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National Press Club Press conference February 2017.


Robert Kennedy, Jr.: “…Tony Muhammad came because he saw autism exploding in his community. It is the black neighborhoods that are getting the thimerosal vaccines. It appears to be that African Americans are much more susceptible to vaccine injury than other Americans. It’s the poor clinics in the urban neighbors who are getting these shots. If you’re living in a suburban neighborhood, people who are questioning your doctors and saying I don’t want that. But if you’re living in a poor clinic, they’re going to take the cheapest vaccines, which have thimerosal vaccines, and your ability to stand up to your doctor, the power to stand up to him doesn’t exist. So you take them, and those kids end up being grievously injured.

“And Bob De Niro who came here because of censorship, again like Del, because he tried to play a movie that he saw and there was an uproar.  And ultimately, he made the decision that it’s too much, it’s going to disrupt the festival, shut it down.

“This censorship is not good for America. It’s not good for democracy. It’s not good for the public health. …”

Nico LaHood: “…For my family, I tell people, we became an unintended experiment. As Bobby told you, I’m the proud daddy of four children… And our first two children were vaccinated per the schedule. …Our first child, at the six months old, after the sixth month vaccination, she broke out in hives, tremendous hives. It’s an autoimmune disease. What’s that? ‘She’s allergic to your wife’s breast milk.’ How ridiculous does that sound? …

“We didn’t know to question, so we went forward with the schedule.

“Our second child, Michael, was born. Vaccinated. From the first day, all children are vaccinated, all the way through the schedule. We saw some signs, but around the sixteenth month vaccines, which is the MMR…We lost our son. That’s a fact. …He went to stimming, he went to losing eye contact, he quit responding to his name, and he went blank. …

“…We traced it back objectively, not subjectively, …to the vaccines. …”


Robert De Niro:  “I’m glad I’m here. I’m here because my son is within the autistic spectrum. …I thought what Bobby said was great, it was eloquently said, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I agree with him a hundred percent. …”


Rev Tony Muhammad: “…I have been blessed, as of May of last year, after finding out about the study of a scientist who works for the CDC as we speak. His name is Dr. William Thompson, who admitted that he lied about a study he did. And it was brought to our attention by Mr. Kennedy, of whom I’m deeply, deeply grateful for him. And not just him, his family and their legacy because we’re taught history is most attractive and best rewarding in any research. This has happened to us before. That the Tuskegee Experiment could be back and live and well. It took a Kennedy to shut down that experiment.

“Now we have to ask ourselves as a community, could it be that it’s happening to us again? That two hundred and forty percent of black boys are more disproportionately affected by vaccines when it comes to autism?

“Our community, the poor community don’t even know what that word means. I have just finished the first half of a tour that I have been commissioned to go on by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I have visited thirty urban cities, and the rooms are packed with poor people. And when the movie or the documentary ‘Vaxxed’ was shown, the screams, the cries from black mothers who are poor.

“In St. Louis, MO, a black mother fainted after looking at the movie ‘Vaxxed,’ and it took us minutes to revive her. She said, ‘I knew it was the vaccines, but the doctors bullied me and told me that it was me genetically who gave that to my child.’ She said, ‘I’m crying because I’ve had a hysterectomy because I refused to have any more children.’

“Something is wrong. And I just want to say to the press as a spiritual man… Isaiah in the Bible, Chapter 59, he says these words, … ‘Truth has fallen to the streets and justice stands a far-off, and equity cannot enter. It is impossible for us to judge while the truth is being hidden.’

“It is your responsibility, as Mr. Kennedy said, you are the last line of defense for truth, but if you have been compromised, then in the minds of the American people, we are hemorrhaging because you have to muster up the courage to go behind these lines and vet out the truth for our children and our children’s sake.

“And I’m saying to you that the black community is waking up in leaps and bounds. And as you the press now [are] under attack, show us, show us that we can trust you. Prove to us that you will leave no stone unturned, because the CDC has admitted that in the 1960s, Elijah Muhammad told the members of the Nation, do not take the polio vaccine—we are for vaccines, but we are very careful with which vaccines we take. And thirty years later the CDC admitted that the polio vaccine had in it SV40 [which caused cancer]. …We’re twelve percent of the population and now we lead all categories in cancer. …

“So we hope that you the press will do your job while the American public somewhat trusts you. For when this comes out, in truth, the community is going to be upset.

“…In the thirty cities that I’ve been in, when our community found out that our Congress voted to give the vaccine makers a pass on the very bill that Mr. Kennedy spoke of, they [were] irate. …The American public [doesn’t] even realize that Congress passed a bill that the vaccine makers cannot be sued. If the vaccines are so safe, why has our government, using the taxpayers’ money, [been] covering up for a pharmaceutical industry that makes billions in profits? …Why won’t they stand behind their own vaccines? Why do we the American people have to pay for the mistakes of the vaccine makers. That’s a crime in my opinion and we must do something about it. …”

45: 25

Del Bigtree: “‘We may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.’ That was what came out in a court case against Merck when their product Vioxx was proved to cause heart attacks in over 50,000 people. That lawsuit, that case, went behind the scenes, into the emails and showed that Merck knew that that drug caused heart attacks and covered it up from the FDA, the American people and the world. In an internal email they sent out doctors that questioned the safety of Vioxx, ‘We may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.’

“Think about that. How does a company continue to even work in the United States of America? Murdering over 50,000 innocent people—some say that number could go up into the hundreds of thousands. To put it in perspective, we lost roughly 65,000 people in Vietnam, and we marched in the streets. And we have a company that knowingly killed people, and still they work in this country. Better yet, they make most of our childhood vaccines.

“We are the press. I worked on the daytime talk show, The Doctors, celebrating the best that medicine had to offer, the best doctors, the best science, the best surgeries, cutting edge techniques. And then I ran into the story of Dr. William Thompson, a whistleblower from the Centers for Disease Control that laid out how they committed scientific fraud when it came to vaccine safety research.[He] didn’t just make that claim but backs it up with 10,000 documents including internal emails.

“[He] spoke to Congressman Bill Posey, handed over those 10,000 documents, was also interviewed by Bill Posey. And Bill Posey stand before the U.S. government, in front of the Congress [and]said we have a problem. We have one of our top scientists providing information to me that we are lying to the American public and that children are in harm’s way. The American people trust us. And he said in closing, ‘Please, please, I beg you, we must subpoena Dr. William Thompson.” And yet, no newspaper covers that story. No news station covers that story. Nobody cares about a top scientist for the most important health agency in the world coming forward saying we’ve committed scientific fraud.

