Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Daniel Neides' Smart Recommendations Create Backlash
President Elect Trump Appoints Robert Kennedy Jr Chair Commission on Vaccine Safety

Question Any Component of Vaccines? Immediately Branded Anti-Vaccine.

VoltaireBy Anne Dachel

"Time to deal with 'anti-vaccine' doctors"

Jan 8, 2017, A Cleveland Clinic doctor spread anti-vaccine views. He's not alone among MDs

By Julia Belluz

The medical community needs to figure out how to deal with its anti-vaccine factions

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between childhood vaccinations and autism. And there’s just no good evidence for the "too many, too soon" argument Neides makes. Babies’ immune systems are strong enough to tolerate the shots, and researchers haven’t found evidence for an association between the number of vaccines kids get in the first two years of life and neuropsychological outcomes later on....

The medical profession’s anti-vaccine problem is bigger than this one incident

The Cleveland Clinic, a top research hospital, now has a credibility problem on its hands. But it's not the only one: There are rogue anti-vaccine factions throughout medicine, who regularly muddy the public health conversation about immunizations....

The medical profession has been struggling with how to deal with dangerous doctor talk, since doctors can pretty much say anything and keep their medical licenses (outside of the doctor-patient context). But with a President-Elect coming into the White House who has also shared anti-vaccine rhetoric, the medical profession better think about how to deal with its rogue members, and get better at spreading the message about why we desperately need vaccines.

The current uproar in social media over a lone doctor from the Cleveland Clinic who dared to raise concerns over the toxins in our ever-expanding mandated vaccine schedule should wake parents up to the reality that MANY COURAGEOUS PHYSICIANS ARE QUESTIONING THE SAFETY OF VACCINES.

Wait a minute. How can this be? For two decades the "anti-vaccine" movement has been blamed on ONE DOCTOR, Andrew Wakefield, from Britain. Everyone else in the medical community stands behind vaccines one hundred percent, right?

As this article show, there are lots of doctors and researchers, or "rogue anti-vaccine factions throughout medicine," in the words of Julia Belluz.

Belluz names names here: Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Dr. Joe Mercola.

Notice how quickly the forces of repression went after Dr. Neides. Rather than engage in conversation with the doctors speaking out about vaccines, there are calls to SILENCE and DISCIPLINE THEM, as we see in this current story from Cleveland Scene: Cleveland Clinic to discipline physician who published anti-vaccine opinion piece.

(Look at this link from the website of the movie, The Greater Good.   It shows vast numbers of studies by hundreds of top researchers--all in conflict with the claims of U.S. health officials.)


Sadly, members of the media long ago abrogated their role in presenting the facts to the public. Instead they became the mouthpiece for pharma-run health care in the U.S. And now they are the ones calling for repression and retaliation.

We should all be worried when doctors who speak out come under such swift and virulent attacks.

NOTE--This was out from ErieTVNews on January 9th: Cleveland Clinic doctor faces discipline after bashing vaccines in blog

"The Cleveland Clinic said it will not release details regarding Neides' disciplinary action." Clearly Dr. Neides faced retaliation after making his comments.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Carol Faust

Dr. Neides is being 'Wakefielded'!!
My guess is that "they": may have had a doctor who was waivering before but now will have a real truth-seeker and we know what the outcome should be once one does do the research. Welcome, Dr. Neideds!!

Carolyn mcd

There must be something they could put into vaccines to wake people up.. like embalming fluid right --wait! They add formadehyde! Or a neurotoxin taken out of contact lens solution. Wait! They inject mercury. Or a heavy metal shown to cause issues for preemies in liquid food--wait vaccines have aluminum. Or animal parts. Wait they have beef heart! Or human DNA ! Check--. Hey are they trying to kill us here ? When are the health insurers going to get sick of paying for this liquid poison?
From the CDC list of great stuff in shots:


Scary stuff!


Drain the swamp.

A majority of doctors go along with the recommendations of the federal health agencies because they're afraid to do otherwise and they can pass the buck for any horrific results along to the agencies. When those "authorities" are removed and replaced by others who care about fostering children's health rather than destroying it, most of the same doctors will regain their sanity in short order.

David M Burd


My previous comment was a response to BN, not to Gary.

David M Burd


Whatever Bill Gates says isn't worth repeating, he's but a "useful idiot' for Pharma and the Vaccine Cabal.

