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Weekly Wrap: Happy News Year!

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The world is turning right in front of us and connections we never saw coming are being remade and rewired on a daily basis. While it is too early to get either elated or dejected by current events, the trend-line is clear: Something's happening here. 

Today I thought I'd use more of Anne Dachel's media reports to show how much is happening. I did an interview with BuzzFeed and as I was walking through the airport yesterday Nature magazine called. It's a new year to top all new years!

From Anne: After hours of reading news reports today, this was encouraging. As any of us can attest, once you know how vast and corrupt the vaccine safety issue is, you can never walk away. This is what Kennedy is saying too. 

Kennedy's description of why the media has universally failed us is absolutely right. No one is willing to risk their career covering this in a fair and balanced way. So they write what they're told ...over and over and over. But I know them all, and I will never forget who they are.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. “All the things that I do are bent on forcing this debate out into the open—because once the science is in the open, the CDC’s position is so fragile, it’s an edifice of fraud, fraud stacked upon fraud, so high and so wobbly, that even a slight breeze of public scrutiny will topple it. It’s not only Congress that won’t investigate, and the regulatory agencies have been captured, the courts and the lawyers that would normally apply that scrutiny have been removed by the Vaccine Act.

And the press has been compromised. And it’s not just the mainstream corporate media, but also the so-called alternative media like Huffington Post. Daniel Schulman wrote in the Columbia …Journalism Review that for journalists this is radioactive, that this is a career-ending controversy. So reporters won’t touch it, they’re really scared of it. Doctors won’t come out. Doctors lose their licenses if they talk about this. 

What we need is sunlight. If you put a little sunlight on this controversy, the whole thing’s going to fall apart. We’re going to beat these people. I feel this, and I’ve spent my life working on energy issues, environmental issues, and global warming, but I’ve taken a hiatus to do just this issue because I cannot stand by and watch these children being poisoned—an entire generation of kids that is being poisoned now by government policies and greed. We’re going to take them on and beat them.

And we need help. We’re at the World Mercury Project. We need your support, we need financial support, we need members because we’re going to sue government agencies, we’re going to sue pharmaceutical companies, we’re suing the people, we’re figuring out different ways to litigate this. In order for a charitable group to litigate, we need to show that we have members who have standing.


The media’s desperate attempt to convince us the science is in on vaccines

Jan 13, 2017 Zealots Like RFK Jr. Have Already Made Vaccines Less Safe

By Brian Palmer

Not just because they fuel anti-vaxxers. This type of paranoia impedes our ability to accurately consider evidence. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., political scion–turned–anti-vaccine alarmist, emerged from a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday claiming that Trump had offered him a position leading a vaccine safety commission. This is a terrible idea for reasons that should be apparent, and a dangerous idea, because Kennedy’s anti-scientific rantings have already exerted a chilling effect on honest medical discourse for at least a decade. The thimerosal episode is a perfect example.

“Infants are exposed to more mercury from breastfeeding than they’d ever get from vaccines,” says Paul Offit, chief of the division of infectious diseases and director of vaccine education at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “It’s in the earth. It’s in the water we drink. If you want to achieve zero tolerance for mercury exposure, you’d have to move to another planet.”…

Eighteen years later, doctors still argue over the decision to remove thimerosal from vaccines. Halsey has staunch defenders who describe him as an egoless man who was trying to put child safety first, making a very difficult decision in a politically charged environment without the data he needed. Others still rue the decision, arguing that even though there wasn’t hard evidence, our scientific understanding of and experience with thimerosal justified keeping it while research continued.

We caved to public perception,” Offit says. “You’re always better off trying to explain the science—you owe the public that. We made a mistake.”

Wherever you come down on the decision, the real villains in the thimerosal episode are vultures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who seized on the scientific uncertainty and the public communications challenges to scare the hell out of people….

Specifically, Kennedy insists that thimerosal causes autism. But there has never been any reason to believe that thimerosal or any form of mercury causes autism…

When it comes to his views on vaccine safety, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is dishonest, uninformed, insane, or some combination of them. His refusal to accept medical evidence has put children at risk, and giving him an official position will … you know what? It’s so obvious, it’s not even worth writing. It also doesn’t matter. Neither Trump nor Kennedy care about facts.

Jan 13, 2017, UK Guardian: Trump's vaccine conspiracy theories are a threat to your children

Vaccines have been shown safe and effective. When he hints otherwise, the president-elect is gambling with young lives

The science on vaccines is very clear: they are safe and effective. Vaccines do not cause autism. It’s a waste of our tax dollars to rehash this issue yet again. 

