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Dachel Wake Up: Two Stories from the San Francisco Chronicle: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Vaccines

Dachel Morning Wake UoTwo Stories from the San Francisco Chronicle: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Vaccines

March 22, 2017, Keep perspective on Trump pick of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for vaccine safety panel 

By Leah Durant

“President Trump recently selected Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine skeptic who believes that shots may cause autism, to chair a panel on the safety of vaccines.

“The appointment has provoked howls of outrage from public health officials, who correctly point out that medical experts have repeatedly debunked any link between vaccines and autism. Unfortunately, in their zeal to defend the benefits of vaccines, these advocates have pushed a narrative that vaccines are without risk. ...

“Established in 1986, the vaccine program is one of the rare federal initiatives that promotes economic growth and protects consumers. It does so by granting vaccine makers and doctors immunity from lawsuits. That immunity gives drug companies full confidence to fund continued research and development of new vaccines, and gives doctors and nurses full confidence to administer them.

“Instead of seeking compensation from drugmakers, vaccine-injured patients can file a claim with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The program has awarded 5,269 victims more than $3.5 billion to date out of 17, 935 petitions filed.”

In the first story, D.C. attorney Leah Durant defends vaccines (there’s no link to autism) but also warns that vaccines are not without risk.  She handles injury lawsuits in the NVICP. She makes it sound like this program is a success.

Unlike traditional tort litigation, this program is not a burden on taxpayers — the program is fully funded by a small surcharge on every vaccine.

“Everyone wins from this arrangement.”

...Every year, thousands of Americans receive vaccinations and then suffer a host of well-recognized reactions, ranging from chronic pain to paralysis. They often face staggering medical bills and lose the ability to work.

From her website, it looks like Durant does a lot with damage from the flu shot, and she glosses over the fact no one has any liability for vaccines gone wrong. She champions the benefits of vaccines.

I would like to ask this lawyer, who makes her living off from vaccine injury, how she can cite the “howls of outrage” over the appointment of Kennedy to head a vaccine safety commission and deny a link between vaccines and autism. Doesn't she know about Unanswered Questions/Hannah Poling? How many parents with an autistic child has she turned away because autism isn’t on the vaccine injury table?

According to Durant, vaccines are good for us, except when they injure us, it’s a great system where the vaccine industry has no liability for vaccine damage, and victims are nicely compensated.

The piece is nothing but a lawyer’s vaccine injury ad. Clients welcome, except if you have a child with autism as result of being vaccinated.

March 22, 2017, Opinion: Trump’s dangerous support for vaccine skeptic

By Judith Grether and Wendy Bloom

“Vaccination is by far the most successful public-health program ever conducted in the United States. This program may be endangered, however, by President Trump and some members of Congress under the influence of critics who push pseudo-scientific skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of vaccination. The new president has met with vaccine doubter Robert Kennedy, Jr. about establishing a panel to investigate the already scientifically disproved claims that vaccines cause neurological disorders, including autism.

“This kind of doubt is dangerous. The false fears stoked by the vaccination critics influence many families to reject vaccination. That refusal to vaccinate accounts for a rising incidence of diseases that strike children disproportionately and that may be severely injuring or even fatal.

Vaccines are safe. Robert Kennedy is wrong. We don't need a vaccine safety panel. Andrew Wakefield is a fraud. And autism has nothing to do with being vaccinated.

Wouldn't if be nice if Grether and Bloom had a fraction of the concern they have for measles and whooping cough, for the mystery of autism?

My final point: Why does the San Francisco Chronicle have two stories on the same day, both talking about Robert Kennedy Jr.’s position  on vaccines (one with a photo of Kennedy), yet no one at the Chronicle is willing to interview Kennedy about his views?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



kws I liked your comment. It's hard to put into words the level of craziness we live with even for those of us on the fringe of injuries. Vaccine injury has been shoved under the rug. There is a vast array of injuries out there that require compensation. Now that the health care package has failed in the House, maybe they need to look into repealing the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, maybe they need to completely dismantle the Vaccine Injury Court.


A few points about the vaccine court from personal experience....it's a pile of crap.

They don't compensate for autism since its not a table injury. Hannah Poling's case was a rare exception made because her father was a neurosurgeon, mother a trial attorney, grandfather a pediatrician. They were armed to the hilt with before and after video.

Our case was one of 4000 filed ten years ago that were summarily dismissed by the Special Masters. I thought Jeff Bradstreet did a pretty good job of presenting the cases however the court only had ears for high priced Merck consultants and the CDC. Can you say FRAUD ?

When you're a single parent trying to figure out what the heck happened to your child it's hard to file a case with the courts. You have to hire a lawyer and pay them out of pocket. In theory, the court will reimburse you. Good luck with that, it won't happen. Good luck juggling daily speech therapy, OT, HBOT, chelation, special diet, with your job, with your court case. I lost 50 pounds that year. Finally I threw in the towel and focused on my child, it was a better use of time and money.

Oh, and the clincher is you need "expert testimony" from your MD. Guess what ? That's the same jerk who poisoned your child and ran away as fast as he could. The same one whose threatened with losing his license by the state board if he speaks out, signs exemptions, or anything that would threaten the medical vaccine franchise. Look what happened to Jim Sears and Andrew Wakefield. Jeff Bradstreet rest in peace.

Those 5000 cases they cite are the ones where the child dies in the office or on the way home. If you expect justice from the Department of Injustice, you're sadly mistaken. The special masters are double talking lawyers paid for by our corrupt government.

...ok, the rant is over (for now)


Always bad news when it comes to reporting from any mainstream newspaper. All they can do is call us kooks but offer no rebuttal. I think about parents who get tested during pregnancy to see if there is anything wrong with a baby because they know they can't handle having a special needs child. Yet it is more probable of getting a special needs child through vaccination and parents aren't even given a warning... Shouldn't parent's be allowed to choose from the 1 in 10,000 chance, but are they even given warnings about that. To think it is fear of ridicule that makes parents vaccinate when once a child is severely disabled from vaccines the issue of ridicule can be a fact of life.

angus files

Its a Pharma Pharce...

Pharma and Health and the merits of vaccinations in the one line - larfable..

I much prefer Black Adder depicting history ...no doubt about it; if it were Pharma depicting history the Pharma Phaithful would repeat the silly speak as actual fact despite what they see around them and what their friends and neighbours tell them..

Richard III's rebuke to a messenger, "There, take thou that till thou bring better news."

Translated into Black Adder speak, " I like not this news! Bring me some other news!"

Vaccines are safe. Robert Kennedy is wrong. We don't need a vaccine safety panel. Andrew Wakefield is a fraud. And autism has nothing to do with being vaccinated.

Pharma for Prison


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