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Lawrence Solomon: How Vaccine Safety Turned into one of Trump’s First Presidential Priorities

FpFrom Lawrence Solomon at

With repealing Obamacare, building a wall, cutting corporate taxes and keeping jobs at home all high on Donald Trump’s agenda, the announcement Tuesday that he asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to consider chairing a commission into vaccine safety and scientific integrity took many by surprise.

It shouldn’t have. Vaccines and his belief that they can cause autism are personal to Trump, who held multiple meetings with vaccine skeptics in the late stages of the presidential campaign and into the packed transition period prior to assuming the presidency. Moreover, although vaccine skeptics are often associated with far-left Birkenstock elites, many Republicans — including top Republicans close to Trump — have expressed doubts about the uncritical acceptance of vaccines.

Aside from a small minority, neither Trump nor any of the so-called vaccine skeptics are ideologically opposed to all vaccines, or even consider themselves anti-vaccine in any way. They’re more likely to think vaccines are over-hyped and overused, and want them to be used in ways they consider more judicious and more consistent with personal freedom.

Dr. Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who is Trump’s choice to be the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, represents a common conservative viewpoint on vaccines. As he told Jake Tapper in a nationally televised debate for the Republican nomination for president,  “Vaccines are very important — certain ones, ones that would prevent death or crippling.  There are others — there’s a multitude of vaccines that probably don’t fit into that category, and there should be some discretion in those cases. But you know, a lot of this is pushed by big government.”

Other past Republican contenders for president who dissent from the official government position on vaccines included Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey and Dr. Rand Paul, a physician and senator from Kentucky who is also a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), a free-market alternative to the more mainstream American Medical Association. AAPS, which was founded in 1943 to “fight socialized medicine and to fight the government takeover of medicine,” is known for its opposition to mandatory vaccinations; many of its members, including Paul, believe children have suffered “profound mental disorders” after being vaccinated.

But another member of AAPS looms especially large: Dr. Tom Price — who is outspoken on the need for patients to have autonomy over the treatment they and their children receive — is Trump’s pick to serve in his cabinet as the new secretary of Health and Human Services.

Other skeptics close to Trump include Rick Perry, his energy secretary, who has said he regrets having proposed the mandatory vaccination of teens with the HPV vaccine when he was governor of Texas, and Mike Pence, Trump’s vice president, who as governor of Indiana lobbied against legislation that would have required teenagers to be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.   Read more here.


Bob Moffit

@ Angus

"Trump has talked the talk now he has to do the hard bit and walk the walk."


I also wholeheartedly agree with Tribulusterrestris .. "speaking for myself and many others, I am sure, but we look forward to YOUR comments. YOU will always be on our good list."


Never fear, Angus. I speak for myself and many others, I am sure, but we look forward to your comments. You will always be on our good list.

Angus Files

Thank you Bob also for the heads up.I to could be wrong Trump has talked the talk now he has to do the hard bit and walk the walk. I just see failings in Ben that I don't see in Trump and RFK.As you rightly point out Trump and RFK have faults also .Ben seems to me to be more pro-pharma and I could be wrong .I have tried to highlight this in having a laugh about Ben being put out to housing when he is up to his neck in medical and pharma issue's with hindsight probably not the best post in my life my worst on here for sure.

My apologies for seeming rude and opinionated and please keep writing as I thoroughly enjoy your posts.


Bob Moffit

@ Angus

I appreciate your critical opinion regarding Trump's appointment of Dr Ben Carson as Sec of HUD .. as well as .. the information you have provided to substantiate your opinion:

"Dr Ben Carson has been put out to the long grass as far away from vaccines and medical shenanigans as possible cutting his Pharma aspiration’s dead"

Having said that .. I am left with nothing but my own .. personal .. great respect for Dr Ben Carson .. based entirely on the fact that I believe him to be a man of good character .. honest, sincere in his beliefs .. either religious, scientific or political.

And so .. in my humble opinion .. the idea that Dr Ben Carson is someone with great "pharma aspirations" .. who would eagerly accept an appointment to Trump's cabinet .. as an opportunity to engage in "medical shenanigans" to gain those "pharma aspirations" .. would simply not be the man I believe .. and .. trust him .. to be.

In any event .. while we CANNOT both be right on the "aspirations" of Dr. Ben Carson .. after all .. one of us must be wrong .. however .. we CAN both agree to disagree .. until such time as Dr Ben Carson's "pharma aspirations" .. are evidenced by his actions.

I hope I am right about Dr Carson .. but .. if events prove me otherwise .. I will remember that you tried to warn me.

In any event .. thanks for the warning .......

