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Dr. Paul Thomas Responds to AAP's Dr. Fernando Stein's Vaccine Safety Article

Dr. Paul THomasBy Anne Dachel

On January 10, 2017, an article by the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Fernando Stein, MD, and Vice President, Karen Remley, MD, entitled, American Academy of Pediatrics Emphasizes Safety and Importance of Vaccines, was published on their website.

It was the AAP’s response to the news that incoming President Donald Trump was going to have a panel investigate vaccine safety and scientific integrity. The AAP’s reaction was as expected: 

Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are effective. Vaccines save lives.”

Stein and Remley were, of course, referring to “a robust body of medical literature,” and “extensive scientific evidence.” The AAP conceded nothing. According to their leadership, the science is in. There is no need to look further. The health of America’s children is just fine.

Dr. Paul Thomas, an Oregon pediatrician who belongs to the AAP, and is a founding member of PIC, Physicians for Informed Consent,  wasn’t impressed by the AAP’s response. He wrote to Fernando Stein, laying things on the line.

Dr Stein,

Welcome to the most difficult year ever for pediatricians who are unable to see past the simplified messages "vaccines are safe" "vaccines are effective" etc.

I hope you will be that leader with deep integrity and willingness to look at all the data and perhaps you can save the AAP.

The multi-dose flu shot has too much mercury to be safe for pregnant women or young children.
The aluminum content in many of the aluminum containing vaccines exceeds FDA parenteral safety guidelines when injected to newborns and young infants.

We don't have any large long term studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated populations and looking at all health issues.

I'm aware the AAP is taking a position against the Trump desire to look at vaccine safety. As the guardians of children's health - the AAP should be 100% behind every effort to look at vaccine safety and figure out what is causing the chronic health challenges our kids face today in America. I understand why everyone is fearful. If we look, really look ... we may find that vaccines are not only more dangerous than we thought, we might find they are a big part of the problem.

If we were to find problems with vaccines - GREAT! We can work to make them safer, and alter the vaccine schedule to find a safer way to get important protection without sacrificing the whole vaccine program. We can only prove safety by commissioning long term safety studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children who are followed long term. As a country we did this for tobacco, and there is no reason we cannot do it for vaccines.

I encourage you to read my book "The Vaccine-Friendly Plan" and abstracts to most of the peer reviewed references are available at under the research tab, click on Vaccine-Friendly Plan tab where references are listed by chapter. […]

I end with the link here […/cdrh/c…/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm…] that shows the FDA has warned that we not exceed 5 micrograms/Kg/day. I'm sure you can appreciate that parenteral, while refering to IV tube feedings also applies to injectable aluminum as this bypasses the gut (enteral). They go on to say "Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 [micro]g/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration."

Since the Hepatitis B vaccine has 250 micrograms of aluminum and is now routinely given to newborns and part of most vaccine mandates like SB 277 in California, we are poisoning every baby in America.

We at least should look at long term outcomes. I've found a huge reduction in illness and autism and ASD for those not getting the hepatitis B vaccine as infants. I'm sure you are aware that 99% of moms giving birth in the USA don't have hepatitis B and we know who they are at birth.

You will have AAP-wide support to continue business as usual.

We need a fearless leader. While I don't support Trump in many of his policies, in the area of vaccine safety - he may just save the children.

Would be nice if the AAP was seen as supporting this search for the truth rather than obstructing it.


Paul Thomas MD
Founding Director of PIC (Physicians for Informed Consent)
Co-Chair for OFMF (Oregonians for Medical Freedom)
Author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan ...



Last post on this. For today anyway.

If a person that cannot read walks into a supermarket to buy food, that person has a right not to be poisoned.
If a person goes to a doctor for medical care, and that person can't read or understand complex ideas, or has a poor memory, or low IQ, or brain damage, or is just distracted or immature, or is literate but doesn't have the money to buy a book or a computer and is not able to get to the library, or is premature or a fetus or a newborn only 15 minutes old, or a foster child whose guardian is the state, or a prison inmate, or a soldier, or an immigrant, etc., that person has a right not to be poisoned.

Because poisoning people is a crime. Vaccines poison people. Every day. The people who give them should be prosecuted, not paid and protected, and allowed to continue this barbaric criminal for profit ritual.



But sometimes vaccines save lives. They also destroy quite a few, but it means you have to research the issues carefully. Dr. Thomas has written a compassionate, well-informed book, and I learned a lot from it. The fact that not everyone is capable of reading and understanding it doesn't mean anything. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Those who can't read or can't process information are fated to be pawns of the more powerful in all areas of life. I completely support public education and literacy programs for adults, but what else can you do? You seem to be saying that all vaccines should be banned because you think that's what's best for society as a whole, and your judgment is better than that of the incapable people you're describing. And then what happens when a lot of children die of preventable Hib disease? Or polio comes back? I fully recognize that the Hib vaccine causes peanut allergy, diabetes, etc., and I now regret having let C. get three of them, she was breastfed and not in daycare, not at risk, I didn't know then what I know now, but shouldn't it be left to the parents to decide which risk they'd rather take? C is not allergic to peanuts and not diabetic, so I don't think the vaccine damaged her. The hep-b vaccine and the DTaP booster did. What if even educating children from K on about the benefits of breastfeeding doesn't raise breastfeeding rates much?