“What has happened to us? Why am I the only one that leaves a job because I refused to have television tell me we can’t cover stories about innocent children being ruined and damaged? Stories you’ve heard here today. …

“Yet we let the pharmaceutical industry buy our advertising and control what we say. At the heart, at the foundation of media, of press, the same heart and foundation of science is one single idea: We must never stop asking questions. If we do, science is dead. If science believes it has the only truth, there will never be another Einstein. There will never be another breakthrough event. And if journalists stop asking the important questions, then there will never be the dream of the United States of America. …Thomas Jefferson said to us, if we lose a free press, a press that can challenge the government, can challenge the tyranny of industry, hold their feet to the fire, then we will lose our freedom. We will lose the United States of America.

“They call us the Fourth Estate, the fourth branch of government. And we report concern about the branches of government being bought out by industry. Senators and congressmen that bow down to oil and gas industries, or pharmaceutical industries as Bobby Kennedy as pointed out, now the most powerful lobby in Washington.

“But what about us? What about the fourth branch of government? If we have been bought out, if we cannot go back to our networks and say, ‘We must run this story,’—I don’t care that Merck is going to follow this story with an ad for a drug and a ridiculous list of tickertape side effects, and we giggle in our living rooms, ‘Who would buy that?’

“We must stop giggling because we are lying to the public. They believe we have a free press. They believe we are telling the truth. They believe we will cover a story when a top scientist says we have lied to the American people.

“Journalists are the first ones to step up when a murderer is on death row and new evidence or a new witness steps forward. We say we must reopen this case. We cannot let an innocent man die, or an innocent woman die.

“I tell you right now, we have a new witness in Dr. William Thompson, we have new evidence in 10,000 documents that he’s provided, and you have great scientists and lawyers pointing out that it is impossible to say that vaccines are safe. It is impossible because we’ve paid out over three billion dollars in damages, paid for with taxpayer money, because the pharmaceutical industry has no liability. If we’ve paid out $3.3 billion, how can we say that vaccines are safe? How can we say that vaccines are safe when we have a top scientist still working at the CDC? How can we say that they’re safe when you cannot provide a study that shows that the second most toxic substance on earth, the most toxic nonradioactive substance, has no study saying it can be injected into children and pregnant women, into fetuses?

“And we have a rise in childhood illness like we’ve never seen: autism now at one in 45, up from one in 10,000, asthma in every classroom, anaphylactic food allergies, diabetes, eczema—the list goes on and on. That is not the classroom I grew up in. We have got to stop saying our children are so safe because of vaccines—our children are sick. We said it on The Doctors television show. This is the first generation of children that we believe will not live to be as old as their parents.

“Isn’t that enough questions for the media?

“Isn’t that enough questions for science to do what is right?

“Not a single person up here today is trying to do away with the vaccine program. None of us have ever made anti-vaccine statements. We’ve made statements that we want science to do better. It has injured children of people sitting on this stage. … It has injured hundreds of thousands of parents’ children, telling the same story. Those are the facts.

“Now is the time to begin asking the appropriate questions. …We are saying fix the failing vaccines because no child should be allowed to be injured by anything…”

Next Kennedy pointed once again to the stack of documented studies showing the harmful side effects of vaccines which our government refuses to look at. He added, “I told you there’s no safety studies [showing mercury in vaccines is safe], but there are studies CDC has created—CDC and the industry—there are 19 studies that purport to say that thimerosal does not cause autism. That’s it. And they’re population studies, they’re not clinical, they’re not animal studies. They’re simply population studies, and they’re all very badly flawed. These are those studies. These are the studies …and three of these studies were written by Dr. Thompson—the three lead studies—who now says that he was ordered by his boss at CDC to destroy evidence, to manipulate the data, to bury the evidence that showed that it was in fact causing illness to black boys, specifically black boys who received the vaccine on time at a 250 percent greater chance of getting autism than black boys who waited.

“He and four other scientists were ordered by Frank DeStefano, the vaccine branch chief, to come into a conference room at CDC and dump that data into a garbage can.

“And then they published that DeStefano study and found no effect. And that study has been cited 110 times on PubMed as the definitive evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism. These are all of those studies. This is the entire universe of their autism studies.

“…Even these studies, which are CDC’s own studies, admit that it causes tics, ...language delay, it causes mental retardation, it causes lower IQ in girls, so even the studies they use to defend it from autism, are admitting that it’s causing all these other illnesses. Nobody’s looking at this stuff. Reporters need to look at this and they need to look at it in detail.

“Why did not a single mainstream reporter cover this story? You have a senior scientist at CDC who’s saying everything’s fraudulent. We caused the autism epidemic. That’s what he says.  He says every time I see a family with an autistic kid, ‘I have great shame because we were at fault.’—That’s a quote.

“And nobody covered this story. There are just crickets in the American media.”


susan welch

Mark. If you really are interested in measles/measles vaccines reactions, you may find this an interesting read.

It would also help you to understand why many of us are sceptical.

David Weiner

Mark Shaw stated:

"Free choice also demands that anybody who makes such a choice be held personally responsible for the outcome. In my mind that means that insurance companies should be able to NOT cover any medical expenses incurred because the patient declined a simple, cost effective vaccine."

Well, Mark, if you believe that then you should also agree that insurance companies should not cover any expenses associated with vaccine damage, because the parents should be held personally responsible for that outcome of their free choice to vaccinate.

And guess what: the costs produced by vaccine damage DWARF the medical costs that might be generated by natural measles. And these costs come through not just via health insurance premiums, but through federal, state, and local taxation (Medicare, Medicaid, VA, special education budgets, etc.)

Do you agree?

I am a libertarian and I actually believe that this is the way it should work. For those of us who want health insurance, we should be able to form pools with others who are like-minded in terms of how to prevent and treat disease. We should not be forced into collectives with others who do not share our values.

That said, I do believe that those who have already been injured by vaccines should be indemnified by the government, because the government's coercive and fraudulent vaccine program has ultimately caused this harm.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Mark Shaw | March 15, 2019 at 03:08 AM

You are deluded ! I suspect your vaccine knowledge is very limited indeed, basic in fact.
What is this Measels as speak of ? Or do you mean Measles ?

Vaccination is neither safe or effective.
The very best I can say about the science of vaccine is that they are unsafe and defective (defecative too truth be told !)

Vaccination is a failed technology in terms of healthcare.
But very much alive as a technology of warfare.

Make sure you avail yourself of the fluthanasia vaccine each and every year !

You are looking at the biggest crime against humanity in all history EVER.

susan welch

Mark, our attitude is not so surprising when you consider that, for many of us, having measles was part of growing up. We were not in the least afraid of it and, of course, were kept home for the appropriate time. It also left us with lifelong immunity and strengthened immune systems. My generation had never heard the word autism. We knew of no-one with allergies. The acronym 'SIDs' had not been invented because babies rarely died and, when they did, the cause was known because they had been ill before they died.

