Question Any Component of Vaccines? Immediately Branded Anti-Vaccine.
Mainstream Media Response to Trump Kennedy Vaccine Safety Committee

President Elect Trump Appoints Robert Kennedy Jr Chair Commission on Vaccine Safety

Breaking newsAP Reports: Robert F Kennedy Jr 3

Robert F. Kennedy
Jr, a vocal vaccination skeptic, says President-elect Donald Trump has asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety.

Trump has also voiced doubts about vaccinations, tweeting in the past that he knew a child who developed autism after receiving immunizations. He did not supply evidence for that claim.

He also has advocated for children to get smaller doses of vaccines spread out over time.  Kennedy said Trump invited him to the meeting Tuesday in New York.

Scientists have debunked the link between vaccines and autism. But Kennedy, the son of the late U.S. attorney general, believes there is connection and has advocated for parents to be allowed to opt out of vaccinations for their children.



Jeannette Bishop


Linda1:"Kennedy has been waiting with open arms for intelligent debate. No takers. They hide from him. "

Just as Eindeker hides when his views are challenged here on AoA.


Eindecker, if all the stories of injuries following vaccines can be dismissed because "correlation doesn't prove causation" then how do you know that vaccines work?

How do you know if someone dies after measles symptoms that that is not just a coincidence?

How do you know that the presence of a virus or bacteria in someone with symptoms is proof that said virus or bacteria is responsible?

It would appear that 100 per cent of pro vaccination assumptions are entirely predicated on the idea that correlation does indeed equal causation.

Oh wait. Don't tell me.

This time it's different right?

Because SCIENCE!!!!


Kennedy has been waiting with open arms for intelligent debate. No takers. They hide from him.
For a reason.


Mercky if Kennedy is so keen to engage in public dialogue has he ever acknowledged the gross errors in his Salon/Rolling Stone article on thiomersal in vaccines, including a gross overestimation error of the thiomersal content? The article was published in 2005, after the removal of thiomersal in the vast majority of vaccines, is that dialogue, unless it's after the event?
And, yes Hans, I would have liked the opportunity of seeing Kennedy's views publically challenged by clinicians and scientists, and of course giving him the opportunity to explain his claim that he is "pro-vaccine"

John Ordille

I am crying too. and to answer Benedetta, Mercury is just one part of the problem. Too many , too fast and other bad ingredients are some of the related issues. Immune system issues are coming to the front as the main problem. Specifically auto immune problems which can lead to a life time of health issues.

John Ordille

I wake up everyday to two vaccine injured children. They are documented as normal developing children up to a certain point in their life. They are both tested as mercury and Aluminum positive. The EPA came to my house to find any problems with our home and water supply and found nothing. The doctors my children see have all confirmed metabolic and immune system issues all related to over reactions to their so called "immune enhancing vaccines" Finally we have an advocate (Robert Kennedy) who has no financial gain from his investigations. I can only hope this helps. We need help with the vaccine court and the continued damages to our children. We have spent well over $ 800,000 caring for our children, everything from diapers, medicines, insurance and travel to try to help them. Please let this happen and help all of our children.


Where are you all seeing that this appointment has been CONFIRMED? According to this CNN article, and others I have found, no such confirmation exists. The only thing I have been able to verify is that a) Trump did, in fact, meet w/Kennedy, Jr.; b) they discussed the POSSIBILITY of forming this commission; and c) Kennedy states he would be willing to chair this commission is said commission is formed.

Nothing in there whatsoever that this is official.


But the Trump transition says no decision has been made on setting up a commission on autism, despite Robert Kennedy Jr. telling reporters he was asked by Trump to chair a committee on vaccination safety.

"The President-elect enjoyed his discussion with Robert Kennedy Jr. on a range of issues and appreciates his thoughts and ideas. The President-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on Autism, which affects so many families; however no decisions have been made at this time. The President-elect looks forward to continuing the discussion about all aspects of Autism with many groups and individuals," said Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks in statement..."

Mercky Business


But RFKjr has always been prepared to discuss his views unlike health officials who duck and dive, and hide behind the bought out mainstream media bullies who don't have to carry any responsibility for anything they say. This is simply a gratuitous smear.


Andy Wakefield on the RFK JR news!

Hans Litten

Eindeker | January 11, 2017 at 06:23 AM

If you are truly disappointed, I am over the moon .


