London Premiere of VaXxed
More Despicable Behaviour from Murdoch’s London Times

Kennedy And De Niro Offer $100K Challenge to Press

A Letter From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro to American Journalists

On the occasion of our announcement of the World Mercury Project's $100K challenge, we want to address America's reporters, journalists, columnists, editors, network anchors, on-air doctors and news division producers.

We especially want to reach out to those of you who have made a point of assuring the public about the safety of the mercury-based preservative, thimerosal. It's our hope that this challenge will elevate this important debate beyond name calling and prompt a genuine examination of the relevant science. The American public is entitled to an honest, probing and vigorous discussion about this critical public health issue—a debate based on facts, not rooted in fear, or on blind faith in regulators and the pharmaceutical industry.

We are both pro-vaccine. We need to say this at the outset to contravene the reflexive public relations ploy of labeling every vaccine safety advocate "anti-vaccine." As the British Medical Journal pointed out last week, that epithet is a derogatory attack designed to marginalize vaccine safety advocates and derail reasoned debate:

"It stigmatizes the mere act of even asking an open question about what is known and unknown about the safety of vaccines."

Both of us had all of our children vaccinated and we support policies that promote vaccine coverage. We want vaccines that are as safe as possible, robust transparent science and vigorous oversight by independent regulators who are free from corrupting conflicts-of-interest. Read the full $100K challenge letter from Robert Kennedy and Robert De Niro at EcoWatch here.



Matthew Errickson, I'm not sure why you think Robert Kennedy and De Niro were asking for 'debunking of link between vaccines and autism' As I understood it, their offer was for scientific evidence that thimerosal (mercury) is safe to inject.

Matthew Errickson

Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy Jr,
I understand your doubt's and concerns with the MMR shot. I am sorry that your kid suffers from autism (Robert De Niro).
Both of you gentlemen asked for a science article with verifiable debunk of the link between vaccination and autism.


Decades ago CNN made a name for itself for its unprecedented Gulf War coverage. Sadly its botched vaccine/autism coverage is only one area proving that news outlet has declined into the same government mouthpiece it once supplanted.


Unprecedented all right ... pretty sure CNN was was always as the lying mouthpiece that it is today


When it comes to the practice of vaccination in the United States of America, Amy Goodman, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid, believe themselves to be so much more scientifically and socially aware then Anne Dachel, Sharyl Attkinson and Polly Tommey.

Otherwise why would those very popular TV personalities not report what the later mentioned are reporting?

The later must be 'fake'?

I am completely disillusioned for believing in the former when it came to what was being injected into my children. Pick up your pussy hats you bitches before Trump grabs you by them.


Here's a good article, but of course nothing from the mainstream media except the same old propaganda on an infinite loop.


And the MSM backlash begins... CNN's Jen Christensen exemplifies precisely the mainstream journalism's parrot mentality that RFK Jr., Del Bigtree and other speakers spotlighted for criticism at yesterday's DC press conference.

Like her neglectful peers, Christensen blindly references fraudulent CDC studies and corrupt vaccine policymakers. Not surprisingly, in her photo her eyes look almost closed -- perhaps from guilt over publishing these whoppers of scientific fallacy:
- "Your body easily eliminates the thimerosal." [No, credible studies show it binds to brain and kidney tissues.]
- "If enough [methylmercury] accumulates, it can be toxic." [Any amount mercury is toxic; it kills human neuroblastoma cells at 0.5 parts per billion.]
- "A study of autism rates before thimerosal and after it was removed from most vaccines found that autism rates went up after the preservative was removed." [But that 2003 Stehr-Green three-country epi study was rife with methodological errors.]

And of course she gives millionaire vaccine developer Paul Offit the last word, pooh-poohing consumers' concerns by implying Thimerosal injections are okay because we're all drinking a bunch of mercury anyway. That's like telling an over-served bar patron that having another drink is just fine and to hell with the consequences... except alcohol usually DOES clear the body through waste products.

Decades ago CNN made a name for itself for its unprecedented Gulf War coverage. Sadly its botched vaccine/autism coverage is only one area proving that news outlet has declined into the same government mouthpiece it once supplanted.

Thomas Petrie

Aside from the initial failure of the video feed about 4-5 minutes into the press conference yesterday, the replay was mostly ok...hours later.

Just the same, there were a few things that caught my attention:
1. Where were the MAIN players in the mainstream media with their "difficult" questions? No where to be found!
2. Why was the room 2/3rds empty at the end of the Press Conference? What the heck? Is this not an important issue to the mainstream media? Apparently not, since (I guess) the science has been settled, after all!
3. I just wish the video feed hadn't lost a few minutes in the beginning...oh well.

