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Ha ha! Infectious Disease "Specialist" Now Attacks "Anti-science left"

Offit_blogBy Kim Stagliano

Honest to God, what does this man do all day except pretend he's Tweedledee and Tweedledum's other brother: TweedleDOOM. Contrariwise is his mantra.   Paul Offit is now attacking the gluten free diet and healthy, chemical free food choices. Did I mention he's an infectious disease doctor at Children's of Philly? He's devoted much of his life to attacking autism families - most of us here at AofA know that. He does this to protect vaccinations as a whole - and as his livelihood.  Now he's going after food and the "anti-science left" that is fighting for SAFER, chemical free food.  Mon-san-t-OH MY GOD.  (Google Age of Autism Paul Offit for a whole lot of articles on his vaccine patents and shameful attacks on autism families over the last decade+.)


War On Science: Gluten-Free Madness Needs to End

Trump appointees to head the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to the contrary, the war on science isn’t limited to conservatives. Liberals have their own anti-science biases. Where conservatives often reject science based on their literal interpretation of the Bible or due to an abhorrence of federal regulations, liberals appear to be motivated by a belief that all things natural are good, anything with a chemical name is bad, and everything that profits an industry is really bad (unless that industry makes dietary supplements).

If you don’t believe in the existence of the anti-science left, just walk into a Whole Foods store. At Whole Foods, you can buy products guaranteed to be free of: (1) one of the most important scientific advances in the 20th century (“GMO-free”); (2) a chemical resin that the Food and Drug Administration as well as every other regulatory agency that has weighed in on this subject has declared safe (“BPA-free”); and (3) a component of wheat that causes a disease that affects about 1 percent of the American population (“gluten-free”).

The gluten-free is probably the saddest fallacy—and the most destructive.


Jeannette Bishop

Chris Smith

Dr. Offit is giving a talk near here at Chestnut Hill College Wednesday. Since he and others at Children's Hospital refuse to even consider looking into non-IgE mediated food sensitivities as a possible contributor to some autism despite substantial anecdotal evidence, I expect to hear arguments from him reminiscent of big tobacco's decades of denial on the cancer connection. If he is brave enough to take questions I hope to explore why he will not consider a simple food diary, followed by strict elimination of suspect foods and then a rotary diversified diet. I have seen it work but would like to hear opinions 215-233-1666


The issue of health freedom that includes informed consent as well as freedom from mandates has ended up a Republican issue--I'm not saying that Offit is a Democrat but I'm guessing he is. I was once a Democrat too because I was/and still sort of am an environmentalist. Then SB277 came down the freeway and crashed right into my life and I'll never be the same. At that moment I realized the Democratic party with a few rare exceptions is opposed to health freedom and is all about health mandates.

Anyway, now with this other freedom issue now up in Congress over the legality of cherry picking surveillance by a few chosen secret people, we're seeing two Californians going face to face in a kind of verbal combat. One combatant is Congressman Schiff, or should I say "vaccine mandates for adults" Congressman Schiff. He wants to keep the issue of surveillance as secret as possible... we can't let the plebeians get too much information... Why does this remind me of vaccine mandates and hidden ingredients? Also I saw Congressman Schiff speak once when he was truly a freshman Congressman and everyone in the audience wanted to know about the Iraq war--another secret to not be revealed. It was like twenty questions: is it oil, is it whatever... And Schiff made it so mysterious while he smirked at us.

I bring these issues into the forum of autism readers because health freedom is an autism issue and if the Democrats refuse to see the hand writing on the wall then I think eventually they will fail. We have been lied to about vaccines. We have been lied to about GMOs and round-up. And it all is due to corruption within the bureaucracy of both Democrat and Republican administrations. Remember it was Reagan who signed the Vaccine Injury Compensation bill that exempted nearly everyone in the medical field from liability and it was President George Bush who linked the CDC with the Homeland security issue.

But now we are being championed by the Republicans who are for transparency and choice. Hear us!


Wasn't it just recently exposed that Monsanto colluded with the EPA to hide the fact that they never did carcinogen testing and they actively blocked groups that tried to discover the correlation between glyphosphate and cancer?

Monsanto Colluded With EPA, Was Unable To Prove Roundup Does Not Cause Cancer, Unsealed Court Docs Reveal

"Monsanto has conducted no chronic carcinogenicity studies on the formulated Round Up Product..."

