Kennedy on the Media: Quotes from Press Conference
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Robert Kennedy on the Science: Quotes from Press Conference

RFK photo 2By Anne Dachel

This is what was said by RFK Jr at the National Press Club on Feb 15, 2017. He was specific about lack of any credible science supporting the use of mercury in vaccines. (This is totally different from what news sources are saying about this press conference.)

Robert Kennedy, Jr. on the Science

RFK, Jr.: “I read the science and I read it intensively, and I was immediately struck by the huge gulf between what the CDC and journalists were saying that science said and what the science actually said. And what I heard from journalists time and again, and it’s repeated like mantra, that the link between mercury—mercury is safe, that the science proves it’s safe, that the link between mercury in vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders is non-existent.

“I want to show you the studies that CDC and journalists have said for years, don’t exist. These are 240 studies that show that—and they’re the best university scientists, by government scientists, by hospital scientists all over the world, that say that mercury is neurotoxic, that it’s causing damage to our children. [When you give it to laboratory animals] they develop autism-like symptoms or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

“These studies show that mercury is linked to the cascade of pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders that began hitting Americans in 1989. The children who born in 1989 were the sickest generation of children in the history of our country.

“CDC says one out of every six of those children has some type of neurodevelopmental disorder. Forty-three percent of them have a chronic disease, a neurodevelopmental, or a food allergy, asthma, eczema, diabetes, or an autoimmune disease. This is not normal. Forty-three percent of our children have a chronic disease, that is not normal. …1989, is the year that EPA says is the gateway year. That’s the year all of these epidemics began.

“We know this, that genes do not cause epidemics, you need an environmental toxin. So the question that journalists ought to be asking, instead of just parroting what CDC says is safety assurances: If it’s not the thimerosal in vaccines, then what is it? What is the toxin that touched every American demographic in 1989? …The fingerprint for that is mercury. …All of these things affect boys disproportionately to girls. …

“So CDC and journalists for many years have been parroting the assurances that no science exists that actually links mercury to these illnesses. …”

Kennedy explained that the 240 studies linking thimerosal to “non-autism neurological disorders” were readily available on PubMed.  

“This pile is 81 studies that link thimerosal exposure to autism.

“And this is the pile that shows thimerosal is safe. Zero. Not one. None. None that even pretends to.  So why is it that journalists have been telling us that there’s lots of science out there? Because they’re accepting the word of people at CDC.

“There are four separate federal studies that have painted CDC vaccine division as a cesspool of corruption. CDC is a vaccine company. It owns fifty-six vaccines. …The people who make decisions in that agency have also financial ties—and the inspector general at HHS found that up to 97 percent of the people making decisions about vaccine policy either own stock in vaccine companies or are otherwise financially entangled with the vaccine industry. …

“Calling CDC and saying, ‘Is Bobby Kennedy wrong about the science?’ does not prove anything. I can tell you what they’re going to say. That he’s wrong.

“But you journalists have a duty to do more than that. You have a duty to actually look and see what the science says yourself. But nobody has been willing to do this.”

 Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.






Jeannette Bishop

Richard P. Milner

We found over fifty percent US kids with a chronic condition requiring medication. That’s a lot of money, which may partly explain why pharmaceutical companies are so obscenely profitable. We have something with Paul Offit.

You may want to watch, like us, and share “Haley vs Offit: A Virtual Debate About Vaccines, The Greatest Medical Controversy Of Our Time” at

Forced vaccine proponent, Paul Offit says vaccines are safe and effective. Biochemist, Boyd Haley says they are not. Also at our site is a listing of over 180 scientific studies showing the extreme dangers of mercury, especially when combined with aluminum as in vaccines. We were unable to find credible studies in support of Offit.

All exported vaccines contain full dose mercury and aluminum. Consequently, very high rates of chronic disease, including autism are reported in several other nations.

Meanwhile, please like us and post and share this as widely as you can!