Jan 13, 2017, Washington Post: Charles Krauthammer: What happened to the honeymoon?

By Charles Krauthammer

Finally, it’s his chronic indiscipline, his jumping randomly from one subject to another without rhyme, reason or larger strategy. In a week packed with confirmation hearings and Russian hacking allegations, what was he doing meeting with Robert Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaccine activist pushing the thoroughly discredited idea that vaccines cause autism?


The truth is, the agency that approves, promotes, and recommends the vaccine schedule is also charged with vaccine safety. They literally have oversight over themselves. Hundreds of employees at the Centers for Disease Control have conflict of interest waivers because they're also working for the industry they regulate.

Claims of corruption and fraudulent science at the CDC are rampant, even among employees. Krauthammer needs to investigate the 83 cases of vaccine-induced autism compensated by the Federal Court of Claims (since no American can sue either the doctor or vaccine makers for an injury), and which were made public back in 2011.

Finally Krauthammer needs to talk to Dr. Jon Poling, father of Hannah Poling whose case of vaccine-induced autism was conceded by medical experts at HHS and made public in 2008.

Krauthammer may assume that the link between vaccines and autism is a "thoroughly discredited idea," but he's taking the word the people with everything at stake in covering this up.


Anne Dachel, Media Editor









I think the first order of business has to be to stop the carnage, meaning the huge number of vaccines routinely given to children (and slightly fewer to adults). That's the most urgent issue: we have to reduce the number of the damaged before we try to treat the whole group.

It's going to be hard to treat the damage. Those with autism have had many neural brain circuits severely damaged or destroyed. It's like Christopher Reeves always saying with so much hope that he was sure they'd discover how to correct the nerve damage resulting in his paraplegia before he died. It's like when someone has a stroke: sometimes they can recover some or even a lot of what they lost to the stroke; sometimes they can't. I'd say USUALLY they can't. I think teaching the autistic English as a Foreign Language would help a lot, and it's not being done at all at this time. I think that's where the next frontier should be.

Richard P. Milner

Our news media favors the propaganda interests of corporations and wealthy donors above the interests of the public. A case in point is the link between vaccination and our current pandemic of chronic diseases and disorders.

Our 30-minute proof of concept video is a distillation of the controversy. Biochemist Boyd Haley, PhD, disputes the claims of vaccine inventor and forced vaccination pitchman, Paul Offit, MD. Offit would vaccinate all children without exemptions on philosophical or religious grounds, a denial of basic human rights.

Since conventional medicine claims to be science-based and therefore superior to all other modalities, should we not listen when a scientist disagrees with a doctor about the science underlying vaccination safety and effectiveness?

I invite you to view Haley vs. Offit: A Virtual Debate About Vaccines, The Greatest Medical Controversy Of Our Time here:


The main objective in this whole horrible situation is that we need researchers, and lots of them, to find out how to reverse the vaccine damage suffered by out children. We need clinical trials to investigate the possibility of immune modulators to correct the neuroimmune dysfunction caused by the vaccine damage to our children. We can't lose an entire generation of people who can become productive members of society and live normal lives. We have waited long enough for sensible scientific study to cure our children.


Robert F Kennedy Jr is going to take out MSNBC because like his dad, he is a courageous truth teller: Poul Thorsen IS a wanted fellon, Merck IS being sued, Bill Thompson IS a whistleblower.

Robert F Kennedy Jr is going to take out CNN because like his uncle, he is a brilliant whore: ditto, ditto, ditto.

Sorry, yo, didn't mean to call you or ;your brilliant uncle) a whore, but you know CNN is going to make fun of you being on your third wife just like Trump is. Obviously no one give a frick!

The greatest political power on earth is the ability to control what gets injected into people. Just ask Bill Gates. My god, it's how we located Bin Laden. No one understands this better than Donald Trump. The ability to hold scientific sway over what gets injected into American infants is now in the power of Black, Islamic, American mothers, who were outside the CDC in October begging for the subpoena of Bill Thompson, and thanks to the reporting of Dan Olmsted and Anne Dachel we all know about this. It is incredibly tragic that Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow did not report the same. Tragic because they gave power to those who (according to them) dismiss the opinion of Black, Islamic, American Women, Those women are also mothers, and if you decide to have a child in the United States of America today, then you must not be as smart, or as aware, as Amy Goodman, or Rachel Maddow.

