Blood Test that Predicts Autism has Implications for Treatment and Prevention.
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I'd Rather Have A Child With Autism Than A Dead One: The Latest Science

Autism is not a giftObjectives. To examine epidemiological patterns of injury fatalities in individuals with a diagnosis of autism.

Methods. We identified individuals with a diagnosis of autism who died between 1999 and 2014 by screening causes of death in the multiple cause-of-death data files in the National Vital Statistics System based on the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, code F84.0. We used the general US population as the reference to calculate proportionate mortality ratios (PMRs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs).

Results. During the study period, 1367 deaths (1043 males and 324 females) in individuals with autism were recorded in the United States. The mean age at death for individuals with autism was 36.2 years (SD = 20.9 years), compared with 72.0 years (SD = 19.2 years) for the general population. Of the deaths in individuals with autism, 381 (27.9%) were attributed to injury (PMR = 2.93; 95% CI = 2.64, 3.24), with suffocation (n = 90; PMR = 31.93; 95% CI = 25.69, 39.24) being the leading cause of injury mortality, followed by asphyxiation (n = 78; PMR = 13.50; 95% CI = 10.68, 16.85) and drowning (n = 74; PMR = 39.89; 95% CI = 31.34, 50.06).

Conclusions. Individuals with autism appear to be at substantially heightened risk for death from injury. (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print March 21, 2017: e1–e3. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2017.303696)

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By Ashlyn Washington

Tuesday, the American Journal of Public Health published a study showing children with autism are 40 times more likely to die from injury than their typically developing peers. The average life expectancy for those with autism is just 36 years, a shocking contrast to the typical life expectancy of 72 years for the general public [1].

These grim statistics are no surprise for millions of parents who struggle to keep their children with autism safe each day. Those not personally impacted by autism tend to entirely ignore the fact that autism is associated with risks. Parents of children with autism, especially those who stop vaccinating following regression, are often barraged with comments that dismiss the dangers their children face.

-I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead one!

-I’d rather my child have autism than the measles!

-You don’t have the right to put my child at risk by refusing to vaccinate yours!

These statements are usually paired with a haughty mention that unlike the autism parent, the commenter is actually pro-science. If we actually look at the science, we see that Tylenol has killed 500 times more people in the United States over the past decade than measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria and wild polio combined [2, 3]. We average one measles death per decade in the United States despite poor vaccination compliance among American adults. Greater than 100 million Americans aren’t up to date on their tetanus vaccine, yet only one in three million of them will be infected with tetanus this year [4]. Fewer than two of the 100 million Americans not up to date on their diphtheria vaccine can expect to be infected in an average year. [5] Meanwhile, 3.5 million Americans are living with autism. Assuming their trajectory is similar to those in the American Journal of Public Health study, nearly one million of them will die prematurely due to injury.

Whether or not one believes vaccines cause autism (they do) [6], the miniscule risks associated with chicken pox and mumps don’t belong in a sentence trivializing the serious dangers children with autism encounter. Families deserve better than to have the statistically significant risks their children face downplayed by those comparing autism to minor childhood illnesses. A more accurate, pro-science version of the statement preferring autism to measles would be:

-I’d rather my child have a one in four chance of dying of injury associated with autism than a one in three billion chance of dying of measles this year.

Indeed we have an epidemic in this country that is putting our children in grave danger. The media, medical community, and pharmaceutical companies want you to believe it’s an outbreak of mumps at the local university. The science says it’s autism.

Ashlyn Washington is the tired mom of two children, one with autism and an immunodeficiency. She blogs sporadically at





"she often goes too far and fails to tell the complete truth about vaccines and disease."

This sounds like an apt description of Dr Paul Offit rather than Dr Suzanne Humphries who unfailingly produces evidence to support her position and doesn't make stuff up.

You don't say where precisely in that particular video on tetanus Dr Humphries has gone too far, or failed to tell the complete truth but start talking about poliovirus, then criticise Dr Sherri Tenpenny and give a mini-lecture on measles.

I'd like to see evidence that Dr Sherri Tenpenny stated that the mortality rate from measles was one in a million before vaccines. You will no doubt be aware that doctors everywhere assured parents for decades that vaccines were very safe and severe injury affected only "one in a million", and, before computers and access to the internet, we stupidly believed them.

Fortunately, parents today can get online to do their own research and not just take someone's word for it.


I don't mind answering any sort of questions at all. I love Dr. Suzanne Humphries' Dissolving Illusions, but I think she often goes too far and fails to tell the complete truth about vaccines and disease. The polio virus was found in Israel several years ago, and the government mounted a campaign to vaccinate all children to try to prevent it from coming back, but she advised against letting your child get the polio vaccine even under such circumstances. Same with Dr. Tenpenny. She said that before the measles vaccine, the death rate was only one in a million, when it was really one in 10,000 in the US in 1960, and that was the lowest rate ever. Measles is usually relatively mild in well-nourished patients, but is potentially very dangerous because it depresses the immune system to an unusual degree. It should not be taken lightly, and should not be minimized by anti-vaccine writers. Measles is very beneficial for most people to get naturally, but it must be well-nursed, and the patient should be kept quiet at home for three weeks after the day the rash appears.

Many doctors in India believe that the upsurge in paralysis in children there is because they got too many polio vaccines. In India it is standard in many places to have Pulse polio campaigns in which all children are urged to take the polio vaccine given out on the street, often every six months. Many Indian children have been vaccinated as many as ten times by the age of five, and overvaccination definitely causes problems. And they give the live vaccine, which can be very dangerous. Giving the tetanus vaccine too often can also be very dangerous, causing an increase in paralytic reactions. This is not a reason to not get the vaccines if they are warranted, but definitely a reason to be judicious and not give them more often than is believed to be strictly necessary.



In regards to polio...

Have you been keeping watch on what's been happening in India over the past decade?

In 1997, the National Polio Surveillance Project was launched in order to track the number of paralysis cases in order to differentiate between polio induced paralysis or paralysis by some other means.

India began in their efforts for polio elimination. Their campaign became more aggressive in 2004, and even more aggressive in 2006 with the Pulse Polio initiative.

Now, let's see what happened during their Polio erradication efforts:

Data Sources (from World Health Organization):

This chart will show the total paralysis cases and the number of those cases caused by polio (apologies if this table doesn't look good after submission):

Year Paralysis Cases Polio Cases
1995 3263 3263
1996 1005 1005
1997 3048 2278
1998 9467 4316
1999 2195 461
2000 8103 265
2001 7470 268
2002 9705 1600
2003 8508 225
2004 13274 134
2005 27049 66
2006 32194 676
2007 41524 874
2008 45582 559
2009 50405 741
2010 55785 42
2011 60540 1
2012 60922 0
2013 54632 0
2014 53933 0
2015 46970 0
2016 46604 0

Notice an interesting trend? As the number of polio cases went down, the number of acute flaccid paralysis cases increased... from approximately 3,000 per year to 50,000 - 60,000 cases of paralysis per year.

Not only that, they have found that the cases of non-polio paralysis were TWICE as deadly as the paralysis cases caused by polio.

Jacob Puliyel wrote an article regarding this issue, essentially finding the trend that the INCREASED vaccination rates coincided with the increased rates of paralysis. The regions hardest hit with polio vaccination (some regions with a frequency of almost 1 vaccine per month!!) had the highest rates of paralysis:

Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on

The elephant in the room: the problem of non-polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP)

.....Sathyamala examined data from the following year and showed that children who were identified with non-polio AFP were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection .

Data from India on polio control over 10 years, available from the National Polio Surveillance Project, has now been compiled and made available online for it to be scrutinised by epidemiologists and statisticians.

This shows that the non-polio AFP rate increases in proportion to the number of polio vaccine doses received in each area. Nationally, the non-polio AFP rate is now 12 times higher than expected. In the states of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar, which have pulse polio rounds nearly every month, the non-polio AFP rate is 25- and 35-fold higher than the international norms. The relationship of the non-polio AFP rate is curvilinear with a more steep increase beyond six doses of OPV in one year. The non-polio AFP rate during the year best correlates to the cumulative doses received in the previous three years.

...From India’s perspective the exercise has been extremely costly both in terms of human suffering and in monetary terms. It is tempting to speculate what could have been achieved if the $2.5 billion spent on attempting to eradicate polio were spent on water and sanitation and routine immunisation.



Not a strawman at all. You know very well that even though fully-vaccinated individuals do get tetanus, we would never, ever see a headline like that because a story of vaccine-failure wouldn't find its way into the newspapers. If you disagree, please post links to seven reports of tetanus infections in appropriately-vaccinated children in newspapers and not hidden away from public view in the medical literature.

In the report Tetanus in England and Wales, 1984-2000, Rushdy et al state that "Tetanus case under-reporting was estimated as 54-64%". I'd like you to explain how it is possible for doctors to miss a disease that Cia describes as "horrifying"; how these tetanus-infected patients manage to survive if they were not treated for tetanus; and list the condition(s) these patients are diagnosed with.

Strange that in your list of "kids" with tetanus you would include an Amish woman who got tetanus after a non-sterile home delivery by an "unlicensed community childbirth assistant" when she obviously wasn't a child and a clean delivery would not have lead to infection.

At least two of the cases you cite had received their first dose of DTP. The case of the 8 year old boy from the UK in 2004 was associated with the DTP, OPV and HiB vaccines he had received two days prior to presenting with symptoms of tetanus and there was an investigation into the batch of vaccines he and his siblings received. He had no history of recent trauma or open wounds so how he got tetanus remains a mystery. The other case from Italy in 2007 reacted to his first dose of the tetanus vaccine with atopic dermatitis which is why the parents declined further tetanus vaccines.

With literally millions of unvaccinated children in the USA and/or UK, one would have expected you to find more than 7 fairly recent cases from the USA and/or UK (2002-2017), but they have been gleaned from all over the world from New Zealand (1), USA (1), Netherlands (1), Ireland (1), Italy (1), UK (1), Australia (1) (the same case we discussed earlier).

They all recovered from tetanus, as did the 15 cases that Cia referred to earlier and two of them were fully-vaccinated. It is pity that children with vaccine-induced brain injury do not ever fully-recover from a medical procedure which you and other provaxxers describe as safe.

My moral compass is just fine, Eindeker, unlike vaccine-injury deniers who say, "active children... should and must be protected by their parents by vaccination"in the knowledge that some of the children will be permanently damaged by vaccination . This is immoral. And so is inferring that parents who don't vaccinate their children are neglectful, or jeopardising their children's health.

It is not the place of doctors or the government to dictate what people must do, especially when a procedure carries real risks as vaccination does. We're not talking about sore legs and a bit of a fever here, but permanent injury, brain damage or death. I understand that you are a doctor, and as such I would consult you and listen to the advice you give but if you insisted that I must do something that I disagreed with, I would find another doctor. You would probably want me to, and that's fine because I've lived long enough to know that when medical procedures go wrong, doctors deny any wrongdoing, close ranks against the patient, and even stoop to lying, altering records and making incriminating documents "disappear". Whatever happened to the oath they took, "First Do No Harm"?

I don't give advice that could lead to a lifetime of disability and hardship for the child and heartache for the parents. Please find any advice I've given apart from 'do your own research and make your own decision', and copy and paste it here.


"I do not agree that there has been no dangerous case of tetanus in the Western world in the last century, and all apparent deaths from tetanus were really caused by something else."

Neither do I, Cia. Who said this? I certainly didn't.

"So you're saying that all of these people described got an injury, got tetanus symptoms, died of it, but you don't think there's any reason to believe it was really tetanus?"


My point was that even before vaccines, tetanus was so rare that in order to find ten "famous" people who died of tetanus, they had to look back over a period of 285 years. With all the accidents that everyone experiences over a lifetime, wouldn't you think that it should have been easy for them to find 10 famous people in living memory, whose names most people are familiar with, who died of tetanus? Yes or No?

The fact that many people lived long lives without vaccines to protect them is something that I never thought about before my son was vaccine-injured. That doesn't mean to say that tetanus is not dangerous, only that, because our family is vulnerable to vaccine reactions and injury, I would rather do whatever I can, and the doctor can do, to avoid an infection rather than take a risk with the vaccine.

People have to research the diseases for which there are vaccines and the vaccines themselves, and make a decision after weighing up the pros and cons for themselves and their own children and not be swayed by the scaremongering tactics of the vaccine lobby which as you say, "exaggerates both the dangers of the diseases and the safety of vaccines, denying the horrific damage they often do".

I realise that you don't like answering awkward questions Cia, but for the fourth time: have you watched Dr Suzanne Humphries video, and what is your opinion of it?