Gary Ogden

ciaparker: What I meant is that this new research annihilates germ theory as we have been taught it from Pasteur, that animals (and plants) can be infected by microbes which may be free living, in the case of bacteria, or specific to one species but pathogenic for another, in the case of viruses, and in a sense validates Bechamp. It is way more complicated than that, and viruses in particular are odd beasts, poorly understood, not capable of living apart from a host or reproducing without a host, but which clearly play a central and essential role in biological systems. This work fully undermines the foundation for vaccine theory for viral-caused diseases such as measles and polio (and if you ponder the implications of the lab results of the 1958 Michigan polio epidemic, germ theory is not explanatory). I will be very interested in what Dan has to say about this new knowledge in regard to his research. I am researching measles, and will be diving into this rabbit hole in all its twists and turns.


Hi Anne, Thank you for the informative article as always. I can only hope that muddy waters is indicative of a flood upstream, and I can only hope that the flood plain of modern medicine in inundated very, very soon. But being in this fight too long I almost don't dare to hope, or even to breathe. At some point, though, the amount of information in that segment of the population that is aware like the aluminum awareness that is happening slowly but surely in the medical field (minus the pediatricians of course) will have to have a crest. Once I taught remedial reading (early nineties before anyone knew why so many kids were having so much trouble), and we knew that once a certain level of word recognition happened, the process of becoming literate began to accelerate. Oh... but I wish that this awareness of the toxicity of vaccines will accelerate. Trump's appointee might cancel mandates at the Federal level--can you imagine the pro-vaccine hysteria that will rip through the off white walls of hospitals. Oh dear..

susan has a petition on line (I've just signed on Facebook and posted on Twitter) in support of Dr Neides. Looks like it has a lot of support.



I looked up the article: I don't think it was trying to annihilate germ theory, but to say that the reproduction of flu viruses was complex and required them to hijack normal cells to use them to reproduce the virus (which is the standard way to understand viruses). The author says just that the flu virus is not a predatory, monolithic disease vector, but I don't think that's what was believed anyway.

"Why Flu Virus Doesn't Exist (The Way We Were Told)

But what if I told you that there isn’t even such a thing as “flu virus,” in the sense of a monolithic, disease vector existing outside of us, conceived as it is as the relationship of predator to prey?
First, consider that the highly authoritative Cochrane collaboration acknowledges there are many different flu viruses that are not, in fact, influenza A — against which flu vaccines are targeted — but which nonetheless can contribute to symptoms identical to those attributed to influenza A:
"Over 200 viruses cause influenza and influenza-like illness which produce the same symptoms (fever, headache, aches and pains, cough and runny noses). Without laboratory tests, doctors cannot tell the two illnesses apart. Both last for days and rarely lead to death or serious illness. At best, vaccines might be effective against only Influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of all circulating viruses." (Source: Cochrane Summaries)." [emphasis added]

This makes for a picture of complexity that powerfully undermines health policies that presuppose vaccination equates to bona fide immunity, and by implication, necessitates the herd collectively participate in the ritual of mass vaccination campaigns as a matter of social responsibility and necessity.

Virion are also known as “viral particles,” and they are the means by which viral nucleic acids are able to move and 'infect' living organisms. Without the viral particle (taxi) to carry around the virus DNA (passenger), it would be harmless; in fact, viruses are often described as existing somewhere between living and inanimate objects for this reason: they do not produce their own energy, nor are transmissible without a living host. And so, in this first line, the authors are making it clear that virion composition is also the primary determinant in how or whether a virus is infectious (transmits) and what affects it will have in the immune system of the infected host.

Influenza viral particles.

This distinction is important because we often think of viruses as simply pathogenic strings of DNA or RNA. The irony, of course, is that the very things we attribute so much lethality to — viral nucleic acids — are not even alive, and can not infect an organism without all the other components (proteins, lipids, extra-viral nucleic acids) which are, technically, not viral in origin, participating in the process. And so, if the components that are non-viral are essential for the virus to cause harm, how can we continue to maintain that we up against a monolithic disease entity “out there” who "infects" us, a passive victim? It's fundamentally nonsensical, given these findings. It also clearly undermines the incessant, fear-based rhetoric those beholden to the pro-vaccine use to coerce the masses into undergoing the largely faith-based rite of vaccination."

From standard information on viral reproduction: "Lytic Cycle Once attached to a host cell, a virus injects its nucleic acid into the cell. The nucleic acid takes over the normal operation of the
host cell and produces multiple copies of the virus’s protein coat and nucleic acid. Once produced, the protein coats and the nucleic acids are assembled into new viruses. As the host cell fills with newly assembled viruses, it bursts, just like a balloon with too much air. The host cell then
dies, and the released viruses begin searching for the next host cell. This type of viral reproduction is called a lytic (LIT ihk) cycle. The steps of a lytic cycle for a bacteriophage are illustrated in Figure 7.4."