I would have liked to have heard more from Robert DeNiro, but this was his day to let others shine. I also would have liked to have heard more as to WHY Vaxxed was shelved by the Tribeca film festival.

Great press conference, just the same!

Jeannette Bishop

It should be easy money for some journalist to grab.

Pregnancy and infancy is the most vulnerable time for exposure to pharmaceuticals and other pollutants. There should be a whole battery of safety studies (followed by carefully conducted trials to show efficacy) in place on all flu vaccine component alone and in combination for adult exposure, in utero and infant exposure PRIOR to the recommendation of a flu vaccine for pregnant women and infants.

That's how most people--at least I did--assume this works. The FDA, NIH, etc. are conducting all these tests on the pharmaceutical products we take BEFORE anyone takes them right? And then they make sure they actually have an effective product before recommending it for everyone, not one that is actually showing no benefit in the few surveys conducted (none of which would qualify for establishing safety).

People like me (twenty plus years ago) would assume they would NEVER recommend exposure to something in utero just to make it appear like it's ok to people in the countries that are still administering it to infants (if that's the actual reason).

That's how it should be, but not how it is.

Mercury in the flu vaccine is strongly indicative of the character of the whole U.S. vaccine program and certainly indicative of the character or quality of any press that does not challenge it.


I would like to see a full transcript of the Press Conference yesterday. I thought all that spoke were quite eloquent and hit balls out of the ball park. I really don't know how this will play out, in the current political climate and the profound distrust in every institution of this country. The media and the powers-that-be are running on fumes, and I think they know it. And in the words of Crosby and Stills from 1969--They are "scared shitless"


Whoa Hans! eidetic: a word I never heard of before and I have a great vocabulary. I'm impressed! And thank You for the new word!

go Trump

Looks like there may be some “fast-track intel investigations” in regards to leaked phone conversations with the Trump cabinet.

Is there NO ONE at the CDC who could be indicted and arrested RIGHT NOW with a few “simple procedures” that could be started by ???

I would think someone would be guilty of something over there and it would give the news some REAL NEWS to keep busy with…

What would happen if Trump took some “harmful vaccine data” and threw it in his wastebasket on live TV ?



Open Challenge to American Science Journalists (And Others) to Prove Your Claims on the Safety of Mercury in Vaccines – February, 2017
$100,000 Reward

The challenge is open to everyone.


Meanwhile, it's interesting that no one has yet been named to head the CDC.

Birgit Calhoun

WhackaMole! Maybe you can be the first person to prove to the group in the video that what you are saying is true. There is money in it: $100,000.-

Angus Files

At the same time its not just the media your High Court Supreme Judges et-al throughout the world also share the curse of undermining the parents children and countless studies showing that Autism is vaccine damage.



“I’m a vaccine scientist. I’m also the father of an adult daughter with autism,” Peter Hotez, president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, told BuzzFeed News.

“Not only is there an abundance of evidence showing that vaccines are safe, there’s not even any plausibility of an association [with autism].”

Step right up and collect your $100,00 sneaky Pete. We'll have that evidence now.


Harsh words for President Trump from the producer of the Rachel Maddow show.

"The president is confused about a great many things. When it comes to autism, it’d be better for everyone if he kept his confusion to himself. Steve Benenc"

I guess Stevie should have no trouble stepping up to collect his $100,000 prize. We are all waiting Stevie. Evidence? Didn't think so, sit down b!tch!

George stevens

Kennedys offer is noble but anyone can see the press will just bury this along with any other offer similar to this. He should of known that was going to happen, and I think he may of known that, which bothers me. He missed his chance with that as this will be displayed as a PR stunt by using his relationship with the president. He could of easily offered up 10 grande per media whistleblower to any journalist that attempted to run an antivaccine or story on the cdc whisblower and or any big story on cdc corruption and was denied by corporate sponsors and the CEOS of their news corporation. In reality trump should establish a "wiikileaks" of the US News media if he really wanted to take on the press.

Hans Litten

Don't journalists have children too ?
Do we need to remind them ?
jog their eidetic memories of the draconian law sb277 in California .(or is it idiotic memories ?)

Bob Moffit

"The American public is entitled to an honest, probing and vigorous discussion about this critical public health issue—a debate based on facts, not rooted in fear, or on blind faith in regulators and the pharmaceutical industry."

Those members of the press sitting in the audience should be ashamed of their profession .. as Del Bigtree had to remind them of their vital role as members of the FOURTH ESTATE ... it is THEY that should be demanding that "honest, probing and vigorous discussion" on our nation's public health.

Indeed .. THEY shouldn't have to be offered a reward of $100,000 to stop using the office Xerox machines to reprint "handouts" from public health officials .. and .. DO THEIR DAMN JOB.

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