ATSC If not, why not? Nice straw man but no thanks! The girl wasn’t vaccinated, the clinicians did what they could but the parents refused vaccine QED end of story, unfortunately this is not the only case of unvaccinated kids coming down with tetanus: Mrs Williams said they made what they thought was an informed decision not to vaccinate any of their children because of concerns over adverse reactions, but had since changed their minds."Our two other children were immunised last Friday." The unidentified child had never been vaccinated against tetanus, a painful and life-threatening condition better known as lockjaw. We report a case of an 8-year-old Asian boy who had missed his childhood vaccinations but had been living in the United Kingdom for 3 years. He presented with trismus and muscle spasms needing ventilation in Paediatric Intensive Care for 3 weeks A 4-year-old girl developed tetanus after she had fallen on the street a week before. She had never been vaccinated and despite pressure from the family practitioner, the parents refused to allow her to be given human anti-tetanus immunoglobulin as a matter of principle after the wound had been stitched. Seven days later she was admitted to hospital with trismus and risus sardonicus We report a recent case of tetanus in an unvaccinated 11-year old Irish boy. An Amish woman in Kentucky who had never received age-appropriate diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTaP or Tdap) vaccines contracted obstetric tetanus following a home birth, said CDC researchers A case of tetanus in a child whose parents refused immunisation – Piedmont Region, Italy, 2006

& finally what’s the failure rate of tetanus toxoid vaccination? Why not start here: you might care to note A review of tetanus in U.S. children under age 15 years from 1992 through 2000 found that 11 of the 13 non-neonatal cases occurred in children who were unvaccinated because of religious or philosophic objections

There is an issue with tetanus immunity declining in old age, requiring a booster vaccination, and also with iv drug abusers, but active children, as seen above should and must be protected by their parents by vaccination, where’s your moral compass point ATSC when you see quotes such as what they thought was an informed decision not to vaccinate any of their children because of concerns over adverse reactions & and despite pressure from the family practitioner, the parents refused to allow her to be given human anti-tetanus immunoglobulin as a matter of principle after the wound had been stitched comfortable with your advice are you?



So you're saying that all of these people described got an injury, got tetanus symptoms, died of it, but you don't think there's any reason to believe it was really tetanus? Joe Hill Lewis was born in 1921, so he was in his late twenties when the DPT was introduced. It has never been common for adults to go get vaccinated. You are engaging in a lot of speculation based on no evidence. Without any statement from her parents or doctors as to the little girl possibly having had a bad reaction to the tetanus vaccine, which explained her parents not getting her one even after she sustained an injury which resulted in her getting tetanus, on what do you base your belief? Had she also probably had a bad reaction to the human THIG with tetanus antibodies which they give to the injured to give them rapid, effective, but short-lasting antibodies to take on the tetanus which they may be incubating? It's a different product, not a vaccine.

The little girl got tetanus because her parents turned down the offered protection against it, both the vaccine and THIG, even after she had sustained a tetanus-prone injury. And that is what this whole discussion is about. It is not the case that tetanus is a disease which it is always easy to prevent with good wound management. That will prevent most cases of tetanus, but many cases are caused by very mild injuries or that the person is unaware of having sustained, like from splinters or a rose thorn. Yes, tetanus is rare, but at this time it is extremely rare because nearly everyone has gotten the vaccine series and is usually protected for decades, not just ten years. Like all vaccines, it is not 100% effective, the woman in the case description you mention being an example. But it is nearly always very effective, and is one of the least dangerous vaccines now that it has only trace amounts of mercury.

So every parent must make the decision, and decide ahead of time if they'll accept THIG if the child sustains an injury but is not protected by the vaccine. It's why I think the tetanus series at two years old is usually a good idea. Most people will do fine without it, but some of them will die without it.



Your desire to believe that there is no contagious or infectious disease that is dangerous to well-nourished people, therefore no vaccine is necessary for anyone's protection from them, is exaggerated. I agree that vaccines are often dangerous and should only be taken after a lot of careful research and a logical case made that it is a gamble worth taking in that situation. I do not agree that there has been no dangerous case of tetanus in the Western world in the last century, and all apparent deaths from tetanus were really caused by something else. I do not agree that polio was never a problem either, cases of what was believed to be polio paralysis really being caused by something else. Same for diphtheria and the vaccine-preventable cases of bacterial meningitis. The diseases are real, they can be devastating and deadly, even for well-nourished people in the First World, as they have been in the past. The vaccines for them are usually effective and have prevented millions of cases of serious disease over the last century. The vaccines can be dangerous and disabling, and each one has a different history and track record. All this is true.

About polio:

"The total number of cases of polio reported each year includes both paralytic and nonparalytic forms of the disease. When polio occurs without paralysis, it may be difficult to diagnose, particularly in the absence of an epidemic. Nonparalytic polio has to be differentiated from infections due to other viruses, a distinction which medical advances have made possible only during the past few years. When such other virus infections are recognized in epidemic form, as occurred in Iowa in 1956, these cases are properly not included in the total annual figure for polio. Improvement in diagnosis has tended to decrease the number of reported cases of nonparalytic polio in recent years. This in turn makes comparisons of total cases in recent years with previous years less reliable.
Paralytic cases, however, are easily recognized, and paralysis only rarely occurs in other infectious diseases. Thus the total number of paralyzed cases is more reliable for year-to-year comparison. When the paralytic cases to December for 1955 and 1956 are compared, the decrease is much smaller than that of the total cases. There was a drop from 10,405 paralytic cases in 1955 to 6565 in 1956, a decrease of about one third, although there is a possible 5 to 10 per cent error here because of incomplete reports. Reliable records on numbers of paralytic cases for the United States are available for only the last two or three years, and they are, therefore, not precisely helpful at this time in interpreting the sharp decrease of this year. However, the seriousness of the paralytic disease and the reliability of reports on such cases will make this the best index for measuring the effect of polio vaccine in the future."

So Dr. David D. Rustein said in the Feb. 1957 issue of the Atlantic that a few years earlier it was probable that many cases of what was thought to be non-paralytic polio were misdiagnosed, and were really something else. He said that since 1955 polio had been more accurately diagnosed, and that the paralytic cases of polio had been accurately diagnosed, as its symptoms were unmistakable. Many people are paralyzed by Guillain-Barre syndrome, often from a vaccine: in my father's case it was a flu vaccine. But in those cases the symptom picture is completely different from that of a crippling case of polio. There has been no polio in the US in many years. Polio used to sweep through the country in epidemics, sickening hundreds of thousands with flu-like symptoms and crippling many thousands of them. And that completely stopped within a few years of the introduction of the vaccine."

Dr. Edward Yazbak said that in Rhode Island he and his medical colleagues organized the only state-wide vaccination program. They had thousands line up to receive the FIRST injectable dose. This was followed by a dramatic drop in the number of cases. Less than half the number of individuals appeared a month later for the second dose. The cases stopped completely and very few people showed up a month later for the third shot. He had no doubt the vaccine worked.

Cases of tetanus are also unmistakable, starting with difficulty closing the jaw, then progressing to paralysis and painful convulsions, often causing heart failure. You are right, strychnine poisoning looks similar, but requires that the patient have first taken strychnine, which is not usually the case. Strychnine poisoning produces rapid symptoms and a steady downward course. The symptoms of tetanus often come on more slowly, and go up and down. Many people have seen their beloved horses die in agony from tetanus. Horses are prone to it, but not dogs, for some reason, although many carry tetanus spores in their digestive tract. If someone steps on a nail or sustains any kind of injury, and within days or weeks gets the symptoms of tetanus, it's usually because the tetanus spores got into the wound, grew, produced their poison, and caused tetanus. It used to be that tetanus killed more soldiers than the wounds they sustained themselves, and many thousands of soldiers died of it in the Civil War.

The danger is that if enough people believe that good nutrition and clean water are the definitive answers to the severity of contagious or infectious disease, that no one who is well-nourished could ever be killed or disabled by the diseases, then if they don't vax, a lot of people will suffer. I'm not talking about measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hep-A, flu, or pertussis, all usually (not always) relatively mild and ultimately beneficial for the vast majority. I'm talking about diseases which were real scourges of humanity before the vaccines for them came into nearly universal use. At this time we really can't say Look around you, how dangerous are tetanus, diphtheria, polio? No one gets them. They don't get them because nearly everyone has gotten the vaccines for them. And of course it's better to breastfeed and keep babies at home and not in daycare, not get the Hib vaccine and let the child eventually get natural immunity by the age of five, as most always have (and hope for the best: like vaccines themselves, breastfeeding is not always enough), but for those who can't do that, they'd better read about Hib, pneumococcal, and meningococcal meningitis and think carefully about the vaccines. In those cases, I'd say no to the second two, but possibly yes to the Hib vaccine, but would leave the decision up to the parents. I'd wait until four months old to start the series, not two months, the mother's antibodies protect the baby until about six months old, and most dangerous cases of Hib disease occur between six and twelve months old. By the time the child is two, he's unlikely to get a dangerous case of it.



Perhaps the Australian couple had very good reason to refuse vaccination for tetanus if their little girl had had an adverse reaction to a previous dose.

Because the child was "reportedly" not vaccinated for tetanus and the parents want to retain their privacy, we don't know whether she was or she wasn't. But if she had been vaccinated, do you think the media would have focused their attention on this story, and would we read in the newspapers:

"VACCINE FAILURE - Fully-vaccinated 7 year old critically ill in hospital with tetanus"?

If not, why not?

Alison Gaylard who appears to be a substitute pro-vax spokesperson for doctors who can't make the sort of claims she can get away with, should know about vaccine failure because despite being fully-vaccinated, her children still got whooping cough, but instead of calling it what it is, she chooses to blame the unvaccinated for spreading the disease and has become a vociferous pro-vax activist.

Gaylard's group, the Northern Rivers Vaccination Support Network welcomes "the new legislation that will stop parents getting welfare payments if they don't get their children immunised".... she says," Some people will do it because there is financial incentive involved", and she "can only see it as a good thing". I strongly suspect that Saba Button's parents won't see it quite the same way:

These naive self-appointed pro-vax activists who makes statements such as "there are thousands and thousands of studies now to show that there is no link whatsoever between vaccines and autism", can say what they like. they are very convenient tools for doctors to use to spread vaccine propaganda.

Would any doctor speaking to the press about tetanus say: "Tetanus is an easily preventable disease" and "People need to know that these diseases occur through lack of vaccination.", giving the ignorant the impression that tetanus is a contagious disease, and vaccination will prevent it?

How do you think Gaylard will feel if one of her fully-vaccinated loved ones contracts tetanus like the 61 year old woman, mentioned earlier, who'd received at least three tetanus vaccines, one of them 8 years before her gardening accident, and the 12 and 14 year old children who'd had five and six doses of the stuff? Vaccination didn't protect them from tetanus now did it?


ATSC This Australian couple did everything right but refused tetanus vaccination and the result wastetanus:
dropped a brick on her foot in February and was taken to Nimbin Hospital in the state’s north where the wound was tended to but the parents refused the offer of a protective anti-tetanus shot.....“The staff at Nimbin cleaned the wound and the parents were told the child needed a tetanus shot to protect her. It was offered and they declined,”
And the stupidity of the Meryl Dorey is to blame the medical staff.....unbelievable....



"Actor Fred Thomson, the one mentioned by Benedetta, was a rich, famous actor in the '20s, but died of tetanus when he stepped on a nail. "

Please read the comment I addressed to Benedetta and let us know if you can find evidence that Thomson died of tetanus, and if he did, that it was caused by a nail.

"John Roebling, designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, had his feet smashed by a boat, an amputation, and died of tetanus as a result."

Yes in 1869, he refused further medical treatment after his injured toes were amputated and chose water therapy instead.

"The naturalist George Montagu stepped on a nail and died of tetanus."

200 years ago, and how were wounds like this and infections treated in 1815?

The only famous person on the list who died in fairly recent times was Joe Hill Louis who had an infected cut on his thumb and it's possible, likely even, that in 1957 he would have been vaccinated.

Doesn't it surprise you that Ranker had to search all over the world and reach all the way back to 1632 - that's 385 years - to find 10 people they describe as "famous" who died of tetanus? How do you think Dutchman Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly managed to live tetanus-free and vaccine-free for 73 years before he died of tetanus after being wounded by a cannonball? Did he never suffer simple wounds like the rest of us: a thorn or splinter in his finger, a cut thumb, a scraped knee, an insect bite or a blister?

The definition of famous is: known or recognized by very many people. , and I sincerely doubt that very many people would know any of these people.



"You're right, I have MS, my daughter has autism and bowel disease, and my father was paralyzed from vaccine reactions."

I would rather protect against injuries, keep wounds clean, seek medical care for deep puncture wounds and infections and take the minuscule risk of getting tetanus than risk permanent vaccine injury.

As we've seen from those reports, tetanus infection is extremely rare, even in the unvaccinated and is not unknown in the fully-vaccinated and can often be successfully treated, but a vaccine injury for the vulnerable individual is not a gamble, it is certain. Once that needle goes in there's absolutely nothing anyone can do to reverse it and doctors will deny that their "safe" vaccines had anything to do with the ill-health, brain damage, or death that follows.

"Diphtheria and polio are no longer present here, but it's thanks to vaccines that they are not."