Eggs, chickens, counting etc
Actually if it's true I'm really disappointed, I would dearly like to see Kennedy's claims put to proper scientific & clinical scrutiny rather than preaching to the converted. However like many of Trump's utterings it may all come to nothing.

Hans Litten

I bet they are crying in the CDC hallways today !
Atlanta Georgia

Rough night last night Colleen ? Julie ? AndrewDS ? TanyaK ? Marsha Allsop ?
Did you guys get any sleep at all ?

Hans Litten

U2 “I cant believe the news today …..”



Wonderful news!


Tim; thanks for the low down on what a commission is. I think I am beginning to understand and it is breath taking. I don't think I expected something this grand!

Just hoped. and prayed a lot.


This is fantastic news. Trump may go to history as the potus, who stopped autism epidemic and vaccination holocaust of American children, thus saving the US from demise. God bless President Trump for his wisdom, goodness and humanity.

Elizabeth Hart

Also see this article on the Science journal website:

"Exclusive Q&A: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Trump's proposed vaccine commission", January 10 2017:

Elizabeth Hart

Also see this article on the Science journal website: "Exclusive Q&A: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Trump's proposed vaccine commission", 10 January 2017:

I've left the following comment:

The international over-use of vaccine products is going through the roof and we have to challenge this. It is my fear that the long-term consequences of over-vaccination are going to put the over-use of antibiotics disaster in the shade.

The pharmaceutical industry is driving the growth of the vaccine market, with the apparent enthusiastic support of the scientific/medical establishment and governments.

The situation is dire in that vaccination policy appears to be dominated by pharmaceutical companies and academics with conflicts of interest, i.e. associations with the vaccine industry. There is no truly independent and objective formulation of vaccination policy, certainly not in my country Australia.

The mainstream media is also a major part of this shambles, providing little or nothing in the way of critical analysis of vaccination policy. Indeed the media is a major player in vaccine promotion as we have seen in Australia with the Murdoch media’s campaign for compulsory vaccination, i.e. the ‘No Jab, No Play’ campaign, which was obligingly adopted by the major political parties and enacted as the ‘No Jab, No Pay’ law.

The 'No Jab, No Pay' law coerces parents to have their children vaccinated to access benefits. This means parents will have to have their children vaccinated with ALL the vaccine products and revaccinations on the schedule for children up to the age of five years, i.e. they are hindered from evaluating the risks and benefits of each of these medical interventions – this directly conflicts with the obligation to obtain ‘informed consent’ before the medical intervention of vaccination.

This is extremely problematic as there are questionable vaccines on the schedule, e.g. the arbitrary second shot of live measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (when many are likely to be immune after the first dose of effective vaccine, which can be verified by antibody titre testing but this is generally not offered as an option to parents), and multiple shots of the aluminium-adjuvanted diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine, which is failing, hence the call for more and more so-called ‘boosters’. And older children are being pressed to have three doses of the very controversial turbo-charged aluminium-adjuvanted HPV vaccine(s), along with yet another diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis shot.

There is also currently persistent lobbying for the aluminium-adjuvanted GSK Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine to be added to the taxpayer-funded vaccination schedule in Australia, despite the fact this product has been rejected three times by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee due to the “multiple uncertainties in relation to the clinical effectiveness of the vaccine”.[1]

The trashing of the right to ‘informed consent’ before a medical intervention, i.e. vaccination, is a most serious development in our liberal democracies, one which has implications for adults as well as children, with the implementation of an adult ‘immunisation’ register in Australia. And yet this major political and ethical issue, which is important internationally, is going under the radar.

The general community is being seduced by the idea of ‘magic bullets’ to prevent disease, i.e. vaccines, but there are problems emerging with failing vaccines and adverse effects of vaccination. The possibilities for ‘unintended consequences’ abound. The long-term cumulative consequences of these excessive medical interventions, including annual flu vaccination, are unknown.

As seen recently in the UK, with the uproar about TV presenter Melinda Messenger’s concerns about the safety of HPV vaccination, the medical establishment quickly rises to stifle any questioning of vaccination safety. The vicious pillorying of Melinda Messenger was disgraceful, including Dr Chris Steele’s arrogant and patronising attitude towards Ms Messenger.[2]

Vaccine industry gatekeepers, such as science writer David Robert Grimes, are given platforms in the media to aggressively promote vaccine products and deride those who have concerns about these burgeoning interventions.[3] Grimes is not an ‘expert in vaccination’, he speaks with no authority in this area. Let’s have those who are accountable for vaccination policy in the frame, make them answer our questions.