Thank you for the information about The Germ Theory being a fallacy on Greenmed info. In the 1930's Stanford Claunch MD an American Physician came to the same conclusion makes interesting reading. Unfortunately we are all doomed according to Bill Gates in a recent article on the BBC web-site a pandemic of flu is due in the next ten years which we are ill prepared for. This was backed up by the DOH UK stating it would would take 6 months after the start of the pandemic to develop an effective vaccine. Bill Gates also commented we were also ill prepared for the Ebola /Zika outbreaks . Wonder if that was because they couldn't peddle a vaccine.


"The Cleveland Clinic said it will not release details regarding Neides' disciplinary action."

And we wonder where 18 year old thugs learn how to savagely beat the innocent. Except the young didn't know not to put their crime on Facebook. The slightly more sophisticated thugs at Cleveland Clinic will be beating their victim out of the public eye with the full cooperation of government and media. Neides is being treated like a snitch. Or a dissident.

Shelley Tzorfas

How do you spell a "pharmaceutically paid researcher?" Rolaids…

Gary Ogden

Fascinating article today on on the annihilation of germ theory by new research, which thus completely undermines vaccine "science." Well worth a read. Only a matter of time before their research funds dry up, journals refuse to publish them, and the army of CDC trolls move in for the attack. Wouldn't be surprised if Facebook blocks this web site, too.

Maureen McDonnell, RN

It breaks my heart every day as a pediatric RN for 40 years to see beautiful babies led into their pediatrician's offices by their well meaning but misinformed parents to receive injections of toxic substances that wreak havoc on their neurological, immune and gastrointestinal systems!
I sometimes just stop young parents randomly in the street or restrooms and ask them to question the safety of injecting these toxins into their newborns and toddlers. When I look into the eyes or hold an unvaccinated infant there is a distinct difference in the way that child looks, their overall health and the way they engage with the world compared to a child who receives 26 vaccines in the first year of life and 36-49 before the age of 5! We are harming the most precious and vulnerable members of our society...our children are counting on us to wake the hell up! (that's me restraining myself!)

angus files

The good life is the carrot and the stick is for hammering our kids by vaccinating them.

Not for all the money in the world would I and many on here accept the proposals these shills take.


Sharon DeNunzio

I sent Julia Belluz news of the Free docu-series Vaccines Revealed. She may be disappointed to learn that the ranks of scientists and medical practitioners who question aspects of vaccine manufacturing and delivery in our country is growing.

Sharon DeNunzio

This whole Vaccine debate set up by Dr. Neides' courageous blog was perfectly timed to get people to be even more hungry for the information on the 9-part FREE docu-series that STARTS LIVE TODAY FOR FREE -- Vaccines Revealed --

I first learned about this through the World Mercury Project, Robert F Kennedy's newly announced project.

Let's spread the word! This is sure to exciting and even more comprehensive with the science and with a good number of other top doctors who are "risking their lives" to bring this message. Check it out now!

Vicki Hill

Do these people ever listen to themselves? "Babies' immune systems are strong enough to tolerate the shots...." Yet, these are the very same doctors who recommend introducing baby to one food at a time and carefully observing for possible negative reaction. They also recommend delaying certain foods until baby is at least 12 months old.

So let's all be super-careful in giving baby a taste of corn - after all, baby might have a reaction! But who cares if baby gets injected with formaldehyde....

John Stone

This is a vicious, ugly juggernaut - it has nothing to do with science, or rather it places the battle lines well away from science. It is simply demonstrating that if people do not jump into line the bureaucracy that decides on these matters will get them. They do not have to be nice, they do not have to justify their opinions in any open debate, they just have to humiliate anyone who gets in their way. Just possibly they are desperate.

Bob Moffit


The medical and public media professions should heed the words of Voltaire:

"Those who can make you believe in absurdities; can make you commit atrocities"

For example: "Babies’ immune systems are strong enough to tolerate the shots, and researchers haven’t found evidence for an association between the number of vaccines kids get in the first two years of life and neuropsychological outcomes later on...."

Duh .. this statement is an absurdity on stilts .. the absurdity being the failure to "find evidence for an association" .. all the while deliberately refusing to do the one study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations .. that "common sense" demands .. being the ONLY evidence that would be positively "proof positive" of the "absurdity" ... that "babies immune systems are strong enough to tolerate the shots".

And so .. the atrocities continue .. as dedicated doctors who swore an oath to "first do no harm" .. are vilified, ridiculed, isolated, scorned .. for having the personal courage to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.

AND THE BAND PLAYS ON .. AND .. ON .. AND ... ON ......

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