But people are still getting paralysis, like your father, Cia, they just don't call it polio. I asked you this in an earlier comment: "...what do you think Colton, Mia Blesky and thousands of other people with vaccine-induced paralysis would have been diagnosed with in the 1940s and 50s, at a time when any limb weakness was reported as polio?" You didn't answer, and you still haven't said that you've watched Dr Suzanne Humphries video:



"You're right, I have MS, my daughter has autism and bowel disease, and my father was paralyzed from vaccine reactions."

I would rather protect against injuries, keep wounds clean, seek medical care for deep puncture wounds and infections and take the minuscule risk of getting tetanus than risk permanent vaccine injury.

As we've seen from those reports, tetanus infection is extremely rare, even in the unvaccinated and is not unknown in the fully-vaccinated and can often be successfully treated, but a vaccine injury for the vulnerable individual is not a gamble, it is certain. Once that needle goes in there's absolutely nothing anyone can do to reverse it and doctors will deny that their "safe" vaccines had anything to do with the ill-health, brain damage, or death that follows.

"Diphtheria and polio are no longer present here, but it's thanks to vaccines that they are not."

But people are still getting paralysis, like your father, Cia, they just don't call it polio. I asked you this in an earlier comment: "...what do you think Colton, Mia Blesky and thousands of other people with vaccine-induced paralysis would have been diagnosed with in the 1940s and 50s, at a time when any limb weakness was reported as polio?" You didn't answer, and you still haven't said that you've watched Dr Suzanne Humphries video:



I just looked at the article Ten Famous People who Died of Tetanus to see what I was thinking of. Blues musician Joe Louis died of tetanus in 1957 from having cut his hand at work. John Roebling, designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, had his feet smashed by a boat, an amputation, and died of tetanus as a result. Actor Fred Thomson, the one mentioned by Benedetta, was a rich, famous actor in the '20s, but died of tetanus when he stepped on a nail. The naturalist George Montagu stepped on a nail and died of tetanus. Nails were especially dangerous because horses often threw their shoes, and the nails had often been in the feet of the horse and picked up tetanus spores because a large percentage of horses even now carry tetanus in their digestive tract. To me it was moving and surprising that even rich, well-known people died from getting what were often minor wounds (some were serious wounds, especially the ones from battle).

I should have said that THIG, an antitoxin made from the blood of tetanus survivors, is also used to treat tetanus, and it's safer than the old horse serum they used to use. But treating tetanus is still touch and go, with a high mortality rate.



Two year olds have developed much more than infants, and while they can react severely to vaccines, they are less likely to than babies. Yes, the ingredients are the same, and they might react severely. But close to 100% of those you see around you every day got the tetanus series and did not react to it. It is a gamble, but severe reactions are rare, and the disease, while rare, is a terrible one which most people are grateful to get protection against. It is a very important decision to get any vaccine.

But no doctor tells parents that their child WILL get tetanus if not vaccinated. Most people before the vaccine did not get it, but some did, and many of them died horribly. Not everyone bitten by a rabid dog gets rabies, but who is going to want to take a chance?

Hospital treatment even now is nothing failsafe, but just muscle relaxants and sedatives to try to keep the patient alive for several weeks until the convulsions and paralysis wear off, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Antibiotics do nothing once the symptoms have started.


You're right, I have MS, my daughter has autism and bowel disease, and my father was paralyzed from vaccine reactions. I have learned as much as I can about vaccines and their dangers, and there is no doubt that our current tsunami of autism and autoimmune disease is caused by vaccines. But it is also true that the vaccine-preventable diseases can be very dangerous, can disable or kill. I completely agree that the vaccine lobby exaggerates both the dangers of the diseases and the safety of vaccines, denying the horrific damage they often do. But it's still true that the diseases can be killer diseases. I recognize that modern flush toilets and safe drinking water have done a lot to prevent water-borne diseases, that good nutrition strengthens the immune system so that it can take on most contagious diseases and overcome them, even benefit from them.

Those who are immunocompromised are in a more difficult situation, and they or their parents must research the issues carefully. The vaccines may or may not be more dangerous for these people than the diseases, but I am not in favor of pushing the healthy to get the vaccines so that "herd immunity" will protect the weakest. Everyone must make the decision which seems the safest for himself.

But beyond that, there are some diseases which are often so severe when they occur, that even healthy, well-nourished individuals can succumb to them. Like Ebola. Or like diphtheria, tetanus, polio, or meningitis. And sometimes even healthy people can get severe or fatal cases of any of the diseases.

Rather than all or nothing, I think you need to research each vaccine and each disease separately. The more vaccines you get, the greater the chance of a severe reaction, although anything is possible for anyone at any time. I think you should consider the vaccines under certain circumstances for the four vaccines I mentioned. For yellow fever if you're going to a country where there's a good chance you might be exposed to it. Diphtheria and polio are no longer present here, but it's thanks to vaccines that they are not. I wouldn't get the polio vaccine now, no sense in taking a chance, but would if polio came back here. I think the tetanus vaccine (DT or dT now is all you can get in the US, but I think that's all right) is usually a good idea every few decades, but would urge everyone to research for himself the adverse reactions which are sometimes caused by the vaccine as well as what dying of tetanus would be like. And everyone needs to research Hib, Prevnar, and the meningococcal vaccines and make up their own mind. All three hit previously healthy people and can kill fast. In my opinion, Prevnar is not effective enough and did not kill enough people before the vaccine for me to recommend it, but others will feel differently. The vaccine has caused many severe reactions. The disease is common, and most people carry the germs which cause it. Meningococcal disease is a very severe one, often deadly, but fairly rare, and the vaccine is dangerous. Hib disease was fairly common before the vaccine, and caused clinical disease in one in 200 babies, which means serious disease. I would say to not put babies in daycare and breastfeed them for as long as possible to prevent all kinds of meningitis, but 55% of babies in the US are put into daycare, so this is not a realistic solution for most. The Hib vaccine causes peanut allergy in one in fifty children in the US now. So all parents must be aware of this and decide if they want to apply for a religious exemption of get the Hib vaccine. I think it means choosing between peanut allergy in one in fifty or Hib disease in one in 200. Both would be terrible outcomes, but if you can't breastfeed and can't keep your baby out of daycare, then you have to choose. 10% of those hospitalized for Hib disease used to die. While some die of peanut allergy, most do not. The Hib vaccine is very effective, and wiped out Hib disease in children in the US.

I just think that you have to look at the big picture, not just your own experience.


You're right, severe vaccine reactions will not occur if you don't get the vaccine. However, you may die of tetanus if you don't get the vaccine, which is why most people get it. It is possible, but unlikely, that you'll have a severe vaccine reaction or get tetanus if you get the vaccine. So certainly everyone should inform himself and make his choice, but he should not do so thinking that there's no way he could ever get and die of tetanus. I have seen figures of ten, twenty, and thirty percent as the tetanus mortality rate even with modern hospital care.

Most doctors don't recognize tetanus, diphtheria, or even measles and Hib disease, when they see them because now that it's been many decades that virtually everyone has gotten the vaccines, they very rarely occur. Are you honestly trying to deny that tetanus is a horrifying disease, causing convulsions, choking, and often heart failure?

I would never support vaccine mandates for anyone at any time. But I also support education of the masses. I support the use of high-dose intravenous vitamin C to treat everything, even though there have been severe reactions caused by the vitamin C solution. Nothing is 100% safe or certain. I also noticed that the elderly woman in one of my links who got tetanus had had a booster eight years before, and should have been protected. All I can say is that every case is a little different from all the others, but that in most cases the vaccine does not cause severe reactions, but does prevent tetanus, usually for far longer than the ten years they say. The woman's daughter had recently also gotten a gardening injury, but did not go to get a tetanus booster, and nothing happened, she did not get tetanus. She feels guilty now, thinking that maybe if she had gotten a booster, her mother would have done so when she was injured by falling into a bush, getting tetanus, and dying.

While immunocompromised people are more likely to get severe cases of anything, most people are afraid of tetanus because they realize that it can infect even healthy individuals and progress very quickly.

I certainly support teaching people in the Third World that cutting the umbilical cord with an unsterile instrument is dangerous, as is putting clay on the stump. It's hard for me to see why anyone still does it. I know that it is a major cause of neonatal death. But the hundred some-odd people in the Bangladesh study on vitamin C treatment for tetanus were not infants, but older children and adults, who all got tetanus and were hospitalized for it during the time of the study. Those who got vitamin C had a good survival rate, while those who didn't had well over half die of tetanus, even with modern hospital treatment. It is by no means a disease which usually occurs only in newborns or the immunocompromised. The tetanus toxin is one of the most dangerous known to man, and only half an ounce is said to be capable of killing every person in the world. The spores are still linked to mammal poop, which can dry up and be blown far and wide. They can survive for decades in the soil. Rural areas have more of them, it is more common in hot, humid areas, but the spores have been found everywhere in the world. Studies have found that 25% of unvaxxed people in the US have antibodies to tetanus. But I would say that if you haven't gotten natural immunity from exposure, that the crucial factor is not your own health, but how potent a dose of toxin is produced by the amount of spores in your wound.

They cleaned wounds in WWI, I don't think wound cleaning methods were the most important factor explaining the huge difference in tetanus mortality in WW I and II, although thorough cleansing and disinfection with something like hydrogen pyroxide are certainly important measures which should always be taken in treating any wound.



"I found these true accounts of people who have gotten tetanus in the last twenty years, with sources given at the top of the articles linked. Some survived, some didn't, but I think it's important to think about what happened to them as well as about those who have had severe vaccine reactions. "

Severe vaccine reactions are completely avoidable if you don't get the vaccine. I think we need to find out as much as we can about the people who contracted tetanus. e.g. their state of health at the time, their living conditions, and how their wounds were treated at home before they consulted a doctor or ended up in hospital.

Three of the 15 children in the first report of cases from 1992-2000 had received tetanus vaccines. One 12 year old had received 5 DTPs and the 14 year old had 6 DTPs. Two were neonates, and one had contaminated clay applied to her umbilical cord. None of the children died. The full paper states this: "Our cases likely constitute an underestimate of the actual number of tetanus cases in children during the study period. Although tetanus is a reportable disease in all states, not all cases are recognized or reported. National surveillance for tetanus, which is a passive reporting system, depends on voluntary reporting from clinicians through state and local health departments."

If tetanus is always such a terrible disease, as you described earlier, why do doctors not recognise it when they see it, and how do these people with unrecognised tetanus survive the disease without medical treatment? And, as doctors are not reporting cases, the data and rates must be inaccurate. Like pertussis, how many cases of tetanus are overlooked by doctors in appropriately vaccinated patients?

The other reports refer to 27 cases of tetanus in California among injecting-drug users (IDUs) aka heroin addicts between 1987 and 1997, and one or two middle-aged, or elderly adults who'd had accidents in the garden, like this 76 year old woman in England (not the USA) who was not given proper treatment for her wound:

And this 61 year old woman who'd received at least three tetanus vaccines, two of them 11 years and 7 years before her infection according to the records. Was the tetanus to blame for her death or the "several medical experts" she consulted who "failed to diagnose the disorder":

I think we have to ask about the state of health of these people. The two cases of tetanus in heroin addicts described in detail in the report show they had untreated abscesses. Most of these cases were caused by unsafe practices, or doctors not doing their jobs, assuming that the vaccinated can't get tetanus because they're supposed to be immune.

You ask: "Are you in favor of people in the Third World getting the vaccine, or are you saying that it never works to prevent tetanus in anyone, never has, so no point in anyone's getting it?"

If people living in developing countries want the vaccine then they should get it, but hunting them down and vaccinating them by force or bribing them to get vaccines is wrong.

I believe health education is the answer to tetanus (and Vitamin C) and has had a far greater effect on the decline in maternal and neonatal tetanus in these countries than the vaccine.

You only have to scan the list of risk factors for maternal and neonatal tetanus on page 11 of this article from the WHO to discover why this disease is prevalent in the Third World and look at the success of the High Risk Approach that was introduced in 1990 (Figure 6) to know that there is far more behind the declining rate of maternal and neonatal tetanus in these countries than tetanus vaccination, but vaccines will always be given full credit:

Which do you think would have the greater success in combating maternal and neonatal tetanus infection? Tetanus vaccination or education in hygiene, safe delivery methods and neonatal care to gradually change traditional unsafe practices such as swaddling babies in cow dung or soil and using cow or rat faeces for umbilical cord care?



I agree with you that everyone should read the examples of famous people who reportedly died of tetanus presented on that page and then investigate them further because some of the information given there is wrong or incomplete.

For example, Ranker states that George Hogg. "stubbed his toe and contracted tetanus. The children took him to the hospital and sat by him as he died" and the message conveyed by this story is: "You can get tetanus easily from a simple injury like a stubbed toe, and even if you receive medical care in a hospital, you could still die. You need the tetanus vaccine".

Was there a hospital in the remote town of Shandon in 1945 during the second Sino-Japanese War? Wiki doesn't mention a hospital in their article or even that Hogg had a doctor caring for him. It says, "Hogg stubbed his toe while playing basketball with the boys. It became infected with tetanus and two boys went to Lanzhou by motorcycle, a 500-mile round trip to get medicine".

