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LA Times/Michael Hiltzik and the Fakest “Fake News” of All

Unthinkable Racial and Disability Hate Crime in Chicago

Post torture store
You've probably seen this report on Facebook. If not, prepare to lose your last meal. A group in Chicago kidnapped and tortured a man with special needs live on Facebook.  The video is in the link below. I can't post it here.  K

The New York Post Report:

The brutal torture of a special-needs man was livestreamed on Facebook as he was bound and gagged in Chicago.

In the video, several people in an apartment look on, laughing and eating, during the Tuesday attack. The victim, who was viciously beaten, had been kidnapped, news station WBBM reported.

At least four of the victim’s alleged captors were taken into custody Wednesday after the footage began making the rounds on social media, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The footage shows the attackers cutting the victim’s hair with a knife until his scalp bled and slashing his clothes. He was also repeatedly slapped and cigarette ashes were thrown at him.

“F–k Donald Trump, n—a, f–k white people!” one of the suspects can be heard telling the man in the video, which was livestreaming for roughly 30 minutes.

“I should knock your a– the f–k out right now,” he says. “Stand up, boy!”

“My sister said this is not funny, y’all,” says the girl behind the camera, who can be seen puffing on a cigar and laughing as the mayhem unfolds.

“S–t, it’s funny to me,” one of the suspects replies. “Tell Donald Trump it’s not funny.”

Commenting on the man’s wounds, one person can be heard saying, “Your s–t is leaking.”

Another tells the man, “Kiss the floor, b—h!” and “Nobody can help you anymore.”

The members of the group can also be heard repeatedly saying the word “gang,” in reference to their street cred.

Later in the video, someone urges the man to say, “I love black people.”

No charges have been filed yet against the suspects and police are still questioning them, according to reports.  Read more if you can here.



All of you are forgetting the man's supposed disability the most important issues here. Yes I believe the attackers should be punished, but White/Asian women who murders her own child not just some dubious stranger the media says MIGHT have autism. Such are murder "mom"deserve worse punishment as she actual killed her child. While fighting so called "Social Justice Warriors" that may overlook a very rare incident of radical black separatism many "right wingers" degenerate into racism genuine Islamaphobia and hypocrisy behaving worse than the "left wing SJW's" they claim to fight against. Punish the criminals of any race and age or gender that target the disabled end of question!


Just saw this and it made me cry. A black guy absolutely furious at what happened in Chicago, furious at such cruelty and evil, furious at the larger society which excuses and enables it, outraged at the LIES everywhere around us. Beautiful video. There were comments by other black guys equally outraged. I stand with them.


I hope you guys will look at the video near the bottom of Mike Adams' article at Natural News which I linked the other day. Several journalists commenting on the crime: Don Lemon says it was NOT a hate crime because it doesn't meet the strict requirements for such. Simone Sanders says the same. When another journalist asked her what she thought of a poor white guy who had been at a Trump rally being dragged from his car, beaten up, and his car stolen, she said Oh, come one, a poor WHITE guy? (White people cannot be victims of hate crime because they're members of the dominant social class, and can only ever be perpetrators, never victims.) This has gone too far, it's beyond justice and beyond sanity. This is the atmosphere which enabled these creeps to torture the boy, to livestream it and be proud of what they were doing, they have been brought up to believe that they are justified in whatever they choose to do against the dominant group when they find a particularly vulnerable member of it.


