Stunner in First-ever “vax/unvax” Study: Vaxxed Kids Have 4.7 Fold Higher Risk of Autism
And They call US Emotional? The Autism Vaccine Conversation.

HuffPo Blogger Sally Beck Shut Down

CensorshipBy Anne Dachel

British journalist Sally Beck wrote a well-researched article on the story of vaccine fraud and cover-up at the CDC as revealed in the movie "Vaxxed." It was published on UK Huffington. Within an hour it was removed. I wrote about it on Feb 22  HuffPo Allows Vaccine Related Posts Then "Poof!" They're Gone and Kim included a copy that was made before it was removed.

There was a second story, also removed from Huffington:

The MMR vaccine: why it’s sensible to worry about the way it has been regulated, by Jerome Burns and Sally Beck.

Both articles raised serious concerns about the science that we're constantly told proves vaccines are safe.

What is really frightening here is the blatant censorship by even alternative news sites like Huffington. The public is getting only one side of this debate, the pro-pharma side.

Any reporter who really looks into this, has got to have concerns that we're not being told the truth by officials. Sadly, there are few like Burns and Beck. The ones who do try to present both sides, quickly come under attack. This is what I found for background on Sally Beck:

Journalist and author Sally Beck writes human interest and health features for national newspapers and magazines. She is also the author of six books, all biography. Her most recent, Ferguson’s Gang, The Remarkable Tale of the National Trust Gangsters, is the story of an eccentric group of women operating in the 1930s, who help the Trust save England’s disappearing heritage. Her career began at CentreSpread features agency where she was a celebrity interviewer. She then joined The Sun newspaper and the Sunday Mirror covering all things celebrity, interviewing subjects as diverse as Imelda Marcos and Goldie Hawn. As a freelance writer, she changed her focus to human interest, real life and health. She has written for most of our national newspapers and magazines, but is always looking for more.

I contacted Beck about her stories and this was part of her response:

"Thanks for getting in touch. It looks as though the post has been taken down and also that my blogspot has been closed. I don’t have a message from the moderators but I can no longer access my account."

And the message to every other reporter couldn’t clearer: You will only be allowed to promote vaccines as safe and effective, or we will shut you down. This is just as true in the U.S. as in the U.K.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


susan welch

Posted by: Jeannette Bishop Sorry, Jeannette, my recent post was in response to your query.

susan welch

It was the one in which he exposed the CDC Whistleblower fraud. I think it was the original from his series Reality Check that was available on the internet just before Vaxxed came out.

There is confusion surrounding Ben Swann's circumstances. He opted out of 'internet/social media' a year or so ago (some say warned off, but I have no proof of that). Recently the news was that Reality Check was coming back again. The latest I've heard, but may just be a rumour, is that he has been fired from his job on Radio ???

He certainly isn't afraid to tell the truth. A very brave young man.

Jeannette Bishop

@susan welch, I'm curious if you remember the title or topic of Swann's video?

susan welch

Marcella Piper-Terry posted a Ben Swann video on Face Book today. A couple of hours ago I watched it. It has now been removed from You Tube much to the dismay of many on FB who clicked on the link.

I do hope that this latest incidence of censorship means that the 'Powers that Be' are panicking.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Angus Files

and it includes the BBC brilliant absolutely brilliant ...
Pharma for Prison


Angus Files

and Trump bans CCN over a New York Times fake story with no sources deja vu ..Pharma for Prison


Angus Files

Trump is onto the Fake News but there is so much nearly all of it is fake and the really sad bit is that the majority of the public still soak it all up. In Trumps own words at his inauguration question time concerning the British Broadcasting Company the BBC he said "your just the same as CNN - fake ! we know about you, sit down".That's bad enough until the other day the BBC said its going to give Scotland a new service costing 30 million pounds a year - and you know what it was for a SCOTTISH NEWS CHANNEL were going to get even more fake news in Scotland ..and this isn't a fake story either, by the way!
Pharma for Prison



There is a website called Not sure exactly what their goal was, is, et cetera. But it is writing-focused.

They have tried to encourage people to include photos, at intervals, within an article -- whether it's long or short.

The motto is, approximately, "Anyone can write." That seems to mean two things: anyone can be a writer if they try (and try and try); and anyone can write, and post their writing on

Wondering now if taking whatever was removed from Huffington Post and re-creating it on would result in something which would stay in place.

Just a thought.


They are literally declaring war on anyone who steps out of line. Note the illustration:

Bob Moffit

Slightly off-topic .. but .. here is yesterday's NY Post column by Betsey McCoughy (?) in NY Post ..

Betsy begins by asking a simple question:

"What's the biggest killer in hospitals? Secrecy.

That’s the takeaway from the feds — specifically, the Government Accountability Office and the Food and Drug Administration.

Both agencies report that hospitals are failing to disclose when medical devices injure or kill patients by spreading cancer cells throughout their bodies or infecting them with superbugs. Federal regulation requires hospitals and doctors to notify the FDA of these “adverse events” immediately, but that regulation often goes ignored.

“There is limited to no reporting” from some hospitals, says an FDA official. When hospitals stay mum, future patients become the victims.

Apparently .. Betsy is accusing the medical profession of "ignoring federal regulations that require hospitals and doctors to disclose when medical devices injure or kill patients" .. sounds an awful lot like pediatricians "failing to disclose" adverse reaction to childhood vaccines . no?


Mark Wax

I have written to HuffPo. All of us must do so. I also wrote a long letter to the Editorial Board at the NY Times in reaction to this:

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