"...A less expensive/more palatable approach might be to involve experts only for the areas of contention, epidemiology and possibly MOA (depending on what comes out of the IARC meeting), and we ghost-write the Exposure Tox & Genetox sections...but we would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to speak"


Purchased presentation that couldn't sell us a first aid /band aid plaster if we had a sore finger!
RMS Titanic The New Evidence Fire.Ice and criminal neglect " What ,surely not?"
Fire in coal bunker 6 Many of the Fire Men in the boiler room refused to sail on the Titanic that day .
They got off the unsinkable, aye right off it.
Arpad Pusztai research Potatoes /snowdropLectin gene 1998
Dr andrew Wakefield research 1998
The year of the Gold standard purge of true north principles in favour of commercialised science for sale by as many organisational septic sceptics as there is different types of snowdrops.
The message for the commercialised closed ranks .
The age of deference ended with the first world war !


Dr. Proffit does not like it when people get better without Big Pharma.

John Stone

David Foster

But as I was demonstrating here only last week Offit's article "Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System?" has been the point of reference for senior British health officials justifying the expansion of the vaccine program since its publication in January 2002.

The reasoning has a kind of childish quality.

Michael S.

A severely misguided human severely misguiding other humans towards a life of reduced capabilities, corrupted ethics, and diminished spirituality. We shouldn't let a day go by without publicly outing Offit as a destroyer of our health, our individuality, and ultimately our humanity.


Gluten sensitivity in more subtle than out right celiacs, just like Kapoore said.
As a child I some times had a lower belly ache that happened around Thanksgiving when my Mother made home made rolls and cinnamon rolls. Nothing for sure.

When Dr. Bernard Rimland came out on the internet, I followed them close and thought, I don't see it.
Oh, that is because I had no idea what I was looking for.

Going of gluten for my family was hard. Because I had to convince - not my children, I had to convince my husband.

After going off of it for a very long time; I found out that yes, I had a problem with it especially the last decade. It was what made the bottom of my feet hurt in the morning when I got out of bed.
Now, if I eat a piece of that beautiful marbled rye bread they had to tempt me - many times over -- It takes five days for me to feel the effects. Five whole days. On the fifth day my feet, legs and hands have this funny feeling in them like soda pop, or tiny electric shocks. Some one told me that was what peripheral neuropathy feels like. I will also get headaches, and back aches like it my time of the month. It is some how very tied in for me with my hormones.

So, I get some young thing four years out of school saying gluten is a fad.
LOL, a fad should never be so hard as having to relearn to cook, and researching and studying what it is all about. I thought fads were fun, and silly not so hard, difficult and takes so much thinking.

Catherine Tamaro, MS, Environmental Toxicology

Paul Offit comments that BPA has been declared "safe" by the US Food and Drug Administration. In fact, it is the US Environmental Protection Agency that regulates chemicals, including BPA, and EPA has deemed BPA to be "a reproductive, developmental, and systemic toxicant in animal studies and is weakly estrogenic." Moreover, a regulatory agency would never use the word "safe" to describe a regulated chemical anyway, because "safe" has no meaning. Safe for whom? In what dose? I agree with Teresa Conrick: Paul Offit gets an "F" on homework!

David Foster

Anyone who would possibly listen to a thing this man says needs to learn more about what he believes. This "paper"...often referred to as a "study" but is nothing more than an Op/Ed piece which uses ridiculous "science" to draw absurd conclusions:

Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System?

"...then each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10 000 vaccines at any one time."

Yep. You read that right. The man is a loon and a menace.


Offit has to say GMOs and Roundup are great, now that vaccines are GMO and have been shown to contain glyphosate.

Julie Matthews

Ok, I'm waiting for the "disastrous repercussions" that he states in the sub-title, "Anti-gluten hysteria has turned one of the most important staples of the human diet into a grocery-store pariah—with potentially disastrous repercussions." Oh, I guess it was that your life will now be WITHOUT MEANING if you can't have wheat-based brownies and beer. Wow.

Jenny Allan

"Offit's wife Bonnie, a pediatrician, owns a chain of frozen yogurt shops along the southern Jersey shore"
I was surprised to see Offit attacking the omission of gluten in diets, but staying 'stum' about casein, a protein found in dairy products, including yogurts. In the UK, parents who restricted dairy products for their autistic children were strongly criticised in both the press and media, for allegedly depriving their children of essential calcium- all nonsense of course. Calcium is present in meat, fish and vegetables, and in hard water areas, it is dissolved in the water supply. Vitamin D is needed to process calcium in the body.

Gluten is not at all essential in any diet. Alternative 'carbs' include potatoes, rice, corn, and buckwheat. As for arsenic in rice, I would be far more worried about Monsanto's Roundup residues in baby food etc. Even the pharma conflicted WHO, has collectively expressed concern about the possibility of this ubiquitous chemical causing cancer. I think Offit's referring to GMO's as "one of the most important scientific advances in the 20th century" tells us where his interests lie.

