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India Boots Out “Philanthropy” From Bill Gates

Bill-gates_reutBy John Stone

In a devastating blow to the reputation of Bill Gates  as a philanthropist India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) has severed “all financial ties” with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over the Foundation’s manifold conflicts, Anubhuti Vishnoi reports in India’s Economic Times (February 9). The action has been taken following the publication of a paper in December 2015 by Jens Marten and Karolin Seitz Philanthropic Power and Development – Who Shapes the Agenda published by the Global Policy Forum.

This is Forum’s press release from 2015:

Aachen/Berlin/Bonn/New York, 4 December 2015. For the last few decades, increasing globalization of the world economy and waves of deregulation and privatization have facilitated the emergence and increased the power of private actors, particularly of large transnational corporations. However, it is not only “big business” but also “big philanthropy” that has an increasing influence in global (development) policy, particularly large philanthropic foundations. They have become influential actors in international policy debates, including, most importantly, how to address poverty eradication, sustainable development, climate change and the protection of human rights. The scope of their influence in both past and present discourse and decision-making processes is fully equal to and in some cases goes beyond that of other private actors. Through the sheer size of their grant-making, personal networking and active advocacy, large global foundations, most notably the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have played an increasingly active role in shaping the agenda-setting and funding priorities of international organizations and governments. So far, there has been a fairly willing belief among governments and international organizations in the positive role of philanthropy in global development.

Philanthropic Power and Development – Who shapes the agenda? released today, examines the role and impact of philanthropic foundations in development. It addresses the impacts and side effects of philanthropic engagement by taking a closer look at the priorities and operations of two of the most prominent foundations, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in two crucial sectors, health and agriculture. The findings of the study range from the foundations’ application of a business model to the measurement of results, their influence on policies and agenda-setting, the fragmentation and weakening of global governance, and the lack of transparency and accountability mechanisms. The key message it seeks to get across in the concluding chapter is that governments, international organizations and civil society organizations must carefully differentiate among foundations in the philanthropic sector, assess the growing influence of the large global philanthropic foundations, especially the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, on political discourse and agenda-setting in targeted fields, and fully analyze the risks and side effects—intended and unintended—of these activities on sustainable development.

Post Script A further explanation of the institutional setting of these events has been forwarded to me. While these events do not mark the exit of the Gates Foundation from India it does signify their exclusion from policy making. But it is clear from this report that politics and the battles for influence go on.



Then good - maybe the "grant" was India saying hi bill, you owe us some serious money to fix this. pay up, and if you stick around you can expect additional examination. One can only hope.

John Stone


I believe this is a significant institutional victory. I agree there is a concern that BMGF with remain quite as influential without its formal ties, but it has definitely lost ground and face.


I'm still deciding whether anything significant has happened here. Yes, it looks like some kind of direct relationship has changed, which looks promising. I don't quite understand the following quote from the same article. Does it refer to a grant in the past, or a new grant given under the new set up. If it's a new one, that would imply simply that BMGF money is still influencing immunization policy there somehow, now just calling it "technical support" but with an extra layer of government control? I don't know anything about India's government or transparency, but one could imagine that the money is still there, but the shift could temporarily improve the BMGF's reputation re: their involvement by improving "appearances" and that the 2015 report was simply a fly that has been effectively flicked away.

"The BMFG added that it had “provided a grant to Public Health Foundation of India at the Ministry’s request (on the recommendation of government appointed Mavalankar Committee) to provide technical support to the Immunization division of the Ministry of Health. This Immunization Technical Support Unit is fully managed by the Ministry. One of the tasks that the Ministry has allotted to ITSU is to provide secretarial support to the NTAGI, among its other responsibilities. The Ministry manages and ..

Read more at:

Insight from the the Global Policy Forum on the change would be helpful.

Jonathan Rose

While this story has been reported in some Indian newspapers, it has not been covered by any mainstream news outlet outside India.

