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More Despicable Behaviour from Murdoch’s London Times

Times-blackBy John Stone

Update: The Times this morning are putting pressure on Amazon and Apple Itunes to withdraw VaXxed - but The Times is mightily conflicted: they have told falsehood after falsehood. It is to be hoped that they will be ignored but if anyone has not yet seen the film do not delay in downloading it, just in case.

I did not suspect when I posted my article about the London premiere of VaXxed yesterday morning that a hate report was also appearing on the front page of the London Times “Disgraced fraud doctor back in the UK” but let us be clear to start of there have never been any fraud findings against Wakefield. Why should Wakefield, who has not committed fraud, has never committed any crime, not set foot as a British citizen in his own country? So, why is this a news story for the front page of a once serious newspaper?

When the High Court reviewed the General Medical Council (GMC) case against the senior author of the Wakefield Lancet paper, Prof John Walker-Smith (Wakefield having been denied funding to appeal) he was completely exonerated. If any of the central charges against Walker-Smith had been upheld he could not have been cleared. If the paper – as alleged by Times newspapers – had been based on a protocol submitted by Wakefield to the Legal Aid Board Walker-Smith could not have been exonerated, if there had been misreporting, if there had been unauthorised or unethical procedures, Walker-Smith could not have been exonerated. The Times got it wrong and the GMC got it wrong (and between them they had arranged to hide the fact that the principle reporter, Brian Deer, was the only author of complaints against Wakefield   ).

The Times does not have a very credible expert, Dr David Robert Grimes, a physicist associated with the lobby agency Sense About Science . Grimes, the mouth, says “We should never forget that he (Wakefield) falsified data and engaged in unethical conduct and that this lie killed and maimed innocent people”. Well, it is interesting that Grimes has no expertise which would make him professionally accountable for his statements. As it happens approximately 10 million people have died in the UK since the publication of the controversial paper and only three of them from measles (in one case involving extreme medical negligence and all three involving otherwise very sick people ).

That Wakefield had not falsified data was shown once again in 2011 when the British Medical Journal alleged fraud based on re-cycling of material by Brian Deer first seen  in the Sunday Times in 2009, just after the Times’s proprietor James Murdoch had been made a director of GSK with a brief to protect the group’s reputation. The BMJ case crumbled: Deer had been working from and misinterpreting data Wakefield and the authors of the paper did not have. Print outs of the lost pathology slides came to light (produced by whistleblowing scientist Dr David Lewis) which supported the paper’s findings. Deer and the BMJ editor Fiona Godlee were forced to eat humble pie in a Nature news report. BMJ were embarrassed by their undisclosed commercial conflicts as partners of the manufacturers, and it turned out that their “external peer reviewer” was Harvey Marcovitch, an associate editor who had signed the editorial denouncing Wakefield and was also head of GMC panels.

Deer was originally sent on a fishing expedition by Sunday Times section editor Paul Nuki. According to Deer’s account – fantasies of being Sam Spade - published in BMJ:

For me the story started with a lunch. So many do. "I need something big," said a Sunday Times section editor. "About what?" I replied. Him: "MMR?"…So I took an empty notebook and made my own inquiries.

Nuki – who went on to become editor of NHS Choices – was the son of Prof George Nuki who was on the Committee on Safety in Medicines when MMR was introduced. The present editor of The Times daily newspaper, John Witherow, was editor of the Sunday Times when Deer was making his allegations.

The only story is that because of fascistic of behaviour of certain people Wakefield is not able to present his purely factual film in a commercial West End cinema.

Post Script: Heidi Larson, who is quoted in The Times story today, has previously disclosed that she works for both Merck and GSK : "HJL serves on the Merck Vaccines Strategic Advisory Board and is a consultant to GSK".
John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

The Web Site URL attached underneath my name and email address are for the reference material I used in my post, it is NOT my own URL, I have no connection to this URL, other than for research! Dear Harvard MD,

I am a Vaccine mandate Protester , who attended the 11/21/16 rally of protest at NYU Langone in NY with Robert F Kennedy R, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey, of Vaxxed (Dr Andy Wakefield was not there that day, I believe he may have been in TX that day perhaps? (I cannot be sure) anyway, I am an adult irreparably and painfully harmed, via three vaccines, Rubella, Tetanus and Pneumonia and so much MORE!