Parents are entitled to ask questions about vaccination. This recent episode with Melinda Messenger is an illustrative example of the way parents are being bullied into having numerous vaccinations and denied being properly allowed to consider the risks and benefits of these ever-increasing medical interventions, which are proving to be so lucrative for the vaccine industry.

The medical establishment’s apparent reluctance to acknowledge the possibility of adverse events after vaccination also destroys any confidence in the post-marketing surveillance system. The voluntary reporting system is completely inadequate.

We are facing an epidemic of gross over-vaccination - this is a massive international scandal.

There should be an immediate moratorium on new vaccine products and an urgent review of vaccine schedules around the world. Children are being forced to have too many of these lucrative vaccine products and there may be serious long-term repercussions.

Elizabeth Hart

1. November 2014 PBAC Outcomes – Subsequent Decisions Not to Recommend.
2. See for example: "HPV Debate: Melinda Messenger sparks row on This Morning as she’s accused of scare-mongering for not giving her daughter the HPV vaccine". The Sun, 14 December 2016 and "Melinda Messenger hits back at ‘hostile’ Holly, Phil and This Morning for ‘gagging’ her during HPV vaccine debate". Mirror, 16 December 2016.
3. See David Robert Grimes’ contribution, as enabled by the Daily Mail, i.e. inset box in this article: "Why I stopped my little girl from having the cervical cancer jab: TV presenter Melinda Messenger is one of a number of mothers worried about the possible side effects of the HPV vaccination". Daily Mail, published 30 November 2016, updated 2 December 2016. Also see: Grimes’ article: "We know it’s effective. So why is there opposition to the HPV vaccine?" The Guardian, 12 January 2016.


It simply needs to happen as the cost of autism has simply become too much.


I agree too early to count chickens, but I think we have friends in high places. The Washington Post has already come out throwing the typical darts about scientists being shocked at the pick, and so on. Of course, what is new that they have to say. They can say the science is "in" and they can say that anti-vaxxers are irresponsible and stupid, and maybe that they should go to jail. They can say that vaccines have been proven safe and effective, that they cure terrible diseases. They can say the measles is as bad as the bubonic plague and that chicken pox is worse than rheumatic fever. In fact, they can repeat all their old lines that they cut and paste from a file that has been used for the last 30 years to deal with the pesky anti-vaxxers, who occasionally need to be shoved back under the rug.

But I read that 30% of Trump voters and 18% of Hillary voters think vaccines cause autism, so that is 48% of the voting public, and we know now that people lie to stay out of trouble when polled on a controversial topic. So maybe the Washington Post, and no doubt the New York Times, and of course the ever horrible L.A. Times will have to try to kick, shove, berate those anti-vaxxers back to some invisible space... but still it probably won't stop Trump who is like an angry bull. He can't be corralled and he is going to do what he is going to do...Go Trump!


Perhaps this story of 'appointment' should have been vetted more thoroughly before being announced by Kennedy?

Hubby just sent me this:

Autism Mom

So, this is what it's like when your president isn't beholden to the pharmaceutical industry and he actually cares about your country. So incredibly thankful for this news. We all know how the examination of the science will pan out, if done with integrity. That must be why the AAP is shaking in their boots. If they are so confident in their representation of the science, they should be happy to have it cross-examined 🤔


per, Trump transition team staffer is walking back the report, not an outright denial but not confirming either. Too early to count chickens.


Buh bye rats! Best get going now...

Tim Kasemodel

Dan- Whats the catch?
From Wikipedia:
Presidential Commissions - In the USA, auxiliary institutions created under the federal administration. Unlike various agencies and other bodies created by acts of Congress, the commissions are formed by the president, by virtue of his constitutional authority.
As a rule, the heads of presidential commissions are appointed by the president “with the advice and consent of the Senate.” A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required for confirmation of the president’s nominee.

We need to dramatically influence at least 15 democrats to somehow agree to something Trump wants to do. This will be the challenge to all of us. I live in Minnesota and I know firsthand that Klobuchar and Franken are immovable objects but we will work hard nonetheless.

