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Interactions between the Microbiota, Immune and Nervous Systems in Health and Disease

MicrobiomeYes, more on gut to brain -- MICROBIOME (GUT) -- with again a focus on MICROGLIA (BRAIN) -- I wrote about that seemingly unconnected connection two years ago based on studies unrelated to Autism.  Those connections are becoming more evident:

Interactions between the microbiota, immune and nervous systems in health and disease

The diverse collection of microorganisms that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract, collectively called the gut microbiota, profoundly influences many aspects of host physiology, including nutrient metabolism, resistance to infection and immune system development. Studies investigating the gut–brain axis demonstrate a critical role for the gut microbiota in orchestrating brain development and behavior, and the immune system is emerging as an important regulator of these interactions. Intestinal microbes modulate the maturation and function of tissue-resident immune cells in the CNS. Microbes also influence the activation of peripheral immune cells, which regulate responses to neuroinflammation, brain injury, autoimmunity and neurogenesis. Accordingly, both the gut microbiota and immune system are implicated in the etiopathogenesis or manifestation of neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, such as autism spectrum disorder, depression and Alzheimer's disease. In this review, we discuss the role of CNS-resident and peripheral immune pathways in microbiota–gut–brain communication during health and neurological disease.


Virginia Luther



I have been reading some of the newer stuff they are finding out about the microbiome and parkinson's disease.

Too tired to go into it
But skin problems are noted on those with parkinson's disease. It sure was for my Father.
Speaking of skin problems celiacs has goose bump skin on the back of their arms.
Which my daughter when she was little did have.
Both my daughter and my Father now has been given the same medicine to control it.

Interesting that Propionibacterium those bacteria that produce propionic acid are very present with those that have acne problems.

Germ free -mice bred up to be prone to Parkinson's disease will develop parkinson's symptoms if just given just fatty acids.

Gary Ogden

". . .both the gut microbiota and immune system are implicated in the etiopathogenesis or manifestation of. . .autism. . . ." They nailed it. Why, then, has The Paper not yet been reinstated? Nobel Prize for the Royal Free thirteen!

Angus Files

A lot of the imbalance found I think comes from the mercury in the vaccines and how much of the above symptoms would be present if the mercury from the vaccines wasn't present. You would think mercury free vaccines wouldn't be to hard a shout - but then why give a clear picture replace it with aluminium just to be sure it all remains clear as mud.Pharma for Prison.


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