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Support for Trump’s Vaccine Scepticism in the British Medical Journal

P DoshiBy John Stone

An associate editor of British Medical Journal and member of the Cochrane Collaboration, Peter Doshi of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, has written an article in the journal supporting Donald Trump’s sceptical attitude to vaccines. In the article Doshi challenges the mainstream media’s lazy agenda based reporting both of Trump generally and of the vaccine issue. Doshi, who has long been a critic of flu vaccination writes:

One topic the new president may test journalists on is vaccines. Candidate Trump expressed doubts about vaccine policy...there is reason to think a “vaccine safety commission” may be in the works…Good journalism on this topic will require abandoning current practices of avoiding interviewing, understanding, and presenting critical voices out of fear that expressing any criticism amounts to presenting a “false balance” that will result in health scares.

Doshi makes several interesting points. He criticises labelling vaccine critical parents who had vaccinated as “anti-vaccine”:

Many parents of children with developmental disorders who question the role of vaccines had their children vaccinated. Anti-vaccination is an ideology, and people who have their children vaccinated seem unlikely candidates for the title…Secondly, they [the  mainstream media] lump all vaccines together as if the decision about risks and benefits is the same irrespective of disease—

Doshi would like de-polarise the issue, though for many here it will be a little late. One problem that arises is that when you have such very successful repressive machinery any real assessment of risk-benefit is heavily prejudiced, and it makes it much easier to market and mandate faulty products. Given the place of publication it is not surprising that Doshi dismisses the MMR-autism connection  - perhaps at odds with his acknowledgement that developmental disorders are likely implicated - but the call for tolerant and open discussion is at the very least welcome.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, again. Dr. Doshi makes another rational argument. BMJ associate editor...I'll try not to hold it against him.

Paul Anderson

I think the discussion now of lumping all vaccines together supports repression of vaccines.
"Secondly, they [the mainstream media] lump all vaccines together as if the decision about risks and benefits is the same irrespective of disease"—

Allow vaccines to be discussed separately and openly without constant belittling of those who disagree with Big Pharma



Gayle DeLong

BMJ allows "rapid responses" for anyone who would like to comment. Let's be sure to commend Doshi's great article.

Elizabeth Hart

I've left a rapid response on Peter Doshi's article, see this link:

Text of rapid response as follows:

Discussing medical journalists, Peter Doshi argues “journalists must also ensure that patients come first, which means a fresh approach to covering vaccines. It’s time to listen – seriously and respectfully – to patients’ concerns, not demonize them”.

Certainly we must move beyond the crude ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ vaccine dichotomy that currently dominates in the science community and the mainstream media.

The antagonistic attitudes of many in the medical/scientific establishment are astonishing, with their dogmatic stance that seems to forbid questioning of any vaccine product, and denial of adverse experiences after vaccination.

Citizens in our liberal democracies are entitled to question medical interventions being instigated by governments, particularly when these interventions, i.e. vaccinations, are mandated, as is occurring in the United States and Australia.

Vaccination schedules are growing at an alarming rate, with novel vaccine products and revaccinations being added for diseases which do not pose a threat for the majority of the population, e.g. meningococcal and HPV. The processes that result in such vaccine products being added to the schedule must be open to scrutiny and challenge by the community.

Vaccination policy is a matter which impacts on all citizens and we are entitled to be consulted about the imposition of vaccine products. Instead, government vaccination bureaucracies conflicted by associations with the pharmaceutical industry are adding more and more vaccine products to the schedule, without objective and independent oversight.

So yes, it’s time for a fresh approach to covering vaccines, one that is open and transparent and which respects the right of informed citizens to question and challenge vaccination policy.

Angus Files

Great article John .Its been 30 days since Donald got in and already we are seeing people like Mr Doshi who are in positions that matter in the vaccine world ,come out and contradict the vaccine medical cabal,quite amazing.
No doubt they will send him back for a re-boot of his indoctrinated medical brainwashing programme essential to keep the herd at bay.


Bob Moffit

"Doshi would like de-polarise the issue, though for many here it will be a little late."

Unfortunately ... the mere fact that Trump's rumored commission on vaccine safety ... has become a "polarizing issue" ... is infuriating .. after all ... what could possibly be "polarizing" about seeking vaccine safety?

We live in a world gone completely mad .. and .. our children and future generations are paying the price for our MADDNESS.

Hans Litten

Superb article John .
Let the light flood in and the truth come out about vaccination .

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