Wikipedia continues:
The practice of creating presidential commissions in the form of voluntary unpaid agencies that do not receive any funds from the federal budget but exist on funds from interested monopolistic companies is very widespread. Legally, presidential commissions are established by the delegation of individual powers of the president. There are administrative, semijudicial, informational, and investigative presidential commissions. Their activity receives practically no coordination or direction from the federal administration. Rather, they work in close contact with employers’ and other monopolistic organizations.

Lets get RFK confirmed and then watch gleefully. I would love to see Boyle, Insel and every other liar at the CDC answer question after question, "Hillary style".

Lets all remember this is not a done deal, and we have work to do.

go Trump

... A great day for the Autism community.

I believe it was RFK Jr. coined the term “biosititute” who is a medical person who will promote any drug or vaccine if the pile of money is proper.

As the vaccine industry is now burning, not sure if Obama will quickly call out Dr. Thompson to his office to add to his legacy. Still sort of a major miss after 30 months.... perhaps they will provide the Gardasil vaccine records for their girls.

Onward !!!


I'm so happy I could explode. We all kept quiet. I'm actually surprised this happened so soon. Boy, am I glad Trump won!!!!!!

L  Land

Surprised Kennedy announced this himself. Why isn't there an "official" announcement ?

Gary Ogden

I don't think I've ever read a newspaper article with more fabrications and disinformation than the WaPo article about this astonishing development. Sure glad I voted for Trump!


That pretty much trumps any Christmas gift I could have asked for! I hope Kennedy shoves injected toxins back into the pandora's box they crept out, wraps it up with a pretty bow, and drops it into the nearest volcano. Work fast, and work well, Mr. Kennedy!

Also, a new body part has been discovered/labeled in the gastrointestinal system. Welcome to the big time, Mesentary. In myself, this could answer some questions. I have had two very distinct types of pain. Horribly hot sharp painful gut wrenching internal reactions to gluten, which I liken to when Cade blew his way out of the gut of the giant alien cockroach at the end of Men In Black, but then also at other times the feeling that someone has hit my abdomen a few time with a bat - as if something has caused the feeling of a bruise, but all over the front of me so that touching my abdomen anywhere feels like I've pressed on a bruise. I've wondered at times if that was some kind of inflammation of the peritoneum around the GI system or something. Looking forward to hearing more on this "undiscovered" organ.

Susan Anderson

Hoot! Holler! Nobody knows unless they've walked in your shoes. I felt the glares I got at the health dept. when I waited, spaced out the vaccines for my daughters, after having three sons. I didn't care too much though. I would be the one to live with measles or autism, so why should they care what I did? Just because my baby girl at five years old screamed her head off because she was very aware of the needle? What a mean Mommy I was.

Angus Files

were out to getcha Pharma Run whilst ya can! sell those shares while they are still worth something before the markets close and open .


D Nantz

My heart is so full of gratitude today. For every Family who has been adversely affected by vaccines, including mine; this is to a new beginning and may justice prevail. Thank you, God


Michelle 0bama's daddy was a 'country' military man. Dr Rachel Ross's daddy was a 'country' doctor. My daddy was a "country" journalist.

Let's put "country" first because someone like me understands how important people like Mrs Obama and Dr Ross are to our country

Jonathan Rose

We have just won the Battle of El Alamein. It's the end of the beginning.


I hope Kennedy demands a conversation between Michelle Obama and Rachel Ross with regard to what is being objected into American infants


@ Lisa--

@ Kim or anyone else at AOA who chose that Mellencamp song --- perfect choice! Amen to that, too!

@ Bob Moffit-- You betcha! Certain people are starting to freak out right now for sure.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Just heard it on the radio news. Can't hardly see though the tears of happiness. May God protect both those brave men.

Dan Burns

So what's the catch?


That is indeed WONDERFUL news!


best wishes to Robert K in this endeavor.
(pinch me)


Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. I gotta sit down.


I am so happy at this news! At the very least, all the vaccine injury deniers will be worried.

Tim Lundeen

Drain that swamp!!! WOW.


Scientists have debunked the link between vaccines and autism. Scientists have also confirmed the link between vaccines and autism. So who is right and is it a risk worth taking?

Bob Moffit

I'll be willing to bet the "swamp" is having a nervous breakdown about now .. as this could be the initial effort to "drain that swamp" .. that is LONG OVERDUE.



Oh, from what few talks I have listened to him, Do you think , that he thinks it is mercury alone? Or does he think it could be other things?

What does it mean a commission?


There is a God.

I am crying.

Joy B

Oh it's on now. Hopefully their respective security details can handle it.

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