For years, I actually had a hidden case of Lyme (Babesia and b. burgdorferi its' sister coinfections due to the inept and horrid handling of my Lyme pursuit,(imagine being blamed by a psychologist for CAUSING MY OWN CONDITION BECAUSE I ASKED TO BE TESTED TO FIND OUT WHY I WAS SICK, it's akin to blaming a victim for her own rape...except my rape is a continuous and unrelenting one! But all doctors who cared for me over a nearly 1/4 century timeframe were insisting and DRUGGING ME FOR FIBROMYALGIA, causing an increase of 75 lbs to a 5'1" frame, causing me to remain bedridden for 4 and a half years. I was able to drop down to 92 lbs looking ghastly and feeling way worse as time wore on...

Once I got it in my head and hear tthat it was the **"Fibro meds" causing my issues and throwing them all away without titrating, which I do not recommend but it worked for me, I was able to get back up out of bed and now crusade to get these drugs and vaccines out of others' bodies, if I am able. I am now chelating, because it came to my own attention from my OWN research that I might just be harboring a bit more than JUST spirochetes, and massive infections ***that being the Toxic Heavy Metals listed from both medical testing (Gadolinium in MRIs and Barium in Cts, the Mercury are from years of large fillings into teeth attacked via Sjogren's that went undiagnosed during those many years as well. Putting the entire package together on my Highschool diploma's educational limits, but I managed, with liberal use of the WEB's definitions, many medical dictionaries and countless hours on it, as well as the TRUE kindness of strangers, having endured similar issues with NO REAL ANSWERS. I had NO WHERE to go I was attached to my bed by virtue of "heavy metal!" They TRIED to tell me that I had MS, tehn FIBROMYALGIA, in the early stages of my own illness, I spent 4.5 years BEDRIDDEN, totally using canes and a wheelchair, ON the **FOLLOWING COCKTAIL!:
**Baycol (to lower cholesterol which raised so high after being on so many drugs)
Vioxx (we ALL now know what happened with this one I took for over 6 years)
Zelnorm (For constipation from a slow gastric emptying due to not being able to
move or exercise or eat right because the cocktail of drugs made me crave carbs,
and we KNOW what they do!)
Effexor (an antidepressant becasue suppsoedly it helps treat PAIN)
Elavil (another antidepressant becuae if one isn't enough two is BETTER!)
Pamelor(another antidepressant beuaces of two is not enough THREE is better)
Neurontin (an anti-epileptic used off label to treat the pain of shinglesand neuropathic pain)
Cyclobenzaprine (a muscle relaxant for the spasms)
Mobic (anti-inflammatory)
Prednisolone and PRednisone (Injections for intense tailboen pain straight into the tailbone!)
Guaifenesin with codeine (expectorant
Creon (Pancrelipase for pancreatic insufficiency, from Sjogren's)
Pilocarpine, or Salagen, as well as cevimeline, or Evoxac, are saliva stimulants for Sjogren's aka dry mouth or sicca)
Systane (eye drops which are available Over the Counter)
RESTASIS (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) 0.05% fpr Sjogren's related dry eye)
Plaquenil (diseases modifying drugs that supposedly modify the disease)
Oxycodone (opiate pain meds)
Oxycontin (opiate pain meds)
Ultram (atypical opiod)
THE **Baycol, Vioxx, Zelnorm havie been pulled from the market with the Zelnrom coming back with a Black Box warning.
The real reason for me telling you all of this seemingly innocuous information, is that there is also something of which some doctors of every discipline are mostly unaware and this is that the THE USE OF MRIs with GADOLINIUM CONTRAST. THIS is causing way more destruction to humans than previously noted or that GE & BAYER would want people to become aware of! Of course this was initially revealed back in 2006 with Black box warning as to its' use IN THOSE WITH KIDNEY DISEASE, yet many of my friends with this Gadolinium Deposition Disease have NO KNOWN KIDNEY DISEASE!!



Sure, it's OK to BULLY the sick patient who has *TEN DIFFERENT TOXIC HEAVY METALS IN HER BODY, who spent 4.5 years in one room, flat on her back, who has had two colorectal surgeries, who has lost all her teeth (blamed on Sjogren's for which I test negative) who has had thyroid cancer, who has had her left styloid bone removed, who has had eleven dermal biopsies, two of which show amounts of Gadolinium, two of which show fibrosis and focal dermal fibrosis with increased mucin, hallmark signs of NSF, NEphrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, with Gadolinium being the culprit,

List of metals *(HIGH) being removed via chelation:

*barium, *cadmium, cesium, gadolinium, *lead, mercury, nickel, tin and tungsten!

