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Attack Vaxxed's Polly Tommey? We Don't Think So.

Retro stupidNote: Take a moment to imagine stupid things. Ridiculous things. Channel Alice and imagine six impossible things before breakfast. Now, imagine the idiocy of attacking Polly Tommey - autism Mum and advocacy powerhouse - because (insert "dah dah daaaaah" music here) she has strong links to Andrew Wakefield. Have you imagined your stupid things? I'm imagining running barefoot across a floor full of Legos. And now? I am imagining baking cookies and removing them from the oven without a mitt.  Wait!  Here is another stupid thing...  injecting neurotoxins into healthy babies! And finally, taking a crumpety-crap on POLLY TOMMEY.   The Times UK thinks otherwise.  See below. Kim

Autism charity chief at forefront of ‘dangerous’ anti-vaccine campaign

The founder of a British autism charity is an anti-vaccine campaigner with strong links to the discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield, The Times has learnt.

Polly Tommey, who believes that the MMR vaccine caused her son’s autism, founded the US and UK branches of the Autism Trust and produced a highly controversial film directed by Mr Wakefield alleging a link between vaccines and the condition.

Scientists and campaigners expressed concern yesterday that Ms Tommey’s role in the charity was in conflict with her views about vaccines. Jon Spiers, chief executive of the charity Autistica, called the film highly  irresponsible.

The Autism Trust works with children who have the condition and Ms Tommey said that a crucial part of her work is “recording stories from families who are vaccine injured”. “I’m very passionate that vaccines cause massive injuries and I’m not afraid to say that,” she said.

Ms Tommey is also the producer of Vaxxed. The film is directed by Mr Wakefield, who was struck off the medical register for fraudulent research claiming vaccines were linked to autism. The film claims that the US government is covering up data proving the connection. At a screening of the film in the summer, Ms Tommey told the audience that all vaccines were unsafe.

“Stay away from these paediatricians, they are dangerous. Sorry paediatricians, but you are,” she said. “There clearly is no safe vaccine. I can tell you we will never trust again, we will never stick in another needle. You can say it’s a safe vaccine — we will never believe you.”

Mr Spiers said that there was no evidence for this view. “Numerous research studies in enormous numbers of people have found that the MMR vaccination saves lives and does not cause autism. It is highly irresponsible to spread fear through films like Vaxxed. Campaigning against vaccinations does absolutely nothing to give autistic people and their families the support, empathy and hope they urgently need.”

David Robert Grimes, a postdoctoral research associate at Oxford University, agreed. “It is highly concerning that someone so prominently involved in an autism charity would harbour such widely debunked and frankly dangerous views,” he said.

In 1998 Mr Wakefield claimed in the journal The Lancet that there was a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Although the paper was discredited, it resulted in a drop in vaccine uptake. Studies have since shown that it does not cause autism.

He moved to the US, where he retains a following among parts of the autism community. He is believed to have met Donald Trump, and is due to speak next week at the European parliament.

A spokeswoman for the Charity Commission told The Times: “The commission will assess the issues you have put to us regarding the Autism Trust Limited to determine what, if any, regulatory role there might be for us.”

Ms Tommey said that neither she nor her charity were willing to be silent on this. “It’s my charity, I set it up, I’m all for the truth,” she said. “I’m a huge believer that vaccines cause injury and death.”


susan welch

KiwiAly. Love your post!


Fact I have watched the movie vaxxed
Fact: In this movie vaxxed Andrew Wakefield Recommends vaccination
Fact In this movie the main focus is a taped phone conversation with a senior scientist from CDC Dr William Thompson,
Fact The Scientist admits that the researchers including himself on the MMR paper in 2004 LIED and Destoyed DAta and changed data to make a link with Austism and MMR disappear from the finding.
Fact The Scientist Dr William Thompson .. said he had GREAT shame knowing he was part of a cover up
FACT vaxxed film has thousand of filmed interviews with parents whos children have have had violent life damaging INSTANT reaction to vaccine
FACT the vaccine damage fund in the USA has paid 3 BILLION US out in damages to the seriously vaccine damaged
FACT most media who write about the film have NEVER seen it
FACT most government officials sceptics and medical people have never seen the film vaxxed
FACT VAxxed is not an anti vaccination film


