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Autism Recovery Progress Story From Generation Rescue

GR faceNOTE: I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm quite pleased that what was a simple introduction a few years ago, has turned into meaningful progress toward recovery for so many families through Generation Rescue.  My dear friend Sarge Goodchild of Active Healing told me about the IonCleanse system and how he was seeing great results in his practice in Massachusetts. I introduced Glenn Wilhelm to Candace McDonald and well, read the rest for yourself! We need hope and progress as we head into April and the IonCleanse water is ANYTHING but BLUE, as those of you who've used it know!  KIM


Last December, we hosted our annual 12 Days of Giving campaign, where we teamed up with many of our partners to offer autism families access to vital treatments and therapies they might not have otherwise been able to afford.

One of our lucky winners was Dave Borden, who won an IonCleanse detoxification system for his son. We checked in with Dave to see how their family was liking the system. Here’s what he had to report:

My 10-year-old son with autism seems to be responding well to the IonCleanse by AMD. Surprisingly, Ethan had no hesitation when we started. He put his feet right in the water, and he still really loves doing his footbaths. In fact, he’ll put his feet in the water before we are able to even turn on the system.

Communication is Getting Better

After 45 days, we have definitely seen some positive improvements. His receptive language appears to be getting a little better, and he is trying to communicate more. Instead of screaming, he has been walking out of his room, and saying to us, “find the mote.” The mote means remote. This is Ethan’s way of saying I want to watch a movie, and it’s a big improvement from the typical shouting from his room.

Initiating Play

Just this past week, we’ve seen some really exciting things. Ethan’s energy level has increased, and he is starting to initiate play for the first time in a very long while. Ethan picked up a ball and said catch. Then, he actually threw me the ball!!! Even more unbelievable is that we played catch for almost 10 minutes. This is HUGE! I’ve never been able to play catch with him for longer than 1 minute in the past, and it was always me initiating play.  Read more at Generation Rescue.


StagMom for Joy

I stand corrected, Joy! LOLOLOL!!!! XOX


Jena Dentone

I too have seen tons of progress with our son using the ioncleanse machine from AMD. I'm not certain that this machine is "so expensive" after all, the psychologist that diagnosed my son with autism billed my insurance $4,000 for playing with a child in a room for 3 hours a day, two days in a row. Let's face it people THINGS COST MONEY, and the ioncleanse is WORTH IT, for my entire family now!


Well, I want to support Dave (even though I don't know him) and the ion cleanse information. We actually used a different ionic footbath (IonSpa) but we had similar results too. I am actually going to post my daughter's mercury results in our footbath water and also a picture of the black flecks in our ion water. I am not sure they will post, but I will send them to Kim as I have posted many times on this site. I do not represent any company. I have had two vaccine injured daughters (not diagnosed with autism, but the many alternative dx's Aspergers, dyslexia, ADD, sensory integration disorder, precocious puberty, etc.). Both my girls have been using the Ionic footbath for the last twelve years. Our whole family uses it every Sunday afternoon. To cut to the chase, both girls graduated from high school as valedictorians, as well as graduated from college - youngest will graduate in six weeks! Let me tell you, we used the TD-DMPS (Dr. Buttar's formula) before we used the Ionic footbath so that we were able to rid their bodies of all that nasty Hg back in the 1990's. We have used this technology every week religiously. It was taken a lot of perseverance but the girls have enjoyed them as well as we have and have found food items we shouldn't eat as they are full of metals! (as a side note). I have gained valuable information here(AofA) and hopefully many more parents will understand our kids our overwhelmed with these toxins, and need to have our lymphatic's assisted with this technology. I am so thankful for this community. Keep up the good work!

Joy whitcomb

Actually - Kim - I have seen sparkley blue in my footbath after taking meds that are dyed blue. ;)


Hello, I am Dave Borden the Dad who shares his son's progress above. I can assure you that no money changed hands between myself, AMD, or GenRescue. I'm a real Dad and this is our genuine story. I've been writing about our use of the Ion Cleanse on my own blog site. If you look at both the articles I wrote on my site, I took an honest & open look at the Ion Cleanse, the research, and our progress with it. In this piece here, I described my skepticism toward the Ion Cleanse, but I also took a dive into the research and tried to be as unbiased as possible. In this post, I talked about some of the things we were seeing as far as progress. There hasn't been any regressions otherwise I would have written about that as well.

GenRescue follows my blog, so they asked me to write up a brief summary of our Ion Cleanse use. I took that as a chance to write a 45 day progress report. So far, it's all good. I'm very very intrigued and they may be making me become a true believer if we keep moving in the upward direction. I hope that provides some clarity. I invite you to check out the links I provided, and follow our journey. I'll probably write another update around the 90 day mark too.


I don't want to seem negative -- AofA is one of my first destinations every morning when I fire up my computer -- but this article comes across like a marketing piece. Are there any financial arrangements between GR and IonCleanse? I am not doubting the family's results, and am thrilled that they are seeing them, but why focus specifically on this very expensive intervention? Critics try to cast aspersions on the motives of the autism recovery movement and and I feel that this article, even if undeservedly, bolsters their arguments.

Jeannette Bishop

Its very heartening to see the kind of progress shared here. Thank you!

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