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Vaccination Is Not A Medical Issue

SCI---politics_0By Ted Kuntz

After years of battling for the right to informed consent with regard to vaccination I’ve come to a realization. Vaccinations are not a medical issue. Rather, vaccination is a political issue disguised as a medical issue.

If vaccinations were truly a medical issue, there would be more concern with whether vaccines were actually safe; whether vaccines actually prevented the targeted illnesses or not; and whether the health of those receiving the vaccines was better than those who did not.

The virtual absence of interest in vaccine safety and effectiveness research is a strong indication that the intention of vaccination is not about improved medical health at all. The unwillingness of governments and health authorities to conduct genuine research to establish whether vaccinated individuals have better overall health than unvaccinated individuals is strong evidence that improved health is not the goal.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that vaccinations are serving a political agenda. They are the battleground for the domination and submission of citizens to a national or international power. It is about subservience. It is about compliance. It is about undermining free will, free choice, and the security of the person.

This agenda becomes evident when we witness the amount of financial and other resources dedicated to tracking compliance, rather than tracking safety and effectiveness.

Our health units are not monitoring whether vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. They actually show no interest in this data. Instead they invest millions of dollars into tracking and enforcing compliance, and punishing those who do not comply.

But the disguise of being labeled a “medical” treatment seems to cause a glazing over of the eyes and an inability to be logical, rational, or thoughtful. Vaccination has become a religion. Vaccines are promoted as the only path to salvation. Any other path to salvation needs to be destroyed.

Ironically, in their efforts to save people, vaccine advocates are destroying people. Destroying their health, destroying their rights and freedoms, destroying their access to education, destroying their access to government resources, and destroying families.

It is precisely because vaccination is faith based and fear based that logic, facts, and scientific evidence seem powerless in softening the intensity and fervor of the vaccinate advocate. These truly are the Dark Ages. The religious crusades are alive and well. The conquest and genocide of the savages is being fully endorsed by our governments and high priests. The witches and pagans are once again being burned at the stake.

It is my hope the consciousness of humanity will soon shift and they will awaken to the folly of this destructive belief system. Humanity needs to reclaim their rights and freedoms before it is too late.

Ted Kuntz

Father of a vaccine injured son



I agree with 99.9% of your thoughts, however vaccines aren't faith based, in fact, if they were faith based, churches would be out in droves fighting for parental rights. Vaccines are profit and control based. Its all about removing rights and gaining $$$$$$$.


I don't know why Bill Gates at a TED talk said that vaccines are his favorite answer to the over-population problem, but that might be a clue to what the real reason is. They have solid reasons why they need to undermine free will at this time, while making a fat profit. I would suggest that the untraceable cumulative harmful effects that vaccines cause over time is the goal.

Cherry Misra

To Bill, I would like to ask you this : How do we factor in this issue ?: I asked my son in law, who is an economist specializing in Asia, if economists have any vision of the world remaining stable. It appears to me that they constantly want things to increase- More production More GDP more consumerism, etc. What I understood from him is that I am correct- There is no vision of a "vibrant economy" for every nation, other than MORE . How long is that sustainable? Or am I answering my own question? Is this the very reason that the elites want to reduce the population ?
One thing is clear - To change people's thinking you have to overcome more than half a century of sustained and universally accepted propaganda, long term efforts to plant that propaganda in medical texts and in the young people trained in "Public Health". Perhaps the imagine of voracious fungus sending out its invisible tentacles, to consume , ultimately everything in its path, is the best image of what we are up against. I, personally meet a lot of people whom I could influence against harming their babies and children, but not so many respond. So I sometimes find myself thinking philosophically that they wi ll listen to reason only when their children are damaged. This is a distressing truth, but not acceptable because the little babies should not have to be vulnerable to evil. So we have to keep on working as best we know.

Laura Hayes


When you posted this as a comment in a comments section to another article recently, I immediately cut and pasted it and sent it to my email group. It is brilliant! It is so brilliant, I am going to send it again in case anyone missed it, and so that it can be read again, and hopefully shared widely!

Thank you for stating things so eloquently and impactfully. I repeat, your synopsis is BRILLIANT!

Beth Secosky

Brilliantly said! I now have new talking points. I'll say something like, "If they're so sure vax are safe, then why not do a large, open-book, vax/unvax study to relieve the worries of people concerned about vaccine safety."


What is becoming increasingly clear is that vaccinations are serving a political agenda. They are the battleground for the domination and submission of citizens to a national or international power. It is about subservience. It is about compliance. It is about undermining free will, free choice, and the security of the person.