It's 22 years now since my son was injured by multiple vaccines which included MMR. It's been quite a journey. During these years I have met, been in contact with, or read about what must be hundreds of parents – mostly mothers sadly. There is little help out there for these children [or adults] injured by vaccines. Most of it is found in the private sector, and not every family can afford to go down that route. NHS employees cannot risk their jobs to firstly, admit to vaccine damage, or secondly, try to help these children in pain distress. Compensation payments are acommpanied by gagging orders.

I guess everyone has their own way of coping with the aftermath of vaccine damage. You never really know how you might react to such a tragedy, until it happens. Some appear to quietly accept the situation and adapt as best they can. Some ask the question 'WHY' and conduct endless research and reading. Some crack under the strain – every human being has their tipping point.

And then there is Polly Tommey. In her own way she has fearlessy challenged our corrupt establishment, doing everything she can to help those parents and children ignored or silenced by our medical system and our governments. They must be running scared to now be tragetting this mother. They must see her work and efforts as a very real threat to their hidden agandas.
God be with you Polly.
And may the Charity Commission be guided by truth and justice.

angus files

I think they only mention Polly now as they are cornered rats screaming. Polly has got them and in the corner they scream. All the work Polly did in the UK billboards around London marches etc and now they only acknowledge her? This can only be out of sheer desperation to try and avoid the pummelling that’s coming this year for the pro-vaccine murder`s.
My son managed to sell another bit of art work through Polly’s Place in London to a Law firm specialising in mental capacity they will use the art work in their 2017 newsletter to be circulated worldwide and a mention of Geoffrey with his low functioning autism.
How can anyone have a problem with work like this or Polly or any of her staff or worldwide organisations unless you have one anti-autism horrendous agenda?


Grace Green

Thanks, ATSC, I'll check up on it.

Cherry Misra

- To all friends here and to Polly Tommey - a true story to cheer you up:
I call this story " Score Villager in poverty - 1 Bill Gates Foundation - 0
This morning, my lady who cooks for me, told me delightedly about a child that has been born in a nearby hovel. The parents of the child had lost their first child after an early vaccine . This time around, the mother went into labour and women living nearby exhorted the father to take her to the hospital. Instead he bolted the door from inside and delivered the baby himself ! The baby is healthy and cried immediately. I shall try to meet the parents and get more details. Three cheers for all brave parents . The doctors have no one to blame but themselves for a situation in which people no longer trust doctors. Their arrogance has been their downfall. I pray that one day , they in turn will bite the arrogant hand of pharma that fed them lies.



I also sent a 500 word account of my son's vaccine injury and I'm fairly certain that a "thanks for your submission" message appeared in red at the top of the page.

There have been 6396 submissions so far.

Do people know that they can still submit their stories because when it was first announced I seem to recall there was a three-day deadline and some people might think it's too late.

Hans Litten

Each of us needs to do more . That is the way to support Polly .
We need to protest , kick , bite and scratch .
These b'strds have got away with industrial scale murder and maiming for so long now .
The media making it all possible . (BBC deserves a special mention here)
They have taken everything from us .Taxing us to kill us .
Its easy to know who they are . So easy .
We know their tricks , they infiltrate us , they weaken us , they put their people in positions of our power .There is no case for the flu vaccine . NEVER (no point anyone here arguing there is.)
All vaccines harm , every one , every single time .
Our destruction is their aim .They cross all borders , well so do we .
Vaccine resistance groups need to unite (across language, across oceans , across borders , across the internet). We have never been better placed , we have hurt them .
The end and their collapse could come quickly and unexpectedly .
We will win . We will defeat these criminals, murderers .
We have the science , we have the determination , we have drive , we have the right people .
We know their game . We can see their strategies . Secret societies .
They cannot be as powerful as they think they are , else we'd all be gone already .
They are clearly terrified of us .They make sure we never have a voice .
Spread our message far and wide . People are listening .
Our numbers are growing all the time .
Even their scientists are turning over to our side SPIDER .
They are having to fight so many more wars than they ever imagined .
Fake news , that was our term for you !
And they are at full stretch to hold the whole murderous policy together .


