Vaccine Concerns: It Isn’t Just About Autism
Lies and Misrepresentations from the New York Times and Seth Mnookin

Unity for All?

Post Inauguration, the memes have been flying on social media. This one dedicated to unity caught my eye. I edited it a bit at the bottom. What do you think? Please share far and wide. Let's see the response.  Thanks. K

Unity Meme


Autism Anonymom

Thank you for this meme. For my entire adult life I identified as a Democrat... until my child was injured by vaccines, and liberals turned their back on my family.

Oh, the horror I felt when these supposedly caring people pretended vaccine injury didn't exist, lobbied to keep mercury in vaccines, and now push states to enact forced vaccination mandates. Selective compassion is such hypocrisy.


Very few people in the US these days are racist. I think that battle has been won. But unity means going beyond identity politics and working together, acting as most of us have long believed, that race, religion, gender, sexual preference, nationality, don't matter. Our character matters, our personality, but it's time to get beyond focusing on these differences.

Rhetoric matters, and the Left has adopted a very dangerous and divisive rhetoric which has led many to feel that the side which they belong to permits them to defend members of minorities while dismissing and mocking those who are not. And that's why Trump won. Rhetoric influenced those kids in Chicago to feel that any treatment was justified for a Trump supporter, a member of the white majority, no matter how helpless and disabled. However, on Youtube there were literally hundreds of young blacks who put up videos expressing their outrage at such cruelty, they expressed their support of the police and the legal system, realizing that we have gone too far down this road of celebrating victimhood. Those kids are Americans, good people, ready to live together and get past even noticing skin color. One said that slavery happened a million years ago, and that no one now living had anything to do with it. We're two generations into the age of desegregation and affirmative action, and they have been very successful. Now it's time to move on.

Anti-Semitism has become very prevalent in the US today, much more so in Europe, with many times more hate crimes committed against Jews than any other religious group. And academia is supporting and enabling this anti-Semitism, and has done increasingly over the last forty years. We also have to use common sense and protect our societies from those who hate us and would gladly kill us, destroy our culture and political systems and replace them with one which has no respect for human rights. Hate crimes against Christians have become extremely common in many parts of the world, and a Christian is murdered because of his faith every six minutes, many thousands a year slaughtered, and yet the MSM reports very little about them. Raymond Ibrahim wrote a stunning compendium of the current state of affairs, absolutely horrifying, in Crucified Again. We need to do everything possible to offer these Christians (and Yazidis) refuge in safe countries. And offer the Jews of Europe an escape as well. All of them: they are in the gravest danger at this minute, but nobody is walking home with them, and few are even aware of what is happening to them.

The last line of this recognized that an unvaxxed (or vaxxed) child might give an illness to another child. This is to establish that there is no perfect answer: you cannot give everyone everything they might like, including freedom from contagious disease. My daughter is not vaxxed against mumps or measles, and I hope she gets both of them. Could someone shun her because she might give them to someone else? Maybe, and I really don't care at all. At a certain point you have to draw lines in the sand and say your child's health is more important to you than another child's getting mumps or chickenpox from her (hypothetical as she has already had chickenpox). I have had many friends from each of the different groups mentioned above. There is no reason even to think about what makes them a minority, except when they are possibly in danger from it. But would you walk home with a ---- who had a ---- and leered at you in a hostile way? No one with a particle of common sense would. And that's where we are now. A harder question would be what would you do if we could feed every hungry person in the world, but every person in developed countries could only have one-quarter of the money they have now to buy groceries, the rest going to feed the hungry. I'm going to have to say that I wouldn't be willing to do that, and certainly not willing to deprive my daughter for the sake of ending world hunger for the next nine months. I have made a couple of donations to the UNHCR fund to care for the Mosul refugees in UN camps there. I care, but not enough to give away all that I have and take the monastic vows. At this time, I'd have to agree with the slogan America first. All Americans of good will and a sense of fair play.


@ Hans Litten

One is in an even sorrier state when ignoring the conspiracy theorist, because he would have even more proof that his theories were correct.... and he would be even more animated while trying to explain it. But alas, instead of listening, one gave him a tin foil hat, and told him to go away. Only later does one note their serious error when while being dragged away, they happened to see a stomped on and badly torn............... tin foil hat.


Well said @someone!

If you stand for a child's right to an education I will stand with you!

Hans Litten

They are poisoning the food supply too . Nano-particles .

Titanium Dioxide (in skimmed milk) causes cancer :


I hope I find those 2 rabidly pro-vaxx fools who disrupted a local showing of "Vaxxed" recently!
They actually said they think EVERYbody should be FORCED to be vaxxed!
How UN-American can you get!?


I like it!

Corporal Hicks

Kim, your plea will never be added to that list. The Left worships big government, and the vaccine disaster has been CAUSED by big goverment.

Hans Litten

First they came for the “alternative doctors” & killed 60 of them, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an “alternative doctor” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy watching rubbish primetime reality TV).

Then they came for the anti-vaccinationists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an “anti-vaccinationist” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy with endless repetitive sporting events on TV).

Then they came for the so called “conspiracy theorists”, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a “conspiracy theorist” (& I didn’t understand, I hadnt picked up or read a book since I was forced to in school aged 14).

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me
(& I still didn’t understand, the truth is I’m a bit dim – where is my TV?).


Not too shabby, Kim.

I would have put in an additional line before the ones you added:

If you're infected with AIDS, or Hepatitis B, I won't be afraid to attend school with you.

The truth is that infected and infectious children are currently considered to have more rights than unvaccinated or undervaccinated children do. School officials are just fine with this, but how can we be expected to tolerate this inexplicable intolerance shown toward our uninfected, non-infectious children?

When a child has the sniffles or a cough, they are not tossed out of school unless their temperature is above 100 degrees. Any child who goes to school with such symptoms has the capacity to infect, harm, or even kill an immunocompromised child with cancer (or any other disease.) We need to take back the narrative on the stupid statement/sentiment that healthy, unvaccinated, asymptomatic children hypothetically pose a higher risk to an immunocompromised child than children at the school on any given day who are sick and contagious with the common cold or any other respiratory illness.

I am sick of all the pharma propaganda. Time to fight it, once and for all.

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