an antiseptic. It tamps down the viral load from the manufacturing process and at least theoretically makes a vaccine less likely to be contaminated with all those extraneous viruses that grow in those big vats.

Personally, I think vaccines are dangerous and I would not take any vaccine nor do I want any of my grandchildren to take any vaccine, but I think aluminum right now is a far more dangerous ingredient in vaccines than mercury. I totally support Robert Kennedy. I'm frustrated, though, that we seem to be moving so slowly and doing things that are almost beside the point. Isn't aluminum a much great existential threat to children than mercury at this point in time. Shouldn't the vaccine review be pushing for investigation of the CDC.

The Kennedy Pushing His Own Fake News

Paul Offit wrote:

"In February 1998, a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield published a paper in The Lancet claiming that the combination measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine caused autism."

Wrong. Dr Wakefield never claimed that MMR caused autism.

"LaHood explained that one of his children had suffered hives following a vaccine, which he characterized as an autoimmune reaction that led to autism "

Wrong again. LaHood's first child, a daughter, broke out in hives after her six month vaccinations. It was his second child, a son, who became autistic after vaccines at 15 months.


This shows that doctors, like Offit, don't listen carefully to what parents say.

Lenore Zissermann, MA, OTR/R

Hello, Kim, and thank you for this post. I wish to comment on a quotation posted by Dorit Rubinstein Reiss on her Facebook page today around 7 hours ago as of 3:02 pm Pacific time, and which I think relates to your post. I tried to "Message" Reiss directly about my concerns, but the message did not go through. Hopefully, interested persons might read it here. In her post, Reiss quotes from an article of 3/4/17 written by Paul Offit and published in The Daily Beast. Reiss' post begins with the following quotation from Offit's article: "LaHood explained that one of his children had suffered hives following a vaccine, which he characterized as an autoimmune reaction that led to autism (hives isn't an autoimmune reaction; it's a histamine-mediated reaction)...."

In fact, contrary to Offit's statement, the medical concepts of "autoimmune reaction" and histamine-mediated reaction" are indeed related, and to state or imply that they are not is inaccurate. It's my suspicion that others have caught this inaccuracy as well. Many websites address the issue, and I have chosen two which contain pertinent quotations which can be used to explain this. The first website ( states the following in the website's section on Histamine: "Histamine was first discovered in 1910 as a critical mediator of hypersensitivity." And another website ( states in the next-to-last paragraph that: "Many (but not all) of the autoimmune diseases have a hypersensitivity reaction as part of their pathogenesis; and most (but not all) hypersensitivity reactions are manifested in several autoimmune disorders." Thus, autoimmune diseases and hypersensitivity reactions (involving histamine) are, at times, related.

It is unfortunate that information such as that contained in Reiss' post is presented without some serious fact-checking, especially since these concepts are import puzzle pieces in attempts to understand autism and other disorders. Hopefully, those writing, posting and/or publishing about these topics will do their homework first, as have Robert Kennedy and others.

Thank you all at Age of Autism for your work.

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