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Time for Scotland’s Politicians to Ask the Awkward Questions: What’s Happening to its Children?

by John Stone

image from upload.wikimedia.orgScotland is one of the first nations that will have to confront the meltdown of its services because of the tsunami of neurological problems engulfing its children. No amount of public relations whimsy can cover up the scale of this calamity. And nothing must stop its representative politicians demanding from its health executive the real reasons why this has happened – they are in the dock of history. For two decades we have had the siren song that there is better recognition of autism, that there are as many unidentified cases hidden among the adult population: this is no longer tenable when the rate of ASD among younger children is now well above 1 in 30, and when there are a host of other impairments and health problems confronting Scotland’s children. By now, it could well be that 1 in 10 boys at the younger end of the cohort is autistic spectrum.

As of September 2016 based on Scottish Executive figures the rate of diagnosed autism in Scottish schools was 1 in 51 in a 15 year rolling cohort, but seven years before in 2009 it was just 1 in 129 (in 1998, the first year of data, it was 1 in 925). According to another set of figures the total number of pupils with “additional needs support” in Scottish schools rose 73% in just five years from 98,253 to 170, 239, or 25% of Scotland’s children (again the proportion is likely to be much worse among younger children). A report last July by Scottish Conservatives highlighted rising prescriptions for Ritalin, a drug used for the treatment of attention and hyperactivity deficit disorder (ADHD)  :

“The 123,222 items dispensed for the treatment of ADHD is a new record high, compared to 112,000 in 2014/15 and just 105,000 the year before that.”

Whatever their politically correct special needs rhetoric, every government in history (as any autism parent will tell you) has fought tooth and nail to keep the cost of special educational needs down. Diagnoses are not handed out easily. Moreover, most parents are not delighted to be told there is something amiss with their child, and most professionals will not enjoy telling them. This is not a chimaera, it is real and there is certainly worse to come. Something similar is also happening in Northern Ireland .

The statistics, released by the Health and Social Care Board, show that the number of youngsters on waiting lists is up from 607 in 2012, to 2,325 this year.

The figures were disclosed in response to an Assembly question from Upper Bann MLA Jo-Anne Dobson.

Ms Dobson said she was shocked at the dramatic rise and said the figures showed that the crisis engulfing our hospitals had now spread to autism services.

Assembly member Dobson is only half right because this is actually a story about sevices being engulfed by an epidemic, not because they are being run down. In English schools Autistic Spectrum cases continue to rise and are less than three year behind the levels now reported in Scotland.

At some point reality has to dawn. This is happening because our children are having to sustain an unprecedented toxic burden of which an endlessly and recklessly extended vaccine schedule is a major component.

Pregnant women receive


Influenza vaccine possibly including mercury

The UK infant schedule

8 weeks

5-in-1 vaccine – this single jab contains vaccines to protect against five separate diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b (known as Hib – a bacterial infection that can cause severe pneumonia or meningitis in young children)

13 strain Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine

Rotavirus vaccine

Men B vaccine

12 weeks

5-in-1 vaccine, second dose

Men C vaccine (DISCONTINUED from July 1 2016)

Rotavirus vaccine, second dose

16 weeks

5-in-1 vaccine, third dose

13 strain Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine, second dose

Men B vaccine second dose

One year

Hib/Men C vaccine, given as a single jab containing vaccines against meningitis C (first dose) and Hib (fourth dose)

Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, given as a single jab

13 strain Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine, third dose

Men B vaccine, third dose

2-7 years (including children in school years 1, 2 and 3)

Children’s flu vaccine (annual)

3 years and 4 months

Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, second dose

4-in-1 pre-school booster, given as a single jab containing vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis) and polio

Our governments have let us down, they have let our children down and they have presented the future to the pharmaceutical industry.

The bureaucratic bluff and intimidation must end now. They have no answer but shoot the messenger.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



John, thanks very much for the article. I've finally found time to read it and it is really interesting. I will use the information re Cochrane report in my next missive to Dept. of Health (cc Theresa May, BBC, Private Eye and my local MP). DoH keep trying to get rid of me, but my next letter will be the third and I will keep responding to their patronising replies. They never address anything I write and, basically, they say the science in in, there is no connection between MMR and autism and they will not, therefore. be conducting any more research.

