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HuffPo Removes Prominent Writer's Post: Can You Guess Why?

HuffPo REMOVAL with sentence
By Kim Stagliano

Today really isn't the day to poke this Mama bear. Neither was yesterday.  Tomorrow isn't looking good either. JB Handley and many others posted a piece from HuffPo on their Facebook pages. The post was by HuffPo health contributor Martha Rosenberg. Ms. Rosenberg has written many posts for HuffPo. 

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This post was removed after 24 hours:

Vaccines Are Totally Safe Say the People Who Brought us Vioxx, Bextra, Baycol, Trovan, Phen-Fen, Xarelto, Raxar and Seldane....

But those of us who know that HuffPo is HuffNO when it comes to anything other than a$$kissing Wayback machine vaccines are wily. Well lookey here!!!   Huge thanks to Ginger Taylor and Lisa Stuckey for this link to the Wayback machine for the full post as it stood for a brief moment on the site.   The full body copy follows the screen shots at the end of this post, please scroll down.  Here's the link to the post in Wayback - and some screen shots below as well. 

HP 1






It is not surprising mainstream scientists are vaccine absolutists who vilify anti-vaccine activists given that their medical centers, hospital wings, universities and sometimes personal paychecks are funded by Pharma. What is surprisingly is that progressive news sites that challenge government pronouncements on every other level also vilify anti-vaccine activists as “unscientific.”

Are progressive news sites forgetting Vioxx, Bextra, Baycol, Trovan, Meridia, Darvon, HRT, Phen-Fen, Raxar, Seldane, Ketek, Avandia and Xarelto—-all called safe when they were making millions?

Neither mainstream or progressive news sites want to acknowledge the existence of the federal National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) which, since 1988, has settled more than 16,000 claims and awarded $3.18 billion in injury settlements. When I asked a vaccine expert why the court existed if vaccines are unremittingly safe he told me that vaccines are so basic to public health yet so non-lucrative (compared to billion dollar pills), the government does not want vaccine makers bankrupted by lawsuits.

But ignoring the court and the ghastly injuries it settles—I was told, off the record, about a woman who lost her fingers and toes from vasculitis caused by a vaccine—mainstream scientists are the ones who are “unscientific.” The truth is not all vaccines are safe, life-saving or necessary and conflicts of interest do exist. Consider the case of Gardasil, a vaccine against the human papillomavirus vaccine types 6, 11, 16, 18.

The Case of Gardasil

A few years ago, Merck aggressively marketed Gardasil, a vaccine against the HPV virus (which is linked to venereal warts and cervical cancer)—even in poor countries where cervical cancer is hardly a leading cause of death compared to malaria or diarrheal diseases. (In developed countries, a Pap test is as effective as a vaccine in preventing cervical cancer.)

Last year, judges in India’s Supreme Court demanded answers after children died during a trial of Gardasil and Cervarix, GlaxoSmithKline’s counterpart vaccine, a few years earlier.

According to CBS News there was another cloud over Gardasil. “Merck gave $6,000 to [Texas Gov. Rick] Perry’s election campaign fund as part of a national lobbying effort to persuade states that it ought to require Gardasil as one of the vaccines all kids should have before attending school,” it wrote. The director of a Merck-funded pro-Gardasil group was also Perry’s then-chief of staff’s mother-in-law.

Nor did the departure of former CDC director Julie Gerberding to head Merck’s vaccines division look right to many ethics specialists.

Docs Gone Bad

Mainstream scientists have savaged Andrew Wakefield, a British medical researcher found to have conducted fraudulent research linking the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). His corruption is said to disprove any scientific doubts about vaccine safety.

Yet when researchers in the U.S. have been so corrupt they have gone to jail, mainstream scientists still accept their research. Scott Reuben published fraudulent research on Lyrica, Effexor, Celebrex and other drugs for Pharma. He went to prison for six months but the “science” behind the drugs he promoted stands. Richard Borison, former psychiatry chief at Augusta Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center and Medical College of Georgia, went to prison for 15 years for using clinical trials on veterans of the antipsychotic Seroquel to line his own pockets. The drug went on to earn billions and his for-profit “research” still stands.