With SOME of the following:

Aluminum, arsenic, Thallium!

(This is all some seven years after the last administration of Gadolinium, 22 + years post last filling (Mercury) and 9 years post last Barium swallow)

But is is those who are Vaccine Injured, then told, "get an MRI for determining other symptoms repeatedly year after year" like clockwork, it is for THESE patients and parents I post, because I do not want what happened to me to happen to them! GE & Bayer have known about this for quite some time, at least 2006 when a spate of cases popped up , seemingly out of nowhere over at Yale and in the Netherlands, then WE came along in 2012, patient self studies were performed, info was culled from the world's best so called "experts" in the imaging world, Warnings were put into the literature the imaging centers, THEY knew of patients who were harmed, some who died, but NONE OF THE POST FIRST CASE OF NSF PATIENTS WERE NEVER GIVEN PROPERLY INFORMED CONSENT! For if they had NO ONE WOULD USE THEIR PRODUCTS EVER , NOT VACCINES AND CERTAINLY NOT GADOLINIUM CONTRAST!
SO that is why I marched in November, I met the VAxxed bus in Savannah(I happened to be traveling for medical care!) and in Philadelphia and again back to my homestate of NJ, to help spread the word to parents and caregivers that this is a far further reaching PANDEMIC of unkown proportions that we are only seeing that proverbial "Tip of the iceberg."
I have made countless posts online, in sports forums, in vaccine forums, in Facebook and Twitter groups, even in VEterans groups, in anything where I deemed enough people just might see and start them to think, "WELL<~> IS THIS WHAT MIGHT BE HAPPENING WHY I OR MY LOVED ONES ARE SO SICK?!!
Not to leave out the BIGGER question, as to that of the entire sports communities with their $765 Million"Concussion Settlements" guarded by GE & BAYER, having control over the administration fo the drug, their use of the MRI machines, the contractual obligations of NFL and other sports players, those poor athletes whose brains have FRIED, have FIBROSED have developed CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) And when the ATHLETE POPULATION begins to become decimated by the high amounts of Gadolinium affecting their bodies, but more importantly, their brains, then the shit shall hit the fan! But the NFL, THE BAYER & GE AFFILIATIONS WITH TESTING AND CONCUSSION STUDIES AND THEIR MULTIMILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT PACKAGES CLEARLY DISTORTING THAT FINE LINE BETWEEN PERPETRATOR AND PURVEYOR! $765 million relates to barely $512, 000 for nearly 1,400 players past and present I have done some of the math for you Also vaccines are funded via a 75 cent fee placed into the Vaccine Injury Fund, so if one gets an MMR, then $2.25 goes into that fund for that day when Billy gets harmed! That relates to over 4.3 BILLION vaccines been sold to fund that projected Iceberg is now “way HUGE!"

How they can look themselves in the mirror day after day KNOWINGLY allowing these TITANS to become shells of their former selves, all for ENTERTAINMENT'S SAKE, is beyond me. But with my last breath I am going to make it known to the world that this is happening, that one needs to just ask for the right testing and one shall know what their executioner is's usually a suit but sometimes a lab coat, but hopefully they will all be wearing handcuffs and chains, for it is they who are guilty of knowingly aiding and abetting the death and destruction of US all!

SOME of the above statements you may find in posts around the WEB for I Have kept copies of certain things so it makes it easier for me as I have so much trouble concentrating and doing things in orderly fashion, But the important part is, I HAVE THE INFORMATION needed to keep this fro becoming more of a pandemic if I can only get someone to listen to me and to help me do something I am planning, on par with a Foundation of sorts, I can supply more info if someone you know can help me start to manifest this dream, that is to help those already harmed and to prevent others from becoming so! and to get better myself, which I simply cannot do alone. I have medical insurance but it os becoming so difficult to get to where I need treatments.

Please contact e through my Facebook page or even on Twitter I may have just 38 Followers but noticed lately that some are doctors or actors ( I think they are real though one has only contact me back once!) and THEY started following me FIRST, that is if it is TRULY THEIR VERIFIED ACCOUNTS which is stated that way on their pages! One who WSA following me actually left Twitter himself as there was way too much controversy for him to remain on, I can fill you in on this in private correspondence.