Ranker omits the crucial fact that there was no medicine in Shandon to treat his infected toe, and the boys' motorcycle ride must have taken them days. Most of us do not live 250 miles away from medical treatment for infected wounds or symptoms of tetanus should we be unfortunate enough to contract it, but so few people actually do, or ever did get tetanus even before antibiotic treatment for infections became available. I think it's obvious from the number of severe war wounds and amputations that are mentioned in this list, dating back to 1632, that this is true.

Of course I'm not denying that anyone in modern times in industrialised countries has ever died of tetanus, I'm sure they have, especially if they didn't get timely and proper treatment. What I am saying is that it has always been a rare disease but like every other vaccine that has ever been marketed, the complications of the disease are exaggerated and the risk factors for the disease such as improper care of wounds and poking around with dirty needles, or using unsterile bandages are not discussed - just as vaccine failure and the severe side effects of the vaccines are not discussed.

How can people make an informed decision about taking the vaccine if they're not fully-informed? Simply trusting that our doctors had told us the truth about vaccines is how most of us ended up with vaccine-damaged children. We didn't think at the time that we needed to weigh the risk factors for every "vaccine-preventable" disease with the risk factors of the vaccine when vaccines are constantly described as safe, and our babies might be a little sore afterwards or have a slight fever. With killer diseases lurking out there, what was there to think about?

If you're referring to the list of famous people who died of tetanus and not elsewhere, there was only one case of a stubbed toe, not several as you claim.

Note that Sir Charles Bell, the surgeon who painted the soldier suffering from tetanus in 1809 (the image of tetanus we've all seen) spent most of his time in the Napoleonic Wars amputating the limbs of soldiers wounded by bayonets, cannon-balls and musket fire. This was long before antiseptics and antibiotics were invented, and people knew very little about germs before Semmelweis and Lister in the mid 1800s. So, do you think Bell sterilised the knife he used between patients when fifty years later Semmelweis couldn't persuade doctors to wash their hands before delivering babies after performing autopsies? Doctors wouldn't even consider that their germ-ridden hands were responsible for tens of thousands of women's deaths.

Parents think that tetanus is a life-threatening disease that their babies will get if they are not vaccinated three times in infancy, again between 15 and 18 months. Provaxxers and Dr Offit should be asked to explain how babies (after sanitary deliveries with well-cared for umbilical cords) are going to get tetanus - they're not.

I've often seen you recommend the tetanus vaccine for 2 year olds, yet it has the same ingredients as the DaPT (minus the pertussis) and has the same list of adverse reactions. Why recommend injecting poisons into a two-year old child for such a rare disease, that has also affected fully-vaccinated children and adults, at a time when his or her brain is still rapidly developing?

Honestly Cia, when you know from your own experience that vaccines cause autism which is life-long and incurable, and tetanus is so extraordinarily rare and has a very good chance of being treated successfully, I can't understand why you would use provax scare-mongering tactics and propaganda to make this recommendation.



I know that the DTaP, DT, or just the T can cause serious reactions. And everyone should know about the risk before they take any vaccine. As a minimum, read the package insert. I think the inclusion of the P is what really ratchets up the rate of reactions, but reactions can occur with any vaccine. The question is whether you want to take the risk of the vaccine or the risk of getting tetanus. After reading the accounts in Ten Famous People who Died of Tetanus, which I think you were the first to discuss, the six at that I linked, and the statistics on the difference in tetanus cases and mortality between WWI and II, I would rather take the vaccine. And if my daughter or I got a tetanus-prone wound, ask for the human THIG as well as a booster.


There ARE differences between 1918 and 1940 which may be relevant to the huge difference in tetanus cases and mortality. Most people don't realize they have tetanus until they have trouble opening their mouths, and at that point it is too late for antibiotics to help. As with diphtheria and pertussis, it's the toxin produced by the pathogen which does the damage, not the pathogen itself. Diphtheria can be treated with antibiotics if treatment is started early enough, but antibiotics will not treat pertussis once the coughing has started. But pertussis just isn't dangerous enough anymore to take the huge risk of the vaccine for it. It would surprise me if drinking orange juice were enough to prevent tetanus, I would think much larger doses of vitamin C would be necessary to do it, but I don't know for sure and would like to see a study done on it. But the fact that most tetanus cases occur in those who have never gotten the vaccine or who haven't gotten a booster in fifty years makes me think that the vaccine usually confers good protection.

Jeannette Bishop

Regarding differences between WWI & WWII that may or may not have anything to do with anything related to tetanus diagnosis & mortality, another development between the wars appears to have been concentrated orange juice:

"During the war, Florida’s Natural Growers produced concentrated orange juice for the military. Because of the increased demand, most of the crop produced went to the government for distribution. Millions of cans were sent to both theaters of operation. The Florida Citrus Commission did their fair share of lobbying, both for their product and for the War Production Board (WPB) that supervised governmental production. Both were successful. By 1944, shipments were made regularly from Florida, surpassing their California competitor as the top dog of Vitamin C.

"Florida citrus became big business during the war, paving the way for a blossoming $100 million industry. The crop was also the subject of many famous propaganda posters. The demand left the popular product vacant on store shelves around the country. The Commission produced these propaganda posters shown below as a way to inform the general public WHY their grapefruit and orange juice was gone, and how it was helping win the war."

I haven't found much indicating whether soldiers had much access to orange juice in WWI. This site mentions a U.S. based hospital giving milk or orange juice during a (the?) 1919 flu epidemic...

Of course, many vaccine promoters would likely say it was absurd to credit changes in military vitamin C levels (if they were significantly different between the two wars) with improvements in this (or anything really, as seems to be the take of the pro-pharma culture). They might even say too many things changed between the wars to make valid comparisons (not recalling that this is how tetanus vaccine is promoted).


I found these true accounts of people who have gotten tetanus in the last twenty years, with sources given at the top of the articles linked. Some survived, some didn't, but I think it's important to think about what happened to them as well as about those who have had severe vaccine reactions.


CIA Parker;
They told me when I had the skin of the palm of my hand ripped away by a hook of the chin chain of a horse that they might have the tetanus shot only some where - They would have to hunt around.
I had an open wound with a horses saliva dripping into it.

I refused their vaccine. The last time I had one I miscarried some 31 years ago. The doctor then gave me a shot in the hip of antibiotics, and some antibiotic pills to take home.

They did the same for my son that had his finger tip mashed off between a loader and the cattle trailer. His Dad had a lot to answer for, with that bunch of carelessness. Dang him.

It is a soil bacteria, an antibiotic will treat it early. No problems. Except they were two serious wounds.
My daughter when she cut her leg on the tin roof of the little chicken house we keep their feed in - a wide wound, bled a lot, had to have 5 stitches in - did ask them to give her the tetanus shot only. Well she told me she did. I knew within the next few days it was more than that because of the cough she developed.

The medical bill came in and it was the DTaP - not just the tetanus. My daughter was a nurse, she should have known better. What then; she coughed her lungs out for a month, she was eradicate in her behavior, she was depressed and talked the doctor into upping her Prozac. Just three years back the Hep B series caused high Sed Rates and unspecified inflammation. Two year prior she reacted to a flu shot, became depressed, and a doctor upped her Prozac which unmasked an underlying mild case of bipolar. Well it was not mild after all of that.

But wait for it; microbiome project followers will love this bit of information. Four whole months after the "just a tetanus shot only please" shot: her bowel movements changed and she was almost late for work every morning as she filled the commode with loose, yellow, sticky - pooooo. She became crazy - wild bipolar and her medical care giver never paid heed to me calling her and telling her to lower that Prozac back down or get her off of it. It took the doctors at her work place calling her care giver and getting her to do better on my daughter's medications. I am sorry to say that to this very day, my daughter continues on with this second rate caregiver.
After my daughter became stabilized, her work place let her go. Well: to be fair and honest; after she was found to have valium in her system after a blood drug test. Yes, she had prescription for some form of that class of drug, but they really had a deep drug test down to the exact kind and it was not her prescription.
So she lost her job, the nursing board was on her case. I had to financially support her for four whole years, through Obama care - it is called Affordable Care Act, LOL! -which meant I paid for my crappy individual health insurance, my son's and my daughter's. Oh silly me I should have dropped all insurance two or three years ago. It went up again this year and I did drop my insurance and my son's.

My daughter has rebounded again, has a good job she loves, in drug rehab. She goes to AA all the time herself. She has good health insurance (I wonder if that is really a good thing?) She is however; still on more medicine than a young woman should have to be on, in her child bearing years.

You are in danger just taking the tetanus shot. You better read the vial.



How do you explain Dr. Mendelsohn's saying " This affords me a rare opportunity to be comfortably neutral. I believe that both factions are right and that use of either of the vaccines will increase, not diminish, the possibility that your child will contract the disease. In short, it appears that the most effective way to protect your child from polio is to make sure that he doesn't get the vaccine!"

The fact is that no one in the US has gotten polio for many years, in spite of the fact that close to all of them have gotten the polio vaccine. There were several Amish children fifteen years ago who tested positive for polio, one of them a baby, none died or was crippled. They were unvaxxed, but had gotten it from an Amish man who had gotten the live vaccine in the Netherlands, I think. But it stopped there. If Dr. Mendelsohn were correct rather than inappropriately facetious, we'd still see tens of thousands of children getting sick from polio since close to 100% have gotten the vaccine, but we don't.

You think it discredits the "ten famous people who died of tetanus" article that they had to go pretty far back to get most of them? We agree that clinical cases of tetanus have always been uncommon, and being famous has also always been uncommon, so it's to be expected that there haven't been a ton of famous people who died of tetanus. I was shocked by the ones described. Several just stubbed a toe. And there have been none (no deaths of anyone famous) since the use of the vaccine became common, since it eliminated most clinical cases of tetanus. Did you see the drawing in two of the articles I linked (same drawing) of a soldier with tetanus, back arched so that he was completely lifted up off the bed? I saw in Plotkin and Mortimer that 30% of dogs carry tetanus spores in their digestive tract. Large percentages of cattle, horses, and many other kinds of mammals too. I saw that 5% of tetanus cases were caused by animal bites.

I would never force anyone either way, but I'd like to see any available evidence as to how many people who only got the DT series and no other vaccines developed autism or had other severe vaccine reactions. I doubt there is any. But between few known reactions to the tetanus vaccine and the horror of the disease, I'm more comfortable with taking the vaccine every forty years after the initial series.

Romm gave statistics showing that WWI rates of tetanus were 700 cases per 520,000 wounded; WWII rates were 12 cases per 2.73 million wounded. Even if two of the twelve cases of tetanus in 2.73 million wounded in WWII had been vaccinated, but got tetanus anyway because of vaccine failure, there is still the huge number who were spared from tetanus because they had gotten the vaccine. At the rate of 700 cases per 520,000 wounded in WWI, there would have been 3,675 cases per 2.73 wounded in WWII instead of only 12. Of course it's tragic if two of the twelve were not protected despite having gotten the vaccine, but most people would think the success rate was high enough to persuade them to take the vaccine regardless.

Dr. Mendelsohn meant that vaccine protection lasted much longer than 10 years when he said that almost none of the soldiers vaxxed in WWII had gotten tetanus even 40 years later. If he had meant that they didn't get it because tetanus had never been a problem ever for anyone, then he would have said that, but I don't think any physician would ever say that. He wouldn't have needed to discuss soldiers, all of whom had gotten the vaccine, he would have talked about large unvaxxed populations (of which there would be none in which no one had ever died of tetanus).



I think you probably saw the first of these links already, on ten famous people who died of tetanus. Very sad about the British hero George Hogg who saved many Chinese children by guiding them over the mountains 700 miles to safety. Stubbed his toe playing basketball in 1945 and died of tetanus, with his children at his bedside singing to him and reciting poems he had taught them as he lay dying. Everyone should read these examples and decide if they want to take or refuse the tetanus series of vaccines. And consider that most American children got the tetanus vaccine (usually in the DPT, mainly dangerous because of the pertussis component) from the late '40s on, but the autism rate was very low until 1990, when it started up because of the many new vaccines added to the schedule. And tetanus almost disappeared from the US as a result.



My grandfather graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1919, not the 1880s. He grew up in a dogtrot house in Elrod, Alabama, in the rural south where tetanus is the most common, as it was all over the rural south-east of the US, including Louisiana. Its symptoms are very recognizable, and it has never been common anywhere, even now, to depend on laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis. Strychnine poisoning would require having taken strychnine, often used in rat poison. A number of people used it to commit suicide, but you would not die of it being unaware that you had taken it. You seem to be saying that tetanus has never been a problem in the developed world in order to deny that it ever makes sense to get the tetanus vaccine, and I don't think that's true. It's true that there have been a few recorded cases in which people recently vaxxed for tetanus, even many times over the years, still got tetanus. And it is true that there are recorded cases in which the vaccine caused severe reactions. Both these statements are true of all vaccines. The tetanus vaccine is one of the safest vaccines, and nearly always very effective. It's also true that tetanus spores are everywhere and are still capable of causing tetanus if they get into an anaerobic wound . Good wound hygiene is important, but it is not possible to clean all tetanus-prone wounds, at least not at home, and many cases of tetanus are caused by inapparent injuries like a splinter. And tetanus is a terrible, painful disease with a ten to twenty percent mortality rate even now, with good hospital care. High-dose vitamin C is an effective treatment for it, but I don't know if it would be a failsafe option.