As a reporter I have interviewed a man whose blindness was caused by a 1976 flu vaccine for which the government compensated him. More recently I interviewed a parent whose normal toddler was never the same after a vaccine and is now institutionalized. “He cried hysterically for 24 hours,” the parent, who is a medical practitioner, told me.

Pharma is unwise to cast such parents, of whom there are many, as “nuts.” The degeneration of their child is not their imagination. Also, there is no defensible reason for vaccines to be given all at once to a child, which many say heightens risks. Administering clusters of vaccines—once not given to children—has been called a major, new profit center for pediatricians.

But anti-vaccination activists should also not be absolutist. Vaccines are not a “conspiracy”—they are Pharma business as usual. Many are life-saving. Would anyone refuse a rabies vaccine after being bitten by a rabid raccoon? A tetanus shot after a serious wound? Would responsible parents deny their child a whooping cough or polio vaccine?

Like all drugs aggressively marketed these days, patients and parents need to do their own research and weigh benefits and risks—never forgetting Pharma’s spotty safety record.


Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



Author Rosenberg seems to believe that Andrew Wakefield is "corrupt," which surprises me. She should be educated on this point. Still, an excellent article overall.


"Many are life-saving. Would anyone refuse a rabies vaccine after being bitten by a rabid raccoon? A tetanus shot after a serious wound? Would responsible parents deny their child a whooping cough or polio vaccine? "

Yes, absolutely. If parents have witnessed a child "degenerate" in front of their eyes, as so many have, I think it would be irresponsible for them to keep on vaccinating that child or their subsequent children, especially once they've seen their fully-pertussis-vaccinated and now DPT-brain-injured child get whooping cough, and the graph showing the steep rise in paralysis in India despite children receiving 12 - 15 doses of the polio vaccine. It's obvious to many of us who have become anti-vaxxers that these vaccines are not only dangerous, they do not work. Martha Rosenberg might find the chapters on whooping cough and polio in Suzanne Humphries' book Dissolving Illusions enlightening.

"Mainstream scientists have savaged Andrew Wakefield, a British medical researcher found to have conducted fraudulent research linking the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). His corruption is said to disprove any scientific doubts about vaccine safety."

Dr Andrew Wakefield is far from corrupt, the system is corrupt. He was savaged by mainstream scientists because, daring to shed doubt on the safety of a holy vaccine, he had to be punished. But what he did was what other doctors would not do, which was to physically examine children with autism. If it wasn't for his research, doctors would still be blaming parents for their children's poor diets and lack of training, or the children themselves for being picky eaters and deliberately soiling themselves or withholding their stools. He looked for a medical condition that might explain the children's behaviour, when everyone else could only see a psychological condition. I suggest she also reads Dr Wakefield's Callous Disregard.

George stevens

Seems like a big bargaining tool for him in his war on vaccines, media, and drug cost negotiations. U take the money out of it from pharma going to the media that would be earth shattering.

John Stone


Having researched this I think it is extremely likely:

I have also mentioned it to people with more specialist knowledge and have not so far been put straight, if I am wrong.

George stevens

John are you saying trump can kick pharmacy advertising out of the media by executive order?


Anyone want to comment to them on the hypocrisy going on here, since they are now discriminating against healthy unvaccinated children? Or the fact that school boards have, apparently, in the past ignored their own laws/guidelines - given that this old one has been ignored for ages?

John Stone


I suspect that dominating the mainstream media is a fleabite for the pharmaceutical industry but as I have pointed out Trump could very justifiably rescind the Bill Clinton's executive order de-resticting pharmaceutical advertising, and this would collapse their funding. Of course, in the UK discipline is maintained through surrogate government agencies like Science Media Centre and Sense About Science and not through pharma advertising revenue.