As you say, we must keep on trying.

John Stone


We must bear in mind for the most part there are no laws involved here - the results are achieved by financial clout and institutional intimidation (mostly the latter in the UK where pharma advertising is not so important in mainstream media), and the position has got worse year on year. In one case I know of a very senior Mail journalist fought for weeks to get a report accepted for publication and they succeeded but they never tried again. I think my submission to Leveson explains something of the mechanisms (after all thanks to Ben Goldacre the Observer editor was sacked despite the controversial report proving factually correct):


Of course, Leveson was proposing a new committee to decide what could be reported but at least this seems to have fallen by the wayside.

In the recent Melinda Messenger episode the Mail got a certain Dr Grimes of Sense About Science to act as a Big Mouth, not even mentioning that he was a physicist.


All I know is we must keep on trying. Regarding the 2009 unopposed legislation putting government vaccine policy in the hands of the JCVI it probably is not even legal for Parliament to do this (the Minister should be ultimately answerable to Parliament not the JCVI) but it has never been tested because no one wants to contest the JCVI, even when the chairman recommends his own products.



John, slightly off topic, I know - but I really would like to know why the Daily Mail does (very occasionally) print a relatively unbiased article hinting at possible vaccine injury. I had assumed that the UK press was not allowed to print anything that could possibly be 'anti-vaccine' but the Daily Mail does seem to tell the truth sometimes. Any idea why?

Thanks again to you - and all at Age of Autism. I really enjoy reading the articles and comments.

Elizabeth Hart

John, re your statement: "Our governments have let us down, they have let our children down and they have presented the future to the pharmaceutical industry."

You've linked to Child Health Safety's webpage - UK Government Hands Drug Industry Control of Childhood Vaccination: https://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/pharma-decide-uk-vaccination/

The history of all this is mind-boggling.

And just like the JCVI in the UK, in Australia we have ATAGI, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, which is basically a conduit for the vaccine industry. In the past the membership of this group was secret, likewise conflicts of interest. Now we have names of current members and brief COI info, but this is still sparse, and there is no history of previous members. (See my letter to then Prime Minister Tony Abbott (Jan 2015) for more background: http://bit.ly/2hUkzQk and also this summary: http://bit.ly/2iefAWM )

Children are being grossly over-vaccinated, with the blessing of our governments. It is grotesque that this is happening in our liberal democracies.

The system is so rotten, where do we turn for accountability?

John Stone


Thanks. Another instance where health officials should be confronted with their manifest failure to account for anything.

Nathaniel Lane

Here in California, like everywhere, it’s a catastrophe.
Here is some basic information I gleaned from (DDS) California’s Dept. of Developmental Services and California’s Dept. of Education last summer in debate with a connected friend.
In 1990, 6.2 of every 10,000 children born in California were diagnose with autism compared with 42.5 in 10,000 born in 2001.
In 2001 California schools had 14,000 students with autism, in 2015-2016 enrollment over 97,000.
Autism is very noticeable with as many as 50% of autistics non-verbal, 80% intellectually challenged and 33% have seizure disorder.
The DDS autism cohort is composed of individuals with strikingly abnormal communication, social ability, and behaviors, possessing little to no potential for self-sufficiency. Not this Autism lite stuff.
In 1987 DDS identified a total of 3,902 Californians with autism meeting the strict threshold of eligibility for DDS services out of the entire DDS population of 80,483.
By 2014 DDS identified 72,000 Californians with DDS eligible autism while the entire DDS population grew to 282,000.
There is no evidence that supports the idea that this obviously dependent population was overlooked by DDS in earlier generations.
In fact, DDS entry criteria has become more strict, not looser, over time. Most likely because of constraints in the budget which has soared lock step over the years.
This strictly defined DDS autism population soared 1,850%, while the state’s population increased only 32%. According to DDS, other developmental disability categories grew in numbers as well over this period, but at modest rates.
A 1999 DDS report documented the birth dates of Regional Center eligible persons with autism and reflected that the increase in autism births began slowly in the early 1980’s, spiking sharply in the late 80’s and 1990’s.
This coincides with the 1986 vaccine liability protection for vaccine manufacturers and the massive increase of vaccines given in the 1990’s, starting with Hep. B vaccine at birth.