It's not anti-science to want organic, pesticide and GMO free food, for ourselves and our children.

Because "science"

I think this is the biotech industry's hysterical response to Tom "if it's not organic, I don't eat it" Brady publishing his gluten-free, high protein diet. I know, what a cautionary tale-- winning five Super Bowls, the last at age 39, and looking 25. Who the hell wants that? Not pharma-- since Brady attests that the diet results in less injuries and faster healing, precluding the need for painkillers and reducing medical intervention. And not Monsanto, which spends billions to induce public figures to support GMO or at least say nothing.

Autism is a $5 billion drug market. When industry breaks your kid, they're supposed to stay broken and use lots of major sedatives and more drugs for the side effects and on and on. Gluten free has spared many from becoming drug receptacles. Just the sleep issues in autism alone can drive many parents to go the med route. It's like having a gun to your head to do it since everyone's health declines and parents experiencing prison camp sleep deprivation tend to lose work momentum. Or die. We all die a lot don't we? But the GF/CF pesticide-free diet can stop this cycle for many-- why gluten free is a huge threat to industry.

Teresa Conrick - Offit gets an "F" on homework

Dr. Offit is again, spinning tales. SO much research on how gluten can negatively affect the gut bacteria then also the intestinal permeability AND the blood brain barrier.

bacteria >> intestinal permeability >> blood brain barrier

In AUTISM, that is a key element--

"Looking at the interconnectivity of the gut-brain axis - the biochemical signaling between the gastrointestinal and central nervous systems - researchers led by Maria Rosaria Fiorentino, PhD, of the Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center at MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC), have opened up a new avenue of research into the pathophysiology of ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. "As far as we know, this is the first study to look at the molecular signature of blood-brain barrier dysfunction in ASD and schizophrenia in samples from human patients," says Fiorentino. In collaboration with researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and others, Fiorentino's group found an altered blood-brain barrier in tissue samples from people with ASD when compared with healthy controls......

.....75 percent of the individuals affected by ASD had reduced expression of barrier-forming cellular components, compared with controls, and 66 percent showed a higher expression of molecules that increase intestinal permeability.
The study was driven in part by the high number of gastrointestinal problems that occur in people with ASD. Although considered controversial by some health care practitioners, a gluten- and casein-free diet has been shown to produce some improvement in behavioral and gastrointestinal symptoms in a subgroup of children with ASD. "This is the first time anyone has shown that an altered blood-brain barrier and impaired intestinal barrier might both play a role in neuroinflammation in people with ASD," says Fiorentino.
Fasano adds, "As well as information on the blood-brain barrier, we were looking for more information on how increased intestinal permeability, otherwise known as a 'leaky gut,' might affect the development of ASD in the context of a dysfunctional gut-brain axis."
Fiorentino's next project involves looking more mechanistically at how microbiota - the collection of microorganisms in the gut - are linked with intestinal permeability and behavior. "There is definitely something going on between the gut and the brain with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, and of course the microbiome has a big role to play,"


To Rachel: I'm not celiac or gluten intolerant, but everyone else in my family is--I mean everyone from my sisters to my first cousins, and my daughter. So I know the topic well. Basically there are levels of sensitivity. A person may not actually have antibodies circulating against gluten on a blood test but might have to hit the bathroom with one bite. One of my sisters grew up with the idea that everyone else in the world also had to run to the bathroom after every meal. She finally made the connection to go off gluten completely and for the first time in her life has a normal weight. My daughter had the circulating antibodies, and after going gluten free her skin (which was horrendous) finally cleared up, but she can still get pretty sick even on a gluten free diet. Anyway, I don't eat gluten even though I can because I have seen how it can make people so sick that for me it's like smoking.


In this case, Offit is absolutely correct. If you have celiac disease, cut out gluten. If you don't, cutting it out won't improve your health, may damage it, will certainly damage your wallet, but may make you feel a little more smug and virtuous.

Kate Taylor

Maybe THAT'S Offit's problem! He has eaten so much gluten and GMO foods and taken in so much mercury from all of his "safe" vaccines that his brain is in an inflammatory state! His idiotic remarks all make sense now.

Jeannette Bishop

Such a barbaric topic and question asked by me (please stop reading if you are already offended cause I have a worse one and maybe this just doesn't happen)! While I'm still nauseated...what is going on with the immune system while and animal or baby is being slaughtered that might be transferred into a vaccine?