Worldwide pharmaceutical sales are over a trillion dollars a year now. And while Americans comprise only 5 percent of the worlds population, its consumes over 40% of those pharmaceuticals.

America is also the most vaccinated nation on the face of the earth.

It might be about politics. But I have a pretty strong hunch, that it's only ever been $omething el$e entirely.

Janet McNeill

So very, very well said. Thank you!


BRAVO!, Ted! These words needed to be said. One of the best commentaries over here I've ever seen.

Gary Ogden

Ted: You've spoken eloquently and well. It is indeed a religion. I cannot recall ever reading any factual rebuttal to our specific concerns from any of the spokespeople for the high priests of vaccination. It is always a collection of logical fallacies: "the science is settled," "thousands of studies," "debunked year after year." Never do they offer any actual scientific basis for their assertions. No evidence. Scientists now consider mercury to be safe? Astounding nonsense. Not possible to be more unscientific. It shows they are getting desperate. Public trust is largely gone, and nothing they say will restore it. Never thought I'd say this, but Go Trump!


Benedetta , when I started to read "The Hunger Games" (I never finished the book), it reminded me of everything I had been reading online about world war 2, how Hitler may have been working with the British and they weren't really against each other. In the Hunger Games the rulers pitted the citizens against each other, to kill each other, and it was a "game" to them, they watched it for their own amusement and it really made me wonder about some of these wars...not to mention the shadow government that's been operating.

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: The cause of WWI was oil. Geopolitical jockeying for control of petroleum deposits and markets. British Petroleum and Russian oil interests were the primary adversaries, if I recall correctly. Rockefeller no doubt was involved, too.


IT is not that they don't know, cause they do.

I mean, for heaven sakes; my Dad, my daughter, my husband , my son all have some form of movement disorders, and taking some form of medicine for these disorders after a vaccine reaction. We are only three of many!

On top of that it has to be showing up in animal studies.

I mean; even little ol'e me with a pet dog can see it. I am not the only one here on this sight that has seen it, We have had articles written.

I have a blue heeler - a breed that is not known to have any health problems, but it too was over vaccinated. Something a bit weak in part of our genetic code - my ass!

This dog is getting to the end of this dog's short life span, and if DOW chemical and it's watchdog the EPA were doing these studies as they have to do on pesticides, these products would be banned.

The dog had pancreatitis at age 1, the mange at age 4 (that indicates an immune problem, always), and that is so very telling. At age five right after another vaccination - you know how it is - clueless husband - and given during the last visit to the vet for that treatment for the mange, it goes on to develops Cushings - weakness in the back legs and hips a week later. It got pretty fat too. Diet of no grains, few carbs, little fat, reducing all calories in its food helped.

However; vaccines are the gift that keep on giving, even when you stop taking them. At age 9 it developed hot spots that even after steroids, bathing in everything I could find-did not help. It was not the mange, but it sure took the hair off, was itching, and oozing. It appears that adding extra B vitamins to the dog food did work though.

There is no way that Vaccines would not stand up to typical studies and procedures demanded by the EPA, that are done for pesticides in the environmental lab at Dow Chemical located up in Midland, Michigan, or any other such lab.

Unless you change the data, of course and why would they do that? That is the question we all keep wondering. .
Now what kind of people would continue to do this for just the money to every human being that walks upon the earth? (Wizard of Oz quote by the wicked witch "and your little dog too.")

Then there was that fact that they: WHO and Gates Foundation; sneaked some kind of birth control, or birth controlling hormone into a tetanus shot in Kenya, Africa.

You have to wonder about if the real reason is just money. I have met and known a lot of these guys involved in the EPA, environmental clubs, even forest service rangers (some) and they are a bit nuts on distinguishing which is more important; the good Mother earth or their fellow human beings. There is religious fervor in many cases for the Mother Earth, that rivals any religion; which includes the worship of Bal in the Middle East. John Stone used the picture of the place near Jerusalem that they sacrificed children a few days ago, in the name of the religion. Hmmm, or the sacrifice of human beings to the sun god of the Aztecs and Mayas. Kind of part of our innate nature to control the populations of our herd animals, any animal including ourselves.

I kind of almost wonder about the real cause of WWI was, with all the Hanover cousins sitting on the thrones in Europe.