Angus Files


Dr Ben Carson has been put out to the long grass as far away from vaccines and medical shenanigans as possible cutting his Pharma aspiration’s dead. Trump was surprised when Carson took his offer and Carson wasn’t sure whether he wanted the job or not, as trump had trumped hime he won’t be able to pull the wool over Donalds eyes when it comes to housing and real estate now will he?.
Trumped by Trump- no shame many have been.

For your reading

Ben Carson named chairman of Vaccinogen in Frederick
Dr. Ben Carson has himself removed from the Vaccinogen Website
Ben Carson Reportedly Hawked Drugs for Shady Medical Company
Carson’s Connection To Local Man Raises Contradictions In Treatment Of Felons
In the second Republican debate, Sept. 17, 2015, televised on CNN, Dr. Ben Carson asserted that vaccinations do not cause autism, stating that the studies showed “100 percent proof.” Not true. Of course, he might just not be familiar with the research. But he sounded absolutely sure of himself. “Thousands of studies prove there is no relation between vaccines and autism.” Not so fast. There is a literature on the subject. And, there are not thousands of studies. Autism sufferers have been awarded damages linked to vaccines. The U.S. medical establishment belief that there is no connection between vaccines and autism really hangs on a single study that was discredited but has been replicated overseas.

Carson quotes: The GOP presidential candidate hasn’t always had a way with words
Conservative hero Ben Carson says U.S. is 'very much like Nazi Germany'



Black Islamic American Moms were outside a federal agency on October 14th, 2015. And i think the fact that not a hair on the head of any of those brilliant, BRAVE, moms was harmed was because of Anne Dachel and Dan Omsted. THANK YOU THANK YO THANK YOU!!!!1 Let freedom reign!


Anthony Marshall,
EMF/RFR is known to open the BBB in animal experiments.

Section 10, BioInitiative Report "Effects of Electromagnetic Fields From Wireless Communication upon the Blood Brain Barrier"

Bob Moffit

@ Angus

"Dr. Ben Carson, a likely 2016 GOP presidential contenders, believes there should be no “philosophical” or “religious” exemptions for vaccinations."

I heard Dr Carson's answer to a question asked in presidential primary .. and .. as I remember it .. Dr Carson was NOT asked if he believes there should be no "philosophical" or "religious" exemptions for vaccines. As I recall it .. the question to Dr Carson was whether or not he "agreed" with president elect Trump .. there are "too many, too soon" vaccines on the schedule.

Consider ....

"During the second GOP debate, Dr. Ben Carson backed up previous PolitiFact rulings when he said there is no correlation between vaccines and autism.

"But the retired pediatric neurosurgeon kept going and prompted another fact-check on the topic when he suggested that there are a "multitude" of vaccines that might not be necessary.

"Vaccines are very important. Certain ones," Carson said. "The ones that would prevent death or crippling. There are others, there are a multitude of vaccines which probably don't fit in that category, and there should be some discretion in those cases."

My friend .. with all due respect .. I believe Dr Carson's views on vaccines are not that much different than either RFK or president elect Trump .. all of whom claim to be "pro-vaccine" .. but .. all have the very same reservations as to the "too many, too soon" ......"multitude of vaccines ... as presently recommended and approved .. and .. whether or not those vaccines are as "safe" as they are reported to be.

In any event .. I would prefer that Dr Carson, RFK and president elect Trump issue a very clear and strongly worded statement .. explaining why a Commission to study vaccine safety and scientific integrity is much needed .. and ... long overdue.

After all ... the commission would be studying a particular industry .. that manufactures a product that has been declared "unavoidably unsafe" by a Supreme Court Justice .. an industry that presently enjoys complete liability protection .. that has resulted in the US government paying 3 BILLION dollars in compensation to parents of vaccine injured children .. which would require an investigation of the entire process by which vaccines are approved, recommended and administered .. a process rife with numerous "conflicts of interest" by ALL involved .. including the universities that have received millions in grants to produce those "scientific" studies that have raise serious questions regarding the "scientific integrity" of those studies.


Dr Ben Carson in housing and you have real estate emperor Trump - right where Trump can keep an eye on him and take no BS on building houses. If Carson was in a medical role he might be able to BS Trump on medical - vaccine`s as in the campaign .Ben is a very very smart guy Donald realised that.

"Dr. Ben Carson, a likely 2016 GOP presidential contenders, believes there should be no “philosophical” or “religious” exemptions for vaccinations."


Bob Moffit

@ Not an MD

"Just wanted you to know that I read Dr. Ben Carson's book "Gifted Hands" and I can tell you that he knows about meager beginnnings in housing projects as that is how he started out his life."

You are absolutely correct .. highly recommend reading "Gifted Hands" to anyone wanting to understand how someone can have a "meager beginning in a housing project" .. and .. overcome that "meager beginning" as successfully as did the pre-eminent Dr. Carson.

