DTP-Vaccinated African Infants Had a Higher Death Rate than Unvaccinated Infants, According to New “vax/unvax” Study
Follow Up: Toronto

Lightning Rod: The Study, The Findings, Pharma or Me?

Courage sit DownBy James Grundvig

There has been a lot of excitement and anger in the wake of my article on the leaked pilot Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study (“Study”), by Dr. Anthony Mawson.

To publish or not to publish was indeed the question I thought about and reflected on for eight days after the Study had been first made available via a public url that self-destructed in six hours on Valentine’s Day.

After confirming the Study with its author—he replied to my email in two hours that morning—and the rejecting journal Frontiers, I had the article ready to go on Thursday, February 16, 2017. But I waited another week as I thought good and hard about publishing someone else’s work, which has been trying to get through the censors of Big Pharma to make it to the public, finally, and tell the findings that should be a clarion call for the U.S. federal government to take decisive action in this worsening Autism Epidemic.

First Heard About the Study

The first time I even knew or became aware of the Study was during a pre-recorded radio interview in early December 2016. The radio host for Lost Arts Radio had reached out to me via Skyhorse Publishing to do an interview on my book Master Manipulator, which then increased in scope after Richard Sacks and I had phone conversation. It was during that two-and-a-half-hour interview on his Fireside Chat program that he, not me or the other two guests, brought up the Study, mentioning it was both old and had yet to get publish for obvious reasons when one finally reads its findings.

Even after his mentioning of the Study, I didn’t go search the Internet, ask around for it. A week earlier, I interviewed an expert on doing a 30-year anniversary article on the flaws, foibles, and failures of Vaccine Court (that article will come out in March). That expert said that because the CDC had never sponsored and conducted such a Study—it spent money on the Danish rogue scientist Poul Thorsen instead—Vaccine Court, where there is no discovery process, jury trial, or typical tort law aspects, the government gutted the intent of the court, further immunizing and protecting the vaccine manufacturers and not our children.

Yes, my teenage autistic son was one of the 5,400 “baby doe” cases kicked out of Vaccine Court in the spring 2011 via the Omnibus Autism Proceedings.

So with all of this high level information dumped on my lap, I didn’t bother to pursue finding anything more about the rejected Study, which I knew had been censored without reading it. Thus, ended 2016 with a few more radio interviews—but not further inquiries on my end.

Leak vs. Embargo

The day I published the article, I received some curt emails from a few people, which I have no problem with. People wanted to know my “sources.” Well that will never happen. Their anonymity is protected under the Supreme Court—just ask President Trump about that with all of his leaks.

I didn’t ask anyone for the Study. No one emailed me the Study, with the word “Embargo” on it, meaning that if I received such an email—and I do quite frequently—I, as a journalist, am not allowed to write about the embargoed document. But this was not the case with the Study.

When it was “leaked” to the public domain, it’s fair game for anyone to write about it, comment on it, read it. I was neither Edward Snowden nor Chelsea Manning. I didn’t break into a server, hack a computer, walk off with a laptop, or steal a flash-drive. I was only notified that the Study would be made available on a certain part of the Web, on a specific date, and in a narrow window of time.

So writing about a “leaked” to the public Study and protecting my sources are not a crime in any size, shape or form. Scientists, who conduct the peer-review process, were naturally upset at my decision to write about the outed Study. I fully understand, as I have been around scientists, engineers, architects, developers, and intellectual property, trademarks, and copyright my entire life. My grandfather was a shipping magnate in Bergen, Norway. As a young child, I knew about the importance of one’s work, creation, and authorship.

In the past, I have been leaked internal documents on the 2010 BP Oil Spill (I didn’t publish them); the WHO tamping down on an off-the-shelf remedy to the Ebola virus in favor of funding R&D for an Ebola vaccine (10,000 people have died as a result; will be published later this year); and Zika virus, much of which made it into a half dozen articles I wrote on the CDC’s march for extracting $1 billion from American taxpayers for a vaccine no one will ever need—since Zika doesn’t cause microcephaly (more articles to come).

The Triggers for Publication

Well, if you think President Trump had a rough week or two in his first month of his new administration, censorship and flagrant attacks on free speech and freedom of the press should be equally concerning for all Americans, no matter your background, political views, or beliefs.