God BLESS you, Ted Kuntz! You've hit the nail on the head, and you've said it in the right words, too!
Here's my contribution:
If you already know, fine. BUT, google, and spend the time to LEARN. It should take an hour or 2, to really understand, without going too far down that particular rabbit hole. I'm talking about the "Georgia Guidestones". There really ARE persons, and groups of persons, who want to see the Earth's population reduced to 500,000,000., from the current 7,500,000,000.+.... (That's reduced to five hundred million, from the current seven billion, five hundred million.) YES! They want to see a 90 - 95% reduction in the human population. Yes, I realize this is getting awfully close to "paranoid conspiracy theory" territory, but, there really IS this deviant, and homicidal strain to humanity. Remember all the "overpopulation" folks? The ZPG issue? (ZPG = Zero Population Growth). The world is run by the Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters. Basically, a small group of people runs the world. But, as the world's population explodes, (relatively speaking!), it becomes harder for that one small group to rule and control it. So, that small group must get bigger, which makes that small group harder to control! Or else that small group will be in less control of the larger world population! That's the flip side of the Malthusian argument.
Now, this isn't really so far removed from the politics of vaccines. Vaccines are all about a small group of moneyed & powered, technology elite ruling the world. Vaccines are POLITICAL CONTROL for PROFIT!.... *HOW* *STUPID* *ARE* *YOU* *PEOPLE* !! ??... So, Happy Friday the 13th, to all my FRIENDS here at AoA!....

Siobhan Justin

I hear a lot of people yelling about all of these greedy Vaccine Pharmaceutical companies, and I agree, they are very greedy, and they exist for their shareholders and not for the people who utilize their products. Greed is just a stepping stone, however, in the "business of vaccines". The ultimate goal, of which money provides, is absolute control over all people in the world. Today it is mandatory child vaccines for school and mandatory flu vaccines for hospital workers, but as time goes on, the list of vaccines lengthens and the target for vaccines expands. With roughly 300 new vaccines in the pipeline,the list is about to get VERY long. The goal is to vaccinate all persons from "pre-natal to grave" with a variety of vaccines for every reason imaginable. Heck, the Chicken Pox vaccine was developed so busy moms didn't have to miss work taking care of their sick children(that one really backfired, though) The social conditioning is the goal. That way, at the right time, the injection to acheive dramatic population reduction can be given in an orderly fashion, and not be messy and inefficient. In the meantime, we'll continue to see more creative places crop up where vaccines can be administered. Because, in order to be efficient, there needs to be a capacity to vaccinate large swathes of people very quickly. A 3 month waiting list at the doctor's office just won't cut it. So that's why we'll be seeing more stores, schools and churches(egads!), and Pop-Up vaccine centers getting in on the action. And yes, I am cynical.

Grace Green

Yes, I agree with all this, and also, 'autism' destroys people's ability to argue, especially with those in authority, thus creating a compliant population. Even the mildly affected are known to be 'suggestible', and gullible, which could also explain the difficulty the 'neuro-diverse' believers have in seeing through the propaganda. So, you're right Ted Kuntz, much more to this than meets the eye.


Right, Bob.

Don't forget the financial motive that for most of the "true believers" forcing this agenda is at the heart of it all.


It's chilling but after years of following the issue I've come to believe it may be about more than even money, though for many it's a driver. For Offit and others, the motives appear even more sinister. I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Others believe vaccines are perfectly safe except for perhaps two percent of the population or so who might get autism (and don't realize vaccines cause many other kinds of problems, perhaps contributing to the fifty percent of Americans who currently have at least one chronic disease). These utilitarians are eugenecists and quietly believe this collateral damage is necessary.

Aude Sapere

Ted and Bob - I totally agree with everything you say. Besides FOLLOW THE MONEY, remember this: If you want to know who rules over you, ask who are not allowed to criticise.


Wow, Ted. WOOOOWWW....

This was an amazing post. I will be reading & re-reading so I can regurgitate and speak just like you!!! Thanks for your wisdom. And Bob's comment is right behind you! Incredible guys! Thanks!

Bob Moffit

"Vaccinations are not a medical issue. Rather, vaccination is a political issue disguised as a medical issue."

I agree whole-heartedly with your comments regarding the "political agenda" .. which is .. "about subservience. It is about compliance. It is about undermining free will, free choice, and the security of the person" .. and .. I also whole-heartedly agree that .. "Vaccination has become a religion. Vaccines are promoted as the only path to salvation. Any other path to salvation needs to be destroyed."

I would only respectfully include "economics" .. the BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of global financial profits .. GUARANTEED for a product that has absolute unlimited GROWTH potential .. absent any legal-liability protections for damages suffered by .. VACCINES.

As someone once famously warned .. when seeking to uncover the TRUTH regarding corruption at the highest levels of government .. "FOLLOW THE MONEY".

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