I wouldn't call Dr. Mendelsohn a liar, but he was a showman who often exaggerated for effect, which often resulted in statements which weren't true, call it what you will. In the '80s, when there was no more wild-strain polio in the US because of the universal use of the vaccines, in extremely rare cases, maybe one in 100,000, the live vaccine could cause a real case of polio which resulted in permanent crippling. The killed-virus Salk vaccine never could or did. Dr. Mendelsohn thought it would be cute not to differentiate between them as to which could actually cause real polio, and act as though both of the vaccines could, although that was not true. And it's untrue to say that the tetanus vaccine was no more effective than water. The vaccine is usually effective in causing the production of antibodies to tetanus, which usually work to prevent it. If you could find official figures on vaccination rates in schoolchildren from 1960 on, I would like to see them, but for the reasons I gave, I think they have been between 90 and 99% in the US for that period.

You're trying to deny that anyone in modern times in industrialized countries has ever died of tetanus? Why would you want to do that? Just to try to keep people from getting the vaccine? Are you in favor of people in the Third World getting the vaccine, or are you saying that it never works to prevent tetanus in anyone, never has, so no point in anyone's getting it?



"A famous silent movie star of cowboy movies, Fred Thompson died in 1928 when he punched his leg on a nail in the barn "

I seriously doubt that we have ever been told the absolute truth about anything, especially when it comes to diseases for which there are vaccines.

Fred Thomson heads the list of "Famous People who Died of Tetanus" and also according to Wiki, he died from tetanus, which doctors had initially misdiagnosed, after stepping on a nail in his stables. However, footnotes 18 and 1 take you to an article about his death in the New York Times, December 27, 1928, which reads:

"Fred C. Thomson, screen actor, featured in Western roles, died here shortly before midnight last night. He failed to rally from an operation for gallstones, performed three weeks ago." - The New York Times LOS ANGELES, Dec. 26 1928

Unfortunately the rest of the article at the NYT is hidden behind a paywall. So did tetanus kill him or a gallstone operation gone wrong? And if he did develop a tetanus infection, did the tetanus come from a nail that he happened to step on before being admitted to hospital for gallstones, or an unsterile instrument used during the operation or an unsterile bandage? And, if the surgeon did in fact blame tetanus for Fred Thomson's death, and it wasn't a story made up later to sell the vaccine, was it perhaps a convenient out for the hospital to blame tetanus for killing him rather than the incompetence of one of their own surgeons or nurses?

What bothers me is that online articles fail to mention the operation, or hide it away in footnotes, and the fact that Thomson died after stepping on a nail in a stable was most likely used to sell the tetanus vaccine. Perhaps this is the source of our fear of treading on rusty nails or horseshoe nails because growing up that's all we were warned about, and now everyone is supposed to need the tetanus vaccine to protect them against minor cuts, scrapes and animal bites. It really is a wonder that anyone managed to survive before vaccines were invented to "protect" us.

They had to stretch a long way back to the 17th century to find nine other famous people who reportedly died of tetanus - mainly after battle wounds from shrapnel and cannonballs, amputations, and the lack or complete absence of medical care. Only one other person died from stepping on a nail - in 1815.

Perhaps famous people born before vaccine madness, who strangely survived all the "killer" childhood diseases, never used sharp instruments, got splinters or gardened.


Geesh; You look at the stats and that is what we really like to do. It is far better than individual stories that we all have lived through, I am not sure that served us well cause we did not get good information on the real statistics. Getting good, sound, correct information on the statistic comes through the CDC. That is pretty much why we hate the CDC cause they are changing it all.

I have scraps of information scattered through out my brain from over a live time; We all do and we all are trying to make sense of it all.

A famous silent movie star of cowboy movies, Fred Thompson died in 1928 when he punched his leg on a nail in the barn, he was married to another famous silent star at the time He was a tall, handsome man that shook the nation at that time with his death.

My Mother was born in 1929 Around that time this movie star was dying Mother when she was a small girl jumped off a horse and landed barefooted on a board with a nail that went through her entire foot. That would have been at the very least 70 plus years ago. She crippled around all summer, barefooted, poor on the back woods of a creek they lived on. She never got tetanus. Did she have a tetanus shot? I don't know, maybe because in spite of being poor in the back woods the counties hired doctors and nurses to go to the one room school houses and vaccinate. It is hard to know.

An older lady at our church when I was young - some 30 years ago said her farmer Dad got tetanus. I thought at the time she was telling me of an event in her past that would have been 50 or 60 years back. I wished I had asked, at the time of just how long back her Dad had got tetanus because she said her father lived.

When I was in school 40 years back they said that the best treatment for tetanus;was the poison from frog skins that the natives in South America use to dip their arrows in, it kills by causing the muscle to relax so much the victim smothers since the muscles in the diagram cannot contract enough to breath. Tetanus on the other hand tightens the muscles so much that they cannot breath and again smother to death. .

That said; When we got the tetanus shot as children - I was born back in the mid 50s, we got a booster some time in highschool - 10 years later. Unless you visited an emergency room. IF you were accident prone the number of tetanus vaccine you would receive was unlimited. That pretty much sums up my husband's youth.

Then they said we should get the vaccine every 6 years instead.

14 years back in 2002, as I sat in church; two nurses from the health department was discussing shop and said that people were still getting tetanus even though they had had their tetanus vaccines, and so they had been told by the CDC or who ever rules over the health department - the order had come from the top , down to them - that the tetanus vaccines needed to be given every three years instead.

I blurted out some wild crazy statement, which they looked around all wild at me, but did not respond. Some times when that happens, I often wondered if I just imagined I spoke and really did not.



From what you've said, the doctor who diagnosed the man with tetanus your father saw as a boy most likely received his medical training in the 1800s so you're going back a long way When there still isn't a diagnostic laboratory test for tetanus, how reliable could clinical diagnoses have been early last century?

Of course babies still die from tetanus in the 'Third World" when they continue to use dirty instruments to cut umbilical cords and either pack the umbilical cord with cow dung or smear the stump with ghee heated with cow dung. Unhygienic practices are responsible for the deaths and unsanitary wound management would also apply to many of the other deaths.

I don't want to get side-tracked onto polio but what do you think Colton, Mia Blesky and thousands of other people with vaccine-induced paralysis would have been diagnosed with in the 1940s and 50s, at a time when any limb weakness was reported as polio.

I think it's unfair of you to brand Dr Mendelsohn a liar. He was a pediatrician for more than thirty years and cared so much about people that he stuck his neck out to warn them about the medical malpractice of his peers, and the ineffectiveness and dangers of vaccines.

I looked at page 194 of How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor to find the quote you used. From the book: "Millions of American servicemen received tetanus inoculations when they entered service in World War II. Although four decades have passed, the evidence is that, with a few exceptions, their immunity has lasted until the present. That seems to be a powerful argument against the need for routine tetanus boosters at any scheduled interval shorter than 40 years!"

Note the exclamation mark, and I ask myself why you would have omitted it because this changes the sense of what Dr Mendelsohn wrote, and today it's the equivalent of putting LOL at the end. He wasn't saying, as you did, "the reason they (booster shots) were not necessary was that the original vaccinations lasted for much longer than is usually believed" but that there was no evidence that the vaccine worked at all, especially in light of the fact that 7 out of 12 soldiers in the US Army who got tetanus in WWII had been vaccinated against tetanus. Why do you ignore the huge differences between the two world wars, and that WWII soldiers had ready access to antiseptics, antibiotics and more?

The argument that many more people would get tetanus (or any other disease) if they weren't vaccinated is based on guesstimates and used by pro-vaxxers to pressurise people into vaccinating themselves and their children. The terrifying description of tetanus that you wrote in your comment to Whyser would send most parents rushing to the doctor to get their child vaccinated against this killer disease without even stopping to ask themselves what was protecting the vast majority of people who did not get tetanus before the vaccine was invented. I certainly didn't ask myself how my elderly, unvaccinated relatives had managed to survive for so long without vaccines - and with their brains intact and functioning well into old age, I might add. Sadly, I wish I had.

"I found this:"

Please scroll down. Jeannette Bishop posted this exact link on March 23, 2017 at 08:43 PM and my link to the same article on a different site was posted the same day March 23, 2017 at 08:19 PM in a comment I addressed to you. Obviously you didn't follow our links or read Dr Mendelsohn's article. Did you watch Dr Suzanne Humphries video?

Here's the link again:


John I think we should coin it "doing a Mendelsohn" rather than digging the hole deeper he did the grown up thing learnt by his wrongs admitted to it moved forward and RAN!!

Note that nearly twenty -- five percent (24.8%) of those who contracted acute tetanus had at least one dose of the vaccine and more than twelve percent (12.4%) of the patients were fully vaccinated, with three or more doses of tetanus. Of the 66 (53.7%) people who had an "unknown vaccination status," it could reasonably be assumed that a portion of those had had one or more tetanus shots at some point in their lives.

THEREFORE, statement made by the CDC that "the disease continues to occur almost exclusively among persons who are unvaccinated, inadequately vaccinated or whose vaccination histories are unknown or uncertain"[4] is simply NOT TRUE.

The "rationale" for getting a tetanus shot is that milder cases will result among the vaccinated.[5] This is an argument used with all the mandated the vaccines Yet, given that the fatality rate (11.2%) is lower than reported and the apparently low incidence overall, the following questions should be asked: continues...



Aviva Jill Romm in Vaccinations, p. 73, in Vaccinations, says that in WWI, tetanus occurred in 700 cases out of 520,000 wounded. By WWII, with all servicemen vaxxed with the new tetanus vaccine, there were 12 cases per 2.73 million wounded.

That means that if the soldiers in WWI had gotten the tetanus vaccine, only 2.28 out of 520,000 wounded would have gotten tetanus as opposed to 12. While improved wound hygiene undoubtedly played a role, I don't think it would have prevented as many cases of tetanus as were prevented by the vaccine. But it's certainly something that everyone has a right to decide for themselves.


This is an interesting article about tetanus. 30% of soil contains tetanus spores. They're present everywhere. Good wound hygiene is important, but not infallible, and many cases of tetanus are from wounds the person wasn't aware of. Large-scale studies on horses as well as on servicemen showed how effective the vaccine was in preventing tetanus. Every vaccine has caused many cases of severe damage, Dr. Neustaedter described several cases of people who had gotten the vaccine who still got severe cases of tetanus, and some of them died of it. But it's very few compared to the total number of those who have gotten the vaccine, and those who would have gotten tetanus without the vaccine. Everyone must research the issue carefully before taking any vaccine. Whyser, I saw that you had referred to three vaxxed people who got tetanus, with one dying of it. But how many people were prevented from getting or dying of tetanus because they had gotten the vaccine? I think it is a large enough number that I think getting the DT series is a good idea after the age of two. There were about 1500 cases a year in the US in 1923. If no one vaxxed, it would be a much larger number now with our larger population, and even now, even with modern hospital treatment, the mortality is still 10-20%. But I don't think the day will ever come when no one gets the tetanus vaccine.


I found this:

This is where Dr. Mendelsohn says that 40% of American children were not vaxxed until recently and that the tetanus vaccine is no more effective than water. At the end he cites several cases of severe vaccine reactions and says to show those to your doctor if he says the vaccine is completely safe. He gives no citations for his figures on percentage of children vaxxed or the complete ineffectiveness of the vaccine.


I'd like to see figures on vaccination at school entry rather than infant vaccines. Babies do not need the tetanus vaccine until they're old enough to run around and get hurt (unless they have their umbilical cord cut with a dirty knife or have clay put on the wound, as is done in many poor countries and kills a lot of babies with tetanus). Most American parents have gotten the DPT series for their babies since 1950, but it may be that the less well-off didn't do it until Medicaid programs in the '60s offered free immunizations to the poor, and schools started requiring it for kindergarten entry at five around 1970.

I wrote a comment a few minutes ago which isn't up yet on why I don't think Dr. Mendelsohn is a reliable source on objective facts about vaccines.



My grandfather was an M.D. and was both the company physician for the Godchaux sugar refinery in Reserve, Louisiana, and also had a building in his front yard of the former Cornland plantation house with one room for him to see private patients and one room for my grandmother to practice dentistry. His father diagnosed the man I spoke of with tetanus. I read last night that in the Third World a million people a year continue to die of tetanus, most of them from neonatal tetanus, from a dirty knife or scissors to cut the umbilical cord, but hundreds of thousands from getting it the usual ways.

