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Rolf Hazlehurst Sues CDC to Allow MMR Science Whistleblower to Testify in Case of Autistic Son

Why There Needs to be a Vaccine Safety Commission

Vaccine Safety Commission graphic
Note: Thank you to Lou Conte for this summary of the mainstream response to the Presidential Commission on Vaccine Safety. Footnotes are at the end of the post.

By Lou Conte

It has been remarkable to watch the media hand-wringing over the potential Presidential Commission on Vaccine Safety. Mainstream scientists are coming out of the woodwork claiming that the sky will fall if President Trump appoints Robert F. Kennedy to chair a commission that examines vaccine safety and scientific integrity.

The litany goes something like this:

Vaccines are just great and the America adores them.

Just questioning vaccine safety is dangerous.

If the public lost faith in vaccines and stopped taking them, thousands would die.

Robert F. Kennedy is dangerous because he believes that thimerosal, the mercury based vaccine preservative still in many vaccines, is toxic when the scientific consensus is that thimerosal is perfectly safe.

Robert F. Kennedy, like President Trump, has questioned vaccine safety and is therefore anti-science and anti-vaccine.

Bull spit.

No government program is or ever should be above or beyond public inspection. The vaccine program has not been examined in serious detail for over ten years. In 2012, a Congressional hearing on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was derailed by pro-pharmaceutical industry funded not-for-profit organizations who used the same fear-driven messages being used now to oppose the presidential commission.

Oversight of the vaccine program is particularly critical because it requires children (and sometimes others) to risk their health to theoretically improve the health of the community. In other words, we are mandating human beings to place their rights – and parents to surrender their children’s rights – in the name of public health.

Public health implies public involvement, public scrutiny and public discourse. Requiring people to submit to a government mandated drug program is an extraordinary concept that ought to require complete openness, transparency and public participation – not exclusion.

And let’s be clear here, this Commission should not simply focus on vaccines. It needs to drag Vaccinology - the branch of medicine concerned with the development of vaccines - onto the examination table.

Since the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, Vaccinology, the pharmaceutical industry’s Frankenstein monster, has taken over the public health system. The 1986 Act liberated the pharmaceutical industry from virtually all legal liability for vaccines.

Under the leadership of industry representatives like Dr. Paul Offit, Vaccinology has run amok. Offit, who has made millions on vaccine development, is often relied upon by the main stream media as a Vaccinology spokesperson. Rarely does the media describe him as the same Paul Offit that a was cited for conflicts of interest in a 2000 Congressional report (1) while serving on the federal Advisory Commission for Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Offit routinely speaks at medical conferences, calling vaccine safety advocates conspiracy theorists, calling for the abolition of vaccine exemptions and openly resisting the removal of mercury from vaccines. He seems to have an affinity for promoting the use of toxins whenever possible. He recently blamed famed environmentalist Rachel Carson for millions of malaria deaths in a Daily Beast article (2) because her environmental advocacy resulted in the banning of DDT, a toxic pesticide. Offit makes the claim that malaria rebounded after DDT was banned and millions died as a result. Offit never considers how many deaths the pesticide’s continued use might have caused. He never considers the environmental devastation DDT could cause over decades in the food chain. Instead, he lays millions of deaths at Rachel Carson’s feet and cheers for the return of DDT.

The fear based arguments raised by Offit and those who oppose Trump’s idea for a Commission on Vaccine Safety rely on the belief that their “scientific consensus” is not to be questioned. Like the Men in Black, Vaccinology is not part of the system, it is above the system.

The main stream media stopped asking Vaccinology tough questions years ago. Important scientific articles that show connections between vaccination and neurological injury are simply ignored by the main stream media as Robert F. Kennedy and Lyn Redwood point out in a recent Eco Watch (2) article, New CDC Research Debunks Agency Assertion that Mercury in Vaccines is Safe.

According to Kennedy and Redwood, “The new CDC study, Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action, appeared last month in the journal, Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. The 45-page meta-review of relevant science examines the various ways that mercury harms the human body. Its authors, John F. Risher, PhD, and Pamela Tucker, MD, are researchers in the CDC's Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.”