Former President Bill Clinton appointed Andrew Cuomo HUD Secretary .. and .. Cuomo held that post from 1997 to 2001. If any appointment as HUD Sec was "laughable .. I think it safe to say it was Cuomo's appointment .. which was purely politically motivated .. partisan payback to his dad Mario Cuomo .. providing Andrew the opportunity to launch his own .. very successful .. career in POLITICS.

In my humble opinion .. Dr Carson is far more likely to actually improve housing and urban development .. having experienced the worst of living in poverty stricken housing developments .. an experience that Andrew Cuomo had absolutely NO understanding of.

go Trump

January 20th should be interesting.

Can President Trump issue an executive order to end the vaccine mandates in California ?

Can he call a hearing on the CDC ... or I suppose he can invite Dr. William Thompson to his office.

Who is on the short list for the CDC Director ?


Rick Perry a vaccine skeptic?? The same Rick Perry who as governor tried to force Gardasil on all Texas girls? I'd take that one with a grain of salt. (think of the damage if he had succeeded).

Anthony Marshall

Here's what the CDC and Big Pharma doesn't want the public to know. It's the blood brain barrier (BBB). The blood brain barrier prevents foreign substances from the bloodstream from entering the brain. However, in some cases, the human body's immune response to vaccine can break the blood brain barrier down and allow foreign bodies such as antigens (vaccine), vaccine components (preservatives), and immune cells (neutrophils, macrophages, NK cells, Granulocytes) to enter the brain. This results in the activation of the microglia. Having foreign bodies such as those mentioned above is never good for the brain. It leads to inflammation or neuroinflammation. Once the blood brain barrier (BBB) is lost, the following can happen: Vaccination in some cases breaks the blood brain barrier down--> microglia in the brain is activated --> neuroinflammation (brain inflammation) --> tissue damage --> neuronal cell death (brain cells die) --> Regressive Autism.

P.S. I dare anyone to ask the CDC or Big Pharma about studies on the effects of vaccine on the human body's blood brain barrier or (BBB). No studies has ever been done on this subject.

Not an MD

@ Angus - Just wanted you to know that I read Dr. Ben Carson's book "Gifted Hands" and I can tell you that he knows about meager beginnnings in housing projects as that is how he started out his life. His mother, who was illiterate and hid that fact from him, pushed him in all the right directions so that he could find it in himself to believe he could be anything he wanted to be. There is nothing funny or odd to me about his appointment as Secretary of the HUD, but rather something very humbling and kind-spirited about it. Dr. Carson still wants to give back to the people of our country, even after retiring as a neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson did not want the other appointment as President-elect Trump's HHS Secretary. This was Dr. Carson's choice, not President-elect Trump's.

Anne McElroy Dachel

The American Assoc. of Physicians and Surgeons was created almost 75 years ago to fight 'government takeover of medicine'? So what do we have today?
And not only is there government control of medicine, e.g. a mandated vaccine schedule in order to attend school, but there's the corporate control of our health officials. It's a pretty scary scenario.

One has to wonder about groups like the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Who controls what they're telling us?

I first learned about Financial Post (Canada) reporter Lawrence Solomon's writing on vaccines back in 2014 when I read the article, The untold story of measles. He seriously questioned both the safety and the efficacy of the measles vaccine, he investigated the medical research, refusing to accept the pat answers from vaccine-promoting officials.

We've covered Lawrence Solomon several times on Age of Autism.

June 2015

Oct 2014

May 2014

Gary Ogden

Bob Moffit: Campaign funds are what they are afraid of losing Since House members serve a two-year term, they are perpetually electioneering. Attacks from our formerly free press probably, too.


How sweet it is that Trump was elected! Can anyone here seriously imagine HC caring about anyone, including our children?


This is interesting.

Stealth Adapted Viruses Cause Autism
Further Brain Damage can be Triggered by Vaccination and Potentially Cured via the ACE Pathway

Bob Moffit

There would be only ONE reason ANYONE .. BOTH PARTIES .. would oppose Trump's idea of forming a "Commission to study vaccine safety and scientific integrity" .. and .. that ONE reason is nothing but FEAR .. of having to defend the "scientific studies" that have been used to end all debate .. that being .. the numerous scientific studies have that declared vaccines are "safe and effective".

Common sense dictates .. if vaccines are as "safe and effective" as present scientific studies .. and .. public health agencies claim them to be .. SUPPORT TRUMP'S "COMMISSION TO STUDY VACCINE SAFETY AND SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY" .. WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WOULD YOU BE AFRAID OF???

angus files

I think Trump knows where to put the right people-Dr Ben Carson in housing.. laughed my socks off with that one.


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