Many of us on this site have families whose lives have changed after reaction to a vaccine (often 'who knows which' because they are given in multiples and sometimes as many as 8 shots at a time). Many of those reactions have turned into lifelong disabilities changing the life of that family forever.

Perhaps this explanation may go a little way to explaining our attitude to a vaccine schedule that recommends up to 50 shots before school age.

John Stone


Perhaps you have not considered the implications of freedom of liability for the vaccine the manufacturers, plus a captive market for an endlessly expanding list of ill-tested products. Why bother to ensure that they are safe if they have no liability? Why bother to ensure they are safe if you have captured the agencies which license and recommend them? Why bother to ensure they are safe if no one has the right to say no?

At least, when an aeroplane falls out of the skies people are concerned about why. No one is concerned about our crashing children...

Mark Shaw

I am amazed at the number of people who seem to think that getting a disease like measels is no big deal; and therefore not worth a perceived risk of taking a vaccine to prevent it. For those who contract measels there are a number of scary complications like, death, loss of vision or hearing, encephalitis, diminished cognitive ability, SSPE.

Not to mention that any responsible person who gets measels needs to have themselves and anybody they have been in contact with...quarantined for at least 21 days to prevent the spread of the disease to somebody else. The cost of that quarantine is their responsibility. Not their employer, the medical community, or any insurance company.

Free choice also demands that anybody who makes such a choice be held personally responsible for the outcome. In my mind that means that insurance companies should be able to NOT cover any medical expenses incurred because the patient declined a simple, cost effective vaccine. Also, the medical costs caused to another person should be covered by the person making their free "choice." This liability can be easily defined if you are the first person to ever make contact with someone who later develops the disease.

Sadly, I think all these "free choice" people out there are not willing to sign up to cover the complete damages they may cause by their choice.



I'm in favor of free and informed choice. I agree that vaccines have many dangerous effects. I have MS and my daughter has autism from vaccine reactions, my father and mother reacted to yearly flu vaccines after nearly twenty years with paralysis and Alzheimer's. Everyone should know that these are not uncommon reactions to vaccines, and I'm in favor of informing everyone of these and other possible reactions.

But once they are aware of them, they must be free to choose vaccines if they want them. If their baby gets the Hib vaccine, it's very unlikely he'll get a disabling or fatal case of Hib disease. He may get peanut allergy, diabetes, or autism from the vaccine, but he probably won't get Hib disease at the most dangerous age for it. Thirty years ago, before the vaccine, a baby had a one in 200 chance of a severe case of Hib disease, after the vaccine, if he gets it, he has a one in 50 chance of peanut allergy, probably a one in several hundred chance of getting diabetes from it, I don't know what the chances of autism would be if he only got the Hib shot or if he got three shots, or all of them. But an increased risk, certainly. There was one in 200 risk of getting severe Hib disease and a one in a thousand chance of dying of it if he got it, a total of 1,000 babies a year dying of it.

Everyone must be given the figures, told that some do not consider their sources to be reliable (I believe that in this case they are), and then left to make their choice. Their baby, their choice. The fact that many here do not believe that any vaccine is ever worth the risk does not mean that everyone has to believe the same. I believe that many have lost sight of just how devastating many of the VPDs once were, and might still be if they were to come back.

Brett Wilcox


I don’t trust pro-vax efficacy statistics because pro-vaxxers lie. But let’s assume some vaccines have actually decreased disease and death rates as claimed. If decreased disease and death rates were the only consequence of the vaccines in question, one might be able to justify the use of the vaccines. Such reductionist thinking might have been appropriate a century ago, but not today. There are countless known and unknown additional consequences associated with each vaccine and with each combination of vaccines, consequences starting with altered and damaged DNA to altered and damaged ecosystems. Therefore, a measure of efficacy must be more than increased antibody titers or more than decreased incidence of disease.

Vaccine architects know full well that vaccines make healthy people sick and sick people sicker, and kill a certain number of people. But hey, if they don’t get Hib Meningitis then the vaccine is effective, right? Vaccinating (injuring) 300,000 people and killing half a dozen people to prevent one person from dying from one vaccine preventable disease may meet the industry’s definition of efficacy, but for the vaccine informed community such statistical shenanigans only meets the definition of sociopathy.


Where there's a risk, there must be a choice. Goes both ways. Where there is a risk of death or disability from a disease for which a vaccine exists, there must be a choice and the parent or adult patient must be allowed to choose to get it. Otherwise you are saying that it's all right with you if someone dies of diphtheria, tetanus, meningitis, of measles for that matter, yellow fever if they go to the Amazon jungle, if he's paralyzed by polio, or if a child is born with horrendous birth defects from rubella, just as long as everyone's clear on your rule that no one is ever allowed to get any vaccine. No matter what. No matter how much they would have liked to get it.

This would be tyranny. And I'm against it.

How many of you have dogs you've gotten the parvo vaccine for? Rabies? You'd rather let little puppies die in agony from vomiting and diarrhea from parvo than allow even one shot to prevent it? Rather let rabies come back and a certain number of people die in agonizing pain, foaming at the mouth, of rabies every year as well as many dogs and cats? Let kittens die in agony from feline distemper? I remember a little girl in Wisconsin twenty years ago bitten by a bat, who died of rabies. At the hospital she apologized to her parents for her rabid reaction to them. In extreme fear and pain until she died.

I'm in favor of free and informed choice, no mandates. I'm in favor of the DT series after two, and the Hib series after four months and before one year for babies in daycare. The polio series if it comes back. But I'm also in favor of letting others make their own choices, and trying to inform them as fully as possible before they decide.


..."We have been led to believe by the allopathic medical community and big pharma that our bodies are completely incapable of surviving any stage of life without vaccines, surgery and pharma drugs. Younger generations now believe that the side-effects of all of this intervention are completely normal. It is time to stop acting as though vaccines were ever a smart idea and educate the public about the true drivers of health: clean food, clean water, clean air and good sanitation."

YES. Triple that...

This should be the mantra of and repeated as often as is necessary, most especially to the younger generation who have been so completely fear mongered into a scandalous and barbaric form of practice. As Sherri T. has so aptly stated on numerous occasions, "Good health has never, ever come from a needle."


Brett Wilcox, you made some excellent points, and the one that especially resonates with me is what the word "vaccine" means to different people. To much of society at large, the words means only good things, and gives them the false sense of security that they crave so much. To me, and so many of my friends, the word vaccine induces a profound reaction of disgust and sadness. To me, the word means loss of life, loss of health, altogether LOSS. The word is now so repugnant to me, it is hard to put into words. So I appreciate your comment very much, you put into words what many of us THINK, but can't articulate as well as you just did.