In the Eco Watch article, Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician who has been practicing medicine for 30 years, states "This scientific paper is the one of most important pieces of research to come out of the CDC in a decade...It confirms what so many already suspected: that public health officials have been making a terrible mistake in recommending that we expose babies and pregnant women to this neurotoxin. I regret to say that I gave these shots to children. The CDC led us all to believe that it was perfectly safe."

One would think that the main stream media would be calling on Paul Offit to explain why his beliefs differ so glaringly from the mountain of science piling up against the continued use of mercury in vaccines.

No soap.

Vaccinologists, like Offit, are rarely called to task about their assertions that vaccines are without risk. Offit has claimed that a child could get thousands of vaccines at once and that vaccine mercury is benign. These statements go un-challenged while doctors and scientists who question vaccine safety are repeatedly described as dangerous and attacked professionally. Families who report that loved ones have suffered vaccine injuries are often described as irrational and “anti-vaccine.”

No one in their right mind would want to publicly state “I have concerns about vaccine safety” but many do so because they want the issue dragged into the light of day, they want justice for their injured loved ones and they don’t want some other kid to suffer like their kid suffered. The reward for being a citizen who questions vaccine safety is ridicule, derision and sometimes even worse.

And if someone who questions vaccine safety does garner attention, Vaccinology makes sure that they are attacked. Mish Michaels, a science reporter who testified before the Massachusetts’ Legislature on vaccine safety and parental choice was recently fired from WGBH, apparently “for not believing in vaccines” (3). The station let Michaels go after receiving complaints from people aligned with Vaccinology’s beliefs.

Vaccinology is using the same tactic against those who question vaccines that Joseph Mc McCarthy used to fuel the “Red Scare” in the 1950 – fear.

History tells us that fear is often used by those who are afraid. And Vaccinology has a lot to fear from a Presidential Commission.

Vaccinology fears what Dr. William Thompson will say if Robert F. Kennedy puts him under oath.

“Dr. Thompson,” Mr. Kennedy asks, “why did the CDC Vaccine Safety Division scientists throw US government data on the MMR vaccine and autism in a garbage pail?”

Vaccinology fears what Poul Thorsen will say if Kennedy puts him under oath.

“Mr. Thorsen, why did you exclude data from your paper showing that autism rates declined in Denmark after the removal of mercury from vaccines?”

Oh, I forgot, Poul Thorsen can’t appear before the Commission because he is still a wanted man and a fugitive from justice (although living openly in Denmark) for stealing over 1 million dollars in CDC grant money (4). Somehow, the US Department of Justice has been unable to return Thorsen to the US to face justice.

Vaccinology has a lot to fear. The scientific consensus that the Vaccinology belief system relies on to exonerate vaccines in the autism epidemic was constructed on the “science” produced by a wanted felon and a team of CDC scientists who threw the real data about the MMR vaccine and autism in the garbage.

Openness, transparency and public discourse are the enemies of fear. Asking some bureaucrats some tough questions about vaccines will not cause a national crisis or result in bodies in the street. Autism and the all of the other neurological problems facing America’s youth is a national crisis and it is high time that someone be asked tough questions about it.

If vaccines have played a role in the autism epidemic, the truth needs to come out so that children can be protected. If the science of Poul Thorsen and the CDC data sanitation crew somehow exonerates vaccines in the autism epidemic, that needs to laid on the table as well.

Whatever happens, it is time to shine a light on the issues and talk about them. Questioning vaccine safety should not be taboo. And no one should be criticized, ostracized or fired from their jobs for expressing concerns about a government program that requires children to take drugs in the name of public health.

The Presidential Commission on Vaccine Safety – on Vaccinology – becomes more necessary with every whining main stream media story trying to prevent it from happening.

I dedicate this commentary to Dan Olmsted.

Louis Conte is the father of triplet boys, age 17, two with autism. He is the co-author, along with Tony Lyons of “Vaccine Injuries” and a novel, “The Autism War”, both published by Skyhorse. The Autism War will soon be released in paperback.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for this important commentary.