A triple tributary of bad news all arrived, like the spring floods, on the same day of Wednesday, February 22, 2017. These stories should disturb people inside and outside the autism community, as they have far reaching implications. And it’s just the start.

In one incredible piece of news, Mike Adams of www.naturalnews.com, the “Health Ranger,” who I have followed for years, had 140,000 pages of linked documents, studies, and reports broken by Google or a hacker. He was threatened the week before to out dirt on an anti-government website, “or else.” Well, a week later that threat was followed through on and his years of work have been censored. Imagining this happening to the Drudge Report or other website aggregating media platforms?

The second shoe to drop on censorship came from Google’s re-engineering its search engine to remove “fake news.” I guess Age of Autism has published so much of this that Google saw to it that when one enters “Age of Autism” the top ten searches run from the late Dan Olmsted (God bless his kind soul) to a Huffington Post view on the website. Gone are the vaccine-autism articles that matter from that simple search.

Censorship is alive and well in America.

The third prong to the devil’s pitchfork of eliminating dissent, squashing public debate, and killing open discourse made headlines everywhere. Google’s different artificial intelligence (AI) software has been sold to CNN, New York Times, and other mainstream media outlets (MSM). This program searches, filters, and weeds out “hate speech” and “toxic” remarks in the comments sections of the online news.

But that is how MSM is selling the new AI for online comments: Hate speech and toxic words. The reality is for those in the ASD community who have helped waged the fight against tyranny the words “vaccines” and “autism” or countering the CDC’s version of everything is good with America’s children will be censored, expunged, weeded out, eliminated, erased, and cast to the wind.

In other words, we are now clearly living in a new age, Digital 3.0 where censorship by the wealthy corporations and governments the world over is preferred than any free words or beliefs or laws in the U.S. Constitution.

So either we change our tactics, methods, and the way we fight the Deep State of Big Pharma, or they clearly will win without us making a dent or winning masses over to counter the Fascist rule over our lives.

Censorship and Findings

The Study is clearly old, as it made it into the pages of the 2015 book Vaccine Whistleblower. In fact, the data goes back a year or two before the publication. That means the Study has been received, reviewed, and ultimately rejected multiple times, with the latest being Frontiers in November 2016.

Thus, this is not a new Study. It is a censored one. Sure, people can be mad at the leaker or me, but a mole hunt is a waste of time. After I published the article and heard back from several people, I learned that others had the full Study—embargoed—from California, through Cape Cod, to the United Kingdom. I also learned that other groups of people or organizations, outside of the sponsors, made press releases about the Study’s findings ready to go last November. But they were never released, after the Study wasn’t published.

So how many digital copies of the Study were let out over the years? Dozens I would suspect. That’s hard to put an internal control on, especially in light of the rejections and ongoing censorship, which in 2017 will get worse, not better.

When the author told me not to widely distribute the Study, hours after I published last week, I complied. No issue with his dignified request.

Finally, should the focus and energy of the community at large be on the leaker or I?

Or should the focus on the Study’s findings; on the censorship by Google, MSM, and other social media platforms; on taking down the runway freight train of CDC vaccine schedule?

James Ottar Grundvig is an investigative journalist who has been published in the Huffington Post, the Financial Times Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) magazine, Law.com, and the Epoch Times, among other media outlets. He has written extensively about technology, autism, and the CDC’s failure to contain the runaway epidemic — all of which comprise the foundation for Master Manipulator. He resides in New York City.


Hans Litten


What a wonderful website name .


I have not stopped laughing . Good work somebody .

Han Litten


Author and journalist Christina England joins me to talk about the toxicity of aluminium, its links to autism, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and more. We are being unwittingly exposed to it through geoengineering programmes, but a UK scientist has developed a mineral water which he claims can reverse the neurological damage caused by the metal.

Han Litten


Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat cdc -remember that lying piece of garba&e .
And the thief Elizabeth Warren

Angus Files

Thanks for the article James possibly the Fake and the Fakers are wobbling. Pharma for Jail


Han Litten


Stephanie Seneff explaining the synergistic biological chemical attack by Pharma against our babies & children .

Glutamate , Glyphosate , Aluminium , Mercury , and the rest.

