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An Open Letter to Daniel Summers, MD

Dr Daniel SummersNote:  Thanks to Anne for this open letter to Massachusetts Pediatrician Dr. Daniel Summers.  We need to ask doctors by name how they can justify vaccine injury without batting an eye.

By Anne Dachel

Dear Dr. Summers,

I read your Feb 17th article in the Washington Post entitled, The evidence for vaccine safety is abundant. That will be $100,000, please.

In your strong criticism of Robert Kennnedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro, you were adamant that all the science is in on vaccine safety. You wrote, “Kennedy offered $100,000 to anyone who could turn up a study showing that it is safe to administer vaccines to children and pregnant women, with a specific call out to concerns about mercury.”

You cited “lots of studies that support the safety of vaccines,” both ones with mercury and the MMR vaccine.  You referenced research from Denmark,“where the CDC doesn’t have a lot of pull.”

In addition you said that “thimerosal isn’t even used anymore.”

In support of your position you cited the 350 health organizations who “recently reaffirmed the safety of vaccines and highlighted more than 40 of the most respected studies in an open letter to President Trump.”

As far as autism is concerned, you asserted that signs of autism can be found early in infancy “well before children receive more vaccines.” 

“Other studies have found that alterations in brain cell development related to autism may occur before birth.”

Finally you dismissed Robert Kennedy’s plea that people show him the science that proves it’s safe to inject mercury into babies and pregnant mothers as


Dr. Summers, let me say first of all, your argument that studies show no link is what Kennedy’s offer was all about.

You are relying on research with vast ties to the vaccine makers.

Toxicity studies have never been done on either the mercury additive thimerosal or the aluminum used in vaccines.  (And yes, thimerosal is still in large amounts in the flu vaccine given to pregnant women and babies as young as six months.  In addition, while American children have reduced levels of mercury in their other vaccines, no such protection is afforded children in poor countries where vaccines are laced with full doses of thimerosal.)

The Danish research that you cited as independent comes from Dr. Poul Thorsen, the principal researcher who is under indictment for 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering by the U.S. government, having stolen over $1 million in research funding paid for by the U.S taxpayers.  How reliable do you think his work is?

What Kennedy is offering is $100,000 for anyone who can produce the reputable science showing that injecting mercury into humans is safe. (And the 19 easily flawed and manipulated population studies that officials use just don’t make it. They are proof of nothing.) Where are the toxicity studies? Where are the animal studies?

There are none.

Parents who’ve looked into the issue of vaccine safety see huge holes in your arguments and a lot of omissions.

You fail to inform readers that you, as a pediatrician, have no liability for any injuries resulting from administering vaccines. Doctors, along with vaccine makers, have been protected by federal law. You can’t be sued.

If a child is injured, parents have to appeal to a federal program of vaccine injury compensation where they’re up against government lawyers defending the government’s vaccine program using government money. Despite the deck being stacked against claimants, this program has paid out over $3 billion for vaccine injuries that included death.

How can you overlook the news story out everywhere in 2008 about Hannah Poling, the Georgia girl whose case of vaccine-induced autism was conceded by medical experts at HHS?  The government compensated her because they agreed that a pre-existing condition made her susceptible to develop autism because of vaccines. No one has ever looked at how many other children have the same exact pre-existing vulnerability.

In 2011 it was announced that the government’s injury program has compensated over 80 cases where the vaccine injuries included autism.  The media refused to cover this.

In 2014 it was announced that a top scientist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, revealed that he was ordered to destroy research findings that showed a marked link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African American boys who received the vaccine before 36 months of age. U.S. Congressman Bill Posey of Florida went on floor of the House of Representatives and pleaded with members to call for a hearing on Thompson. Congress refused.

In truth, we can’t trust the CDC. Hundreds of employees have conflict of interest waivers because they’re also being paid by the industry they’re supposed to be regulating.

There are no answers, Dr. Summers.

