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Have You Been Denied Academic Freedom On Vaccine Safety Research?

NOTE: We received this request from AofA contributor Professor Gayle DeLong.  Thank you.

I am writing a paper on threats to and violations of academic freedom in the field of vaccine safety research.  I need information about specific cases in any academic discipline.  You can contact me (in confidence) at [email protected].

Prof. Gayle DeLong
Department of International Business and Finance
Baruch College CUNY        
New York, NY 10010


christine kincaid

First time poster here.
This is for my mother, who passed away on Saturday, March 25, 2017. My mom was the smartest person I have ever known.

At the end of her PhD (Immunology) program at DU in the early 1990’s, after receiving straight A’s every class & every semester & submitting what was reviewed as a “brilliant” Thesis; she lost her PhD following a confrontation with a lecturing professor.

In a class full of med students, this professor delivered this instruction:

“Although you will see adverse events from immunizations: No matter what you see, you are never to admit that the vaccine caused the injury. Under NO circumstances, are you to acknowledge any association between a vaccine & any injury, including death or brain damage.”

To my mom, who was by then a Grandmother; this was inexcusable. She raised her hand and calmly asked “What if that were YOUR child?”

The professor was enraged to have been challenged in front of the class. She was made an example of; as to what will happen to anybody in Academia who challenges the now decades long de facto position on vaccines: “We know they are are lethal but we will not admit it.”

My mom always hated “causing a scene”. She simply packed her bags & called my dad to come pick her up


Here is Dr. Boyd Haley, talking about how NIH will not fund any studies related to mercury toxicity from sources other than fish.



Gayle DeLong

Lisa: I would indeed be very interested in restrictions on research into mercury toxicity in any form. And everyone, while I do want to know if you yourself have been denied academic freedom, you can also contact me if you happen to know third parties whose research was stifled.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Lisa | March 15, 2017 at 12:04 PM

Assume the worst Lisa , and you wont go far wrong .


This is great, but I wish the researcher would add this question: "Have you ever been denied academic freedom on the question of how mercury, and mercury-containing products, affect human health?"

I have been truly shocked and dismayed, as I've sifted through the research on dental amalgams. The few studies that are out there are so poorly designed that there is no way to glean any useful information from them, to the point of my having to wonder whether this has been deliberate. For example, they compare health outcomes for people with a few fillings vs. people with a lot of fillings, as if, for that vulnerable subset, a few fillings would be safe. It's like designing a study on cigarettes and comparing the health outcomes for people who smoke three packs per day to people who smoke six packs per day, as if we knew three packs per day to be safe for everyone.

So, I just have to wonder whether researchers who have proposed more useful studies on dental amalgams were not able to get them funded, because the powers that be do not want to know the truth on this subject.

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