..."But, again, they can still save lives, even though they are in many ways imperfect, often dangerous themselves. But still, most people get vaccines, even many vaccines, and never look back (they may get asthma or allergies from the vaccines, and usually never realize it, but very few get tetanus or meningitis, etc.). ..."

Save lives, or suppress? And at what cost?

It is perhaps quite possible for completely safe vaccines to eventually be in the pipeline, but ONLY if it is acknowledged that the product currently on the market is completely defective and should never, ever be put into a human body (or animal for that matter).

We are all going to die at some point in time. Dying is simply a part of living/life. You never, ever put anything defective or toxic into an immune system and expect for that defective product to work some sort of magic. So perhaps rather than injecting a toxic brew of ingredients into an immune system, the better alternative would be to find a cure and/or provide treatments which are life saving, rather than using a vaccine.

In any society, it should never, ever be an acceptable alternative to offer a solution to disease (via fear mongering) that which may harm or kill.

That should never be a choice - for anyone. The ONLY acceptable choice would be something which is completely safe, but still an OPTION for the individual.


I wholeheartedly agree with the comments posted by Laura Hayes and Brett Wilcox! When we focus the discussion on mercury, aluminum, and other vaccine ingredients we are taking the focus off of the simple insanity of the vaccine theory. It goes against common sense to inject foreign matter directly into any living being (bypassing the brilliant and complex design of our immune system that has allowed our species to flourish for thousands of years) and expect that it will confer health or protection. I have been in this arena for almost thirty years and have been proudly anti-vax. The level of brainwashing of the general public has increased more than I ever thought possible. We have been led to believe by the allopathic medical community and big pharma that our bodies are completely incapable of surviving any stage of life without vaccines, surgery and pharma drugs. Younger generations now believe that the side-effects of all of this intervention are completely normal. It is time to stop acting as though vaccines were ever a smart idea and educate the public about the true drivers of health: clean food, clean water, clean air and good sanitation.



Mike Belkin used much the same argument when he coined the term "refusers" as a mark of pride for those who refused vaccines, and started a great band of that name. I agree that the term "antivaxxer" is an honorable one for those who wish to refuse vaccines.

Every vaccine is dangerous, and probably each one given to anyone does some degree of damage, although it may be that no one will ever make the connection if it is slight or delayed in its manifestation. Certainly getting a vaccine is a very serious intervention which should be approached cautiously and only after a lot of research. But, again, they can still save lives, even though they are in many ways imperfect, often dangerous themselves. But still, most people get vaccines, even many vaccines, and never look back (they may get asthma or allergies from the vaccines, and usually never realize it, but very few get tetanus or meningitis, etc.).

But, again, it is not true that all vaccines are always ineffective. Do you have an alternative explanation to explain why rates of measles, rubella, chickenpox, and Hib disease (and, in my opinion, polio) went from large numbers to almost none within a few years' of the vaccines' introduction? It would have been better not to have introduced the measles and chickenpox vaccines: they were usually mild diseases which conferred many benefits to those who went through them naturally. Although in some cases they DID cause death or permanent disability, which is why I think the choice to get them must be left as an option to parents. I've talked about the others a lot. Rubella is also valuable for all children to get naturally, as nearly all used to, including me. It is a harmless disease for everyone but fetuses in the first months of development. The book The Age of Autism explains how mercury in medical products enabled the change of rubella to a much more devastating disease, causing severe birth defects in many babies. Hib disease caused severe cases in 20,000 babies a year in the US in the '80s before the vaccine, and 1,000 of them died of it. Within a few years of the vaccine's introduction, deaths from Hib disease had fallen to close to zero.

At this time we don't know how many people would have disabling or deadly cases of VPDs if most people stopped vaccinating. I believe that most children would be healthier without any vaccines, but that there would be many individual children disabled or killed by diseases like tetanus or Hib disease, and, if rubella came back, we might once again have many thousands of babies a year born with congenital rubella syndrome. We don't know, and it is impossible for anyone to predict, but we shouldn't forget that the reason why we have almost zero deaths from these diseases now is because almost 100% of children have gotten the vaccines for them.

What we need is careful records of ultimate outcomes in every single resident of the US of both vaccination (every single one received, date, age, brand, lot number, and any reactions, even mild ones) and non-vaccination, of public access, and others the same patient received, to help parents make the decision.

But everyone must read about and try to imagine how terrible most of the VPDs could be and once were. Of course better nutrition helps, and clean water prevents water-borne cases of polio (it's also air-borne), typhoid, and cholera. But arguing from the position of living in an advanced society with little serious contagious disease (or non-contagious ones like tetanus) because nearly all children have gotten all the vaccines for them does not take into account all the factors necessary for making the vaccine decision.

There are alternatives which should be available to everyone, and careful records should be kept of how successful they were in preventing or treating serious diseases, mainly vitamin C for everything, vitamin A especially for measles, D for flu, and homeopathic prophylaxis and remedies to prevent and treat the diseases. I agree that it would be excellent if we no longer needed vaccines. But we still have a lot of work to do to reach that point, mainly a plan for how to deal effectively with severe diseases when they occurred, or to prevent ones like tetanus or meningitis.

I think it's interesting how this issue has created two opposing paradigms, both essentially religious in nature. Several years ago there was an article at Shot of Prevention about how vaccines created a super-hero force field around the child who had gotten all the vaxxes, protecting him from evil as an invisible shield around his body. And it was interesting to think about the mindset of mothers and children persuaded to accept all the vaccines on offer for the sake of acquiring this magical superhero protection conferred only upon the practitioners of the vaccine religion. And I could see the attraction of the idea. Good mothers make sure they give their children the invisible cloak of protection.

And now there's an opposing paradigm, that of the healthy child of nature, good, healthy, organic food (vegetarianism has fallen by the wayside as an aspect of this super protection of nature since so many vaccine-damaged children are grain-intolerant and have to eat Paleo), few or no drugs or antibiotics or other medical interventions, breast fed, and the promise is that such a child will be healthy and vigorous, even without any vaccines to prevent to VPDs. Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains (read stoked up on vaccines). I agree for the most part with this paradigm, but recognize that it's incomplete, and, without vaccines, a sizeable minority would be disabled or killed by the diseases when they came back. Some babies would die of Hib disease, some invisible wounds would cause tetanus, some would have limbs amputated as a result of meningitis.

I think it's important to recognize the limitations of each paradigm, and recognize that there is no perfect solution. Many will be harmed if they either get some or many vaccines or if they refuse them. Not equally weighted, but the act of balancing them must be left up to well-informed parents.


@Brett Wilcox,

Absolutely loved your entire comment. THANK YOU.