Hans Litten

John Stone | January 26, 2017 at 12:35 PM

Its my understanding John , that just 6 corporations control all of the media .

George Orwells predictions all came true . Genius .


Here is the web archive to the original article">">

Check out the comments too, glad to see that people know the truth.


Martha Rosenberg is now a member of the Martin Niemöller, "first they came for the ......" association of scientist, doctors, writers, parents and those who dare speak the truth. She is now an honorary member.

Niemöller's version today would be--First the media went after__________


Great article! Thank you Kim, Ginger, and Lisa!

However someone needs to explain to Ms Rosenberg the "absolutist" quality of the expression "anti-vaccine" (vast majority of vaccine safety and efficacy advocates are not entirely opposed to the practice). The "absolutist" quality attached to referencing a "whooping cough" and/or "tetanus" vaccine (it's actually a "whooping cough", diphtheria and tetanus vaccine).
I'll leave the rabies and open wound shams to so those far smarter than I.

Thank you again for all you do!

John Stone

Huffpo have had the same policy for several years but it is not surprising since they were bought out by AOL which is part of TimeWarner and thus part of the same conglomerate as Time magazine and CNN.

Peter Miles

Was HuffPo working alone or were they also succumbing to pressure from Facebook? FB seems to be getting more noisy about posts they consider to be "fake" news, and its no wonder they consider anything critical of vaccines as fake news. One of their Directors is the CEO of the B&M Gates Foundation, and another is the former chief of staff of the Treasury Department in the Clinton administration. I wonder what's in their personal financial portfolios?


I have been an admirer of Martha Rosenberg ever since I read her interview with former FDA employee Ronald Kavanagh
thank you Kim.


Thank you Kim. Rosenberg almost got it right, except for the smack down of parents who would refuse the polio and whooping cough vaccines. She needs to do more research, but no one is perfect. Hopefully, she'll keep her nose to the grindstone and wise up there too.

Bob Moffit

HuffPo health contributor Martha Rosenberg ... has laid out a pretty compelling argument for the "forgotten men, women and children" who have suffered serious .. life-long .. life-threatening" vaccine injuries to finally be heard .. voicing LOUD and STRONG support .. for President Trump's creation of a "commission to investigate vaccine safety and scientific integrity".

Consider following article:

Article claims Arkansas Dept of Health has reported seeing NO cases of mumps in people who weren't immunized. Odd that only people who were "immunized" have contracted mumps?

Not so odd when you consider those two MERCK whistleblowers who .. few years ago .. alleged that MERCK has been deliberately manipulating their research on the "effectiveness" of the Mumps component in MERCK'S MMR vaccine for a long time .. and .. if those whistleblower allegations are eventually proven true .. SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO JAIL.


Great Article Kim thanks And when you see who owns what in America 90% owned by 6 and then who owns the corporations.
I seen that Trump has installed two Skype booths at the White House where he will take 4 questions from them during any press conference from anywhere in the world. This is a complete about face, to the selected shills attending the White House.

Periscope and others seem to be the only way forward until such time that possibly Trump kicks them all into place-a tall order.


John Stone

Very good reporting - the truth at its simplest and bluntest, and the mainstream media cannot stand it. They are pathetic. Thirty, forty years ago we used to gasp at the reports of the Soviet news agencies but now our news services - despite the fact that there are so many of them - are no better. Something as obvious of this may not be stated. And the trouble is once you create the screen you ensure that the most corrupt and vile deeds are protected, and not just trivial irregularities. Our own publications are becoming like samizdats.

Tom Petrie

IF the media...all media--"mainstream" and "progressive" or "alternative" would DO THEIR JOBS, we wouldn't be in this mess right now. Many folks have written about this topic in articles and in books, but the message is not getting out enough.

So WE have to do the jobs that journalists are supposed to do: Report the news, NOT just the news that they agree with or that fits into a preformed agenda!

I've posted this page on my facebook page and EVERYONE should share it far and wide. Who knows what can happen in Washington now!

Great article!

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