Polly Tommey is autism's Mother Teresa -- caring and giving. She has helped countless families of vaccine injury victims, and likely prevented more infants, children and adults from needless health damage or death at the hands of reckless profiteers blind to consumer input.

The Times' attacks on her merely expose that publication for the corporate tool it is.

Tim Bolen

Actually, if you think about it, these kinds of articles WORK FOR US, not against us.

Why? Because, here in the US, Mainstream Media has only a 6% credibility rating, SO, we actually WANT these nitwits to criticize us.

The vaccine situation has turned around - the word is getting out.

Maybe we should be calling all those media outlets, insult them, laugh at them, and goad them into writing MORE of this crap...

It is actually, at this point, kind of a badge of honor...


This is propaganda in its most despicable form. The help that the Trust charities give to people in desperate need is unequivocal, and this troll seeks to destroy it.
Crawl back into
your hateful hole
you ignorant, evil,
treacherous troll!

Grace Green

Let's all stand alongside Polly. I've sent in my 500 word account of my vaccine injury, as she requested. I didn't get an automatic acknowledgement. Does anyone know if I should have? I'm sure they must have been inundated with stories.


Jenny, thank you for the info that Prof. Walker-Smith was the author of the Lancet paper. I've used that info for an exchange with another 'Tweeter' who asked me if I knew Dr Wakefield's history! I had already replied, but that was more ammo.


Polly said that her husband mentioned that there was some problems with the MMR.
She said not get the MMR and he will get the measles and then he will go deaf. Billy will go deaf if she does not make sure he got the MMR.

Others had trouble with the DPT, other had trouble with the safer version the DTaP. Since my daughter kept vaccinating herself, after her childhood DTP and then later the DTaP I can tell you there is not much difference in the two.

Others had trouble with the rotarvirus vaccine, or the Hep B, or the combination of the DPT and the chicken pox or the flu shot.

Polly has the right advice to parents - never trust again.


Kim, thank you for this article.

John, you may be interested in a Twitter' conversation I've had today with the odious Adam Rutherford. After a brief exchange, I asked him 'Surely scientists should debate both sides or did he believe the science was settled. If so, not very scientific'. He came back with 'There is no debate. This is one of the most rigorously tested areas in public health, and the results are unequivocal' Surely he has 'shot himself in the foot' as Vaxxed is about falsification of data. Therefore how can that be called 'rigorously tested'.

We fight on and on.


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this is correct: The "Times UK" wrongly claims that Vaxxed" was directed by Andrew Wakefield. Del Bigtree is in fact the Director/Producer, right?
At a recent local public showing of Vaxxed at the local library, 2 folks showed up to disrupt the event. They had an info sheet with links. One link was to "", which seems to be locked behind a registration/paywall. I couldn't get into the site in 3 tries! The other link was to Brian Deer's page, which only went "deeper down the rabbit hole" than I was willing to go! I have to wonder what BIG$$$, or group, was behind these disruptors? Not to start a rumor, but I've seen some evidence that the "guy at the top" is Billionaire George Soros. And I need to be honest here, folks. After carefully watching Vaxxed, I had to wonder if Vaxxed itself has some big, dark money behind it....????....
None of this is meant to take away from the legitimate concerns over CDC fraud and collusion and conflicts-of-interest. I've seen too little about the idea that vaccines MIGHT attack intestinal micro-organisms/ bacteria, which then affect brain function. That seems a reasonable, logical possibility. But, nobody I've heard of is doing that research in any large, public way. Trump is right to name Bobby Kennedy Jr., and appoint a vaccine safety panel. Yes, that it's so opposed leads to, "Yeah, but WHAT do THEY have to HIDE?"....