Brett Wilcox

Eschewing the anti-vaccine epithet increases the power of the word to shame naïve young parents. Young African Americans disarmed the word nigger when they claimed it as their own. The original anti-vaxxers weren’t ashamed to be called anti-vaccine. They owned the word and joined anti-vaccination leagues.

The original anti-vaxxers would be dismayed, disheartened, and very likely disgusted to see their descendants calling for safer vaccines.

I passed the movie Trace Amounts around to 30 different families and by and large it was a waste of time. They all internalized the message: mercury is bad, vaccines are good.

Damn it, vaccines are not good, not safe, not effective, and not necessary.
To believers, the word vaccine is synonymous with the words safe, safety, and protection. When we pair those words, we activate pharma-planted messaging in the minds of The Herd: “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccines have saved more lives blah, blah, blah.” Hence, the words safe, safety, and vaccines should never be used in the same sentence.

To break the spell, we have to imbue the word vaccine with accurate meaning. We can’t do that by calling for safer vaccines. We do that by calling vaccines what they are: poison, toxins, weapons, etc. What do they do? They poison, assault, inflame, infect, bastardize, weaken, destroy, and kill. What is the result? Genetic bastardization with genes from viruses, bacteria, insects, mammals, genetically modified substances, male and female human fetal DNA, etc. What is the legacy of the vaccine program? Diseased, distracted, depressed, damaged, dysfunctional, dying, and dead people. What are the costs? Impossible to calculate and impossible to repay. What are the ethics of the vaccine program? Greed, fraud, deception, and very likely mind control, infertility, eugenics, and world domination.

Messaging to the indoctrinated should be succinct and bold. “Anti-vax and proud.” “Unvaxxed and unafraid.” “Unvaxxed and healthy.” “Of course I’m anti-vaccine.” “Vaccines are anti-science.” “The science is settled: vaccines injure and kill.” “Babies are not born vaccine deficient.” “Vaccines injured my baby.” “Breast milk: the only vaccine my kids will ever get.” “Got eczema? Thank your vaccines?” “Got food allergies? Thank the CDC.” “Vaccines kill.” “Vaccines make you stupid.” “Vaccines are poison.” “Vaccines are a racket.” “Vaccines kill babies.” “Vaccines destroy lives.” “Vaccine injury is 100%.” “If you’re vaccinated, you’re vaccine injured.” “Vaccines are a lie.” “The CDC lies.” “Herd immunity is a lie.” “Ban vaccines now.” “End the vaccine scam.” “Ask me about William Thompson.” “Ask me about SV 40.” “Ask me about insertional mutagenesis.” “Read the vaccine package inserts.” “You can never unvaccinate.” “The only safe vaccine is the vaccine you don’t get.” “If you’re anti-fraud, you’re anti-vaccine.” “I’m immunized against vaccine propaganda.” Etc.

Doctors cannot ethically vaccinate with vaccines that were brought to market and are marketed unethically. All vaccines were brought to market and are marketed unethically. Vaccinating violates the ethical principles of informed consent, beneficence, absence of maleficence, and justice. Ethical violations should be reported to licensing bodies. Bullying patients with vaccines is extortion, a crime that should be reported to the police. Lawsuits should be filed.

I look forward to the day when public awareness is so great that vaccine sociopaths are jailed, vaccines are banned, and vaccines are remembered as a remnant from a dark and evil time.



Respiratory diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, whooping cough, etc., are not controllable by hygiene the way water-borne diseases are. Good nutrition helps ensure recovery, but does not guarantee it. The nine patients who died of measles in Europe in 2011 were well-nourished and had access to excellent modern hospital care, but still died. I'm not recommending that people get the MMR: in my opinion it's so dangerous that I would never get it for my children or recommend that anyone else get it, but I would not try to take it off the market. Parents must be allowed to choose it if they want it. Mary Holland said that if measles comes back, it's going to be a problem since few of those born since 1960 have ever gotten natural measles, so they don't have permanent immunity, and must get boosters for life if they don't want to risk measles as adults, when it can be much more serious. Or they won't think about it, won't get boosters, may easily eventually get a serious case of measles as an older adult. Another problem is that babies are not protected by their mothers' immunity since vaccine immunity confers very little protection to babies. Measles can be dangerous to young babies, and when measles comes back, a certain number of babies are going to die of it. In 25 years, we would once again have a generation of young women with natural permanent immunity to give to their babies, and we'd once again have natural herd immunity, with only six or seven million schoolchildren a year getting measles. I'm in favor of letting it come back, but I recognize the problems there are going to be.

Infectious diseases would not always be readily cleared. Measles depresses the immune system to an unusual degree, leaving it vulnerable to often dangerous secondary infections. People should be taught and enabled to nurse measles correctly: stay in bed throughout the fever and quiet at home for three weeks after the day the rash appears, even though he will feel well long before then; take the appropriate dose of vitamin A; don't take any fever reducers; stay well-hydrated to avoid dehydration from the fever. No showers or baths until the fever is gone. But the most important thing is that people have to have made the choice to not get the vaccine and take their chances with measles.

Clinical Hib disease would not be readily cleared. It had become a problem in the '80s because of antibiotic failure, even though nearly all children in the US were well-nourished and had access to modern medical care. Even if every woman in the US breastfed her baby for the first two years, some would still get Hib disease and some would die of it. The germs are everywhere, and many people carry the germs for that and other kinds of meningitis around in their noses most of the time, without getting sick from it, but they can give the germs to those who may be vulnerable to a severe infection.


Yes, deaths from infectious disease had been greatly reduced before the vaccines for them were introduced. Deaths from pertussis had fallen 75% and from measles 95% before the vaccines were introduced. But they had not fallen to zero. Numerically a lot of people were still dying of them. Of course natural measles is the best guarantee of protection. I would welcome the return of measles, and hope that my daughter got it. But if you say that you would not permit anyone to get the vaccines, you would be taking responsibility for the deaths of those who DID die from the diseases. Like the nine who died of measles in Europe in 2011. I looked to see who had died, and found one article in French that said a previously healthy "ado" (teenager) had died of measles at that time. It happens. If the parents or the teens had made the choice to chance getting measles by refusing the vaccine, that's fine. Life is dangerous, and we all know that. But you shouldn't force other people to make your choice, especially when they might be damaged or killed by it. Is it worse to get autism from the Hib vaccine or autistic-like brain damage from Hib disease? Who has the right to force parents to accept your choice?

Vaccine effectiveness is a delusion? So why did chickenpox go from a million cases a year as recently as 1994 to close to zero by 2000? Why did measles go from four million a year in 1963 to close to zero by 1975? Hib meningitis from 12,000 cases a year in 1985 (8,000 from other kinds of Hib disease) to close to zero in 1995?