Thank you for sharing about the children of Scotland. I've never believed the numbers put forth by the government after seeing two or three ASD kids in every class my son ever took. For boys in California, I believe 1 in 10 is closer to the truth, with girls its harder to tell.
They're constantly changing criteria, sampling techniques, and flat out lying to make it look better than it is. I'm not sure how long it will go on but have decided to leave California for a better place....however, I will always tune into Age of Autism and will always fight for my child.


A friend is in a high ranking NHS role. Trust me, especially the ones near retirement don't want to make waves. Don't ask, don't tell. They really don't give a rats ass about how bad it is. Their children are grown. No one cares unless they really have a conscience and/or one of their children is affected.

John Stone


Of course, in the UK vaccination is not compulsory but consent is not informed either, unless people take especial trouble to inform themselves. You can see the sort of information that people are given from the NHS Choices website:


Incidentally, the site is run by the Sunday Times editor who set Brian Deer on Andrew Wakefield in 2003. It is very unlikely that professionals will have time to discuss these things or be particularly well-informed themselves. And as we know there is a virtual blackout of discussion in the mainstream media, not to mention great pressures to conform. Compliance is probably as high as in the US without any mandates at all.



The Scots have been known the world over for producing so many scholars, scientists, inventors and such. A lot of talent have come from that small area of the world. And now look at it all has come to ruin.


Thanks for answering cause I am really curious when people will ever start wondering about why masses of people are having thyroid trouble at such a young age.
Some big science report should tell them if they have thyroid trouble they probably can't handle gluten, and should give it up.
What a mess.

Jeannette Bishop

A lot of people here in the U.S. seem to be asking about/ pointing out that something's wrong with millennials. "Snowflakes" seeking to avoid being "triggered" is the latest meme. I get a little defensive of this generation coming from a viewpoint that most of those in older generations have resisted learning of for two decades now. This generation has been assaulted from birth on (prenatally now) by a neurotoxic environment, their "healthcare" providers among the worst of culprits.

In the U.S., full compliance with the thimerosal (and aluminum) heavy vaccine schedule really kicked in by the mid to late 1990s for those born in '95, '96, '97, '98. Now they, some of them anyway, are trying to complete courses of "higher education" apparently with many struggles, and I want to finger all the U.S. institutions that continue to blindly (complacently to ardently) cow tow to every illogical public health pronouncement (the California school boards who celebrated the passing of SB 277 for instance) and then offer "safe spaces" with teddy bears and coloring books while also providing pharmaceutical-laced mental health "services" to college students who should be expanding their understanding of many diverse viewpoints and cultures and ideally a greater understanding of the agendas that weigh in on what constitutes their "care" as well as their "higher education."

Suddenly the "right" to not be upset seems to be the only one our increasingly exploiting and otherwise traumatized culture is, so far, willing and brave enough to "protect."

All I can say in defense of older generations is that we've been targeted some by some of the same lies and pollutants, and that the extent of corruption has defied believing, but a facing and dealing with the fraud in our "healthcare," "education," "public health," financial systems, and probably a general upsetting regarding how so many of us have been made dupes, dupers and dupees, for some time now is past due. I hope some current trends suggest that reckoning is underway, but we still have those who've consciously promoted dubious practices, who harbor dubious and corrosive values in powerful positions to deal with.

Sandy Lunoe

In Scotland, in connection with vaccination and informed consent:

Are patient information leaflets given out in advance (including information about potential side effects) for each vaccine?

Is this automatic or discretionary?

Louis Conte

Well done.

The collapse is undeniable in Scotland.

Will other nations learn from this?

John Stone


It was more to do with treatment programs not being flexible enough, and people getting the wrong kind of thyroxine (an enduring a great deal of misery as a result).


