President Trump Asks at Parent Teacher Listening Conference: "Have You Seen An Increase in Children with Autism?"
London Premiere of VaXxed



This morning Del Bigtree addressed the Congressional Staff and said to first get rid of the mercury and then get rid of all the other toxins and he named aluminum. I think you are right to be concerned the way that the problem was framed yesterday, but Del and others will make sure that the big picture is addressed. Even Del is asking for "safer" vaccines. But if honest science is done, that will be shown to be impossible. The only way we can have "safe" vaccines is if they lie about them. Get rid of the lies and the vaccines will follow.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Yulia Rirdan | February 15, 2017 at 09:18 PM

Agreeing with all your points .
I'd go further too & talk about the toxicity outside of vaccination like water fluoride , aspartame , mercury amalgams .

Its almost as though we are under a total chemical attack (biological warfare).

Yulia Rirdan

Dear Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert De Niro,

It is NOT NOT NOT about mercury! If you focus on mercury-autism, you are just going to blow such an amazing opportunity to hell! I am sorry for my strong language, I just feel so frustrated trying to scream this from the rooftops just to fall on deaf ears :(. If you focus on thimerosal, you are going to hand the pharma the EXACT STUDY it has been dreaming about. It is NOT about the mercury. It is VACCINES in GENERAL, the entire product, with all its aluminum and other "goodies" in them. Furthermore, it is NOT just about autism, far from it! We must stop focusing on mercury and autism alone, it would only make matters worse. We must study vaccines in general, and how they affects ALL aspects of health, by comparing a large vaccinated population to a large completely unvaccinated population. This is the ONLY way to know whether vaccines improve or destroy public health. THE ONLY WAY. Likely we have tens of thousands of unvaccinated children whose parents would happily volunteer to release their children’s health records for a quality large-scale observation study. If you continue to focus on mercury and autism and you will be handing the pharma their dream study: a study in which you will compare one vaccinated group (with thimerosal-containing vaccines) to another vaccinated group (with thimerosal-free vaccines). This way we will STILL be comparing vaccinated to vaccinated--apples to apples—and, predictably, will find no difference. After that vaccines will be declared "safe" for good. There will be no second chances. Please take a look at the Vaccines Safety Info Page that I have comprised on my website after ten years and thousands of hours of research into the topic after my son was damaged by thimerosal-FREE vaccines. Two years prior to that, I too developed an acute autoimmunity just a short month after receiving thimerosal-free vaccines due to immigration requirements. Please look at the studies regarding aluminum adjuvant, for instance, which is present in ALL pediatric vaccines.

Jeannette Bishop

Birgit Calhoun

I had no problem with access. I found the presentation very informative and the arguments regarding mercury and lack of vaccine safety totally to the point. There was a spot in the video where it stopped, but I just used the mouse to go past that spot.

Jeannette Bishop

That last video has blanks, this one too, no ad on the screen though:

Jeannette Bishop

I couldn't get streaming through the World Mercury Project website, couldn't even get to the home page this morning (hope that means there was more demand than they were prepared for and not some technological interference). The Facebook stream (even logged out) worked somewhat but had to be refreshed several times losing some portions of the conference.

These video are on youtube (I think from Alex Jones stream):

...with extra half-hour watching Trace Amounts and people coming in...

...shorter (less Trace Amounts) and closer view, cleaner audio...


So what if "350 organizations" wrote Trump a letter supporting the CDC and its vaccination program? All of their scientific references are based on a core of fraudulent data.

They are analogous to a huge, sprawling tree with 350 branches extending from one decaying trunk. A reasonable observer can only conclude that the entire tree -- branches, trunk and all -- is ROTTEN. And must be cut down and discarded.

Julie Penny

Sorry, I didn't edit my comment before posting. Hope you can follow it's gist.

Julie Penny

Did anyone else have problems trying to access the press Conference? One had two options to connect either by the highlighted "facebook" or via the World Mercury highlighted "website." Since I don't do facebook, I clicked on "website" option which started connecting not by worldmercuryproject..., but, by a "" which brought be to Page that said "Not Displayed. " When I clicked my windows diagnostics I got the message: "resource ( is online but isn't responding. Detected to connection attempts." After failing several times, I tried repeatedly via AoA, and other sites and failed each time. Finally when I tried through world mercury project through World mercury project again, I got connected, but the websites video of RFK jr. which started simultaneously when I opened into the website started and a second later the Press Conference appeared. The background of the website faded with RFK's video but it's audio of RFK's voice kept playing, along with the audio of the Press conference. There was no way to cancel out video the sound from the first video of RFK jr. So, I had to listen to the videos simultaneo of them both simultaneously until the first one ended in a few minutes since it was short, and only the Press Conference's audio remaining playing along with its video. DID OTHERS HAVE THIS PROBLEM? I prevailed by persistence, but I wonder how many others might have tried, but failed?

Jeannette Bishop

Interview with RFK Jr and Robert DeNiro given prior to the press conference:

Bob Moffit

Excellent representation by all involved .. speaking to the people who most need to hear their words .. the National Press .. who I believe is as responsible for the damage done to OUR CHILDREN ... over recent decades .. as are the pediatricians, public health bureaucracies .. and .. vaccine industry.

How anyone listening to Del Bigtree remind the audience of THEIR responsibility to hold government accountable .. as members of the FOURTH ESTATE ... and .. not be moved to at least support the urgent need for a commission to investigate vaccine safety and scientific integrity .. would be incomprehensible.

Hans Litten

Sources tell Infowars the two prominent figures are preparing to offer a cash reward of up to $100,000 to anyone who can prove that mercury-containing vaccines do not contribute to autism.

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