Setting aside for the moment the issue of "hate crime" and the issue of the "divide and conquer" political campaign. I want to raise the issue that we all know well: that is, the poisoning of White and Black babies by toxic vaccines from the moment of birth. We all know that this time of poisoning can cause mental illness as well as autism and chronic disease. I saw a clip of Dr. Drew who said that when he saw the video he had a gut reaction that "we" are responsible, and I thought to myself, you mean you, Dr. Drew, are responsible. How many times have you stuck a needle filled with neurotoxins into a tiny babies arm muscle? Has anyone ever considered the possibility of what a completely poison free Black community might look like? We don't think that way because we live with a vengeful power elite and a corrupt establishment that ridicules such ideas...there is absolutely no research into this possibility. But I have thought it. And when I see abominable behavior like the four young Black adults who tortured this disabled person and then put it on Facebook; I think are they vaccine damaged. We all know that Welfare mothers don't get their money unless their children are "fully vaccinated," right? So blame that Welfare mother for a tyrannical medical system and a completely fraudulent CDC. The CDC know, as we all know, way back in 2004 that Blacks are more susceptible to Autism from the MMR. I thought I wonder if Blacks are more susceptible to aluminum poisoning, to viral overload, to the full paycheck of toxicity in vaccines, than are let's say another group like Hispanics (who they say are under-reactors not over reactors)? Of course, no one knows that, do they? The research has never been done. If the CDC had pursued the 2004 finding on the MMR and then gone on to figure out what genetic groups are more or less susceptible we would know a lot more. If nothing else, Blacks are our canaries in the coal mine along with all other children who just can't handle the heavy load of toxins in their tiny bodies. If they grow up violent and cruel, I label that a form of mental illness. Certainly we could blame the parents, but I am inclined to blame the CDC, the FDA, the 99% of pediatricians who believe vaccines are safe and effective.


Hi Cia,
I completely agree with you about forgiveness. Sometimes walking away and cutting someone out of your life completely is the best thing to do for everyone.
Re the video. It is a good thing they posted it because they got caught. But should everyone watch it? Not imo.
The video was posted without his consent . How does he and his family feel knowing that thousands of people are watching and commenting on his torture?
I know some people who were involved in a similar situation in some ways. Some of them were ok with the attention. Others felt re traumatized and that their privacy was being invaded by seeing it posted and discussed again and again. And sad fact; not everyone seeing it will be as concerned and horrified as the people here. Just another point of view.


I don't think shutting down the video was necessarily a good thing to do. I think everyone needs to see it, to see the evil some people are capable of, even here and now. But we have too see the evil to be able to understand it and combat it. This scum was livestreaming it on Facebook. In the midst of their torture, someone who saw it on FB wrote to them that they were going to be arrested for what they were doing, and they laughed and scoffed. Them? Arrested? They're Teflon, nothing sticks to them!

I had read originally that after 48 hours they let the boy go. Now I read this morning that that wasn't correct. A neighbor heard the screaming, shouting, and banging, and waited till the hoodlums went out, then slit a window screen to let the boy out, where police later found him wandering half-naked in a park. This neighbor hasn't been publicly identified, probably to keep him or her from being killed. What would the hoodlums have eventually done with him? I can imagine, but I"m glad he was rescued.

We all need to look at it, try to understand what has enabled this kind of behavior in our time. The article at Natural News has the video and it can be seen there. Also a video of supposedly humane journalists swearing that this was NOT a hate crime.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I could not watch the video. I mistrust Facebook now even more. With all their "fake news" and new screening standards, blah blah, it took them way way too long to shut the video down. I am old enough to remember McCarthyism in my childhood, old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, and my friend's mother's tattoo, the number from the Nazi concentration camp, the friend whose big brother had polio. I have a hard time realizing that so many people throw the terms "fascist," Nazi" etc., around so loosely, and don't seem to be aware of what that means. Who wants a race war in our beloved country? Follow the big big money. Yeah and thank you, Bob Moffit: I remember President Kennedy's murder, and pray every day for our new President's safety.


Great article on this at Natural News.



I read yesterday that the four thugs had not at any point expressed any remorse for what they had done. There's no way to rehabilitate those who have convinced themselves that they are members of a permanently victimized and therefore highly privileged minority. They are like everyone else: the opportunities to see and feel compassion for the suffering of others are around them all the time, but they need a measure of humility to be able to see the blindness and evil in themselves.