Autism now affects two percent of our children. No one has been able to find a similar rate among adults, especially adults with severe autism whose symptoms are easily recognized.  Where are the autistic adults?

No doctor can advise parents on how they can prevent their healthy, normally developing toddler from suddenly losing learned skills like speech and regressing into autism. And when little children stop speaking, making eye contact and engaging with others, doctors are helpless. They only thing they’re sure of is that the battery of vaccines the child just received couldn’t be the cause—because studies show no link.

Phony population studies are proof of nothing. Where is the study that has looked at these children who regressed to find the common factors that suddenly affected their health? No one wants to look.

Dr. Summers, you can’t show us the science that would settle this controversy overnight. There is no official study that has compared fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated children for health outcomes. If one in every 45 never-vaccinated kids also has autism, the proof would be there for all to see. There are now so many parents too afraid to vaccinate, the study group is out there. The government does retrospective studies like this all the time, but they won’t when the subject is vaccines. We all need to ask ourselves why.

Dr. Summers, I hope you contact Robert Kennedy, Jr. He has looked at all the science on vaccine safety and found 240 studies that raise serious concerns about side effects and 81 studies that link vaccines to autism. These studies are by well-credentialed scientists from leading institutions. They’ve been peer reviewed and published in journals. Health officials won’t look at them. They pretend they don’t exist.

I look forward to your response.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism



Marco Caceres

Safety of Mercury in Vaccines: Sorry Dr. Summers, No Cigar

Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

I must have missed this one: Dear British Autism Mother re:

About five years ago my now adult ASD child was asked to undergo a MRI scan at a well-respected research facility. After some thought they decided not to do this. The sum offered was around Pnds Stg 65. I regret my child's decision not to take part.

N.B. I do not know the accepted practice in the USA.

Please NEVER regret that test NOT taken, as if it were WITH gadolinium contrast, your child would be FURTHER irreparably harmed via Gadolinium Deposition Disease, as am I! I am 57, had Lyme for years its’ sister confections of Babesia and b.burgdorferi. In pursuit of that diagnosis I had a series of nine MRIs with gadolinium contrast at over about a ten yer time span and I am now suffering for this with internal and external FIBROSIS which is scarring of my body, the pain is excruciating, when teh entire body is turning into a statue all because of Gadolinium Imagine that in one who cannot communicate and that is what I believe many in the Autism community are dealing with, it is WHY they smack their heads, it is why they self immolate over the least amount of frustration, it is THE WORST MAN-MADE DISEASE PROCESS know to the world and GE & BAYER have been aware of this for decades now, it is TIME TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE<~> that is MY MISSION!

Please see the research assembled at where you will find THE BEST INFO ON THE WEB all in one place on this subject! Here is just a bit of a sample so you can see just how horrendous the use of MRI gadolinium contrast is in patients with NO KNOWN KIDNEY DISEASE! There are HUNDREDS of us on the WEB, we managed to FIND ONE ANOTHER and in turin in doing my own research into my medical issues, it came to my attention the tI have retained not just Gadolinium but nine other metal which are toxic to my body as well! If you know of other pre whose kids may have gotten GADDED, please give them the above info ASAP!

List of metals *(HIGH) being removed via chelation:

*barium, *cadmium, cesium, gadolinium, *lead, mercury, nickel, tin and tungsten!

With SOME of the following:

Aluminum, arsenic, Thallium!

(This is all some seven years after the last administration of Gadolinium, 22 + years post last filling (Mercury) and 9 years post last Barium swallow)

an Francisco Bay Study on Gadolinium in Bay

and a prior article:


AUNT MINNIE & GE & $5 Million verdict

Study links Gadolinium MR contrast to brain abnormalities
By Wayne Forrest, staff writer

Radiology. 2014 Mar;270(3):834-41. doi: 10.1148/radiol.13131669. Epub 2013 Dec 7.
High signal intensity in the dentate nucleus and globus pallidus on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images: relationship with increasing cumulative dose of a gadolinium-based contrast material.