I want to share a video someone posted on YouTube today that bolsters every argument for the need for this proposed vaccine safety commission:

Lyrics to the music in this video description:

go Trump

The mainstream news media was getting just a "Bit Bitchy" tonight in regards to a few mumps cases in the area.

Parents were basically told to ... RUN to GET the DAMN MMR vaccine ... for their child.

Also something to the effect that they would otherwise be expected to keep their child home for 21 days... ?

Is this a nationwide effort ???

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Mr. Conte -- you are a wonderful writer and advocate for us all. I was never anti-vaccine, but the more I read and learn about them, the more I question the very concept of vaccine induced immunity. I hope this inquiry happens, and the truth comes out at last.


I am hoping that this commission has enough clout to bring William Thompson to a Congressional hearing. I am hoping this commission can influence a post-Obama CDC to change its tactics by first questioning the vaccine schedule and getting rid of vaccines that simply don't work at all like the DPT or the mumps portion of the MMR, and then questioning the necessity of vaccines like the Hep B. I would like to see the vaccine schedule drastically reduced to "only the essential and working vaccines" like maybe a single measles shot or a polio shot. And these should not be mandated. I personally don't see any reason a child should take a shot during first three years when the brain is going through rapid growth of synapses and any inflammation can stop development. In other words, I hope that all the science that is out there on brain development, vaccine toxicity, herd immunity, etc. is taken into consideration in setting the vaccine schedule. Basically I want the insanity to be over. And then, I think we can really begin to understand how so many kids got sick and start getting them well.

angus files

Yeh! its great the Pharma histrionics on the dark side of the web just now is a picture - you would think they would put a brave face on it, Offit did try starting with f and ending with f.. but the wee mis-understood soul couldn't hold it together - happy days and happier days to come.



Lou, Thank you for this excellent article. I hope your family - and all the thousands of families affected by this monstrous cover-up - soon get the justice they deserve. When this happens, it will hopefully stop the damage happening to other families.

Keep up the really excellent work.

Paul Picha

Lou, thanks for your accurate insights on what the Commission on Vaccine Safety will truly be. I'll use your commentary to educate others who may be under the influence of our Pharma media. I especially liked the hypothetical questions Kennedy would ask Thompson and Thorsen (questions that any sixth-grade science student would ask, by the way, but that government officials routinely fail to ask). Thank you,


After an hour long discussion about science and injured children at the CA expo Vaxxed Q&A, I just watched Anna Merlin (of Jezebel hit piece fame) question Del Bigtree about Dr Wakefield's comments regarding Leonardo DeCaprio's involvement. Really?!! That's your "gotcha question"?! Leonardo DiCaprio?! How about 5000 signatures representing the injured and the killed? How about the likelihood of Thompson's subpoena? How about... well one could name a dozen more things that would make Jezebel less like the Enquirer. The only person Merlin's pathetic example of journalism is lost on is her. Poor thing!

Hans Litten

This is why I am calling on all people who are concerned to change their tactics! Obviously groups of people need to be contacting and talking to law makers BUT no group of people has ever won their freedom simply by asking for the law to change! The pharmaceutical industry is insidious and they instruct doctors on how to play on fear to promote medications and vaccines. I have seen this first hand working in a doctor’s office!

Hans Litten

Vaccines ruin lives ! And not just the recipients either .
Vaccines destroy all around them .
Vaccines are a dirty filthy lie perpetuated by total and complete scoundrels .

Bob Moffit

"And if someone who questions vaccine safety does garner attention, Vaccinology makes sure that they are attacked .. Vaccinology is using the same tactic against those who question vaccines that Joseph Mc McCarthy used to fuel the “Red Scare” in the 1950 – fear."

I would respectfully suggest "vaccinology" is using Saul Alinksy's .. "Rule for Radicals" .. of which Saul lists 12 rules .. here are just two of them:

* RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

* RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

As Saul openly admits .. his rules are .. "crude, rude, mean .. but very effective .. direct personalized criticism and ridicule works"

As we have learned ... anyone who dares question vaccinology .. such as .. to name just one of many others .. Dr. Wakefield ... are viciously attacked at every opportunity .. the purpose is to "demonize" their "target" .. and .. if Saul has his way ... the "demonization" will NEVER end

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