I used to not think it fair that the state usually gave a reduced sentence to those who had committed crimes of passion. I guess I still don't think it's fair, but I haven't heard about it recently. I certainly didn't think the O.J. Simpson trial was fair, passionate a crime though it possibly was, it was more a crime of outraged, offended machismo.

Thinking about it, I think it's fair to ratchet up the blame when hate is involved. Remember that gay boy dragged behind the pick-up truck? And, onerous as it is to have to pay to keep criminals locked up, I think that's better than releasing them to kill again, as they so often do. I don't care about marijuana, that should be legalized and the prisons emptied of everyone jailed for its use or sale, but I'd still be concerned about hard drugs. But it's false to say that minority groups cannot commit hate crime themselves. How ridiculous, of course they can, and do it all the time. Mexicans against blacks, blacks against Chinese, Chinese against Japanese, everyone against gays and Jews. That's just a meme of the Multicultural Church to say that minority groups are pure, cheerful, loving, inclusive, their only problem is the majority colonialist culture which hates and oppresses them. What a demeaning trope.

The vaccination question is very hard. I recently talked with a pro-vaccine lobbyist. He says that we'll never win: that even if the vaccine-damaged went from five to ten percent, they would still be invisible to the majority. It was interesting, he said that most doctors "say" that vaccines don't cause autism (he refused to give his personal opinion), and most people believe them. He said the DSM-V is effectively diluting the definition of autism to make it ordinary, natural, and accepted, with most autists being Asperger's and functioning in society. He said the pharma companies are psychopathic, as I thought, but they are much more intelligent than I think.

My uncle used to smoke a lot. My father spent years telling him that it would kill him, to please stop. Every time he lit up, my father would say, "Another nail in your coffin." But he never did stop smoking. Died of a sudden stroke at 59, not of anything lung-related. What can you do?

I don't know the answers. All we can do is put the evidence out there as often as possible, and tell our stories. We can't force people one way or the other, and we shouldn't want to. A new revolting shill just told me that his heart bled for the 50 children (and 50 adults) who used to die of chickenpox every year. Out of a million cases. I told him that the vaccine has made the shingles rate explode here, with a list of twenty studies proving it. That in the UK shingles kills a hundred people a year, while chickenpox used to kill fifty. Here shingles is killing WAY more people than chickenpox ever did. The big picture shows that the vaccine has been detrimental to public health. But still, parents have the right to accept or reject: some of them would have the children who die from the disease, and I don't have the right or the desire to say, Well, survival of the fittest is the best way to ensure the health of the species. It IS, but that still doesn't help the families of the weak who don't want to see their children die either from the diseases or the vaccines.

Those thugs are scum. They should NEVER be allowed anywhere near that boy again. Some things are unforgivable. I used to think that Christians were called to forgive everything, but a Sister I talked to about someone I hated, but thought maybe I should try not to hate, said But look at what he did to you. How could you not hate him? I was astonished, but felt that she felt great love for me, the victim. I suddenly saw myself through her eyes. And I did stop hating him but have never spoken to him again. And in confession I talked about someone cheating me, my going to small claims court and winning, but being willing now to forget and forgive. Father said that he and his wife were not capable of being in respectful relationship with me, and I should not try to repair the friendship, that I could pray for them and forgive them, but they were damaged, irrational people whom I should not approach. And I felt peace at what he said, and, again, his love for me, the victim. I did not have to beat my head against a wall trying to change bad people into good ones.

I think as a society we need to have boundaries and standards, and recognition for decent behavior. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, it just enables more of the same. The thugs should go to prison. It's up to them to recognize what a terrible thing they did and to seek to make amends by serving others (not the boy). They probably won't, and that's OK too. By the time they get out of jail they'll probably be chastened.

