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Dachel Wake Up: Ben Swann on US Propaganda

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

January 3, 2017 CBS 46 Atlanta Reality Check: President Obama Quietly Signs New Law To Allow U.S. Gov. to Fund Propaganda For U.S. Citizens

By Ben Swann

(View Ben Swann's report on Facebook here.)

Ben Swann: “After all, if government agencies put out information to the public for the sake of altering a point of view, isn’t that the very definition of propaganda? In fact that definition is this: information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, a group, a movement, an institution, nation etc.

“So this law essentially funds U.S. propaganda. But isn’t that illegal?

“It was, but not anymore. …

“…It was illegal for over sixty years for our government to propagandize the public, to protect the public from our own government.

 “Right now, two out of every three Americans, in the latest polls, say they have little to no trust in mainstream American media. Because two-thirds of Americans already believe that they are not getting the truth, that number will likely only get worse with the legalized American government propaganda.

“So what is the solution here? How about media just tells the truth? Just reports facts? Does not act as an arm for political parties or for government institutions.

“If we want to combat propaganda, both foreign and domestic, then shouldn’t we just inform the public? Rather than trying to control their views?

As expected, Ben Swann again informs us about government malfeasance at the highest levels. As far as most of us in the autism community are concerned, it's a well-known fact: The government and health care officials, along with their faithful minions in the media, have been covering up the truth about vaccine side effects and autism for years.

"How about the media just tells the truth?"

I can't actually imagine that happening. After decades of refusing to investigate the vaccine controversy openly and honestly from both sides, it's way too late for news outlets to suddenly ethically cover this. They've said "studies show no link" for too many years to now report on the bias and conflicts involved in that research

It may have been illegal, but since endless pharmaceutical commercials pay for the news we see, it's always been done at the behest of the folks funding the coverage. Can anyone imagine NBC, CNN or anyone else covering the corruption at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

What intrigues me about all this is the use of the term "propaganda" or as I like to call what the media gives us, SPIN, which Webster's Dictionary defines as "a special point of view, emphasis, or interpretation presented for the purpose of influencing opinion."

So my suggestion is: STOP CALLING IT "NEWS."

News sounds like honest, legitimate, unbiased reporting. Since most of the American people (two-thirds as reported by CBS 46) don't believe what the networks report, let's just admit it's all carefully controlled disinformation.

My suggestions--LET'S REMOVE THE WORD "NEWS."

Fox Spin

NBC Nightly Propaganda

BBC Disinformation

CBS Hogwash

CNN Indoctrination

ABC Hype

This is really what the public is getting from these sources, and they know it all too well. Let's be honest and call it what it is!

Ben Swann has been featured on Age of Autism. See:

Nov 2, 2015, Reality Check׃ CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

Nov 30 2015, Ben Swann on Vaccine Safety and the Release of the #CDCwhistleblower Documents 

Jan 20, 2016, Ben Swann To Air CDC Vaccine Whistleblower Documents on 1/26

Jan 26, 2016, Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism



angus files

They write the BS A..K.A the News.They now legitimise the lies they have tried to tell us all and it looks like there is serious worry going on down pharma land way.

I noticed over the past month that ALL Pharma sales are dropping like stones -investors running like the cowards the phama cartel are, and moving their ill gotten share money elsewhere.

The PHARMA run has started were now seeing the leaks coming from the cracks on the pharma dam.

Jefferies lowered its rating for Merck to underperform from hold


Biotech Stocks Crashed and Nobody Knows Why


Run Pharma Run were after ya!


Jeannette Bishop

Yay, we're now funding another agency, this one to "counter propaganda and disinformation," that will likely never go away (unless the entire federal government apparatus fails I guess) and will this agency simply just release its own propaganda? Or will it engage in outright violations of the first amendment, that is shutting down sources of information they label as "disinformation?"


As always great piece! Tag team sharing:


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