Dr. Mendelsohn exaggerated a lot for effect. I read what he said about polio last night. He didn't question that the polio epidemics had been real and crippled a lot of children, or that polio was no longer present in the US by the '80s. On p. 252 of How to Raise a Healthy Child, he says: "There is an ongoing debate among immunologists regarding the relative risks of killed virus vs. live virus vaccine. Supporters of the killed virus vaccine maintain that it is the presence of live virus organisms in the other product that is responsible for the polio cases that occasionally appear. Supporters of the live virus type argue that the killed virus vaccine offers inadequate protection, and actually increases the susceptibility of those vaccinated to the disease.

" This affords me a rare opportunity to be comfortably neutral. I believe that both factions are right and that use of either of the vaccines will increase, not diminish, the possibility that your child will contract the disease. In short, it appears that the most effective way to protect your child from polio is to make sure that he doesn't get the vaccine!"

He was going for a snappy punch line rather than discussing the issue based on facts and figures. By the time he was writing, the '80s, there had not been any wild polio virus in the US for decades, so that it would not have been possible for anyone who got the killed virus vaccine to get polio from it. He knew that, but chose to go for the cute punch line and the clean sweep. And that is what he was doing when he said that until recently, 40% of American children were not vaccinated. They say that autism started out in well-to-do children whose parents could afford to get them vaccines, but then became democratized when the government started paying to vax underprivileged children in the early '60s, when some children from every social class developed autism. Dr. Spock assumed that all parents would get their children the DPT: it was a no-brainer. And around 1970 it became a requirement for school in all states except for the less than one percent who took a medical or personal exemption. Harris Coulter, co-author of DPT: A Shot in the Dark, said that brain damage from the DPT was more common than we thought, and that it had affected everyone in the US born since WWII, nearly all of whom had gotten the DPT vaccine. He may or may not have been exaggerating, but he assumed that all children born since WWII had gotten the DPT. I noticed that Dr. Mendelsohn didn't say a single word about autism: it wasn't on anyone's radar in the '80s, the vaccine epidemic not having started yet, although statistics show that three in every 10,000 children had it before 1990. The book A Shot in the Dark mentioned MR, seizure disorders, and other disabilities being caused by the vaccine, but didn't mention autism either. It was the addition of the hep-B and Hib vaccines in 1990 that started the autism epidemic. Of course the MMR causes a lot of autism, but I don't know the extent to which that depends on earlier vaccines having been gotten. Just the simple deluge of vaccines is pushing millions of children over the edge into encephalitic autistic brain damage.

Dr. Mendelsohn was invaluable in first sounding the alarm about the damage which vaccines could do, but he was a flamboyant bad boy who liked saying outrageous things that he knew would make a lot of people indignant. Not all of them were true. If you could find statistics supporting what he said about 40% of American children being unvaxxed until recently (for the '80s), or that the tetanus vaccine was no more effective than water, I would be very interested in seeing them. Or that neither polio vaccine had done a thing to prevent polio in anyone.

John Stone


I recall seeing a graph for infant vaccine uptake in the UK during the 1980s (in BMJ c. 1992) and 60% prior to the big drive of MMR - historical equivalent to mandating in the US - would have been ballpark. No reason to doubt Dr Mendelssohn's words.



"Dr. Mendelsohn was speaking without foundation when he said that 40% were not vaccinated until recently for the 1980s. "

Dr Mendelsohn's statement, "Until the last few years, government statistics admitted that 40 percent of the child population of the U.S. was not immunized" would have been based on government statistics at the time his article appeared in The People's Doctor Newsletter which would have been sometime between 1976-1988 so if, as you say, ""school requirements started around 1970 for all states", the statistics would have applied to the 40s, 50s, 60s and very likely the early 70s. Dr Mendelsohn didn't dream them up, he got the information from the government.

"he was speaking without foundation when he said that the tetanus vaccine was not effective. "

How can you be so certain that it is effective and that the man your father saw die of tetanus when he was a boy: a) had tetanus and not the look-alike strychnine poisoning, b) would not have contracted tetanus if he had been vaccinated and c) would not have died? 7 out of the 12 soldiers in the US Army in WWII who got tetanus were vaccinated.

Please watch Dr Suzanne Humphries video:

Personally, I would rather do everything I can to protect my children from tetanus by feeding them well, cleaning their wounds properly, giving them Vitamin C, and seeking out proper medical care for deep puncture wounds, than to have a child with vaccine-induced autism who will struggle throughout life and is at a "substantially heightened risk for death from injury".


Dr. Mendelsohn died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1988, so everything he wrote was before that time. School requirements for vaccines started around 1970 in all states. Most parents got their children the DDT by the late 1950s, and virtually all of them did by the time they were required for school. Homeschooling did not start until the '80s. Dr. Mendelsohn was speaking without foundation when he said that 40% were not vaccinated until recently for the 1980s. As he was speaking without foundation when he said that the tetanus vaccine was not effective.

In the quote which you mention, "Taking potshots at Dr. Mendelsohn now, trying to push him into the anti-vax camp?", I made a mistake. I later wondered if I had said anti-vax when I had meant pro-vax, and when I looked the next day, I saw I had. It was a mistake. Dr. Mendelsohn was one of the early critics of vaccines and conventional allopathic medicine. However, it was only at the end of his life that he started recommending against the tetanus vaccine as he also did the other components of the DDT and the MMR. Probably polio too, but I'd have to read what he said to be sure.

Rates of tetanus did decrease both because of the vaccine and improved wound cleaning. But many cases of tetanus are caused by puncture wounds which are not possible to sterilize thoroughly at home. For the most part, such wounds have not produced tetanus because the patient had gotten the tetanus series and was protected from tetanus for many decades. And it's also true that studies have shown that 25% of unvaxxed adults have antibodies to tetanus from natural exposure.

Again, I don't care what parents decide to do. Their child has a very small chance of getting tetanus even if he doesn't get the vaccine. Good wound cleaning will prevent most cases of tetanus. Many parents may wish to refuse the vaccine and not be in danger from a reaction. Others, probably most, will get the series because the vaccine is usually safe and very effective in preventing tetanus, which is a very serious, often fatal, disease caused by germs which are all around us everywhere. If they are injected into the body in an anaerobic wound, the person may get tetanus. Taking homeopathic ledum palustre is supposed to prevent tetanus. It's another option for parents, as well as the nosode for tetanus. High-dose vitamin C will treat it. So there are several things to consider. Modern hospital care for tetanus is much better than it used to be, and saves most tetanus patients, who will still require hospitalization for at least several weeks. My father saw a man die of tetanus when he was a boy, before the vaccine. That Bangladesh study I linked the other day from the early '80s had 117 tetanus patients at the time of the study to look at the effects of including vitamin C in their treatment. Around half of them died of tetanus. It's always there potentially, and it's an awful disease, easily prevented with the vaccine (I would not recommend that anyone get it in the DTaP, they should get just the DT). I got a mercury-free T for my daughter in April 2005, when the T by itself was still offered, and one for me in June when Killer bit me, and I'm glad I did.



"I knew that Dr. Mendelsohn at the end of his life was against all vaccines, although the last one he gave up was the tetanus vaccine. "

Then I must have misunderstood your comment to Whyser: "Taking potshots at Dr. Mendelsohn now, trying to push him into the anti-vax camp?" but I can't read it any other way.

"Could you give your source for saying that until recently 40% of American children were not vaxxed?"

If you read the article I posted, you will see that it was Dr Mendelsohn who said it not me, and he explains why the tetanus vaccine became no more effective than tap water:

"Did Dr. Mendelsohn have any statistics showing that tetanus rates continued to be just as high after as before the tetanus vaccine? Since they plunged dramatically, that would not be true."

I have no idea, but looking at the CDC's graph (Figure 1. Mortality and incidence rates of tetanus reported in the United States, 1900 to 2009), I don't see the incidence of tetanus plunging dramatically after the introduction of the tetanus vaccine, do you?

It looks to me like a steady decline that could easily be attributed to other factors:

"Several factors have contributed to the decline in tetanus morbidity and mortality, including the widespread use of tetanus toxoid-containing vaccines since the late 1940s. Other factors include improved wound care management and the use of tetanus immune globulin (TIG) for postexposure prophylaxis in wound treatment and for the treatment of tetanus. In addition, increased rural-to-urban migration with consequent decreased exposure to tetanus spores may also have contributed to the decline in tetanus mortality noted during the first half of the 20th century."

What do you make of the following facts? National reporting of tetanus didn't begin until the "mid- to late 1940s" and "There is no diagnostic laboratory test for tetanus; the diagnosis is entirely clinical. C. tetani is recovered from wounds in only about 30% of cases, and the organism is sometimes isolated from patients who do not have tetanus".


I knew that Dr. Mendelsohn at the end of his life was against all vaccines, although the last one he gave up was the tetanus vaccine. Could you give your source for saying that until recently 40% of American children were not vaxxed? That is not true. For the last forty years there have been laws in place "requiring" shots for school. Only less than one percent took a personal exemption until recently, and even now it's not many. Homeschooling has become popular in the last twenty years, but it is still a minority who is homeschooled. It may be that until recently 40% did not get every last one of the recommended vaccines: most states don't require all of them for school. Also true that until the late 1980s there were only three shots available: DPT, polio, and MMR. Nearly all children got all three of those. And it would be very unlikely that any child who got the series "required" for school would get tetanus for at least forty years.

Did Dr. Mendelsohn have any statistics showing that tetanus rates continued to be just as high after as before the tetanus vaccine? Since they plunged dramatically, that would not be true. Could you give any evidence supporting his assertion that the tetanus vaccine was no more effective than water?



Does this mean that you would agree now that Dr. Mendelsohn eventually become an anti-vaxxer but in your view he "stopped recommending the tetanus vaccine because it was emotionally more satisfying to make a clean sweep and deny that any vaccine is ever beneficial" and not because of the reasons he listed in the article, like this one:

5) Until the last few years, government statistics admitted that 40 percent of the child population of the U.S. was not immunized. For all those decades, where were the tetanus cases from all those rusty nails?

How would you answer this question, Cia, when we know that hundreds of thousands of children must have trodden on nails, scraped their knees and been pricked by thorns? What was protecting these unvaccinated children from tetanus?

I don't think we can compare the rates of tetanus in WWI with WWII, and say the vaccine protected the soldiers because the wars took place at different times in history and the battleground changed and medical practices improved in the twenty years between them. For example, antibiotics were not available in WWI, and in WWII vehicles had replaced horses.

As you said, tetanus was never a very common disease (from 1560 reported cases in 1923 to an average of 35 reported per year currently) which is not surprising considering medical practices, education, and wound care have improved so much. We have to look at how most people lived in the early 1900s and ask what the ordinary person knew about wound care, what access they had to medical care and was it affordable. Also, how doctors treated tetanus almost one hundred years ago. They were very different times.

Pro-vaxxers only appear to look at disease decline and praise vaccines, ignoring all other factors.


CIA Parker;
The thing is I can't even talk to someone on facebook, a pretty good friend about her brother having seizures and telling her what I thought she should check on, or think about, or tell her brother; when some one chimes in and says that in her humble opinion a person should do what ever the doctor says.

I been a bashful and gentle soul and delicate flower; jumped right back at her and told her that a person has to be proactive, and do their own research.

But that is the attitude of so many sheep untill it is too late and they end up here (sigh) preaching to the choir.

As far as all here; we all had our vaccines or we would not be here.



My intentions were not to take "potshots" at Dr. Mendelsohn. I was trying to explain the science of how the vaccine worked and the immune response that would have been developed from it... and how it compares to natural immunity against tetanus.

I'll reiterate again, the vaccine produces antibodies against tetanus toxin, not against the bacteria. This does not prevent an infection of tetanus, should you so happen to be exposed. This only would possibly prevent the symptoms of lockjaw as the immune system would be able to neutralize the toxin before it could bind to your nerve cells.

You jest about it because you have never seen anyone with symptoms of tetanus, much less seen anyone die of it, as my father did as a boy. You think tetanus is no big deal?

Never did I make any assertion of the sort. I think getting lockjaw is a serious condition that has a high fatality rate. If I made you believe that tetanus was no big deal or that I was jesting about it, I apologize, though I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion.

I was only merely trying to explain the science behind the vaccine and the science behind the immune response. Tetanus toxin is no joke. How it works is that when the bacteria becomes invasive in an anaerobic environment, it actively begins to produce its toxin. Tetanospasmin will then diffuse into the bloodstream or interstitial fluids and eventually will be absorbed by the cell membranes of neurons and make its way to the central nervous system in which it prevents the release of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which functions to regulate and reduce neuronal excitability. Without this neurotransmitter, your muscles cannot relax.

The antitoxin antibody is supposed to neutralize tetanospasmin before it can be absorbed by neurons, but like I said earlier, the toxin has a HIGHER affinity to your nerve cells and neurons than it does to the antibody, so whether or not you are protected by the vaccine response really depends on factors such as whether the bacteria is allows to grow and how fast it is producing the toxin itself. Considering that the vaccine-response has no response against the bacteria, there could be a tipping point in which the immune system cannot keep up with the level of toxin being produced by the bacteria.

