Google Leads the Charge with Fake News
Question Any Component of Vaccines? Immediately Branded Anti-Vaccine.

Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Daniel Neides' Smart Recommendations Create Backlash

NeidesNOTE:  This story is from The Cleveland Clinic. One of the only allopathic doctors to ever look seriously into why my 3 daughters have autism is at The Cleveland Clinic (many of you know Dr. Marvin Natowicz.)  The Clinic was a leader in replacing typical hospital food with healthy choices. They got into trouble for banning McDonald's on site many years ago.  Dr. Bernadine Healy, the NIH head who took a beating for saying that vaccine autism science was not complete, was married to Dr. Floyd Loop, former CEO of the Cleveland Clinic.   Let's send a huge cyber welcome to fellow "anti-vaccinationist" (insert eye roll here) Dr. Daniel Neides.  Did he know that he was stepping into a hornet's nest of epic proportions?  KIM

By Anne Dachel

Doctor links toxins and autism…

Jan 6, 2017, Cleveland Plain Dealer: Make 2017 the year to avoid toxins (good luck) and master your domain: Words on Wellness

This was an interesting piece. A doctor, Daniel Neides, from the Cleveland Clinic is speaking out on toxins (including vaccines) and our health.

Neides described how he received a thimerosal-free flu shot, only to find out that it still contained toxic formaldehyde.  Within 12 hours, he was sick.

(Dr. Neides should look at the findings from the CDC, other agencies, and the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration.  The ineffectiveness of the flu shot has been shown over and over.)

Regardless, Neides knows toxins are affecting our health and officials are doing nothing about it.

“….But when toxins disrupt normal function, problems can occur. Those problems include cancers, auto-immune diseases, neurologic problems like autism, ADHD, and Parkinson's disease, and the most prevalent chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease….”

Neides is especially concerned about the explosion in autism.

Why do I mention autism now twice in this article. Because we have to wake up out of our trance and stop following bad advice. Does the vaccine burden - as has been debated for years - cause autism? I don't know and will not debate that here. What I will stand up and scream is that newborns without intact immune systems and detoxification systems are being over-burdened with PRESERVATIVES AND ADJUVANTS IN THE VACCINES.

While Neides doesn’t want to openly link vaccines to autism, he does say there is problem with vaccine components.  He’s also not congratulating himself for better diagnosing on the part of doctors as reason we have 2 percent of our children with an autism diagnosis. Neides urges parents to use an alternative vaccine schedule.

I’m impressed. Neides is in family practice and he’s not buying all the official denials. I have to wonder if he’s personally seen the effects of our out-of-control/one-size-fits-every-child vaccine schedule. And it’s not just vaccines and it’s not just autism. Auto-immune disorders and cancers have turned our country into the land of the chronically ill and disabled. Neides made one comment that I thought was very telling:

If we don't look out for ourselves and each other, we can expect to hear about more cancers, more autism, and more auto-immune diseases. As a doctor, I should be thinking - great, this is perfect for business. I am a primary care doctor with a three month wait to get in. That is unacceptable. So YOU have to help yourself if you want me to help you.

It’s sad to realize that Dr. Neides is a rarity in medicine. He asks WHY people are so sick. Hard to believe, but the mainstream medical community never does. Maybe because Neides is absolutely right. “This is perfect for business.”

It’s so much better for doctors just to hide their heads in the sand.

One day AFTER this story was out on Google News, Dr. Neides came under attack.

Jan 7, 2017, Doctor's anti-vaccine claims create PR firestorm for Cleveland Clinic


A doctor at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic sparked an online uproar when he published an article Friday filled with anti-vaccine rhetoric, including the widely debunked claim that vaccines are linked to autism. Physicians took to Twitter to call the article “vile” and “Post-truth medicine” and demand whether the clinic endorsed its doctor’s views.

Dr. Daniel Neides, a family doctor and the director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, wrote on a blog on the news site that preservatives and other ingredients in vaccines are dangerous and are likely behind the increase in diagnosed cases of neurological diseases such as autism — a claim that has long been discredited by researchers. ...



For the last two hondred years American commerce has been based on the suppression of Black Americans. I don't give a good did damn if Obama thinks this is an issue worth paying attention to. Sheila Ealy and Allison Folmer and all of the American moms suffering from pharma's commerce do

Gary Ogden

Interesting that he apologizes for the uproar (which he didn't create), but in no way recants the scientifically-sound concerns he expressed about adjuvants and other toxic ingredients. He also says he was trying to start a conversation about safety. He now knows we are not allowed to question anything about vaccines. Stalin's Russia anyone? Mao's China? Kim Jong Un's DPRK? Wrong! The U. S. of A! Keep you damn mouths shut.

Laura Hayes

Oxymoron alert:

"Naturopaths" who support and/or administer vaccines.

There is NOTHING natural about the practice of vaccinating or the ingredients in vaccines. Nothing.

John Stone


I think it is a different kind of sarcasm from "truther". Freedland was furious that the "liars" had won, whereas the "truther" epithet is used to bully people that have non-mainstream views (which may in fact be perfectly justified). If "post-truth" is now being used against us we may be winning, after all!


We certainly need sang froid though on AoA we do not recommend shooting anybody, but I think it is the totemism of Gessler's hat which is germane here. Gessler's hat serves no purpose but to subordinate and humiliate citizens - there is not even any pretence of benefit. Gessler's hat is a stupid power emblem. Of course, if we hand over our bodies and those of our children to the vaccine program as presently constituted that is even more stupid.


I suppose they may calculate that there best move is to be as intimidating as possible whether they are liked and trusted, or not.


and guess what! aluminum is still present in almost all vaccines. getting rid of mercury doesn't do much when more vaccines laced with aluminum enter the schedule.