Please, just a simple, cursory glance at my FB page photos and you will be able to see such destruction caused via vaccines and metals like Gadolinium, Barium and Mercury and be able to help me on my way…I appreciate any and all help and look forward to doing something together one day or receiving input of names and/or info that may be of help to me in this most important endeavor!


Some Research for this found at:

***I have had the following, for many years, in sinuses, throat and gut, even in my eyes!

Staph aureus, Coagulase Negative Staph aureus, Moraxella Catarrhalis, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, and the cherry on top, Acetinobacter Calcoaceticus baumannii! Otherwise known as Iraqibacter, but I have NEVER set foot in Iraq, but our brave soldiers fighting their umpteenth years overseas, who are bringing these infections back and it is infecting our Operating theaters when they arrive back blown to bits, just to be put back together again then sent back out to do it all over again or WORSE, to come home in a flag-draped coffin!!!

I have just finished my third MONTH of antibiotics for these three infections which I got diagnosed back to back: Staph aureus, Coagulase Negative Staph aureus, and the Iraqibacter! It is NOT clearing up and I have to call today to TRY to get an appointment to hopefully rid myself of this one and for all I BLISTER if I walk barefoot, I have no flexibility to my skin I am virtually turning into a frozen figure of my former self. I have nowhere else to turn but to someone like you in public, as I know you may know most of this, but be unaware of the entire controversy as you were here with the awakening you have experienced by virtue of watching VAXXED where, in your words, " I didn't expect to be shocked out of my belief system!” So here is a bit MORE of a shock, but HOPEFULLY Between you and me and the fencepost…we might be able to get this done!

The Web Site URL attached underneath my name and email address are for the reference material I used in my post, it is NOT my own URL, I have no connection to this URL, other than for research!

Angus Files

I buy the odd fake newspaper, but if we never had cockatiels pigs and hamsters who need something to toilet on - I wouldn't bother. Pharma Prison Time.


John Stone

Linda, Angus

It was a Guardian journalist who invented a word for this sort of thing: "churnalism". Last time there was a great British "hate" against Andy it started in late March (2013) and it did not peter out till July, meanwhile thousands upon thousands of pounds was handed out to trashy journalists with talking points taken from the same phoney script. No wonder no one buys a newspaper anymore. I have almost limitless contempt for rent-a-mouths like Nick Cohen.


Horrible article, Angus. Lies upon lies. Why I trust nothing in the news anymore.

Angus Files

More fake news from the fake media news press in the Fake UK..

Pharma for Prison Time.


John Stone


Actually an update I wrote about this subject a few days ago never got posted (by accident). There was legislation for this in 1979 (I think). Of course, the government cannot legislate for vaccine damage being rare but they (and particularly in this case the Department of Work and Pensions) can cheat when it comes to assessing it. The British government had avoided compensating any cases at all for several years until an appeal court decision went against them ten days ago, so they will certainly now have to compensate 90 odd narcolepsy cases from the swine flu debacle, and possibly some other cases as well - unless, of course they launch another ludicrous appeal as a delaying tactic.

Compensation is much less (max. £120k) and even more discretionary than in the US. This is the article I wrote about it in 2015.


John excellent article thank you

The Pearson commission was a major inquiry into civil damages in the 1970s. It recommended that the Government should accept liability to pay full compensation for vaccine injury on the basis that vaccine injury is the very occasional price that society pays for the benefit of defeating disease through national vaccination .What happened to that

Elizabeth Hart

Murdoch Media has certainly had a huge influence on international vaccination policy, via the Wakefield scandal, and via the Murdoch tabloids' No Jab, No Play campaign in Australia, which was accommodatingly translated into the coercive No Jab, No Pay law by the Coalition government in 2016.

The Murdoch clan is also influential in vaccine research. Rupert Murdoch's mother, Elisabeth Murdoch, was involved in the establishment of what is now known as the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Here's the blurb re the institute's 'Infection and Immunity' theme:


Infection and Immunity researchers work to address important health problems that impact children both locally and globally. This includes the investigation of non-communicable infections, immune conditions and allergies that affect Australian children at all stages of childhood. A major focus of the Theme is vaccine development, in particular vaccines that can be delivered children in developing countries, ensuring they are protected from preventable diseases. A range of vaccines are being tested for safety and quality, with a number of exciting new delivery mechanisms being studied for effectiveness.

Researchers at Murdoch Childrens collaborate with international governments and bodies to test and implement vaccines, as well as performing ongoing surveillance to measure effectiveness.