Kanda T1, Ishii K, Kawaguchi H, Kitajima K, Takenaka D.

Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric
GE Failed to Adequately Warn about Dangers of its MRI Dye, Jury Finds

by Jeff Gerth
ProPublica, March 22, 2013, 2:41 p.m.

$5 Million Verdict In The First Gadolinium Injury Trial

Tags: claims, Gadolinium Verdict, GE Healthcare, lawsuit, lawyer, litigation, Product Liability
A federal jury in Ohio has awarded $5 million in the first case to go to trial in the multi district litigation involving patients who claim injury from the body scan contrast agent gadolinium. The jury found that GE Healthcare failed to provide adequate warnings of the health risk posed to those with impaired kidney function from Omniscan. As we have reported, the GE product is a gadolinium-based contrast dye used in MRIs and other imaging scans. The plaintiff in the case, Paul Decker, contracted a debilitating skin disease — nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) — as a result of being injected with Omniscan for a magnetic resonance angiogram in 2005. At the time, Decker was also undergoing dialysis for end-stage kidney disease.
Jury awards $5M in GE Omniscan suit
By staff writers is NOT my site but is one where info can be found on this subject!

Jeannette Bishop

Another video from the Vaxxed team related to this topic:

Jeannette Bishop

More from Forrest Maready:


Dr. Summer's:
More 'things' could explain why a young doctor like yourself doesn't want to get the vaccine/autism connection
a) you are brainwashed from the medical school, pharma influence, perhaps suffering from cognitive dissonance.
b) you never actually get out to the schools to see what's going on, hence believe that the problem is really not so serious.

Cynthia Cournoyer

On January 11, Dr. Summers also said: Quote "If vaccines genuinely cause autism like their opponents claim, one of two things must be true of pediatricians like me who administer them. Either we are too incompetent to discern the relationship between the two, or we are too monstrous to care. One cannot believe that autism is related to vaccination without simultaneously indicting the overwhelming majority of physicians, nurses and other medical providers in this country." Unquote

Ok. Wow. I guess he called it! Way to go doc!

Jeannette Bishop

I could have sworn I remember reading how many cases of autism he has encountered in his practice, but if there was a number and my mind didn't just dream one up, it's not there now:

"It’s nearing two decades since I graduated from medical school, and in that span of time I’ve immunized thousands of patients. Not once have I encountered a case where those immunizations could be plausibly linked with autism."

So he's been practicing since about 1998 and mostly, if not exclusively, saw patients born after the schedule approximately tripled in Hg and Al exposure in the first six months and continued to grow in the meantime, but since he's practiced on "thousands" I wonder if the parents of the greater than 14 patients (according to the unquestionable CDC) he must have encountered with autism agree that there's no "plausible" link? I wonder if he even knows of enough patients with autism to match the CDC's way-behind-the-times surveys. Especially if one is assuming the rate is finally stable (in accounting for our greater awareness and better diagnosis) and matching the way things always has been?

Grace Green

Linda L, I think what they mean by "safe and effective" is, they have not yet been proven unsafe or ineffective (and given that we're not going to conduct any trials, they never will be!)

Cindy L. Griffin

I truly cannot read this sort of article any more. I beat my head against the wall daily trying to help undo the damage of even a single vaccine, not to mention that of multiples given through their short lives. It's not all autism, though most of what we see is.

And the smug arrogance of articles and authors like this who CREATE the injuries but never, NEVER deal with the fallout (thank you Congress members of 1986, and 2001 for shielding manufacturers and doctors from liability). They refuse to believe families who are literally torn asunder by autism, who know that vaccines were the trigger - because if they believed it, their entire paradigm would crumble.

Praying fervently, daily that the Trump administration will persevere and set up the vaccine safety and scientific integrity commission, post haste. Because every day he waits or deliberates is a day when hundreds or thousands of children will become autistic from their vaccines.