So you found a study with ONE patient who died of tetanus despite having high protective levels of antibodies from the vaccine

From the abstract, there were three patients who suffered from severe (grade III) tetanus. It is unclear whether any of these patients died, but it was clear through antibody titer testing that they should have had sufficient antibodies to neutralize the toxin.

The other thing to keep in mind is that living conditions in 1923 (your cited peak incident of tetanus) are vastly different than today's society. We are not exposed to nearly as much soil and animal feces as they were in the past, nor are we constantly being pierced by sharp objects embedded in soil/feces.

The CDC indicates how rare tetanus is nowadays:
This report summarizes the results of that analysis, which found that 233 tetanus cases were reported during 2001--2008; among the 197 cases with known outcomes, the case-fatality rate was 13.2%. Average annual incidence during that period was 0.10 per 1 million population overall and 0.23 among persons aged ≥65 years.

Over 8 years, approximately 30 cases per year. Average incidence at 0.1 per 1 million (or 1 per 10 million). Tetanus is very very rare.

to test the efficacy of vitamin C in the treatment of tetanus...

Yes, it has been shown that vitamin C has the same neutralizing effects as tetanus antitoxin antibodies. Vitamin C is a good alternative if you do not have tetanus antibodies, but you have to do it in high doses and quickly.

There's still yet another option: tetanus immunoglobulin. People who do not have any record or any tetanus vaccination can order tetanus immunglobulin. You saw the study I posted where one patient was hyperimmunized (and yet still succumbed to tetanus) and had extremely high antibody titers (2,500x the amount). People with hyperimmunized antibody titers are used to create tetanus immunoglobulin, which gives a patient temporary high antibodies against tetanus toxin.

This product has been around for quite some time, but I guess it's something that's not highly publicized. And it's not wholly different than Andrew Wakefields vaccine "patent" of transfer factors, which worked off of a similar principle.

Just curious, do we have studies that show that tetanus immunity lasts for 40 years (like antibody titer testing)? Or is that simply an inference made due to the lowered number of tetanus cases post-vaccination? I find it hard to believe that, in the absence of boosting, the immune response does not wane. Typically, only live vaccine-induced immunity lasts long. This is the first time I've heard of a toxoid vaccine that can impart 40 years of immunity, especially when you consider it's counterpart, the pertussis vaccine (which contains a few pertussis antigens as well as pertussis toxin), lasts maybe only 5-7 years, at best.


I didn't do it, though I should have, but they recommend asking to see the vial with the vaccine they're going to inject you with, to make sure you know what it is. We're not going to get any more vaccines, so it's academic, but we should teach people that they should ask to see it before getting any vaccine.


Do you know what made Dr. Mendelsohn say that he believed there was a good chance the tetanus vaccine was no more effective than water? It continued to be the case that there were almost no cases of tetanus in the US at that time, the late '80s, nothing like the number there had been before the vaccine. That's what makes me say that I think he found it emotionally more satisfying to deny that any vaccine did any good; I don't think he had the facts to support his contention.


ATSC and Jeannette,

I think Dr. Mendelsohn stopped recommending the tetanus vaccine because it was emotionally more satisfying to make a clean sweep and deny that any vaccine is ever beneficial. It continued to be true what he said in How to Raise a Healthy Child without Your Doctor, that millions of servicemen were given the tetanus vaccine before going overseas to fight, and as of forty years later, none had ever gotten tetanus (regardless of whether they had kept up with boosters). And still true the statistics that Aviva Jill Romm gave showing that the death rate from tetanus in WWI, when there was no vaccine, was many times greater than after the vaccine was given to soldiers. And still true the studies quoted by Dr Neustaedter showing how effective the tetanus vaccine has been in preventing tetanus. They can't do large studies now because nearly everyone has gotten the vaccine, the protection from which lasts in most cases for at least forty years, maybe longer. It was never a very common disease, the highest number in the US being in 1923, before the vaccine, when there were 1, 560 cases reported. I don't know how many died, but statistically it was probably around half. Now there is an average of 35 cases a year, with four deaths a year from tetanus.

I don't care what people choose to do. It is true that the vaccine might cause a severe reaction, but it is considered to be a much less reactive vaccine than most. These days you can't get just the T in the US, but can get just the DT or dT, but it looks like the DT is less reactive than the T, and I think it's all to the good to keep diphtheria from coming back.

I hope careful records will be kept of what everyone does and what happens to them, both in the way of vaccine reactions and serious or fatal cases of VPDs. We need as much information as possible to try to ferret out the truth. But I honestly think that it would probably do little damage for most children to get the tetanus series, and it would keep tetanus from making any kind of comeback in our country. 1,500 people a year getting tetanus isn't that many in a way, but it is if they could have gotten the tetanus series without reactions and then have been protected against tetanus. I think our avalanche of vaccine damage now has been caused largely by the hep-B vaccine at birth routinely given to even newborns of healthy mothers, by the pertussis vaccine and MMR, and the sheer number of vaccines routinely given. I believe that in most cases, autism and other kinds of vaccine damage can be avoided by careful thought and avoidance of all vaccines that are probably unnecessary. As Dr. Thomas has seen by the use of his reduced schedule. There should be no mandates. But I personally am glad that I got my daughter the T when she was almost five years old as a booster, and glad that I got a tetanus booster about the same time when one of our gerbils bit me, and one of our gerbil care books said that gerbils could carry tetanus. I don't think I'd have the nerve to do it now, but that booster should do me for the rest of my life.


What my knowledge is of the tetanus and DTP vaccine, or even the now DTaP or what ever combo letter they want, is this:

Dead Child or autism is not the choice for many, now is it.
The DPT vaccine came close to killing my son and daughter. I mean close, and it may yet, as they enter their 30s', for it occurs to me that they are in danger of having early heart disease and strokes.

In my youth the doctor found my healthy three or four month old baby had developed a heart murmur, then he went on to discover by soft X ray that the left ventricular was swollen; making the heart appear boot shaped; and then the doctor out right lied hat the baby had just been born that way. All of this happened a day after a DPT shot. Then we continued to vaccinate until the third one; when I looked into my baby boy's expanding pupils, one night, and I was 100 percent sure he had died. Yeah, that night I kept saying to myself that as a farm girl; nothing dies that quick- so he can't be dead. Nothing dies with out a struggle,, my baby can't be dead. He sure looked dead.

You know before that third vaccine - it all had been building up with my daughter having Kawaskis and almost --- again her dying too; and I had asked the lying doctors the very day that I found myself later looking into big black pupil eyes, if we could not split up that DTP or something. The ped lied that very day to me, and said it is all or nothing.

But after that night then suddenly when they have a baby that stopped breathing, and the mother was pretty sure it had died from looking at those big, black, bottomless, lifeless pupils staring at her unmoving and unblinking - well guess what -- there was just DT vaccine and all they had to do was say so.

In high school they lied to me again. The kids are getting a tetanus shot -well it was not it was a DPT shot, and six years later; no 7 years (cause I held my son back a year) later they were still lying about what these kids were getting in highschool.

When my husband left work, one day; the health department was down in the cafeteria giving out tetanus shots; well it was not it was a DPT vaccine. LIARS!

My mail carrier is now dead at age 47. He talked to me a lot cause he was a great guy. At his funeral people filled up the church and had to stand out in the parking lot. He told me way before he came down with cancer, he had for the longest time been having trouble with his kidneys/immune system. He had been under the care of a specialist for years. It took a long time to finally die with cancer once he came down with it too.

He brought to my house baby chickens, quail eggs and other odd stuff that he loved! He loved my blue heeler dog, cause he had one too; both had got way to fat. Way toooooo much energy from that type of dog, and them bam; they become fat slugs. So we got around to taking about vaccines. HE told me that as a young man; that he, his brother and father was out cutting down trees when he hurt his hand really bad on a cable. At the ER they gave him a tetanus shot-- sure they did just give him JUST the tetanus shot. They then packed that hand all up, and sent him on his way to the big university hospital, and before he left that local hospital; they gave him yet again -- yet again another tetanus shot (sure it was - liars).

What do you do when we have a medical establishment that just out right lies about what vaccines you get, and are so unconcerned about any danger there is with vaccines that they may give some one a second one?

And that my friends is were we are at. No trust should we have, we have to go into a doctors office, an ER room, urgent care, hospital with our defenses on high. The doctors may help us, but we have to watch their ever move, and action; and learn as much as they do. Really; we have to learn more than they learned in medical school to keep them from killing us.


Upset warning ---A very tragic life story.
[PDF] The death of Ms MN-Mental Welfare Commission Scotland.

A pitiful example of Service Provision Failure .
Ms MN was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and did not have a Learning Disability?
Who assessed her IQ
Where was the Learning Disabilities assessment
Who ever asked thei dear woman " What would your perfect happy day /week ,look like feel like ,sound like ?
Tell us how we can support you to achieve this?
Who was qualified to assess the differennce between a learning disability and a severe learning DIFFICULTY!
This dear woman was abandonedto utter systematic failure north south east and west and from a great instutional height as well
Well done Team Vaxxed --stamina in motion to be proud of

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! IMO responses to "I'd rather have autism than be dead, etc." seem to get strongly censored, with or without links to research. But maybe with this added information...

Jeannette Bishop

Re Dr. Mendelsohn on tetanus vaccination, I think Dr. Mayer Eisenstein said to the effect that tetanus was the last vaccine he promoted, but eventually stopped supporting.

This perhaps should be considered as an update to that section of his book?



I have posted this link several times before which shows that Dr Mendelsohn "abandoned" the tetanus vaccine. It was obviously written after his book How to Raise a Healthy Child... in Spite of Your Doctor was published.

"You have every right to closely question me on the tetanus vaccine, since that was the last vaccine I abandoned.....there is a good chance that today’s tetanus vaccine is about as effective as tap water." - Tetanus Vaccination by Dr Mendelsohn MD (The People’s Doctor Newsletter 1976-1988)

angus files

I'd Rather Have A Child With Autism Than A Dead One: The Latest Science
Very nasty inconsiderate oxymoron seen it before a bit like beheadings you become dumbed down to them..its the new norm.
I personally know and we were friends with, a married couple both Drs same ages as my wife and I.The young Dr couple had identical twin boys same age as our boy.As we met in the same special needs school. They like us vaccinated them. She vaccinated her own kids with MMR and her quote” there’s only one thing worse than knowing vaccines caused the damage knowing you vaccinated them yourself”. You all know the story the kids are completely totally unrecoverable vaccine train crash victim’s. Like us the young Drs never knew. She gave up work as she had understandably had a mental breakdown and has been 17 years in and out of psychiatric care- more in than out. The kids ended up in full time residential after her being sectioned .She put up a valiant fight yes 3 years of her trying to juggle so called Autism and being a Dr until she cracked. Unlike us he continued to promote the false merits of vaccines and continued to vaccinate babies in his practice, and still does to this day. He despite his lovely wife and family being ruined by vaccines refused to think that it was MMR and other vaccines, well he couldn’t could he? Could he? –that’s the difference between having a conscience and not having a conscience and being bought and not being bought, in my book. Drs some aptly named quacks have gone from being the protectors ,they naively went to medical school to become the protectors have actually become the harmers - thanks to aggressive marketing by pharma of its poisons for stock price profit, mercury, aluminium, aborted fetal tissue, fly dna, mouse dna, and its good for you, suck it up people were missing something.

Pharma for Prison

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Ashlynn, for this excellent article.

Like you, I am a tired mom whose 23 y-o son with autism is like having an infant/toddler in the home...every single day...without pause...for as long as he lives.

Vaccinating children equals CHILD ABUSE via medical assault. Vaccinating adults who don't want to be vaccinated, or who are hesitant, or who have been lied to about vaccines (which is pretty much everyone still willing to allow a vaccine to enter their body or the body of someone they love) is medical assault and battery. Vaccinating someone to death, literally, is involuntary manslaughter. Are you listening all of you doctors, nurses, and pharmacists out there who are still vaccinating patients?

Thank goodness we finally have a number of doctors calling vaccination the MEDICAL ABUSE that it is, including Dr. Jim Meehan of OK in a recent FB post:

Jim Meehan
February 17 · Tulsa, OK ·

"To all the pediatricians still trolling my page, now that I've got your attention, listen closely. Heed my words.

You should be FIGHTING LIKE HELL for the safety of our children from even the most remote possibility that vaccines aren't as safe as they could be or aren't as safe as we are being told. Instead of fighting for truth and safety, you're fighting like rats for your piece of cheese.

I have ZERO RESPECT for vaccine profiteers that are so financially biased, confirmation biased, indoctrinated, and willfully ignorant of the evidence that clearly shows vaccines cause injury, disease and REGRESSIVE AUTISM, that they aggressively lobby lawmakers to make vaccines mandatory, and deny parents the essential knowledge about the risks of toxic ingredients injected into their babies.

