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Vaccine Concerns: It Isn’t Just About Autism

Trust yourselfBy Cathy Jameson

I can’t remember which news story it was that I was listening to, but the line “…vaccines don’t cause autism…” was said.  As if that wasn’t enough, the speaker made sure to add that the measles (MMR) vaccine most certainly does not cause autism either.  Rolling my eyes, I turned the radio station. 

Please, I thought to myself.  Do yourself a favor and get some new lines.  This “vaccines don’t cause autism” bit isn’t the sole reason young parents are questioning vaccines today.  Other reasons exist, too.

Parents are concerned about vaccine ingredients like aluminum, formaldehyde, and human diploid cells.  They are concerned about side effects like seizures, allergic reactions, and anaphylaxis.  Some are also not too keen on how their doctor downplays and even dismisses their apprehension.  Instead of addressing the valid concerns, doctors demand that parents follow the full vaccine schedule.  If they don’t, or if they ask to delay the shots?  They’re “fired”.  No longer welcomed in the practice, the parent is forced to leave and left to find answers on their own. 

Thankfully, with so many resources literally at their fingertips, someone who’s been dismissed by a doctor can educate themselves on vaccines elsewhere.  They can look through medical books at the library, they can read about those worrisome vaccine ingredients online, they can seek help from another more open-minded provider, and they can join parenting message boards as well.  The topics that come up the most on the message boards I’m on tend to be about children’s health and how to navigate vaccines.  Since I have been open about my child’s vaccine injury, young mamas seek me out when vaccines come up in online conversations on those boards. 

As a new parent, these young moms want to do the right thing.  They want the best for the child.  They want to know that they’ve made good choices.  That can be hard to do when they hear similar messages like the one I heard on the radio.  From their doctor, from the school nurse, and from mainstream news, it’s all from the same memo:

Silly parents, vaccines don’t cause autism.  They save lives!  Now go out and get them…all of them.  You’ll be fine.  Trust us. 

As a young mom myself, I trusted.  But not for the right reasons.  It was only after my son fell sick did I think to invest my own time in the vaccination process.  Sadly, I didn’t comprehend it fully until after I witnessed real-life events, like seizures, loss of gained skills and autism, all of which followed my son’s vaccinations.  It had already started to diminish, but by then, the trust that I had for my doctor, for that school nurse, and for the media was completely broken. 

Losing trust hurts, especially if parents have been kicked out of a practice for merely asking questions.  But going rogue and educating oneself elsewhere will open one’s eyes and even doors to opportunity, opportunities that a young parent may not have yet realized existed.

As parents read and examine not just vaccines but the vaccine process – to include legislation, parents may learn that vaccines aren’t required in every state for school entry.  They’ll hopefully realize that despite their former doctor downplaying reactions that yes, vaccines do come with side effects – from mild to severe to include death.  And they’ll hopefully discover that vaccines consumers have no recourse should a reaction occur.  The more they read, the more they’ll learn. 

Understandably nervous, those young mamas look to seasoned parents for advice the more they learn.  Not wanting to risk their child’s health by exposing them to potential disease, but also not wanting to risk their child’s health by introducing unnecessary vaccines, parents find themselves in a tough situation.  If given the opportunity to talk to them about it, I tell them to look beyond the vaccine itself and to ask themselves one simple question:

What does your gut say? 

If there’s one ounce of hesitation, that one small ounce should be enough.  It should be enough to drive a parent to read more, to ask more, or to investigate more.  Taking time to continue to read and to weigh the pros and cons will hopefully help them settle on a decision – be it to follow doctor’s orders and vaccinate or to confidently delay (or stop) vaccinating completely. 

The decision, no matter which one is made, should be left solely up to the parent.  For too long, though, parents have been told they are not part of the decision-making process. They’re told to ignore their intuition, to blindly trust, and to accept all that they’re being told about vaccines without question.  That’s a dangerous way to sell a product, especially one that comes with risks – including but not limited to autism.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



Don't forget obesity. Aluminum toxicity is linked to obesity. Without question any child who follows the current CDC vaccine schedule will get a toxic load of aluminum.

Hans Litten

Oklahoma State senator and physician, Ervin Yen won’t give up his personal vendetta to force all Oklahomans to vaccinate their children. For the third year in a row, Yen has introduced a bill requiring all children in the state to be vaccinated, with the only exception being children who already have a serious medical condition.

Yen’s fear is that students won’t be vaccinated (even though OK already has a 90 percent compliance rate), and an outbreak will occur — killing thousands of the state’s schoolchildren. “I’m worried about those kids who are immune compromised, who cannot be vaccinated, I don’t want them going to school and being exposed,” said Yen. He’s urging his colleagues to bring Senate bill 83 to a vote. “I’d like to get it passed right away before we have a huge outbreak and a lot of people die,” said Yen.


My gut screamed NOOOOOOO!
But my wonderful and complete education said pay no attention to that gut.
Would I have at least looked it up, if I had an internet? Yeah, I think I would that day. After all I got up and walked out of the doctor's office refusing.
That day perhaps. But I had a life time coming with plenty more vaccines and no real clue that I was up against determined, evil, powerful , and worse - tricky dogma and an establishment well manned and armed.
Brian Hooker said he has to leave it to God, and that is where it belongs.