Dinah Everett Snyder

Let me remind you that animals are used to test human pharmaceutical products on. In order to test an arthritis product on animals before introducing it to humans via prescriptions the researchers need to test it on animals WITH arthritis. The easiest quickest way to induce arthritis in animal lab animals is to inject with heavy metals. This isn't rocket science ladies and gentlemen, merely the intersection between animal and human " what we know in research". Since researchers KNOW that heavy metals including aluminum and Mercury/ thimerasal will INDUCE. Arthritis in animals, it's safe to call them liars and frauds for intentionally hiding this knowledge as it pertains equally to humans.

In a sure fire " what's good for the goose is good for the gander" model of practical thinking, heavy metals induce arthritis ( an empirical statement of research fact) in animals and in humans ( by way of empirical clinical fact) this vaccines containing aluminum and it Mercury/ thimerasal by definition absolutely create arthritis and by ascending and or descending order of magnitude a symbiotic cascade of relative and related causal cofactors. This isn't hypothesis but fact. Thus vaccines induce disease and alter genetic resistance which also becomes a horizontal epigenetic transfer fully encoded by the third generation.

Dinah Everett Snyder

Anne McElroy Dachel

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

3:06 PM CST

Robert Kennedy, Jr. put this comment on Summer's article in the WaPo:

Dr. Daniel Summers asserts that several epidemiological studies cited on CDC website prove that thimerosal is a safe vaccine preservative. The notorious flaws in these studies aside, none of them pretend to be safety studies: they simply purport to exonerate thimerosal as a causative agent of a single disease, autism. Most of them acknowledge that thimerosal causes other brain injuries including low IQ and Tics. A rich literature of hundreds of independent studies available on Pub Med link thimerosal to autism and many other neurodevelopmental disorders.
Contrary to Summers's assertion, thimerosal remains in massive doses in US flu vaccines administered to pregnant women during every trimester. Data from a Kaiser Permanente study, published in January, links first trimester flu shots to a significant rise in autism diagnosis.
Summers claims the Kennedy/DeNiro $100K reward offering a Danish study which he says was created independent of CDC’s corrupting influence. However, CDC commissioned, funded and directed those studies and hired its sketchy data manager, Poul Thorsen. Thorsen’s studies have been widely discredited for using deceptive devices to conceal the statistical association between autism and thimerosal. Thorsen is now under indictment for 22 counts of fraud and theft and on the run in Europe. HHS lists Thorsen as a fugitive on its Most Wanted list.
A subsequent 2013 study by CDC scientists revealed a 33% drop in autism after Denmark banned thimerosal in 1993 suggesting a link.
Dr. Summers offers to meet and debate me on the science relevant to thimerosal safety. I accept.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

British Autism Mother

@ David m burd and others

"a small promotion payment "

Please note that in the United Kingdom it is generally accepted practice for anyone taking part in medical research to be offered an 'honorarium' of a modest amount of money. This is budgeted for in the research funding. About five years ago my now adult ASD child was asked to undergo a MRI scan at a well-respected research facility. After some thought they decided not to do this. The sum offered was around Pnds Stg 65. I regret my child's decision not to take part.

N.B. I do not know the accepted practice in the USA.


This starts out as a spoof, worth reading. It gets serious.








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The Long Lost ‘Lincoln Letter’ – Harriet Tubman on the “A” Word



By bettercalltmatt

Posted Friday, February 17, 2017 at 01:22pm EST

Keywords: Black History Month, parental rights, personal liberty, U.S. Constitution

Long Lost “Lincoln Letter”

Danvers, Massachusetts— Among the papers of agronomist and free-thinker, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (1812–1901), was recently found a letter written in 1862 – addressed to President Abraham Lincoln – from slave-turned-activist, Harriet Tubman. Historians are buzzing at the news because this letter, authenticated by the New England Victorian Society, is rumored to be the long, lost “Lincoln Letter.”