Han Litten

They have re-instated NaturalNews .
GoogleCIA has been defeated . (Or Mike Adams did a deal - dont do it Mike).
Still they couldnt allow the situation to develop further and potentially escalate .
I wonder what the truth of this is ?

Mike Adams , if you ARE out there , cant you tell us what happened please ?

Jeannette Bishop

Why should researchers stay locked into the obviously corrupted/controlled "scientific" (particularly corporate product "health science") information dissemination system anyway? If the researchers wanted to put their data online without peer review, people could still review it afterwards. People could then be moving quicker to work on replication if the data, methods seemed sound. And some data might see the light of day in time to inform the vulnerable before injury might occur and maybe corporations then would have incentive to act in ways that protect the value of their stock via ensuring responsible activity from beginning to end (we maybe need to pass laws--if you can legislate morality which I don't think you can--making activities that require or apply pressure towards putting stock price protection above the withholding of information about potential product risks capital crimes. I don't know what else to do. In an ethical society, IMO the withholding of such data, when discovered at least, should crash the value of a company. The withholding should be the crime, the ignoring of red flags about a product another that stockholders could take to court. Not the revelation of possible concerns that might affect stock value. Those cases should be dismissed summarily...).

Back to peer review, thanks to what's occurred with vaccination research (and seems to carry on similarly in other arenas), from my very-much-layperson's view, I know I wouldn't have less of a headache trying to assess the merits of this research if it had been published last year after peer review.

Some interesting reading IMO:




Thank you, James, for your part in helping people to see the results of this critically important study. You are correct in assuming that the normal channels of publishing are DEAD for vaccine-critical studies. The Internet is now our one and only hope. I am sharing the study far and wide, and I hope others will do the same.


Here's the link for the petition.

Help the petition reach its goal, share with others:

URL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/petition-ban-googles-blatant-suppression-free-speech


Google tried to censor Natural News, not allowing it to be seen on Google (I could still get it at Duckduckgo). Google is relenting because of this We the People petition. Please sign it if you haven't already done so.

GOOGLE REINSTATES NATURAL NEWS... details developing... your voice was heard!
KEEP SIGNING THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION (now 62K) to oppose censorship
Health Ranger to issue statement at 11am Central...

Betty Bona

When I pull up google, I have about eight suggested websites that are visited frequently by users of my computer. They include mainstream media news sites (my husband) and age of autism and vaxxed.com (me). Currently I see some airline flight sites since I spent some time recently looking for a good fare. I have no idea of the mechanisms that sort these sites to the favored positions, but I was a bit surprised today to find that vaxxed.com no longer appears in this group even though I have clicked on it more times than anything else. I watch some of the periscope videos and have to keep going back to google when the video fails, which happens very frequently. Maybe there's an innocent explanation. It's just a bit creepy.

James Grundvig

Thank you for the fellow Scandinavian, the Swede Felix Kjellberg. I am going to reach out to him. I had an uncle who died in WW II named Kjell; and a Dutch cousin (with a Norwegian mother) named Kjell. Berg, of course, means cliff or mountain. MSM trembles at the new generations on the rise, with their brethren and sisters afflicted by autism and other health issues. I suspect their rise and voice will not be quieted by the storm and corporate cover-their-tale severing of such individuals. This is great to see. The more than trample on people's voices, the more they will find creative ways to fight the Deep State and multinational corporate interests.

Hans Litten

This is interesting James !


The demonization of PewDiePie and the resulting backlash encapsulates how the media and the establishment in general is in a blind panic about losing its monopoly on the ability to control public opinion.

Hans Litten

Posted by: James Grundvig | February 28, 2017 at 08:14 AM

This depopulation program is not going to be given up on easily .
What is the solution to the barrage of biochemical attacks ?

Fake news :
Spain appoints 'minister for sex' to reverse nation's plummeting birth rate

I bet they will try really hard ! they will suspend all vaccines , prohibit condoms and birth control , outlaw abortion .


Since when in America that I thought I knew; are we concerned that a scientific study has been leaked?

I guess it has been going on for a good long time though. I have for years been so stupid and naive.