I'm also thinking vaccination couldn't happen, would not happen if most involved were involved every step of the way: making it, promoting it, and researching it... and/or living consciously with its effects...

Jeannette Bishop

I think with GMOs we are watching the same formula that made vaccines the "greatest public health advancement" of the twentieth (or whatever) century. Say they WILL solve all these problems. Downplay and bury the evidence suggesting they might be worse than conventional means, certainly no better for approaching those problems, rig research, and confiscate resources of those on the front lines, all along saying they ARE solving the projected to be solved problems. GMOs are now historically another "advancement", according to Offit. I'm guessing that "advancements" means profitable for those in on the engineered "success."

Will texts books teach this over and over and a couple of generations later parents will be afraid to not feed their kids GMOs?

Re gluten free, I'm thinking it must be really shaving off demand for some pharma product lines. It could be telling to know which ones.

A random (sort of) question occurred to me this morning (and maybe "the how" doesn't matter much, we see pretty well what vaccines do) vaccines are (often?) grown on animal/human tissue, could immune system aspects of the animal/baby killed for this use (antibodies or other learned immune system aspects) be possibly transferred when injecting the vaccine, transferring allergies, autoimmune responses. IOW could a peanut allergy be transferred without peanut actually being in the vaccine?


Diet is incredibly important in recovering autistic children. I found when I completely eliminated gluten and casein from my child's diet, his speech and energy improved dramatically. His reflux disappeared and his wheezing stopped. It doesn't work for everyone, and the diet must be strict (one cupcake a week negated the effect), however, this is one intervention well worth investigating.

My sincere thanks to the nutritionist at Thoughtful House ten years ago. She was young and she was wise beyond her years.


I'm waiting for the day that Offit takes his 10,000 injections... to prove once and for all that vaccines are safe and effective. I agree, though, that it must be very strange in the Offit household with ???? kids or grandkids that are fully vaccinated and everyone loading up on carbs and frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is full of sugar and unlike ice cream doesn't slow down the spikes in insulin because it's usually low fat.

I was happy, though, that my Congressman, Ted Lieu, is leading the charge to restore honesty to the EPA who were caught lying about Monsanto products. Normally Ted Lieu has a deaf ear when it comes to things like vaccine injury. But maybe this hardcore liberal who replaced the "father of autism, Henry Waxman" is opening up to possibility that fraud at the CDC or the FDA or the EPA does not serve the American people, and is in fact dangerous.


Wonder how much Offit was paid to put his name to that article.

In the Know

Dr. Offit may be part of and perpetuating the biggest fraud in medical history.

In my opinion, this is a severely sociopathic and mentally ill man that just happens to have an M.D.
degree to hide behind, which gives him the sort of credibility that his statements and bad judgment
never live up to. 50% of doctors are at the bottom half of the class and there is always the "last one
left" too.

Don't let his position impress you either. It makes one wonder, why his superiors allow him to represent Children's Hospital with his bad advice on vaccinations that destroys children's lives and that includes his recommendation of flu shots for pregnant women.

It might be due to hospital's compensation for the patented innovation of the $182 million sale of the Rotateq vaccine and its worldwide royalty interest to Royalty Pharma. Read about Dr. Offit's part in Rotateq and how he used his former position on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to help create the market for rotavirus vaccine.

Read more about Rotateq here: National Vaccine Information Center - and
The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) -

On the other hand, this is how an honest doctor is persecuted if he even tries to tell the truth:

Doctor’s anti-vaccine claims ignite PR firestorm for Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Daniel Neides, a family doctor and the director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, wrote on a blog on the news site that preservatives and other ingredients in vaccines are dangerous and are likely behind the increase in diagnosed cases of neurological diseases such as autism — a claim that has long been discredited by researchers.

It might be better if we concentrate on educating our lawmakers on vaccine injury instead of doctors that get prosecuted if they even mention the "V" word in a negative light.

At this point in time, March 2017, 54% of American Children have a Diagnosed Chronic Illness and it is only getting worse.

Our lawmakers may not understand the ramifications of vaccine injuries yet, however they do understand how Medicaid costs and school budgets are increasing every year in direct correlation to the number of children with health problems.

To contact your Federal, State and local elected officials - Let them know that you vote and what you support. Also, most have social media accounts.