I have to do the same cause only God the all powerful would have the ability to hurt these people as much as they deserve in this life or the next.

Of course seeing them dressed in orange and looking out between bars would be a good start until God does get around to them.

Shelley Tzorfas

Before a large conglomerate pediatrician's office writes another threatening letter to parents of babies and children warning them that they will be kicked out of the practice and "fired" for not shooting their offspring with Neurotoxic Aluminum, Thimerosal/Mercury, cancer causing Formaldehyde (That you aren't supposed to walk on tile flooring because of hazards) 50 year old fetal cells that are tumor causing and capable of gender bending, rats, dogs, pigs cows monkey and insect cells, dangerous Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock and food allergies. ammonium salts and other toxins, kindly "Fire Yourself" from their offices. You can always see a less trigger happy family doctor or a Naturopath. If you love children then stay out of their brainwashed toxic offices where a child is just another number on a computer for profit.


When I vaccinated my son 30 years ago I trusted his doctor and would never have even thought to question whether I might be doing damage to his fragile immune system. I am now feeling angry at being so mislead. Trump's priority should be in the area of research to develop immune modulators and other agents to correct the neuroimmune dysfunction our children have suffered. We have waited long enough for a president who cares about correcting what happened to our children!


We can't win by asking parents to choose between the greater scare - the vaccine side effects or the diseases. Governments, media and doctors have only one talent: inculcating fear. We can't hope to beat them on that strategy.

The first thing you should be saying to hesitant parents is:

"Rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine."

Their first reaction will be complete disbelief, but once you show them the data (WHO data for AFP in developing countries and Census data for the US) they will then have the chance to see that everything we have been told about vaccine efficacy is a barefaced lie.

They (all vaccines) simply don't prevent disease. The diseases aren't anywhere near as horrific as the mainstream media and doctors make out, but even if they were, no vaccine prevents a single one of them.

Once a parent understands that doctors typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated (they sometimes will when there is a well publicised outbreak (eg the current mumps panic) but only very rarely in individual cases) then all you have to do is show them that rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine, rates of congenital defects have increased since the rubella vaccine, rates of meningitis have not fallen since the various meninigitis vaccines, rates of respiratory hospitalisations have not fallen since the diphtheria, pertussis and flu shots etc and they will from that point on be completely secure in their decision not to vaccinate.

From that point on, no matter how often they are bombarded with propaganda telling them to be petrified of measles it will fall on deaf ears because they will know that rashes happen all the time in kids (and adults). It is only those who are unvaccinated that doctors will blame the measles on. A self-fulfilling prophecy and so there is simply nothing left for the authorities to scare parents with.


Cathy, I love this post.

Bill, I look forward to reading about your recent experience at a local showing of Vaxxed.

All at Age of Autism - thank you for being the best website (including all the comments which I read regularly with great interest)


Thanks, Cathy! Let's focus on that last paragraph, above, and a few small words that are too often ignored in ALL media stories about vaccines in particular, and the other BUSINESS PRODUCTS of the "medical-industrial-complex". All vaccines are COMMERCIAL products, that are made by companies, to sell for profit. (There is NO 501(c)3 non-profit company manufacturing vaccines, or any other medical product.) While the pharmaceutical industry can *claim* to have our health in mind, their number one priority is to MAKE MONEY. - To SELL.... You've seen the drug ads almost non-stop on TV, and in various media. Indeed, the marketing budget of PhRMA is orders of magnitude larger than their R&D (research & development) budget. Yet the claim from the drug companies is that they need to make their obscene profits to finance ongoing research and development efforts! No, they need the profit$ to fatten their wallets! Otherwise, why not simply devote some of their advertising budget money to R&D? See what I mean?! Greed and ignorance have clouded the judgement of not only PhRMA, but the Federal Governmental agencies charged with protecting American's health. So, while "vaccine safety" will always be a valid concern, let's remember to bring up the PROFIT MOTIVE, which is the larger issue, and driver behind plots to force vaccines on folks. After all, if the CDC is pushing a 70-vaccine schedule in 2017, we have to ask: "How many MORE vaccines, and at WHAT COST, are awaiting us in the future? 100's? 1000's? Who's going to PAY for all that? (I'll tell you all about my recent experience at a local showing of "VAXXED", later! :)....


Speaking of media, new Stat article tells another blatant lie. Author Casey says Vaxxed is based on the book Callous Disregard. They have no shame do they?

Bob Moffit

"The decision, no matter which one is made, should be left solely up to the parent. For too long, though, parents have been told they are not part of the decision-making process. They’re told to ignore their intuition, to blindly trust, and to accept all that they’re being told about vaccines without question."

This from President Trump's inauguration speech:

"We are not merely transferring power from one administration to another .. or .. from one political party to another .. we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. .. giving it back to the people".

(I would have added .. "where that power will always .. rightfully .. belong")

In any event .. the election is over .. and .. I have moved on from "great hope" .. to even "greater expectations" .. now that President Trump has assumed the power to "walk the walk" he has promised to walk.

As to vaccines .. I fully EXPECT President Trump to chose the "less travelled .. difficult path" .. rather than the "heavily travelled .. easier path" .. chosen by his predecessors. THEIR heavily travelled path is paved with the words:

"Silly parents, vaccines don’t cause autism. They save lives! Now go out and get them…all of them. You’ll be fine. Trust us.

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