Tubman Not Anti-Slavery!

Tubman’s heartfelt letter reveals her shocking views on slavery – Tubman was not anti-slavery! And while history books teach us that Harriet Tubman was a fierce opponent of slavery, who supposedly worked tirelessly for abolition, it turns out that historical truths can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

The Lincoln Letter—Transcript

From Auburn, New York, on August 14, 1862, with the Civil War raging, Harriet Tubman writes to the White House:

“Dear Mr. Lincoln: I am not an abolitionist. I have no wish to abolish slavery. I am not anti-slavery, I am merely a slavery skeptic, which means I have doubts about slavery. Yes, I acknowledge that slavery made this country great, but I also have doubts about the safety and efficiency of the plantation system.”

“I now call upon the Lincoln Administration to push Congress for safer ways to force people to work against their will. Again, I do not oppose forcing people to work against their will, but I wish to see safer plantations and safer slave laws. Notably, I refrain from using the term “abolitionist” because it alienates people. Abolition is just too strong a message for most, and it tends to offend Northern Liberals, which makes it difficult to persuade others to join the movement.”

“When it comes to slavery, I believe in freedom of choice and the right to choose whether slavery is right for one’s family. I fight to ensure that all citizens learn the risks associated with slavery, and I am passionate about raising slavery awareness. But I do not advocate the abolition of slavery because we, as Americans, have the right to choose whether slavery is right for our families. It’s our families, our choice. Through education, we can put families first, and together, we can make a difference!”

Harriet Tubman

More Fake News?

C’mon, folks, this is satire! But the vaccine analogy is clear – just re-read the Lincoln Letter removing the word slavery and replacing it with vaccine. If you advocate for safer vaccines, (or vaccine choice), it’s just as foolish and nonsensical as advocating for safer slavery, (or slavery choice). Neither vaccines nor slavery should ever be available as an option for anybody to choose. Having no place in civilized society, both vaccines and slavery are morally untenable.

PUNCHLINE: Beware of online activists who call for “safer” vaccines – because there is no such thing – and beware of online activists who call for vaccine “choice” – because no parent, properly informed of the risk, would ever choose to vaccinate their own children.

Not Anti-Vaccine = Pro-Vaccine

Yes, of course, Harriet Tubman never spoke the words, “I am not anti-slavery.” Trust me, she was definitely anti-slavery! And, further, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. never said, “I am not anti-segregation.” He was totally anti-segregation! And when online activists say, “I am not anti-vax,” it is highly suspect! To be “not anti-vax” is the same as being “pro-vax.”

Vaccine Skeptics

RFK, Jr. calls himself a vaccine skeptic, which means “vaccine doubter,” but this is curious because he did, in fact, vaccinate his own kids. However, he apparently cannot get past the vaccine doubting stage. If I could sermonize him for five minutes, RFK, Jr. would go from wishy-washy doubter—to full-fledged abolitionist! And then, instead of calling for more research to quench his doubts about vaccine safety, RFK, Jr. would join our ranks and loudly call for abolition!

Vaccine Abolitionists—Unite!

In honor of Harriet Tubman – let’s all use the term “abolitionist!” Never be shy about calling yourself a vaccine “abolitionist.” No legit activist will be offended by the “A” word. However, you might offend a “health choice advocate,” but that’s only because these are pro-vaccine lobbyists – purposely advocating a lukewarm message – to create a feeble opposition – to make it easy for the industry to control that opposition (and lead it down the rabbit hole…).

Masters ‘n Slaves

As a young girl, Harriet Tubman sustained traumatic head injuries when an irate slave owner threw a heavy metal object – intending to hit another slave – but hit her instead. As a result, she suffered lifelong dizziness and pain. But did Harriet Tubman file a personal injury lawsuit against her slave master?—No, because slaves are forbidden to sue masters! And this same legal reasoning drives the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act – which likewise forbids slaves from suing masters. In other words, American slaves cannot sue their vaccine masters.