Bought by big pharma, the caretakers of childrens' health have become the perpetrators of harm rather than the protectors. They profit as our precious, perfect children are harmed and killed by vaccines filled with cheap preservatives, neurotoxic adjuvants, and human cellular material derived from aborted fetal cell lines. They are complicit accomplices in the murder-by-vaccine crimes that have made American infants THE MOST VACCINATED and THE MOST LIKELY TO DIE in the first year of life.

America's infant mortality rate, the highest rate in ALL developed nations, is a national tragedy. The epidemic of autism, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, ADHD, and pediatric cancers is far worse. The evidence is everywhere.

Unbelievably, the epidemic of autism is rising exponentially. Today, ONE in 48 children in America suffer autism. At the present rate of increase, by 2032 ONE in TWO children AND 80% OF BOYS could be autistic. We can't afford to sacrifice our children and the future of our nation to the ignorance and greed of pediatricians and their big pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturer masters demanding parents submit our children to an intolerably dangerous, untested, and unnecessary vaccine schedule of 72+ injections...and rising. There are over 200 vaccines in the pipeline.

Every pediatrician, family practitioner, or vaccine profiteer that isn't rising up against the corruption of the science of vaccines perpetrated by the CDC is betraying their oath to "first, do no harm." They are on the wrong side of history. Too many have given up objectivity and reason and have simply become sales representatives for the vaccine manufacturers that have so easily bought and conditioned them to believe their lies. The blood of every vaccine injured or killed child is on the hands of every pediatrician that parroted lies like "vaccines do not cause autism" and "the science is settled." The science isn't settled, it's corrupt.

The vaccine industry will soon face the backlash as doctors, scientists, and parents across America become aware of your crimes, rise up to oppose your lies, and hold you accountable for the vaccine injury holocaust you've caused. The fraudulent deceit is coming to and end. We won't allow it to continue.

For me, uncovering the many layers of fraud and corruption that have allowed vaccines to harm so many children, is analogous to walking into an exam room in which a child is being abused by a doctor. I'm not about to look the other way and allow the abuse to continue. I would call the police, however, in my analogy the police are the CDC, and they are participating and enabling the abuse. Regardless, I won't ignore the abuse and allow it to continue. I'm going to stop the abusers from harming the child, and I won't be gentle about it.

That's how I see the travesty of the corruption of vaccines that is harming the children of America today. It's obvious and I'm angry about my how so many of medical colleagues refuse to open the door, expose the abuse, and stop it.

In closing, I beseech my colleagues to open your eyes, minds, and the evidence that for too long you've negligently denied. Confront the reality that you've been duped, controlled, and indoctrinated. Free yourselves from the indoctrination. Stand with me. Demand scientific transparency, integrity, and reform of the vaccine industry. Join me in this fight to protect children and get yourselves on the right side of history.

Together we must STOP the abuse."

FB link here:

I have been calling vaccination child abuse for some time now, including in my recent WAPF presentation and in my most recent radio interview:



Taking potshots at Dr. Mendelsohn now, trying to push him into the anti-vax camp? This is what he said on p. 194 of How to Raise a Healthy Child... in Spite of Your Doctor: "Millions of American servicemen received tetanus inoculations when they entered service in QQII. Although four decades have passed, the evidence is that, with a few exceptions, their immunity has lasted until the present. That seems to be a powerful argument against the need for routine tetanus boosters at any scheduled interval shorter than 40 years." But the reason they were not necessary was that the original vaccinations lasted for much longer than is usually believed.

A complete farce? What part? The part about tetanus patients getting a fixed grin on their faces, rictus sardonicus, unable to open their jaws? Convulsing over and over again in agony until they died? What a morbid sense of humor. You jest about it because you have never seen anyone with symptoms of tetanus, much less seen anyone die of it, as my father did as a boy. You think tetanus is no big deal? In the Bangladesh study linked, carried out in the early '70s, to test the efficacy of vitamin C in the treatment of tetanus, all patients got the standard medical treatments for tetanus. In the groups (children and adults) which did not get vitamin C (which is not standard protocol anywhere, even now), 74% of the children under 12 died, while 68% of those 12 to 30 died.

The tetanus vaccine is very effective at preventing tetanus. So you found a study with ONE patient who died of tetanus despite having high protective levels of antibodies from the vaccine. I don't think that anyone has ever said that any vaccine is always effective at preventing the targeted disease, whether or not antibody titers are high. I don't know, if you had a life-threatening infection and were offered a drug which had a 95% effectiveness rate in treating your kind of infection, would you refuse it because for you it has to be 100% or nothing? Your choice, I don't care which you choose, but most people would accept the drug even without a 100% guarantee that it would save their life.

As I quoted Aviva Jill Romm yesterday as saying, tetanus vaccine among American soldiers in 1941 led to significant declines in wartime cases of tetanus as compared with rates from WWI. WWI rates were 700 cases per 520,000 wounded; WWII rates were 12 cases per 2.73 million wounded. Normalizing that shows that if the same mortality rate had applied in WWI, in other words, if they had had the vaccine, mortality would only have been 2.28 out of 520,000, which adds up to many lives saved by the vaccine.

Randall Neustaedter says in The Vaccine Guide, p. 257: " There is no question that a series of tetanus toxoid injections is highly effective at preventing tetanus (Edsall 1959, "Specific prophylaxis of tetanus," JAMA; 171: 417-427). This has been documented in several large studies during WWII, and with studies in large groups of horses. The fact that nearly all recent tetanus cases in the US occurred in individuals who had not received the recommended schedule of vaccinations provides further evidence that active immunization is extremely effective."

Dr. Michaela Glockler says on p. 159 of A Guide to Child Health, "The tetanus vaccination is one of the most harmless, and the illness in unvaccinated patients is one of the most serious ones we know, with a mortality rate of one-third to one-half of those who contract the disease. Even parents opposed to immunizations on principle generally accept vaccination for a child who has survived a case of tetanus." (I think in the US at this time the mortality rate when tetanus occurs is less than that, maybe only 10%.)

You are free to do whatever you want, as all parents should be. The vaccine is one of the safer ones, although like all vaccines it can cause severe reactions. Every parent must think about what he wants to do. Children who live on farms are at higher risk because the manure of many mammals carries tetanus spores, but when the manure dries up and the dust becomes wind-borne, they can travel far and have been found everywhere in the world, including in big cities. Many unvaxxed adults have achieved immunity from natural exposure. Cleaning wounds well with soap, water, and hydrogen pyroxide to introduce oxygen to the wound will prevent most cases of tetanus. However, many cases of tetanus are caused in ways the patient wasn't aware of when the slight wound occurred, maybe from a splinter or a rose thorn. Most parents will choose to get the DT series (I hope not with the pertussis vaccine, as in the DTaP) so that they don't need to freak out every time their child falls and skins his knee. Again, it's their choice. And again, you can do what you want to. But no part of this issue may be described as a farce.


When I see this argument I use this analogy.
If a child gets seriously ill from food poisoning, what do we do as a society?
We scream "We need to make our food system safer!"
We don't say that if we had no food, millions would die and therefore the person who got sick and their loved ones should suck it up and accept their illness for the good of the masses.
Why is the response to vaccine injury so different?

Bob Moffit

@ NanN

"if shows like Sesame Street keep depicting autistic individuals like the character Julia, the non-effected public will continue to think Julia is the face of autism. They should do a 60 minutes episode and visit the non-main streamed autistic community and see the real face of autism so many of us face."

60 Minutes wouldn't have to spend any time or money producing an "episode" of the non-main streamed autistic community to show the "real face of autism so many of us face" .. all they have to do is to show Autism Speak's video .. "Autism Everyday" .. which was produced decades ago but as relevant today as it was then.



A recent study found that protection from tetanus conferred by the tetanus vaccine lasts for at least thirty years. Dr. Mendelsohn in his book on having healthy children without a doctor said that it lasted at least forty years

I find that assertion to be a complete farce. The tetanus portion of the DTaP vaccine only contains deactivated tetanospasmin (or tetanus toxoid, deactivated tetanus toxin). The only immunity you are learning from the vaccine is how to combat the toxin produced by tetanus. The immune system will NOT learn how to fight off the bacteria, so the vaccine does NOT prevent bacterial colonization.

The vaccine teaches a vastly different immune response compared to naturally exposed tetanus. In the good old days, people were ORALLY exposed to tetanus, in which they developed a different kind of immune response which included agglutinin antibodies, which would lump the tetanus bacteria collected into a hard mass and would render the bacteria to be unable to release toxin.

The vaccine, on the other hand, only produces antitoxin antibodies against tetanus toxin. The problem with this kind of immunity is that the the tetanus toxin has a higher affinity to our nerve cells than it does to the antitoxin antibody. If the bacteria were to release toxin at a fast enough rate, the vaccine-taught immune response would be unable to stop it.

As an example:

Severe Tetanus in those who have high antibody titers for tetanus

Severe (grade III) tetanus occurred in three immunized patients who had high serum levels of anti-tetanus antibody. The disease was fatal in one patient. One patient had been hyperimmunized to produce commercial tetanus immune globulin. Two patients had received immunizations 1 year before presentation. Anti-tetanus antibody titers on admission were 25 IU/ml to 0.15 IU/ml by hemagglutination and ELISA assays; greater than 0.01 IU/ml is considered protective

The hyperimmunized patient had more than 2500 TIMES the antibody titers required to neutralize tetanus toxin, yet he STILL succumbed to severe clinical tetanus.


Nicely put Hans, vaccines and The Big Lie

I thought it would have been exposed by now. The growing evidence is there and has won over many reasonable, intelligent people including scientists, doctors, district attorneys, presidents, congressmen, actors, teachers, NIH Directors, and so on. Why does it continue then ? Is it the money Merck gives to nearly every politician America ? Is it pediatricians' reputations are on the line ? Is Pharma is the largest customer of CBS news ? Or does all this create a sort of inertia, like turning an aircraft carrier around on the ocean ? What's it going to take for people to see the light ?

Do we have to reach 1 in 2 affected before we take sensible actions to protect babies ?

Birgit Calhoun

One more thing. My son was not schizophrenic.

Birgit Calhoun

Anyone who makes statements such as "I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead one" does not really know what it's like. Having an autistic child leaves you completely unprepared. When I realized that my son was going to have his type of disabilities, it was like telling me that my life, too, was going to be altered forever. The plans I had had for me were over. I knew that I would have a non-talking infant on my hands for the rest at least his life. My life was going to be that of a baby-sitter. I had to dress him every day. I had to feed him. I had to hold him by the hand when we went on a walk. It is true, he was toilet trained and he walked. He had many other problems. I would never ever have said that "I wished he were dead" because I always hoped that he would achieve some kind of personhood. But for a person who does not know what autism is to tell me or anyone else to say "I would rather have a child with autism than a dead one" does not realize the sacrifices the mother and the rest of the family have to make to keep this child happy and well-cared-for. Those statements above are for those who are ignorant of the calamity that an autistic child is and has to suffer through. They should never be uttered by anyone.

Shelley Tzorfas

Autistic children die young. Extremists should be accountable for drugging our children (Vaccines are drugs) with Aluminum, thimerosal, dead baby cells, MSG, ether, yeast, animal and insect cells as well as other toxins.


There should be no vaccine mandates for anyone. Period. I completely agree with that. But we can't know how many would be killed or disabled by the VPDs at a time when nearly everyone has gotten the vaccines for them. A recent study found that protection from tetanus conferred by the tetanus vaccine lasts for at least thirty years. Dr. Mendelsohn in his book on having healthy children without a doctor said that it lasted at least forty years. Nearly everyone in the US has taken the series, usually as the DTaP (which I wouldn't recommend because the pertussis component is very dangerous, but I would cautiously recommend consideration of the DT series after the age of two years old).

It may be that two MMRs usually give protection which lasts essentially for life, so that we see very few cases of measles even in adults who haven't had a measles vaccine in decades. Of maybe not, it may be that we don't see measles very often in anyone in the US for other reasons. And measles is a beneficial disease for the vast majority, I recognize that and wish that my daughter might still get it, as I did at six years old.

But the point is that we cannot know what the situation would be if most people vaxxed little or not at all. The rates of death or disability from the VPDs at this time, in an excessively vaxxed population, cannot tell us what they would be in an unvaxxed population.


And if shows like Sesame Street keep depicting autistic individuals like the character Julia, the non-effected public will continue to think Julia is the face of autism. They should do a 60 minutes episode and visit the non-main streamed autistic community and see the real face of autism so many of us face. My son just might walk in front of a speeding train coming straight at him, how about yours?


Wash Post covered this last year....

Hans Litten

Gary wraps up the program with some audio clips on Irish HPV vaccine victim Rebecca

About half way through :
Margaret Stanley getting that famous shoeing in Galway over Gardasil from a misfortunate recipient of that poison . It still makes me smile Margaret (and should make you ashamed !)

"You would have to have a heart of stone" it seems you do .

"can we please have some calm people" No we cannot , until the vaccine lie is EXPOSED !

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