It's not just AoA. Lots of news sites are seeing fewer individual stories on the first couple of pages, and more overarching "topic header" type pages. Do a search for "The Guardian" or "The Telegraph". Virtually no specific stories. Do a search for t"he telegraph libya bombing" and you'll get specific stories. Do a search for "ageofautism mercury", and again, you get the specific stories. It's clearly a slight shift in Google's algorithms, but it's not just targeting non-mainstream publishers.


Whoops, meant IAAC. Thank you so much Mr Grundvig for all you do.

James Grundvig

It's not the 16,000 pages for AoA on Google. It's the top 10 search results, which 95% of Google searches focus on. That has changed. The results now show fluff on the landing page of the searches and not the great articles written by Dan, Mark and others over the years. Know the subtle difference of what is occurring. Call it 1984 mission creep. It creeps slowly, but it will be all consuming.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Rachel | February 28, 2017 at 06:44 AM

No its not Rachel . Wake up and smell the fluoride !
Search google for "NaturalNews".
Its down .Censored , state misinformation , control , totalitarianism , dictatorship .
And the 60+ murdered Alt-doctors around nagalase in vaccines and cancer .
And those mysterious deaths keep on happening .

It was August 2014 Rachel , when the William Thompson story broke , I am still waiting for the BBC to write his name , just once . Its now late feb2017 . The BBC is a lying sack of sh^.

John Stone


I certainly was through to the main homepage of Natural News yesterday. But it is also evident that google are now making it difficult for general readers to locate articles from AoA - no one is likely find them unless they are specifically looking for articles on our site, and there is definitely a new policy. Some of the old material may be locatable but not the new - for instance an article I wrote about Scotland in 2015 but not the recent ones.

James Grundvig

Yes, good old Tom Insel. He's worshipped inside and out of CDC. I heard him speak and receive some kind of award (beating the drum for vaccines are safe and more are needed) last May in Baltimore at an annual international conference on autism. It was the one year in which Diana Schendel (ex-CDC, now at Poul Thorsen's Aarhus University, where the rogue was banned in 2010) didn't show. I did look for her. But her epidemiology poster was on display.


@John: Over the last few days you've been able to get to any other subdomain except www.naturalnews.com - so, for example, blogs.naturalnews.com has always been available, as has natural.news.com. I spotted a couple of those being temporarily changed to reflect the main www.naturalnews.com site.

Similarly, site:www.ageofautism.com shows over 16,000 results.

John Stone


I wonder what the truth of this is. It is good news if google are suddenly sensitive to accusations of censorship. Also, I found days ago (and yesterday) that I could get to the Natural News homepage through google, so they were not blocking it completely but what they had removed was the indexing of thousands of articles - so if you were searching on a subject you probably would not get there. But if google never blocked the site that is not consistent with the present explanation. I am not sure either that they are acting benignly with Age of Autism.

Back in December and early January I wrote two articles about the catastrophic rise in autism and ND levels in Scotland based on official statistics and these made an appearance on google news - then disappeared. You will now have great difficulty finding these articles on google unless you type in Age of Autism as well. On the other hand google news was full of vital information about the contribution of autistic people in Scotland to Christmas entertainments - I would not want to detract from that but it was not the important information. In Scotland services are in meltdown and the costs are going to go one for at least a century -England is perhaps three years behind - but google has decided that no one ought to know.


Actually, it's all back there now. Search Google for site:www.naturalnews.com


Mike Adams had his site removed from Google's search results because he (or one of his advertisers) was using redirection techniques specifically not allowed by Google in their terms and conditions. No conspiracy there. As soon as he fixes the problem, he'll be back in Google's results.

Bob Moffit

"Finally, should the focus and energy of the community at large be on the leaker or I .........
or should the focus on the Study’s findings; on the censorship by Google, MSM, and other social media platforms; on taking down the runway freight train of CDC vaccine schedule??"

If the goal is to diminish .. destroy .. the "message" of the study .. the time-honored rule of thumb response of the most powerful "stakeholders with vested interests" .. is to attack the "messenger" .. demonizing HIM ... rather than confronting or challenging the "message".

Unfortunately .. with today's always advancing technology .. dispatching unwanted information down Orwell's "memory hole" .. is now but a click away from Google, MSM and other social media platforms.


Tom Insel is obviously performing his new job at Google just as well as he performed his job of head of IACC. Hiring people to dismantle the very agencies they're supposed to enhance is a trick the new administration obviously learned from the old one .

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