Ultimately the Infection and Immunity Theme aims to protect against preventable communicable diseases, both locally in Australia and internationally in developing countries, where a simple vaccine can potentially save the lives of thousands of children.


Rupert Murdoch's daughter-in-law Sarah Murdoch (wife of Lachlan) has been an ambassador for the institute for nearly two decades, and on the board of directors since 2014.

Murdoch was in Australia recently paying tribute to 30 years of 'inspirational' research at the institute to 'improve children's health'.

A promotion piece about the institute was published in Murdoch's paper The Australian on 2 February 2017 - "Rupert Murdoch hails best investment, our kids".

Well I suppose investment in novel vaccine products for children must be paying dividends for some these days, with governments in Australia and the US implementing coercive taxpayer-funded vaccination policies, and hindering 'informed consent' before each of these ever-increasing medical interventions.

On the Murdoch Children's Research Institute's agenda is trying to combat "the baffling increase in childhood allergies..."

Baffling? Any ideas on what could be causing that?

Angus Files

We were involved in the MMR litigation and I attended The High Court in London when requested. On those occasions Brian Deer would be present in the public gallery looking and listening to the court proceedings. As our High Court Advocate coined it "Deer's fishing trips" .This sick line of enquiry served him well as he could then request details from the days proceedings on anything he wished as it was in the public domain. At the same time Deer was writing about matters involving the children where he had detail that he shouldn't have had. Sick children being pursued by an even sicker Times Journo shill Brian Deer on behalf of the Murdoch cabal who own the papers, who own your Sky TV, who own the vaccines, who own the who says what and where in the UK. Prison Time.


Bob Moffit

I think the entire vaccine cartel was terrified to hear that .. during the primary .. President Trump met and talked with Dr Wakefield .. after winning election .. it is my understanding that Dr Wakefield and his lovely wife were invited to one of the prestigious Presidential inaugural balls ..

I am extremely hopeful these two encounters of President Trump with Dr Wakefield .. signal a long-over-due and much needed rehabilitation of Dr Wakefield's reputation ..

For the first time in a decade .. I am encouraged by such little things as this.

Hans Litten

All of a sudden the BBC is full of vaccines again (no accident I am sure)

So Billy Boy & Sally Davies , my advice to you both , is to publicly take the flu vaccine on TV , not one you have selected though , but one that we have chosen at random (with themiserol of course).
Will you accept that "safe & effective" challenge ?

Because we do not want either of you getting the Dame (damn) flu .

Or will you run for the hills - because the truth is they are UNSAFE & defecate (defective)

Hans Litten

Billy boy doesn't sound quite so confident to me .
Yes he says vaccines are "safe" but drops the effective .
These people are preparing themselves for being overrun (by us) .
These damn scoundrels arent quite so confident anymore /.


A call to ban/censor a film such as Vaxxed is highly unusual in a western democracy. In fact, when does it ever happen? I would think that Jeff Bezos and his counterparts at Apple are not dummies. This uproar just might compel them to see the film. What a shame that would be for the cartel.

John Stone

Harvard MD

Thank. A very good point that AW made on Tuesday was that if the film had not reported truthfully it could easily have been stopped by legal action, and as fas as we know none was ever contemplated. So, we have a factually accurate film which "they" don't want you to see - and they are prepared to engage in unseemly acts to prevent you seeing it. Next Wednesday will be the thirteenth anniversay of Deer's original articles, and one interpretation of this is that "they" are getting desperate. The allegations on that occasion have been disproven, and the High Court decision which relates to them has been unchallnged by the GMC. But Times Newspapers cannot allow the truth: they are poweful people who know how to use inssitutional weight but frankly they are also very exposed. VaXxed does not go into much detail about the Wakefield paper, but it demostrates that all the concerns were thoroughly justified. Another 13 year anniversary is the IOM hearing in which the De Stefano paper was launched. Another still was the shutting of the UK MMR litigation by Mr Justice Davis. As a piece of public theatre the convergence of events was remarkable. We might ask why it was the Paul Nuki needed something big on MMR at just that time?

Harvard MD

As the saying goes "Bad publicity is better than no publicity!"

The DeNiro/Tribeca controversy last year is what woke me up to this issue - I'm an Ivy-league trained psychiatrist and taught that the MMR -Autism story was put to rest.