I think you need to argue on other grounds. Vaccines force the immune system to produce antibodies to the targeted disease, and in most cases they serve to prevent the disease in the vaccinated person. And it's fine with me if you say that even if a thousand babies a year died of Hib disease, that's OK, because the general health of the species is better served by letting them die and letting most babies get natural permanent immunity by the age of five. There's a lot to be said for that view, although I don't agree with it. But hygiene and good nutrition are not going to prevent all deaths from contagious disease, as they have never done in the past.

I'm not ever going to get another vaccine, and neither is my daughter for as long as I can prevent it. Our bodies, our choice. But don't you have to allow that other people may make different choices for their bodies? Maybe they're not totally on board with the idea that it's better to write off a thousand babies a year to Hib disease for the good of the species. You can say it might cause peanut allergy, diabetes, autism, and that's fine, the parent should certainly know that. But what if his next-door neighbor's unvaxxed baby died from Hib disease, and it really shook up the parent and she wanted to get the Hib vaccine for her own baby? Are you going to say No, I won't allow you to, because I really don't care about the 20,000 babies a year getting invasive Hib disease without the vaccine, and I don't care that you fear for your baby's life if she gets it?

Life is dangerous, always will be, there is no perfect answer to the vaccine/disease question. We have to be brave, well-informed, and make a choice. But freedom is very important in Western democracies, and it is very important to permit parents the freedom to make this most important decision of all.


No, there is and can be no safe vaccine. But they can still save lives. Laura, what kind of proof would you want that some would die of measles if no one were vaxxed for it in the US today? I have the following figures for measles deaths:

The first is for a measles outbreak in Europe in 2011. There were 26,074 diagnosed cases with nine deaths. I read somewhere else that there were fifteen cases of probably permanent disability. So 3 in 10,000 cases died.

The second is for official UK figures of incidence and deaths from measles every year since WWII. The UK started giving the MMR in 1988: it gave the separate vaccines before that, but far from universally, and most children continued to catch natural measles through the '80s. If you look at the '80s figures, there were one or two deaths per 10,000 cases. So for 1985, just chosen randomly by me, there were 97,408 cases of measles diagnosed, with 11 deaths. 1.2 deaths per 10,000 cases. The third is Dr. Langmuir's article from 1963, with charts showing death rates in different age groups. In children between three and ten, it was less than one death per 10,000 cases. As high as four per 10,000 cases in babies less than one year old. The fourth is to a Vaxtruth article, substantiating that in the US in 1960 there were four million cases a year with an average of 450 deaths a year.

The figures from Europe were recent, from six years ago, in a country with guaranteed free hospital care for all, and yet they still had nine deaths from measles. Because even now, there is no good treatment for viral diseases. Antibiotics usually, but don't always, work to treat bacterial complications.

There would be deaths from measles if measles came back in the US. I could live with that, just as I take with equanimity the news that there were 800 deaths in children from flu in a given year. I do not know them and I was not responsible for safeguarding their lives and health. Most children would be better off getting natural measles, chickenpox, etc., but some would die, and some would be disabled. I don't feel guilty because I just try to give all the information I have, but stop short of saying I"d ban all vaccines for everyone.

You have to leave it up to the parents. The parents of a child killed by measles or whatever would be very unhappy if he would have gotten the vaccine for his child, but antivaxxers had successfully stopped the administration of the vaccine everywhere in the US. Parents have to be given the information and then be left to make the choice that seems most appropriate to them. You are certain that it would be better for all children not to get any vaccine, but what are you going to say to the families of children who die from Hib disease or measles? Fair enough if you say This is what happened to my child. I say it all the time. But by what right would you say I'm not going to let you get that vaccine for your child no matter how much you want it, no matter how fragile his health is from immunocompromise, because I'm certain that even death from Hib disease is better than ADHD from a vaccine reaction. Maybe, maybe not, but it has to be left to the parents to inform themselves, talk with family and friends about it, and make their free and uncoerced choice.

Vaccines have dangerous ingredients, and do tamper in unforeseen and unforeseeable ways with the immune system. Granted. But in 1985, 20,000 babies a year in the US were getting severe cases of Hib meningitis or other kinds of Hib disease. 1,000 of them died. At this time, there are like one or two deaths a year from Hib disease. No matter how dirty or inadequately tested the vaccine is, it has still cut the rate of death from HIb disease from a large number to almost none, and the families of those children who would have been disabled or died from it, but didn't because of the vaccine, are grateful for the protection it gave their children.

richard p milner

I agree with Laura Hayes. The vaccine program should be shut down immediately. There is a problem with every one of them. There is not such thing as a safe one. All cause problems from Autism to Dyslexia to Autoimmune Diseases to lethal allergies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and beyond. Vaccine effectiveness is a dangerous delusion. Deaths from infectious diseases for which vaccines were invented had fallen drastically due to better sanitation, hygiene and better nutrition long before the vaccine was developed or deployed. Measles itself is the best vaccine against measles and vastly preferable to Autism or another chronic condition, which incidentally require lifelong medication.

Laura Hayes


You wrote:

"... but it is still true that there are hundreds of children a year since the vaccines were released who did NOT die of measles etc, who otherwise would have."

There is no evidence to support that statement.

Additionally, if the resources which have been used to develop, promote, and provide vaccines would have been channeled toward actual health improvement campaigns, infectious diseases would not be feared, would be readily cleared, and our "herd immunity" at this point in time would be off the charts amazing.



We can see that the vaccines usually work, both from the trials that are done before licensure, admittedly imperfect, and the huge reduction of the diseases soon after the vaccinations start to be given. The measles, chickenpox, polio, rubella, Hib meningitis vaccines started to be given in the mid-'60s, 1995, 1955, 1968, and 1990, and within a few short years these diseases for the most part disappeared. I think it was a huge mistake to try to virtually eliminate measles, mumps, and chickenpox, beneficial diseases essential for the healthy development of the immune system, and it may have been a mistake to try to eliminate Hib disease in breastfed babies not in daycare. But the vaccines were still effective in preventing the diseases. I completely agree that they are not safe, were never proven to be safe, but in most cases they are effective in preventing the diseases. The toll in reactions and disability has risen exponentially with the increase in the vaccine schedule, but it is still true that there are hundreds of children a year since the vaccines were released who did NOT die of measles etc, who otherwise would have. I believe it is better to just go through the natural diseases and would not hesitate to let my child go through them, but I have a lot of confidence in my ability to nurse her through the disease and confidence in her healthy immune system's ability to go through them with benefit to her. She has already had severe reactions to at least two vaccines, and I will never let her get another one. But it might be that I will be wrong about some vaccine, and for want of it, she might get a disabling case of the disease. I recognize that possibility and can only say that I am willing under the circumstances to take our chances. I would grieve for the rest of my life if she were damaged or killed because I refused further vaccines, but I'm grieving now for the rest of my life because of her vaccine damage. I cannot speak for the millions of other parents and children in the US and around the world, and can only try to give parents the information they need to make an informed choice.