Measles vaccination may soon be required for all slaves in order to get a driver’s license – unless we all resist now! Tell everybody – fight medical slavery! Just say NO to all vaccines! If enough people stop vaccinating, then we can crash their system financially! Resist now!—pretend your life depends on it! #resistnow

T. Matthew Phillips
Feb. 17, 2017
Please visit:

[Attorney T. Matthew Phillips and are now suing to stop mandatory vaccination in California. Any mention of this lawsuit is forbidden in the lame-stream media – because their ad revenue comes from drug companies – who forbid news outlets from mentioning this lawsuit! Just say “No!” to censorship – tell others about this lawsuit!]

Jeannette Bishop

It appears RFK Jr. here accepts an invitation to debate Dr. Summers:

david m burd

Neil Miller (Also known as Neil Z. Miller), Thanks for your indomitable efforts and writings and books.

And, for your recent reference. You have been in the vanguard of inflicted vaccine-damage.

Thank you so, so much!

Tim Kasemodel


What is "disingenuous" and insincere about Dr Summers' article is he is insinuating that he is asking to be paid the $100 K without actually meeting with Kennedy and providing the debate in public.

Anne, you are my rock star I hope you keep on calling these mock attempts by the media or the industry (lets face it - someone prompted this "professional" into jumping into the fray) when they try to take over the narrative.

Neil Miller

I sent Dr. Summers a copy of my recent book, Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers.

Cherry Misra

To Bill- Hey! If Bill Gates is really saying things like that, I can tell you a few things about him- Something like he eats fish 7 days a week and still has quite a few mercury-amalgams in his teeth, and because he and Melinda travel abroad frequently, he often takes vaccines of various kinds, and it wont be long till he gets macular degeneration, cataract, high BP, and Alzheimers or stroke. Who needs a peer reviewed scientific study, when you can find out first hand what mercury can do to the human body?


He kind of looks like Gorski. Same sociopathic stare.


Nicely put...the American Academy of Pediatrics is a sales force for Merck.

And they maimed my child for 300 dollars in revenue.

Linda L

Why doesn't this doctor mention the study? I think he says to take him at his word and experience. Where is the science in that? The vaccine inserts for the flu and pertussis shots recommended for pregnant women state under their "use in specific populations" section that safety and effectiveness of the vaccine have not been established in pregnant women. These same vaccines manufacturers have pregnancy registries so they can keep records of the effects on pregnant women.
"Sanofi Pasteur is maintaining a prospective pregnancy exposure registry to collect data on pregnancy outcomes and newborn health status following vaccination with Fluzone Quadrivalent during pregnancy." That is from section 8.1 of the vaccine insert for Fluzone Quadrivalent. The CDC website says the flu shot is safe for pregnant women yet the actual insert says there have been no studies. Where is the science? I am not a scientist but I am not stupid. If the safety and effectiveness has not been established, why are doctors and government agencies telling me the vaccine is safe and effective in pregnant women? What else are they lying about?


The Washington Post is a dedicated, blatant, propaganda outlet. The WaPo serves the needs of the Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters. One of that ilk - Bill Gates - has recently been warning that an "imminent pandemic" could kill 30 million people worldwide. He says we need a massive investment in research to develop vaccines against this imminent, imaginary "epidemic". Dr. Daniel Summers looks like just another foot soldier in the on-going Vaxxer Wars.... He's a dupe, a patsy, a true believer. His paycheck depends on it! And, I'm sure he won't respond here! Will you, Dr. Summers?.....
See, I know him better than he knows himself! ;)


Note that Dr. Summers is YOUNG. He's part of the church of the immaculate vaccination. Older pediatricians are scientists - they know when their patients are not well -they saw normal health. These younger docs accept a dreadful rate of sickness with a devil may care attitidue that a drug will just take care of that little problem. They don't think for themselves. The pool is self-selecting. Easy hours, 8 minute visits, get em in and get em out, mostly just vax and hand out scrips and referrals - actual health is so far down the list as to be non-existent. The AAP is a sales force for Merck.