John: what was the thyroid treatment about? Not testing young women that are pregnant?
Or have they begun to wonder why the thyroid epidemic yet?

Joy B;
My son wanted to take some law enforcement classes too. I let him but only after he finished his electronics degree. He actually made great grades in these classes and was very interested in right and wrong. What does the law say on or mean. After he took them he seemed satisfied.

Maybe your nephew will find some kind of needed niche some where working safe inside a police department, and not as an officer out in the public.

Joy B

Thanks for all you do John.

On the ground here in the US (Hep B at birth, as has been mentioned but can't be said enough) things are coming off the rails. Everywhere I go. A non-verbal moan heard across the grocery store, another kid wanders into a canal(this was just on NYE). When I saw the video of him being lifted out unharmed, I could tell by the way he was avoiding touching the rescuer that he was on the spectrum. It's never reported as such. Sometimes you can go to the parents' facebook page for confirmation of the situation. In this town alone it seems to happen monthly. No recording of it. The only public trace of autism in our county is the new multimillion dollar handicapped playground facility, with several gyms and sports fields. It's a huge hit! Tax funded.

But when I say coming off the rails, I'm talking about imminence. The Adults Are Coming. One look at the mugshots of local youth - many are smiling, some are even grimacing, and all of the boys have that hollowed out malnourished look. And my privileged nephew, with full blown Asperger's and every leg up you could imagine has recently graduated from Police Academy(after many hurdles and scoring so low that they made him pay tuition - I guess that's the thing, you don't pay if you pass?). He has sent his resume to tens of departments already. This is a flat-affect kid who's never had a friend, a girlfriend, a hobby, who has cop fantasies, "detective" fantasies, who reads YA literature and has never seen the world let alone the street.

In his career if it ever forms, he'll be dealing with his peers, who but for the sole factor of wealth, are existing in (undiagnosed)wretchedness, but diagnostically similar. Lots of kids are undiagnosed here in the US, going back decades. If you can get by in school(ie fall through enough cracks), you aren't diagnosed.

(Even moreso in the past few years ime. Several of my peers' children should have diagnoses, but the parents consider it a triumph that they don't.)

Anyway this whole "let's let my developmentally delayed nephew play cop" process has been surreal, his entire family has implored his mother to stop enabling this career path, but his "normal life" has been her obsession from day one. When he got his driver's license a few years ago, we were all shocked. Then when he got his gun license..well what could we say? His grandfather, after my nephew had left the room after proudly displaying his used targets from the gun range, said it best; "At least they're paper". Now that he has made it through the academy, we are praying no one will hire him. He's already been turned down multiple times.

Did I mention that both his mother and my nephew's stepfather are psychiatrists?

John Stone


They are all absolutely terrified of this issue. On another issue (thyroid treatment) I watched on video the Scottish petitions committee tear apart their health minister and chief medical officer. It was an impressively savage spectacle.



Quite right as usual , I could not agree more about our politicians perhaps the ability to be brainwashed is a requirement for the job.

John Stone


Yes, of course, but Nelson ignored orders and won the battle (if I remember correctly). The message here is that the politicians have to stop being browbeaten by the bureaucrats who have lost the plot (the kindest thing which can be said of them).


Lord Nelson on the approach of the French Fleet ,telescope to blind eye I see no signals

John Stone

Incidentally, people might be puzzled by the picture, or they might think it is the rugged landscape of Arthur's Seat in the middle of Edinburgh, which it quite resembles. Actually, it is the Valley of Hinnom or Gehenna (formerly outside Jerusalem) where children were sacrificed to Moloch, which came to be translated in the King James bible as hell. I am not a particularly religious person but you have to remember that people were persuaded to do this - they were convinced it was necessary to ward off evil. Maybe it was a means by the kings of Judah to inspire terror and subservience in the population. And what is afoot is a comparable folly. As Laura keeps on pointing out people are deferring to a scientific priesthood rather than looking at brutal facts. This is not even to say there is nothing in any vaccine science but it is to say that because of massive institutional failure people are putting all their faith where increasingly their should be none. We have made the conditions in which mountebanks can thrive: we have turned the vaccine program into totem and and its critique into taboo, and this comes from cowardice, greed and negligence.