Jeannette Bishop

typo: "feel a need" not "feed a need" (though I can't say for certain the latter doesn't apply)

Jeannette Bishop

Regarding the concept of "hate crime:" I have seen some videos of people expressing the view that only certain races (or maybe it was one race) can be racist (so some may have a view that some races can't commit "hate crimes" that may even distort into a sense of entitlement to commit crimes to balance the scales of injustice they've been subjected to or perceive operating in their lives).

While it might be appropriate for a state to attempt to judge the mental capacity of someone that harms another for willful intent or gross negligence, etc. (and I do think our intentions will weigh in on our personal Judgement Day), I'm not sure the state itself should be able to claim a motive makes a criminal act worse or deserving of more "punishment" than otherwise (I'm beginning to see the IMO extreme levels of incarceration in our nation as an actual punishment inflicted more on the law-abiding paying for it and upon those who are capable of remediation and more contribution to society with a better system, but that's another major tangent...)

Do the stated motives of "saving lives" or "the greater good" in reverse justify or decriminalize forcing (or tricking one into) the risks (the too often unacknowledged actual harms) of vaccination? Do those motives justify even the willful ignorance we struggle against which may be equatable to some level of criminal negligence? I'm acutely aware that personally I feed a need to see a significant level of societal reform, "healthcare" reform particularly to regain a measure of peace that I've lost confronting vaccine (and other man-induced injuries). Maybe I also need to be able to do something that feels like it makes up in some measure for my part in my children's injuries, something that actually makes a positive difference.

I pray the young man tortured this way is able to retain/regain some level of faith and trust in the people around him and find peace and greater security. Such might be facilitated if those arrested made the effort to reform whatever views led them to this capacity and in some way indicate to the young man that they would never do such a thing ever again, somehow make some level of amends/compensation, though the young man might need them to stay away from him now, maybe for a very, very long time, and it may be possible that some involved need to be locked up and kept away from others, also, but I don't know how much the criminal justice system currently actually facilitates reform, justice, or restoration and healing.


Birgit and Jonathan,

An example of the corrupt guy in the suit manipulating the political views of the common people is George Soros, who sent busloads of anti-Trump agitators to many cities to start what often turned out to be violent protests over the election results. I agree that these four thugs didn't care about Trump, they just thought that the use of his name would rally public support and pardon for any violence at all against even the most helpless and disabled of his supporters. And Birgit, you're right, it is a lack of boundaries, but for decades now the setting of boundaries has been widely taught to be a form of unjust oppression of minorities, who are by rights entitled to untrammeled freedom.

The police in the present case behaved with compassion and propriety: one found the autistic boy wandering scantly clothed in a park, realized he was disabled and in distress, and called an ambulance, and the boy was quickly returned to his parents. The four thugs, who had kicked in the door of a neighbor complaining about the noise, were quickly arrested and jailed. I read last night that they might get 30 years in prison. I hope so. Thank Heavens three of them are 18 and one of the two sisters is 24, so they can't be tried as juveniles. I also read several comments by people protesting the use of the term "hate crime" for it, everyone having become used to the meme that only the oppressive majority class can commit hate crimes against minorities.

The four thugs may be brain-damaged themselves, but I don't think it should be concluded without further evidence. John, I read a history of Jerusalem by the former mayor of Jerusalem, Leon Uris, and I was also surprised and appalled by the large number of massacres over many centuries. Many examples of cruel and sadistic torture and murder of many thousands of innocent people in every age. I hesitate to say that all the perpetrators were brain-damaged. I'm afraid that a lot of people get an ego boost from proving to themselves how much power is in their hands. And then a lot of people are pretty ruthless about taking land and money for themselves when they think they can get away with it. I had a friend (past tense) who thought that murderers were by definition mentally ill, as no one would murder someone else otherwise. I don't think that's true. I think a lot of people don't have a love in their hearts and a commitment to the honorable path, the strait way which leads to Heaven, but rather are attracted to the material rewards of this world.