John Stone

The Emperor has no clothes Dr Summers and you are one of the preening courtiers, who in the words of Danny Kaye does not want to appear a fool. But you are fool, nonetheless.

david m burd

Terribly sad and depressing, but typical:

Pediatrician Daniel Summers repeats by rote the classic MMR Paper by Wakefield, Walker-Smith, Murch, et al. (ten other top medical specialists) was a "fraud." And thence the typical Washington Post reader swallows whole such slander, and locks it into their brain(s). However, the medical SCIENCE in the paper raising a direct connection of the MMR shot to autism has been validated by more published papers since then.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Drs. Murch and Walker-Smith did TWO things completely unrelated to actual SCIENCE: 1) They offered a small promotion payment for collected blood samples from children at a party where many were gathered; 2) Wakefield received a modest fee (by today's standards) for representing some of the damaged children in legal proceedings; while a 3rd related-finding was Dr. Wakefield unethically filed for a patent for treating such damaged children, even though this type of patent application is done thousands of times a year, both in the UK and the U.S.

NONE of this British Medical Council political lynching was remotely related to the SCIENCE of their paper connecting a plausible direct link of the MMR shot to autism (and also life-long terrible gut damage**, the fundamental basis for the paper).

At any rate, thanks to Dr. Summers I have now lost another "friend" who believes everything the Washington Post, and what Summers tells her, and calls my views "bullshit" - a rather sure sign my decade+ of accruing medical and vaccine science means to he I'm an idiot. The power of propaganda continually rules the human race, and the bigger the lie the more it is believed.

**This damage - all by itself, to millions of children - should justify stopping the ethical administration of the MMR vaccine shots.

Bob Moffit

"Finally you dismissed Robert Kennedy’s plea that people show him the science that proves it’s safe to inject mercury into babies and pregnant mothers as


Webster's dictionary defines disingenuous thus: "not candid or frank, insincere"

RFK's offer of $100,000 to ANYONE who could provide him with ONE study showing "injecting mercury into babies and pregnant mothers" .. was as CANDID AND FRANK an offer ever made ..

In addition, Dr Summers had/has ample opportunity to provide that ONE study .. thereby proving RFK's offer was "insincere" ... but we all SINCERELY know THAT is not going to happen.

George stevens

Pan posted that article on his facebook he must believe people are dumbasses you can read that aND see the spin in it. It's like all other media out there seriously spun with zero facts given. We are fighting the media but the good news is the media is loosing the battle against trump, if he can discredit what we already know is spin their vaccine house of cards will come crashing down that's why they are so rabid against him right now. The problem is people still want to believe in vaccines even if they believe the media lies on every other subject. Boggles my mind. Really feel like we should go on the offensive with the media. Cash rewards for a Wikileaks style of reporting collusion with pharmaceutical companies, you know there are emails between sponsors and media outlets out there showing that collusion, there is I'm sure people out there wiling to report said collusion I'm sure. Align yourself with conservative groups out there that support trump, I'm sure there is financial backing for that idea if it is used for other types of collusion also.

go Trump

Ending Autism in the United States is a bit like trying to end slavery.

Those with all the power and money who make billions with the endless epidemic see nothing wrong with chaining up 1 in 68. However it is doing far more damage well beyond that number.

A number of intellects want to mandate all the vaccines to lock in their revenues and lake house lifestyles.

Ten or fifteen years ago their might have been an excuse for medicine to “shrug and play stupid” with the Autism disaster. Those days are long gone and will not return.

Once a few more key staff are in place with the Trump administration the ship with hit the fan...
A few sets of handcuffs and a visit to the CDC would be a good place to start.

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