Laura Hayes


What type of informed choice can be made when the needed studies have never been done?

What type of truthful information can be given when the only information available is based on lies, deception, and fraud?

Why permit the continued use of never-proven-safe, known-to-be-dangerous, known-to-be-lied-about products?


I believe that we need to focus on educating the public and on free and informed choice. Robert Kennedy is mistaken to think that it is possible to ever have a vaccine program which is safe for everyone. That's just part of what vaccines are. They are a powerful interference with the immune system. In most cases, they cause the production of antibodies to the targeted disease, and in those cases in which the patient would otherwise have been severely affected by the disease, even killed, then it would in most cases turn out to have been beneficial for that person. It is also true that vaccines can and often do cause severe damage, causing brain damage of many kinds and autoimmune disease which are much more serious than the effects of any of the VPDs would have been for that patient. Or damage affecting any of the body systems is also possible, even common. Both from vaccine ingredients and from the reaction of the individual immune system to the incursion of the vaccine. Also, vaccines depress immune function, often allowing the development of a case of a disease much more serious, even deadlier, than would have occurred had the vaccine not been given.

Since the whole point of vaccines is to irritate the immune system, to produce an inflammatory reaction that will cause the production of antibodies, it would simply not ever be possible to never give anyone a vaccine which would cross the line into too much inflammation, an unforeseen reaction to vaccine ingredients, or undesired stimulation of an autoimmune response. Impossible to not weaken immune response in the wake of a vaccine.

Getting any vaccine should be a very carefully researched intervention. But just as we cannot ensure that no vaccine ever does any harm to anyone, we cannot ensure that no one will ever be disabled or killed by a vaccine-preventable disease. It should be mandatory that parents be given information as complete as we can make it, realizing that our information is not complete and probably can never be. Ensure that they read the information and see videos of families with children who have been damaged both by vaccines and the diseases. Try to give them information about how likely each of the two outcomes is in the area where they live at this time, and projections of what it would be in well-nourished countries with access both to allopathic and natural health care, so they didn't think that either outcome was equally likely. It's not, but it's still true that if a family didn't vax a child, it's not likely, but it's possible that he could die from pertussis, measles, meningitis, or tetanus. Possible that polio or even diphtheria might come back. We really don't have any idea what the situation would look like if ever fewer people gave the vaccines. Not many would die, but some would. Life was great in the early '60s before the MMR, when all kids got measles. And 450 a year out of four million cases died of it. I didn't, I got measles at six and recovered from it, the way nearly everyone did. By that time, pertussis was much milder than it had been, and in Sweden, when they didn't give the vaccine from 1979-1996, there was less than one death a year from pertussis.

We shouldn't force parents either to take or reject the vaccines. No one cares about their children as much as they do: we should only try to give them complete and accurate information (to the extent it is possible) and allow them to make their choice. Over time, if only a few people continued to get the vaccines, pharma companies would quit making them, and then parents would have to accept current availability due to market forces. The reason that close to zero children in the US die of measles, tetanus, or meningitis is because nearly all children have gotten the vaccines for them. And many have been damaged by the vaccines, but a certain number would have died or been disabled without the vaccines. In some instances, it's a difficult choice, in all cases it's a roll of the dice, but we should not try to compel parents one way or the other.

Jeannette Bishop

The press conference was powerful and I hope informing for more than a few. I greatly appreciate the courage shown and sacrifices made in effort to end the vaccine injury epidemics by all involved and many others.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for responding, and for your words of appreciation for my work.

I want to comment on 2 things you wrote.

You stated, "I believe the power of this movement is in our diversity." Diversity seems to be a politically correct buzz word of our times, but I don't agree that having a diverse message helps to stop the vaccine carnage in the urgent way that is desperately needed. Rather, the problem with so many people supposedly on "our" side spouting so many partial truths and espousing continued support for that which needs to be wholly condemned is that it provides the rationalization and justification for so many to keep doing exactly what they are currently doing...thus preventing the urgently needed changes from being made. And as we both know, time is of the essence. We should not/can not in good conscience allow there to be even one more vaccine victim.

You also stated, "...I believe what unites us is really a much more simple theme...Freedom." For many of us, that is correct, and I couldn't agree more with your statement about the founding fathers rolling in their graves regarding the current state of things. However, please show me where Kennedy has ever written or stated publicly that he opposes vaccine mandates, and please show me when and where he has called for the immediate banning of vaccine mandates for all. Until he makes such public statements, please do not group him with those of us who are fighting for medical choice freedom and for parental rights to make any and all medical decisions for one's children without government interference, cost, or coercion.

I continue to encourage you to be brave and to unequivocally call for that which is needed to stop this Vaccine Holocaust. Not calling for an immediate stoppage of and end to that which is wrongly harming and killing so many is like knowing that doctors and nurses are purposefully dropping infants, toddlers, and children of all ages on their heads, but not demanding that it stop immediately ...just looking for "safer" ways to drop, spreading out the drops a bit more, pre-screening for those who have thinner skulls but still insisting that head drops are a good thing for them, and perhaps using carpet versus marble for the landing pad.

Partial truths and half measures are not what is required to end this vaccine insanity and immoral vaccine carnage. Speaking the full, unadulterated, not-watered-down-to-make-it-somehow-more-palatable truth is what is needed to stop this madness and to try to restore health to humanity. Truth resonates...truth convinces and compels...and the truth is what will set us free from this Vaccine Holocaust and from the evil vaccine profiteers.

Our severely vaccine injured son turned 23 yesterday. He suffered catastrophic brain injury, nervous system decimation, heavy metal poisoning, and more from the vaccines given to him. He was robbed of ever living a healthy and independent life due to his "routine" childhood vaccinations. There is nothing normal or routine about his life today. His life, and subsequently our family's, is beyond challenging, and has been for 22 years now. Living with vaccine injury is no way to live...not for the victim, nor for the victim's family. It is brutal, to say the very least.

The purposeful harming, poisoning, disabling, and prematurely killing of children via vaccination must stop, and it must stop today. To this end, what we say matters. Therefore, make it the absolute truth and nothing less.

Del Bigtree

First of all I want to honor the incredible work that you do. Every time I hear you speak I am moved to tears. Every time I read one of your articles I learn something new. You are a gift to this movement and everyone who is trying find their way in this very difficult and confusing landscape of store bought science, diversions, cover-ups and blatant lies.