Laura Hayes

As I wrote in response to Anne Dachel's Monday article on AoA, The Age of Autism has resulted because of The Time of the Ostriches (the latter is a chapter title from "All the Light We Cannot See", about WWII).

We are reliving the willful ignorance that occurred during WWII. Gestapo members are everywhere, including at schools, where they remain silent about what they see and are dealing with everyday...no different than doctors and nurses. Worse, they continue to gleefully enforce that which is causing the holocaust against our children, vaccine mandates and recommendations.

What continues to strike me is how even extended, and sometimes immediate, family members remain silent about and/or suspicious of the truth. If we told them a doctor had dropped our child on his head at every "well-baby" visit, which would have had similar results as the vaccines given each time, they would be outraged and demanding justice. Not so with vaccine crimes...showing the unbelievable brainwashing and denial that seem near-impossible to overcome.

Thank you for this important article, John. We will continue to expose and tell the hideous truth.


here in Australia we give the Hep B vaccine at birth, then at 2, 4 and 6 months, as part of a 6 in 1 (D,T,P,IPV,HiB,HepB)

Barry Stern

The Scots ought to demand a full environmental audit of their territory, starting with the vaccine schedule and content of the vaccines. They ought to look at the rate of increase of particular toxins over time in different parts of the country, with a special emphasis on the known killers of mercury and lead. They ought to look at whether there has been a notable increase in the number of factory farms and farms producing GMO grains in particular areas and the concomitant pollution of nearby water, soil and air, as well as the health of both humans and animals that live near those farms. An epidemic of these proportions constitutes a public health emergency. Would that the Scots (and we Americans for our own country) treat it as such.

Angus Files

Well done again John and thanks .It makes not happy reading but if it weren't for AOA who else is going to pull it all together as you do so well. At one time we turned to our newspapers and media for this but these rags contain 70% plus of false stories controlled by business. Our so called experts are not experts and a fair truism would be to say that anyone who is a government expert is everything to the opposite and only spreading pharma sales propaganda for more sales.

I do hope that somebody at the Scottish Government takes up the challenge and says to big business we don't need your filthy rotten cash at the expense of ill health amongst our nation.


Robin Clarke

Just on Woman's Hour this morning.
Woman "discovers" she "has aspergers" at age 65.
Curiously she wasn't seeking help with a problem, and has never in all those years sought help.
Curiously she hasn't been offered any help following the diagnosis.
Indeed it is not clear it's made any practical difference beyond knowing what label to apply.
But, well, it proves that hidden horde is there, so that's enough!

This is actually part of a much wider cover-up about the "workshy" millions of disabled adults being declared by the DWP's Work Capability Assessment that they aren't really disabled. Thousands in uk have died as a result of being thus reasssured and then having their disability benefits stopped.

Much research indicates this adult (non-autistic) epidemic has been caused by dental amalgam mercury, another thing that's been covered up. http://www.pseudoexpertise.com will have more info in due course.
Cheers, Robin (end of comment)

John Stone


Thanks - yes, and Scotland's media is particularly full of feel good stories about autism at the moment. Public relations and news management.



Thank you, John. This is really informative and includes lots of information that I will circulate as much as possible.

I just heard a little of a piece on R4 Women's Hour which sounded like another 'whitewash' to me. I didn't listen to it all (couldn't bear to) but listened enough to know that the message was 'late Aspergers diagnosis'. They are obviously desperately trying to find those missing autistic adults.

Surely this madness must end soon?

Bob Moffit

"....this is no longer tenable when the rate of ASD among younger children is now well above 1 in 30, and when there are a host of other impairments and health problems confronting Scotland’s children. By now, it could well be that 1 in 10 boys at the younger end of the cohort is autistic spectrum."

Imagine the rate if HEP B were being given to newborn infants .. within the first hours of life .. as it has been for a decade now in the United States?


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