If confirmed, Sessions's first act as existing Attorney General will be to extradite Poul Thorsen.
He's not gonna give a good god damn about the soccer industry, because he's want to Lorreta Lynch how he really knew better then her what was best for black males in the United States of America.

Jason Chaffetz can not regain his seat unless he subpoenas Thompson.

Neither MSNBC nor Democracy Now covered that fact that Merck's measels vaccine was under litigation when the Disneyland "measels crisis" broke out.

None of those "progressive" "liberal" outlets can win with regard to this issue because they're too busy trying to hold on to their legitimacy, while failing to realize that not reporting any of those facts loses their legitimacy. Cutting off their nose to spite their face. For America and the world that is such a pity.

Jenny Allan
This link seems to be working Angus and yes, it seems to be a fair report, unlike some of the other links from Reuters and Press Associations. The comments are good too.

Jenny Allan

Angus - couldn't find your Mail article, which seems to have been disabled, but this link was active.


Offit's deflective attempt to defend neurotoxic Thimerosal reminded me of my years-ago discussion with a dental clinic's staff about the toxicity of mercury amalgam. One dentist there aggressively attempted to discredit my myriad sources; instead I avoided his angry baiting and worked to "let the science speak."

After some time the dentist blurted, "Well, the safety of dental composites hasn't been adequately tested, either."

Just consider all those implications.

angus files

I couldn't find any newspapers reporting Mr Trump and Mr Kennedy`s association through the commission in the UK yesterday, but today one of my long term Autism friends found one article from the Daily Mail in the UK (below). So far so good - I am just surprised they got it posted in the first place. To all the doubters complaining that this is nothing - it might not be to you, but when you`ve had a kicking from the other side for 15 years plus it feels really good to get one back- hang in you`ll see.And if its the only one we get it will keep me going another 15 years- but I cant wait for the head of the CDC to be announced .
Meltdown at the AOA site imminent and predicted that day. For me it would be Thomson Hooker and Wakefield, now wouldn't we have such fun-just think of that bile oozing form the Pharma the plopping of rats over the side of the ship has started..plop plop! news/article-4106972/Trump-s- RFK-Jr-railed-against-vaccine- holocaust-charge-new- commission-vaccine-safety.html

6 days for Trump to be inaugurated ,whoop whoop!


Jeannette Bishop

Six to seven years ago, nearly 90% of parents said that vaccine safety research should be a priority. Where is that percentage now? It's not likely to have changed much IMO since the U.S. vaccine program (excluding some whistleblowers) hasn't done anything but double down.

I think President-elect Trump's advisors would be very wise to keep on course with the Vaccine Safety, Research Integrity title. With all this press, some parents might be asking what is wrong with paying attention to vaccine safety? Is this about more than "just" autism?


Maybe it's a start, but I hope everyone involved understands that it is a first, tiny, baby step to the complete change in paradigm that will be required, going WAY beyond chemical or organic vaccine additives.


Or maybe, it's just another form of controlled opposition. We do seem to be surrounded by it.

As the famous quote goes “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”


World Mercury Project? Again, I'm afraid this debate is being channeled along only one line of inquiry, and, except for multivial injected flu vaccines, for children at this time it's a dead issue. I'm afraid it's distracting from the currently more important issue of vaccine encephalitis and vaccine sensitization and resultant autoimmunity. And I'm afraid the use of the word "poisoned" may indicate an inadequate conceptualization of the problem. Of course mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze, and foreign proteins are very dangerous, and it's easy to frame this as a quick-fix issue, only needing some research to find acceptable alternatives to current preservatives and adjuvants, antibiotics and detergents. (And would whatever they came up with really be harmless and acceptable in vaccines?)

Maybe it's a start, but I hope everyone involved understands that it is a first, tiny, baby step to the complete change in paradigm that will be required, going WAY beyond chemical or organic vaccine additives.


Ann has a comment over on Charles Krauthammer's article. She is the one and only . I put a comment on there too. Maybe if enough of us put a comment on his site and it don't get washed away and deleted he can figure it out?

Oh, but of course he can't wake up to it cause he depends on this job and he don't want to make the pharma advertisers mad and withdrawing their money. Nor, does he want after that - a call for Murdock over in the UK calling him to give him the axe.

He has never been for Trump, by the way all though the election. He would rather it be Hillary that Trump.

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