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London Premiere of VaXxed

LondonBy John Stone

VaxxedPlease also read the update on the article.

On Tuesday evening the London premiere of VaXxed took place under the auspices of the centre for Homeopathic Education at Regent’s University, after the Curzon Group of cinemas were intimidated into dropping the film – the new venue made room for an extra hundred people to attend. Nevertheless, it is tragic  reflection of a so-called “liberal democracy” that this highly successful film cannot be shown at a commercial venue in London - a victory for bullying and intellectual intolerance. The nature of our society is being radically changed, without any wide understanding.

Andrew Wakefield speaking at the occasion said if there had been any factual errors in the film (which  tells the story of Centers for Disease Control whistleblower William Thomson who admitted that they had altered data in an MMR/autism study) legal action could have been taken to stop it long ago. Wakefield also spoke powerfully in support of Polly Tommey’s Autism Trust, whose charitable status is currently being challenged through a scurrilous and vile campaign started by the Murdoch owned London Times, and he called for everyone connected with the charity to stand with it.

The occasion was also used to present Wakefield with the annual award of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV).

Wakefield, director of the film, received a prolonged standing ovation.

Following the event the film VaXxed also became available on live stream in the UK, and can be downloaded from from UK Amazon and iTunes.

Please also read the update on this article.


John Stone


Just to clarify: I was delighted to be invited to the event but I was not an organiser.


Yay for the Vaxxed team and John and everyone else in England who made this happen!!!

Jeannette Bishop

Good to see!

Also, there was some nice coverage at the beginning of this program:


Thanks John, good info , further reading available about this at, Alliance for Natural Health International .


Read up on the CFR's vaccine agenda and international globalist elite involvement. It goes all the way to the top, friends.

If Curzon Cinema chain in London had agreed to show the film, they'd have been "suicided" I'm afraid.

The agenda is a global one, and the most powerful forces want it untouched.


Next to the vile Times article on page 11 UK Times a study indicating autism could detect autism risk in babies under 1 year it goes on to state children are not usually diagnosed until they are two. A condition affecting 1 in 100 could be diagnosed under one. The study goes on to say earlier testing and the development of therapies that work while the brain is more malleable. Part of the study included those who were at risk of autism because of older sibling with the same condition. they were scanned at 6/12/24 months and children who were diagnosed with autism had changes in the cerebral cortex. No mention of vaccine status, as this the study is in the states probably all were subject to vaccines from birth. What a coincidence the study appears at the same time as Dr Wakefield visit to London .


About bloody time! 😁

Bob Moffit

"Nevertheless, it is tragic reflection of a so-called “liberal democracy” that this highly successful film cannot be shown at a commercial venue in London - a victory for bullying and intellectual intolerance."

The extraordinary efforts by extremely influential .. powerful ... vested interests ... to SHUT DOWN the showing of VAXXED to people .. is a sign of pure desperation on their part .. indeed .. with all their power and influence .. the brave .. courageous .. VAXXED bus tour .. rolls on.

Angus FIles

Well done the vaxxed team very, very, sad day the UK exposed for what it is Murdoch corporate utopia.


Ed Yazbak

Wonderful News!

Hans Litten

What was missing was the counter protests by the paid for pro vaccine mercenaries , and the subsequent write up in the media .

1939-45 zyklonB
1989-2017 themiserol (and the rest)

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