I think we need to devote a lot of effort to building up the institutions which traditionally have taught the value of decent behavior and its rewards: the schools, the churches and synagogues, Boy and Girl Scouts, and libraries. And stop making excuses for despicable behavior, although in this case I don't think anyone would even try,

Jonathan Rose

Cia: You misread me. These inner city thugs were incredibly vicious, but at least they were honest about their crimes, they only attacked one victim, and they will no doubt go to prison for that, as they richly deserve. White guys in suits (or gals in pantsuits) cause far more damage, are far more adept at covering up their crimes, and very rarely go to jail for anything.

Birgit Calhoun

Unfortunately a culture is evolving that causes certain people to lose perspective. It's not just the "deplorables" statement but also the totally over the top shouts of "lock her up! lock her up!" during the election campaign that showed an inability for moderation among grown-ups. The perpetrators' rhetoric has become disconnectedly (naming Trump while attacking the victim) vicious and for some reason it matters. Can't we leave out Trump? He is not setting a good example. Maybe that is why these nincompoops are so vicious. Somebody has taken these thugs' boundaries away. Unless the newly elected leader starts saying something to reconcile, there will be more of this. These four criminal thugs apparently got themselves a platform for their outrageous deeds. In my book it is just as bad to yell "build the wall! build the wall!" The 18 -year-old victim is the one that needs to be discussed and how things could end so badly. People are not showing compassion in day-to-day-life. That lack thereof is rarely discussed. Seeing things fall apart the way they did in this attack shows a callousness I cannot recall growing up. Parents are forgetting to teach their children, and the results are excesses. I hope this never happens again. And leadership will go a long way towards that goal.

John Stone


Yes, I was recently regaled with a video of Brian Deer being presented an Hon Doctorate at St John's York University by the Archbishop of York in the Minster - I don't know whether he managed to baptise him first (the Archbishop is known to go in for full immersion with adults).


Anyone who doesn't realize that this crime, where the perps made him say anti- Trump and white person utterances, is a product of the identity politics obsessed left, is crazy. And yes, these poor kids also seem to be a few bricks short of a load- parenting? Environmentally damaged? It's all on the table.



Do you mean the authorities didn't try to cover up their crimes? Possibly the most chilling thing is that the thugs streamed their attack live on Facebook, evidently PROUD of torturing someone they saw as their political opponent. And in identity politics, those of a different race, religion, nationality than the one in power, DESERVE to be humiliated and demeaned. This is a wake-up call for all of us to get this incipient fascism under control before it governs our government, universities, and media.


I did not watch the video. I can't. But given the report and the mugshots and the fact that this was broadcast for 48 hours on Facebook (without anyone notifying the police?), I highly doubt that these 4 cretins are sophisticated enough to even be aware of the political landscape. The media is trying to make this about Trump and race, because Trump and race is on this month's menu so that's what we'll be served. No matter what really happened.

For Leah


No one said Donald Trump was the victim.


Scuse me but as to one of these letters, I don't think Donald Trump is the victim here. Way before the deplorables comment--which I don't support-- he was talking about punching people and liking having them carried out on a stretcher at his rallies, calling women slobs, etc. Don't make him into a victim and someone peacefully abused by horrible Democrats. That is far from the truth.

Joy B

Link to 2013 Joliet IL young adult group murders



I think it's more that our modern civilization, formed by Judeo-Christian theology and Enlightenment values, is an extraordinary, unprecedented achievement of compassion for the other and respect for human rights. But it requires a lot of people committed to maintaining those values and living them, and can be easily corrupted and destroyed. You're right, we DON'T make progress as a species: our civilization is a highly artificial structure based on denying our self-centered impulses. I hope it will be strengthened and survive, but it's not looking good at this time.

Joy B

Another recent case(sorry, having trouble finding link) - a group of white kids lured and murdered two black kids, and then "jumped around" on their bodies, and later threw a sheet over them and had an orgy. Absolutely brutal group behavior. Race is the seasoning to these stories but the real issue is brain damage. This isn't "drugs" or "video games". This is vaccine injury fallout. There is the shiny happy put-upon "autism family", shown in media, and then there is the autism(often undiagnosed) of 3rd world America.