I appreciate that you are calling on me to “be brave” which are words that came from my own mouth. No one should be above the challenge to stand in their truth. However, I don’t believe you have accurately portrayed my position on the issue of vaccine safety and choice. Rather than getting bogged down in the nuance of my message here I will simply say that anyone who is interested can see and hear everything that I have said by visiting my Facebook page (Del Bigtree) because I have virtually been living in front of a camera in the public eye since our movie Vaxxed was released last year.

I believe the power of this movement is in our diversity. We do not have one single message because we are a growing body of dynamic individuals that have been drawn to this discussion from a vast array of perspectives. From your stated position that there should be a moratorium on all vaccines to Bobby Kennedy’s position in support of a vaccine program that is safe for everyone, I believe what unites us is really a much more simple theme… Freedom. The mainstream media would like to label everyone in our movement as anti-vaccine because it’s a convenient way to discount our diversity and scare away anyone who is just beginning to question the corruption surrounding vaccine science. But the truth is the one thing that everyone in this country should agree on is that we are in control of our own bodies and the bodies of our children. Our founding fathers would be appalled to discover that we are passing laws that give our government the ability to inject American citizens with whatever they want, whenever they want as often as they want without our permission.

When the mainstream media calls Bobby Kennedy an anti-vaxxer they are lying. Instead of challenging people like Bobby or I to succumb to the label that a corrupted media establishment has put upon us, I would hope that you would join us in asking that the press do their job and report the truth, celebrate the diversity of our movement, investigate the scientific frauds and conflicts of interests that we have revealed, and demand that they shake themselves free of corporate and government influence as we did in our speeches at the National Press Club. I am a journalist who is concerned that the death of our free press is leading to the destruction of a generation of our children and the the end of our democracy. Bobby Kennedy is an environmental lawyer who believes that the most toxic, non-radioactive substance in the universe, Mercury, which he has spent his career trying to remove from our environment, is even more dangerous when injected into innocent children and pregnant women. You are the mother of a vaccine injured child who has investigated in depth the lies and corruption that have lead to a vaccine program that robbed your son of the quality of life every citizen in this nation should be entitled to.

Our movement will expand today because some people will be moved by your message, others will join because of the clarity of Bobby’s ideology, perhaps a few will relate to the way I am investigating the issue of corrupted vaccine science and journalism, but the greatest awakening will not be because of those of us who stand on stages it will be by those countless individuals who will challenge their friends and families to open and reasonable discussions about vaccine safety and efficacy over dinner tables and chat rooms across the world. To them I want to impart that “being brave” is not about taking on someone else’s message it’s about standing in the truth that our own hearts and minds lead each of us to. That is what we stand for. That is what unites us. And that is why our movement is re-awakening people to the dream that our founding fathers had of a free nation where all men, all women, all races, all ideologies, religions, medical practices and choices are created equal.

Laura Hayes


You say that "it", which I am assuming is the vaccine program, has injured hundreds of thousands of children (a gross underestimate), yet not one of you wants to do away with it. Be brave and advocate to immediately stop that which is wrongly harming and killing innocents.

You all are talking about the immense and immoral fraud, deception, and criminal acts of the vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies and of those from the government who regulate those companies, their products, and our nation's vaccine program, yet you say you still support the vaccine program. Be brave and call for an immediate end to the vaccine program, which is built on nothing more than lies for profits...with zero regard for all who will be harmed and killed, and with zero regard for the lasting and detrimental effects on humanity.

You say you are not anti-vaccine, despite now knowing that not one vaccine, nor any combination of them, has ever been tested according to the scientific gold standard; despite knowing of the toxic, neurotoxic, and poisonous ingredients in vaccines, including ones about which we have no knowledge since all ingredients are not required to be disclosed; and despite a comparison study of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated never having been done, for which the refusal to do continues. Yet, you say you are about science. There is no valid science to support vaccines, and much evidence of their ability to harm and kill, so to say at this point in time that one isn't anti-vaccine is not science or evidence based, or scientific. Be brave, admit there is zero science to support vaccines, and therefore, bravely and loudly proclaim that they should not be permitted, marketed, or administered! And throw in that no medical treatment or procedure should ever be mandated!

You acknowledge that so very many innocents have been injured and killed by vaccines, yet you refuse to appropriately condemn vaccines, or the ones who make and sell the heinous concoctions that are destroying humanity, or the vaccine program and those behind it who approve and recommend the improperly tested and unsafe vaccine products, or our rights-stripping, pocket-lining elected officials who mandate vaccines, or the willfully ignorant, exceedingly arrogant, and often corrupt doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who administer them. Be brave, call a spade a spade, speak the full truth, and say what needs to be said, today.

There is no time to mince words. There is no time to say or do anything that continues to perpetuate the vaccine propaganda, as that continues to perpetuate the Vaccine Holocaust.

The time is now to stop this vaccine insanity. To stop the Vaccine Holocaust requires a complete and immediate moratorium on all vaccines for all people, as not one should ever have been approved or marketed, much less administered or mandated. Be brave, Del, and please tell it like it is, without hedging.


Crickets in congress too.


ooops, my comment here was meant for Anne's story above, can you please move to there?


Isn't this the third or fourth time HuffPost has been observed doing this?

There was the original review of Vaxxed that got yanked last year.
A story last few weeks about vaccines being made by lying, cheatn' PHarma companies...
And now two more yesterday?

What do they all have in common? Oh, yeah- they dare speak in open terms about vaccine injury.

“We are in the midst of an information war of epic proportions — led haplessly astray of the truth with the Post leading the way — and it’s a dangerous and frightening portent of things to come, not the least of which will be propagandized truth and heavy-handed censorship.”


Hans Litten

Speaking of 100k challenges , this is interesting :

Mark Wax

"There are no coincidences in this world." I can attest. When the pediatrician had no vaccine supply remaining he directed us to the Tupelo Public Health Clinic for our son's scheduled shots. We are certain that these all came from multi-dose vials. We presented it in discovery in Court . It is all on the record in Wax v. Aventis, et al. We showed the McG of Thimerosal in the cumulative quantity and the poison that it is. Our case was removed to Vaccine Court but was stayed by Judge Weinstein. First time by a U.S District Court. That triggered the "Lilly Rider" attached to the Homeland Security Bill in 2002. Our case was dismissed in District Court. No facts, no science and no due process. Just raw power.
Now the media is complicit with Big Pharma and government agencies who portray themselves as guardians of the "greater good." They call you names and laugh at your skepticism. Well let me tell you folks. I took an oath many years ago to uphold and protect the Constitution. That is where your real "freedom" stems from. Not some hack or shill or middleman to political correctness. I won;t let them get away with the murder of our child. I care for him every day and dread the notion that they will bury me first. But I am not going quietly.


Do we know yet why Mr DeNiro has had his name removed from the challenge press release?

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