But I became curious to see Vaxxed, as it had been chosen for the festival then banned. It was the best publicity they could have gotten - at least in my case! I was curious to see how a film could be so harmful as to be banned, but not because I questioned the linked to Autism.

I didn't expect to be shocked out of my belief system! Maybe I was already primed, as I was already not a fan of the new HPV vaccine (I didn't see the benefit scientifically). Yet I never questioned the overall safety of vaccines despite my own personal experience - in fact I had temporary Bell's palsy (facial paralysis, I still have residual effects) within 48 hrs of an oral polio booster vaccine in my thirties that I called in as a side-effect to the manufacturer. Still my indoctrination in vaccinology didn't allow me to learn from that experience and question safety for my patients and children!

After much reading, I am now a serious skeptic!
Grateful to Vaxxed and to the Bad publicity!

Grace Green

This has now been reported by the BBC Radio news, at 5.30am., but not repeated at later bulletins. (Unfortunately for them, some of us suffer from insomnia!) The report was fairly factual, only saying that AW was later struck off. I'm thinking there's no such thing as bad publicity. But thanks, John Stone, for putting them right on the facts.

Hans Litten

Amazon and Apple are profiting from an anti-vaccination documentary directed by the discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield.

The film, which backs his fraudulent research linking vaccines with autism, is available for customers to watch for 99p on Amazon Instant Video and £6.99 on Apple’s iTunes. On Vimeo, a popular YouTube-style streaming service, it costs £3.17.

Scientists and autism campaigners urged the web companies to remove the film Vaxxed after The Times discovered that it had been put on sale in Britain this week.

Edzard Ernst, professor emeritus of complementary medicine at Exeter university, said: “Any company or person trying to make money by alarming people and thus endangering public health is not just unethical and immoral but also despicable and irresponsible.

“Wakefield’s data has been…

Want to read more? no thanks Rupert (stupid name)

John Stone


I am not pleased. I hope it backifires, and it deserves to - but we live in an age in which the rule book is being re-written all the time. So, I don't know.

Hans Litten

I'm rather pleased I have to say .
Vaxxed played in London and no-one seemed to notice .
And now the outrage begins !

Good -
And outrage at what ? we are the outraged , you poisoned our children - scoundrels .

John Stone


I have put an update at the top of the page. I do not like it but I do wonder whether they over-stepped the mark.

Hans Litten

John , you need to do a follow up article immediately !
Have you seen the Front Page of the London Times today ?

"Web giants profit from anti-vaccine fraud's video"

Bob Moffit

'Why should Wakefield, who has not committed fraud, has never committed any crime, not set foot as a British citizen in his own country? So, why is this a news story for the front page of a once serious newspaper?'

In the U.S. .. this would qualify as "fake news" .. once thought to be rare in our FOURTH ESTATE .. but .. now so common the public's confidence and trust in our main-stream media is at the lowest it has ever been .. including our CONGRESS .. and ... you can't get lower than the people's trust of CONGRESS .. unless you are really trying hard.

John Stone

A very good bet for Trump would be to cut off media funding from pharmaceutical advertising - which was established by Bill Clinton through an executive order in 1996. There is no justification for this and they would only look ridiculous if they protested. And it seems to be in his executive power to do it.

Hans Litten

Dr Godlee, I suggest globally fast-tracked experimental HPV vaccination is shaping up to be the biggest scandal in medical history.

In my previous correspondence with you, and in my responses to Richard Lehman’s BMJ Blog, I have brought serious matters re HPV vaccination to the attention of The BMJ. I intend to maintain continuity of my correspondence with you and others on this matter to demonstrate that this information is ‘on the record’ with you and The BMJ.

Hans Litten

Trump is really under the cosh
and is struggling too
he needs to announce a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study TODAY
to huge fanfare
before all is lost
this is all about vaccination-extermination
everything , all of it

John Stone


Thank you! Sad to report that the latest is that The Times are going after Amazon and Apple for selling the film, but the real lies are coming from Times newspapers, and they are conflicted.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Mr. Stone, for compiling this helpful condensation of events!

Despite the fraudulent claims of fraud, the article actually mentions the basic crux of the film Vaxxed, a cover-up by U.S. health officials. Is there enough skepticism of U.S. agencies in the U.K. that this won't be dismissed out of hand? Can one hope this article and the theatrical shut-out will continue the somewhat (or is it totally?) unique pattern of promotion we've seen for this documentary so far?

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