If you think about it, it's a very convenient internal enemy if need be to focus on such - for division or whatever, for chaos. A bunch of little unsupervised ticking time bombs just waiting for the right...and there's no other way to put this, "trigger".

Jonathan Rose

As far as I know, no mainstream news source has described the victim as autistic. The Chicago Tribune says he's suffering from schizophrenia and ADD:

Either way, it's equally atrocious. But as some of you have pointed out, at least these perpetrators will be called to account. And (I might add) they didn't try to cover up their crimes.


The Fort Lauderdale airport shootings may turn out to be another example of this currently popular identity politics: they've upgraded it to a terrorist attack.



I don't think it's inappropriate to report on the racist nature of this crime, even though in this case it was racism by blacks toward whites. And certainly reminiscent of fascist thugs brutalizing those holding a different political opinion than their own. And even if the victim had not been mentally disabled, it would have been just as horrendous a crime.

This is why Trump won. We've seen too many instances of crime and violence which started as peaceful protests of political issues or police actions. Way too many instances of violence by those who feel that as "victims" they have the right to kill representatives of public order. And too often they have won in the court of public opinion. This is the way to anarchy, in which only the strongest and most ruthless win.

The trial of these four thugs will be interesting. Are any of them under age? Will common sense and decency prevail, or just which of the two classes of victims arouses more pity? Minority groups for HIllary or the mentally-disabled? Would it even be possible under the circumstances to play the race card?

go Trump

The sh t will hit the fan on this issue very soon. Most Americans have had about enough.

The victim could well be part of the 1 in 42 boys that are trashed each & every day by our medical system. A medical system that requires no insurance or liability with vaccines provided by billionaire drug lords.

The four responsible will be punished. Nothing yet for the 1000's of others making a living trashing our children.


In the reporting on the little boy who wandered into the lake and drowned, autism was not mentioned. In this story, autism is not mentioned. The race card is heavily being played, which is inappropriate and a distraction from what's really going on - a kind of excuse so that we can have a nice, neat explanation for this break from our regular programming so that we can go back to sleep. Not one word that is reported over the air waves is not carefully calculated for its effect on the collective consciousness.

At least two of the four perpetrator's mug shots look like they were either on drugs (eyes not right) or brain damaged or both. How about lead poisoning? Creates mental retardation and violence.

Perhaps these four were friends of the victim because they are all intellectually challenged.

This is a case to be scrutinized to learn whatever we can about why and how this could happen. These are some sick, twisted individuals. We need to figure out how many more are out there and why. I have no hope that will happen. It will get a shallow agenda serving explanation and nothing will be fixed. Nothing ever is.


This all breaks my heart. I agree with Rebecca Lee; I'm not watching the video either. Our kids are so vulnerable to trusting the wrong people.It's hard not to hate the ones who do this to this innocent young man. And it makes you wonder what kind of trauma he will now have with making friends, or even leaving his house.
But I am trying to remind myself that as Benedetta says , the ones who do this kind of thing are also damaged in some way.I am glad though, that this is being prosecuted as a hate crime. At the same time, I hope that some type of rehabilitation will be part of the punishment. 18 is young, and sometimes groups of people will do things together that they would not do separately. Maybe at least a couple of them are salvageable.
I say that, but keep seeing that this could have happened to my son. He is very vulnerable to cruelty hidden behind smiles. Who protects the defenseless? How do we protect our kids?


This illustrates how important it is not to allow any group to assume the status of innocent victim by definition. Unfortunately, when this happens, as has been the rule in the case of many, many minority groups in the last forty years, many members grievously abuse the carte blanche they feel they have been given "by right," and commit violent crimes against innocent human beings, whom society has permitted them to define as the "oppressor," who deserves only the worst fate. It's very important that we "take back the night," and insist on every member of society's respecting the human rights of every other member, and never say that we sort of "understand" why they could feel justified in committing violent crimes when they think they can get away with it. They are NOT justified, NEVER justified, and must be shamed and marginalized in addition to being punished for their crimes, and not be permitted to benefit from it in any way.