Tim Lundeen

Every time this issue comes into the public eye, it helps our cause. This article and Polly's defense will overall help. Going down this path isn't fun, but helps us get to a better world. Go Polly!


Sounds like this Charity Commission (under intense pressure, surely, from numerous, outside and unrelated pharma interests) want to shut down or control Ms. Tommey's charity, Autism Trust. I am sure they are looking into all possible legal possibilities. What a sad waste of time that will only serve to hurt children, if they are successful. Guess the Charity Commission has forgotten what "charity" means.


When I saw this yesterday I imagined a campaign to save the Brits where Americans would each be given the name and address of a British family (at their request), and we can each mail one British family a DVD. Tens of thousands of Vaxxed DVDs mailed from the Americans to behind the UK Wall of censorship. What would the UK government do? Would they start opening and confiscating mail?

Wouldn't that just humiliate the stupid bastards.

Jenny Allan
Yes Deer is still tenuously retained by The Times. Murdoch still occasionally allows him to spout venom against Andrew Wakefield. However, The Times loses £millions annually and is only still in existence due to corporate 'sponsorship' of its pro establishment articles (pro vaccines, pro nuclear, pro man made global warming etc etc etc) . The pro vaccine etc Guardian is another financial 'basket case' , propped up by some mysterious investment trust. Alas, this lost so much money last year the Guardian is going 'tabloid' -Oh the horror!! Both newspapers exist beneath a 'pay wall' , but I doubt if many pay to read this kind of rubbish propaganda.

Deer is going ballistic about Dr Wakefield and his wife attending Trump's inaugural ball. I won't give Deer the 'oxygen of publicity' by reproducing the above article, but he is using his usual weasel words and illusory tactics:-
"the General Medical Council hit him with charges, including one that he acknowledged through his lawyers to be of “fraud”. And yet there he was, popping up in Washington for the inauguration."

Oh Deer! The GMC not only did not 'charge' Dr Wakefield with 'fraud', but if they had believed they had evidence of financial 'fraud', then they would have informed the UK police. For alleged scientific fraud, there is another dedicated UK 'watchdog', which subsequently refused to take an interest in any so called fraudulent research by Dr Wakefield and his Royal Free Colleagues. Incidently, the convoluted 3 year GMC hearing, did not question any of the research findings in the 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet paper. The entire basis of the trumped up charges against the 3 doctors, was they 'conspired' to subject children to unnecessary invasive procedures for purely research purposes.

In February 2012, following the High Court Appeal of Professor Walker-Smith, Lord Justice Mitting 'quashed' all the GMC charges and restored the Prof's medical licence. Professor Walker-Smith is recorded in the Lancet paper as being the author of the 12 children's medical histories, NOT Dr Wakefield , who merely collated the input from the 13 co-authors. There was no fraud and the paper, an early report on a then 'novel' bowel and neurological syndrome, is still a perfectly valid report. Of course, the 'syndrome' is sadly no longer novel. A bowel/autism link is now officially admitted.

Polly Tommey is gorgeous anyway, but looks particularly beautiful in the Times photo. I hope the UK Charity Commission treats this complaint with the contempt it deserves, Ms Tommey's charity provides valuable practical help and support to the autism community.

John Stone


Thanks. Here are a few links for anyone who wants to look at them right away:

John Stone

The moral squalor of The Times knows no bounds. I am so sorry Polly has had to endure this latest round of harassment from them.


I would have been very surprised if the Times had not spouted venom against Andy Wakefield and Polly Tommey They were the main players in this from the start with Brian Deer's articles . John Stone has written excellent articles about this perhaps they could be
posted again for people who have not seen them. The greatest danger to the establishment is parents waking up to the realisation they have been lied to and we all get together and demand justice. Other groups have already demonstrated this is possible .I would be very worried if I were them .Nemesis is at the gate and she is angry.

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