We need to consider what will happen if a lot of people stop vaxxing. For one thing, we have to teach them what diseases are likely to come back and be prepared for their return, have a plan for how to treat them and how to teach the public the warning signs of dangerous cases and how to treat the mild, usual cases at home. Most people would be better off not vaxxing. But as a society we need to consider if we think it's OK to write off a thousand babies a year to die of Hib disease because above all things we don't want to permit them to receive the Hib vaccine. Are we going to permit individual dissenters to choose vaccines for their children or will all vaccines be banned? How are we going to compensate parents of children who die of measles? How about dogs? Are we going to ban rabies vaccines and let rabies come back? Distemper in both cats and dogs and parvovirus?

I think we're going to have to do the best we can to educate everyone and then let market forces determine what happens. If a lot of children died of measles, a lot of parents would get the vax for their children. If a lot reacted to vaccines with autism or whatever, parents would refuse them. It would be very good to keep records of outcomes for everyone, to see how common reactions are if you only get three shots total as opposed to 37. And if there is as much autism in those who only get the tetanus vaccine as in those who get the vaccines for nine diseases. Or twelve. We need more information, and then parents would have more information on which to base their decisions.


Dr. Paul,
Again, not aimed at you (or solely at you, not meant as an attack),
but I believe that it is the physician's role to protect patients from dangerous treatments, from treatments whose benefits do not outweigh risks or that have not been adequately tested. I think it's a shame that you had to write a book. A significant percentage of our population does not possess the literacy skills to read and understand your book. What about them?

I no longer think it's a matter of choice. I think the medical community has no right to offer these drugs, based on what is known and what is not known about them.

Paul Thomas

If you read the Vaccine-Friendly Plan, you will begin to understand that no medication, no vaccine is without risk. This book is interesting for those already aware of vaccine dangers and vital for those who still think that vaccines are SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - period! It is all about education. For those who have swallowed the main message without questioning conflicts of interest - this book just might get them to start looking into the vaccine safety issue. Once you start on that journey the truth is singular and becomes overwhelming ... right?


This will make You gag; what an evil thing:


Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Del Bigtree discuss what keeps medical professionals who know that vaccines are harming people from speaking out.

VaxXed Stories: Whispers in the Corridor

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

This is encouraging after so long.


No, I'm not gonna "support Trump" here, that's NOT the point. So, please correct me if I'm wrong:
My understanding is that the reason Trump called in Bobby kennedy, Jr., to form a Vaccine Safety Panel, is the fact that Trump has 5 friends - whom he supposedly named to Kennedy, - who had young children who were just fine and dandy, until their 2-yr. old or thereabouts, "wellness check-up", where they received the current standard multiple vaccinations, and shortly after REGRESSED into an Autism diagnosis. Is that about right? You can hate Trump all you want, but how can you not see his point here. And, if I have mis-spoken here, or printed untruth, please verify me. I offer the above information in good faith. ~Bill./

Tom Petrie

Paul Offit says we can take 100,000 x a vaccine dose and it would be harmless, so let him be first in line! The other vaccine promoter can settle for standard dosing--adjusted for their body weight as "go Trump" recommended. By the way, this was a great article!


Physicians for Informed Consent is one of the most positive developments from the medical community in a long time.
Thanks to those involved.


There is no friendly vaccine.

go Trump

The AAP / vaccine industry has not seen the need to investigate anything for nearly 25 years. They like the way the piles of money currently flow and certainly would not want anything to change.

With a 2% Autism rate, a 9% ADHD rate / both 4 to 1 boys to girls, they believe everything is just fine. If someone were building cars where 11% went in the ditch for an unknown reason for 25 years they would not be in business ... unless they were giving enough money to the politicians.

Once the head HHS and CDC positions are up and running, Trump needs to have a “fireside chat” about the MMR, Simpsonwood, Dr. Thompson, the CDC trashing Autism data in garbage cans and why the United States has Autism rates 100 times higher than other countries.

Trump should then make an Executive Order for all AAP members to “line up and take the two month baby vaccines” adjusted to their body weight. The AAP might not like the mandate program...

The shi t storm that would follow should be adequate to slow things down a bit.


The multi-dose flu shot has too much mercury to be safe for pregnant women or young children.
The aluminum content in many of the aluminum containing vaccines exceeds FDA parenteral safety guidelines when injected to newborns and young infants.

We don't have any large long term studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated populations and looking at all health issues.


I agree that this is a step in the right direction.

But how is it possible to admit to knowing even this much, and STILL want to hold to the idea that giving ANY vaccines, to ANY child is a good idea?

I get that for pediatricians, it's got a lot to do with protecting their livelihood. But if they were to switch their focus from vaccinating children, to undoing some of the damage that vaccines have done to them, their livelihood would likely be safe for a long, long time.

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