Jeannette Bishop

Gary Franchi, Next News Network, is saying "man with autism"...I don't know if that's from a source or assumption.

Cherry Misra

It will be very interesting to learn why the media is going to such lengths to refer to the victim as a "special needs person". We would imagine that the parents of the boy have already discribed their child with a diagnosis. Could it be that the mainstream media would not like to use the word autism, at a time when Donald Trump might have something to say about the causes of autism. And if we talk about autism, then someone might utter the dreaded word - VAXXED! , sending large numbers of computer-lovers scurrying to the youtube site. Am I getting too carried away here? We shall see soon enough.

John Stone


I guess in the Bible there are different ways in which Acts of God are justified but actually the innocent die with the wicked, and now our children are the innocents. I recently read the book "Jerusalem: the biography" by Simon Sebag-Montefiore and it was salutary to watch how one genocide followed another over three thousand years and the sheer ruthlessness of the ruling groups/warlords from age to age. Perhaps the most dangerous illusion is that we make progress as a species - we may make some but as soon as we become complacent, start pretending we belong in especially enlightened times, we have had it. I dislike Holocaust Memorial Day as much Autism Awareness Month: window-dressing for world domination by cynical elites.

Rebecca Lee

I didn't watch this and I don't want to...but a couple of things come to mind. We have a generation of kids disabled by mercury which causes autism and a host of other disabling symptoms. We also have several generations of people poisoned by lead which causes them to be stupid and angry with no impulse control. The mercury has afflicted all classes of people but the lead mostly hammers the poor because of the old housing in the inner cities.


My Friends on age of autism and my fellow brothers and sisters in this vaccine injury mess; it is a lesson to all of us that our kids may crave friendship, but we need to continue to be protective and watchful.

What a mess.
Because I am sure that what he ran into was more people that were also mentally disabled from vaccine induced brain injuries.

Is this the way it was before the flood and God had to start over?
Is this how it was with all the great civilizations and cities of the past? Did , they all begin some kind of practice that caused inflammation of the brains of it's citizens and dooming them?


What do you even say about something like this? Just absolutely sickening.

I'm going to guess this boy/man has "autism". The incidence numbers alone make it very likely. In one of the news stories I read his parents dropped him off at a McDonald's to meet one of the boys/men involved. For a sleepover...I can imagine this victim "thought" this person was his friend. Couldn't judge the situation he was in for what it was.

I could only imagine how scared and traumatized he was and is.

I saw last night on a Fox update of the story that said he is so upset he is having trouble communicating.

Bob Moffit

Nelson mandela:

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."

Robert F Kennedy

"When you teach a man to hate and to fear his brother, when you teach that he is a lesser man because of his color, or his beliefs or the policies that he pursues, when you teach that those who differ from you, threaten your freedom or your job or your home or your family, then you also learn to confront others not as fellow citizens, but as enemies."

And so .. if we are going to engage in a national conversation about "stopping hate crimes" .. such as this one .. perhaps it is time to bring an end to the vicious labels ..... (which I believe began when a certain candidate for President described millions of supporters of her opponent .. as a "basket of irredeemable deplorables" .. self-righteously labeling THEM .. "racists, homophobes, Nazis, bigots, xenophobes, Islamophobes, sexists") ... and .. even worse .. those hateful descriptions now meant to demonize and discredit our President elect even today .. AFTER the election .. casually spoken by too many of our main-stream media commentators and editorial writers .. who apparently have such personal "hatred" for the millions of "deplorable people" who dared to express "political disagreement with THEM" .. by voting for a candidate THEY personally abhor.

I think our country would be far better served if the "voices of reason" .. Nelson Mandella and RFK .. were available today ..

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