Richard P. Milner
Public Affairs Media, Inc.


Todavía tenemos el mercurio y el aluminio en las vacunas. ¿Esto causa el autismo?

Estimado Amigos:

Aquí en los Estados Unidos tenemos un promotor de vacunas que requiere mucha atención de los medios de comunicación para sus demandas. Su nombre es el Dr. Paul Offit.

Sin embargo, él no tiene conocimiento de la ciencia que lo contradice. Hemos ideado un debate virtual entre él y el bioquímico, el Dr. Boyd Haley en la ciencia pertinente. Nuestro programa, "Haley vs Offit: un debate virtual sobre las vacunas, la mayor controversia médica de nuestro tiempo" ya está disponible para su visualización con subtítulos en español en

Documentación de apoyo se puede ver en esta pagina, pero ahora esta solamente en Inglés.


Director ejecutivo,
Richard P. Milner
Public Affairs Media, Inc.

Bob Moffit

Update on Andrea Peyser's odious column regarding RFK's $100,000 offer to any member of the national media if they could produce one .. just one ... study that claims thimerosal .. mercury .. in vaccines is "safe"

Letter in today's NY Post:

"Lets put this conversation to rest once and for all ("Don't give RFK Jr's anti-vax nuts a shot .. Andrea Peyser Feb 17).
Very educated, well-to-do parents aren't getting their children vaccinated because of fears of harmful effects (mainly autism) from these shots being put into some children too young and small to handle them all at once.
Researchers should find out the rate of autism in these unvaccinated children. Is it at the 1950 levels of approximately 1 in every 50,000 or close to the present-day ratio of 1 in 68?
Parents of young children need to know. So do parents of autistic older children as young adults."

Well said .. kudos to NY Post for publishing a .. common sense .. reasoned ... rational .. response ... to Andrea's "unhinged"" screed .. wherein her uninformed .. cruel, callous comments .. demonstrated her absolute contempt, indeed, indifference/disregard .. for those "very educated, well-to-do parents".

Sue M

They MUST look at the synergistic toxicity between mercury and aluminum, and the toxicity of aluminum on its own.

Bob Moffit

RFK (paraphrasing) to national press:

"There are 240 studies linking thimerosal to “non-autism neurological disorders” and all are readily available on PubMed. There are 81 studies that link thimerosal exposure to autism .. and .. there are ZERO claiming thimerosal is safe .. Not one, None .. None that even pretends to. So why is it that journalists have been telling us that there's lots of science out there? Because they are accepting the world of the people at CDC."

Here is yesterday's NY Post column .. by Andrea Peyser .. wherein she ridicules and scorns RFK .. for having the audacity of offering a reward of $100,000 to ANY journalist that can produce a single study that claims thimerosal is safe:

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is on his soapbox again. I implore everyone to ignore him. His message could be hazardous to your health.

The lawyer, environmentalist and leading anti-vax crackpot, 63, who has compared widespread inoculations to “a holocaust,’’ threw a news conference Wednesday at The National Press Club in Washington, DC, that one top infectious-disease expert described to me as “depressing.’’

Upon reading this particularly odious column .. I believe the "top infectious disease expert" she refers to is .. none other than the multi-millionaire vaccine patent holder .. Paul Offit ..

I responded to Ms Peyser by email .. which I suspect will go unanswered .. also sent "letter to NY Post editors" .. which I again suspect will go unpublished.

As Andrea's column demonstrates .. as a member of the once valued FOURTH ESTATE .. instead of immediately asking her "expert" for that ONE study to gain that $100,000 "reward" .. she chooses instead to publish her own ignorant views .. seizing the opportunity to ridicule and scorn people .. who will not be afforded the opportunity to respond.

That Andrea didn't ask her expert for the ONE study .. that would have "proved" RFK didn't know what HE was talking about .. speaks volumes as to how uninterested/indifferent SHE is .. in learning the TRUTH.

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