Marjorie Rensen

People like Gates and the people working for CDC and Monsanto have no morals or conscience. Producing and giving these harmful things to the population and fully knowing the consequences of their actions is immoral. They and the politicians supporting this should be hanged for the destruction their greed had caused so many innocent people. My heart bleeds for the victims of this tyranny!

I myself live in Europe but being a born Canadian I will always have ties with both Canada and America. I wish you the best with your fight!

Greg T. Madison

So why don't you actually re-write your "article" to tell the truth instead of the slanted lies you want it to say. Oh....that would require ethics and morals on your part.

Peter Miles

Well if we're doing Proverbs today, this is one of my favorites 31:8-9 the duty of a king, 8 “Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Speak up for the rights of all those who are poor.
9 Speak up and judge fairly. Speak up for the rights of those who are poor and needy.”

Our "kings" have become tools of those who sent them gifts to help them get into positions of power and then whisper their requests in their ears. They never listen to those who are poor and cannot give them gifts, let alone think about those who have neither gifts nor voices.

And then we have the greatest hypocrites of all, those who claim to speak for the voiceless and poor but whose misguided and self-serving actions only create more troubles.


Former CDC's Dr. Walter A. Orenstein advises the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on global immunizations. He is part of the cover-up on vaccine safety and Simpsonwood - emails and minutes thanks to FOIA, Dr. Hooker, and others, correct? My, what a small world.



It's always sickened me that the real reason why no "big money" has stepped up to effectively prevent and help heal autism is because there is no "big money" in it:

Of course this comment is in no way shape or form is meant to belittle this great web site, or Generation Rescue, or Autism Mothers, or Autism Media Channel, or Thinking Moms Revolution, or I'm sure the dozens of other "little money" organizations that have done amazing work and helped so many over the years.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for directing to these interesting reports.

There appears to be a healthy level of skepticism regarding some misanthropic (I mean) "philanthropic" ventures in the comments section (of The Economic Times), so I wonder if there is need for the country's "immunisation" program to appear more independent going forward in India?


"If only all of that "philanthropy" could have been focused on clean water, nutritious food, and renewable energy. "

YES. A few years ago, I wrote to the Gates Foundation and asked them precisely about, the above statement. Their response...

...was no response.

The Gates Foundation is not, nor has it ever been, about philanthropy. As Bob Moffit so aptly states, it is nothing more than disguised 'tyranny.'

Beware those of whom may state they are serving to better mankind, for many of these philanthropists are deceivers.


If only all of that "philanthropy" could have been focused on clean water, nutritious food, and renewable energy.

Gary Ogden

Sun~Rose: Good call, particularly "Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold; for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her." (vs. 10-11) This is indeed good news. Philanthropy didn't always represent evil, except in the case of the Rockefellers, but it sure seems to now.


Is it true that his company ran into serious tax problems and then suddenly all his trouble went far away after he started his philanthropy (vaccines campaign) that teamed him up with WHO?

And we all know that WHO is joined at the hip with the NIH and CDC.
We all know that the NIH and the CDC are joined at the hip with big pharma.

Hans Litten

This is big news .
This is good news .


And vaccinating the women in the Phillipines, I think it is, and other of the 13 countries targeted -- I believe originally by Kissinger -- for depopulation; a polite term for what? destruction?

I believe these broken-hearted women just keep miscarrying. A heart-breaking thought. How evil seems so much of the world; how glad I am for the thought of Awakening (ACIM)
Anyone else here a Bible student? Take a look at Proverbs 8.

Angus Files

Pick on the poor for the trial of dodgy vaccines the least likely to fight back in any court- they both make me sick.


Bob Moffit

"Through the sheer size of their grant-making, personal networking and active advocacy, large global foundations, most notably the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have played an increasingly active role in shaping the agenda-setting and funding priorities of international organizations and governments"

These "large global foundations" are .. and .. have been for decades .. a "shadow world government" .. where the main "active role in shaping the agenda" of world governments ... is MONEY.

Unelected .. unaccountable .. impervious to the will of the people .. working tirelessly to promote their own "self-vested agenda" .. under the guise of "philanthropy" .. thereby making "philanthropy" indistinguishable from "tyranny".

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