Let your local newscasters know too. There is a "news blackout" about vaccines because BigPharma buys lots of commercial time for drug products which directly impacts the TV's stations bottom line. You can still educate via social media the people reporting the news. Even if they cannot report it, it is important that they are made aware of vaccine injury. It may very well save a family from hearing the devastating news that "Your Child has Autism."

angus files

More quack science from the head quack Offit for profit that's the only science.They have taken over Princess Anne of the UK Royal Family but not Prince Charles- number 1 rule of mind control "confusion"..

If these people think GM is so - sooo great eat it for 2months and nothing else I`ll order the coffin..

Pharma for Prison

Gary Ogden

Paul Offit is the most dangerous sort of person to have in a position of power and authority: The social engineer. We know what's right for everybody, and we'll attack you if you dare to question us. The good news is that he won't find a very big audience for his nonsense about the wonders of modern industrial food, even among the MSM, I would think. People are simply not that stupid.


Two days ago; A little young dietitian from the veterans came by to discuss to the cook and shopper - about what my father should eat. I grind everything now that he chokes on his food easily.
First I want to brag on the veterans administration. They are really a very nice bunch of people so far and have given my father a bed, and lots of personal care products , maybe help finance a little on a walk in shower, and maybe - a mechanized wheel chair. It has been like Christmas .

Still and now I don't really complain, but by the time I walked in; Mother had already informed her that they were all on a gluten free diet.
So when I sit down to help her with the questions, she informs me - LOL - the gluten free diet is just a fad.

Sigh, not hurting young indoctrinated just out of school kids' feelings. I said well, he had a niece that has full blown celiacs and just had to have half her guts cut out last year so there is something there, and we might be the (Giggling to myself) few.

I did get around asking her how long she had been out of school- in a nice way -- a couple of years?

"Oh, no, no,no;Four," was her reply.

But talking to her, I did realize that while I was reviewing all the stuff that my crew loves to eat, the menu of the just the past couple of weeks, we are a long way from low glycemic which is what I would consider idea.

Offf to find a good recipe for Almond flour pancakes --some kind of syrup of yogurt and berries. Is there something that would compete with maple syrup?

Sooooo, Offit's weighing in on vitamins, or the gluten free fad diet, or autism; HE is really the spokesman for the education system that is churning out - what are they churning out - Hmmmm?

Offit when he was off topic because Jake Cosby caused him to get off topic as they escorted him out of one of the meeting - began musing about what people seem to want is to reproduce untill the sun burns out.

I have to wonder at why muse about that subject, in the middle of a meeting, after a verbal exchange on vaccines. Strange, or is it really what this is all about.

Wait for it, Offit will soon be coming out that again sugar is the ultimate health food and sugar is just sugar eat all you want.


I recently read an article in Daily Mail that said that gluten-free diets using rice as a wheat substitute expose people to vastly more arsenic (and mercury, I think).

I think Offit's article is coordinated with the release of this paper:

which contains the funding information:

This paper, and the four others that accompany it (Punshon et al.; Cubadda et al.; Taylor et al.; Nachman et al.), is a product of the Collaborative on Food with Arsenic and Associated Risk and Regulation (C-FARR), a two year effort led by the Dartmouth Superfund Research Program and Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center. The goal of C-FARR is to synthesize the current information pertaining to arsenic from soil to plate, based on key questions and knowledge gaps identified by policy stakeholders and scientists from interdisciplinary backgrounds, to inform future regulatory and policy decisions affecting dietary arsenic exposure.


Offit's wife Bonnie, a pediatrician, owns a chain of frozen yogurt shops along the southern Jersey shore. 'Bonnie's toppings' advertises their gluten free, dairy free and non-HFCS selections. I guess the Offits don't mind Proffiting from the gluten free industry as well. (look at section on nutritional info)

and even more interesting is their Facebook page --

The first post on FB page is a summary of UVA researchers reversing depression symptoms in mice using probiotics. They share this as a way to promote eating their frozen yogurt for its health benefits.

The irony abounds.

John Stone


The quote is correct but to be specific he was talking about the totalitarian governments of the future. Of course, it is not so much that the diet and injections are mind altering as brain damaging. What we will have in not many years is a completely defenceless population which the state will want to unload on to the streets.

I don't know why the world at large should take Offit seriously pronouncing on vaccines when everything else he says is just as wild.

Hans Litten

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

Bertrand Russell (presumably talking about Mon-satan , vaccinations , fluoride , GMOs etc)


That's hilarious. I had my whole family tested for food allergies and guess what? All of us are allergic to gluten. Should we continue to eat it, due to Offit's advice? I don't think so! But the good news is that he can eat our share of it and see how it makes him feel. He can also eat my family's share of Monsanto-tainted food. Be our guest! (Yes, we did just go and see Beauty and the Beast.)

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