We don't even know for sure that mercury was removed from vaccines.

All that we know for sure, is that we we were ' told' it was removed.

Mr. Washington

Verstraeten and co.'s findings back in 1999 should garner a bit more attention, imo (as in, mentioned in every single post on this site and wherever else you guys decide to post). They identified aluminum as having the same toxicity as mercury in their models and data outputs which found causal relations between vaccines -> autism/neurodevelopmental disorders.

and guess what! aluminum is still present in almost all vaccines. getting rid of mercury doesn't do much when more vaccines laced with aluminum enter the schedule.

Cynthia Cournoyer

And now he apologizes:

Quote: "I apologize and regret publishing a blog that has caused so much concern and confusion for the public and medical community. I fully support vaccinations and my concern was meant to be positive around the safety of them."

Mr. Washington

Hannah Poling. Millions in compensation/ award judgements for vaccine induced Autism.

Clearly, the CDC, FDA, and ignorant doctors are lying their asses off.

@all doctors

Dr. Neides and all doctors: now is the time to speak out in numbers.

Jonathan Rose

If the Dark Side had simply ignored Dr. Neides, no one outside of Cleveland would have read his blog post. Instead, they gave his (rather mild) criticisms of vaccines nationwide publicity. The NBC report specifically mentioned and provided a link to AoA (thanks for the plug). The doctors who attacked him would strike any fair-minded reader as hysterical and vindictive. His attackers made clear to everyone that they will tolerate absolutely no dissent on the subject of vaccine safety, and will not hesitate to resort to blacklisting.

Thank God we have such stupid enemies.


I just read the article you linked about "post-truth." Very snarky, condescending article. I think a better way to visualize it is "revolt against the sort-of-plausible-sounding lies from the politico/medical shill industry by the silent, fed-up majority."


But the best part of the William Tell story is that the SOB made him shoot an apple from his son's head as punishment: he did so, being a crack shot, but then took another arrow from his shirt, and Gessler asked what it was for. Tell said "I was going to shoot you in the heart with it had I injured my son." Now THAT'S the courage and sang froid that we need now!

Lisa Petrison

Here is a petition on this topic.

Jeannette Bishop

John Stone, I suppose it seems much more civil than "truther" and apparently it is in competition with "truthiness" ...

... and with that added "enlightenment" ...and in case some of us are ever accused of resorting to "healthiness" or something like "healthiness seeking" an insult...yes I'm aiming now with no credentials of any kind to just pre-co-opt and pre-twist a basic word's fundamental meaning into... dum-da-da-dum... "Healthiness: something that wouldn't be impossible in the absence of pharma-controlled 'healthcare.'"

Maybe it will be the word of year for 2017!

And may Dr. Neides see more support and fundamental respect for speaking (blogging) truth!

Laura Hayes

Petition to support Dr. Neides:


Well Greg, it's been a while since anyone has called me numb nuts. Likely before the college degrees and 20 years pharmaceutical development experience.
Some day you will know the truth. Not from CBS news and the Pfizer channel...from the blood of children.

John Stone

Hi Jeannnette

I was probably just guessing - my son thought "post-truth" was an insult first thrown at the Brexiteers by Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland, which may be the case. I don't know whether it was a slightly comical euphemism to avoid caling them "liars" which is usually avoided in British public life for legal reasons.

Jeannette Bishop

Jeannette Bishop

@John Stone, thanks for your many--hopefully not completely futile on my part regarding this topic, certainly not futile on many others--efforts to enlighten.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Interesting that Dr. Neides gets so much negative attention even when he says "vaccines can be helpful when used properly." Doesn't sound anti vaccine to me.

He got caught using the "i" word. "Ingredients." Very naughty to single out toxins in vaccines.

John Stone


I think it probably alludes to such intellectual jargon terms as "post-structuralism" and "post-modernism" and refers to a world awash with govenment propaganda posing as truth. Unsurprisingly this has been deftly switched around by the organs of state, trying re-assert that it is their information that is correct through the post truth media.

It also reminds me of the editor of the Lancet, Richard Horton, who wrote an article for the New York Review of books in 2004 called "The Dawn of MacScience" which was an attack on the pharmaceutical industry: barely six months later it re-appeared in a chapter in his book "MMR Science and Fiction" twisted round as an attack on Andrew Wakefield.

Joy B

Simply put, Neides doesn't want to get Broadstreeted.

Joy B

Anne Dachel quoted in this breaking NBC smear.

Aimee Doyle

Does Representative Bill Posey still have the CDC whistleblower documents? It's been a couple of years now - if he's not going to do anything with them, why doesn't he pass them along to someone who will?

I just think that publication (in the sense of making these documents available to the public) might help doctors who try to discuss vaccine safety. Documents from the CDC would be a good counterpoint to MSM propaganda.

Jeannette Bishop

OK, I had to reluctantly get an idea of what "post-truth" supposedly means and yay, it's the word of the year in 2016 (and I had missed it all year long), as WaPo (OK, correction Oxford Dictionary) says so:

I'm tempted to apply the term to practices such as hepatitis B vaccination at birth, but maybe I still don't understand the root meaning.

Greg T. Madison

You numb nuts don't understand censorship in the least. Neides is completely free to do an interview if he actually so strongly believes in the idiocy he spewed. Completely free. Cleveland Clinic will not stop him one bit.

They will, however, and are completely justified in, firing him for doing an interview after he was informed how stupid he sounded.

If anyone censors around here, it's you and your echo chamber of idiocy.

Jeannette Bishop

"post-truth medicine?" ... What does that even mean??? How dare he post truth?!?


Well said, Ted Kuntz! Great summary of current situation.

John Stone


I think that hits the nail on head.


Ted Kuntz

After years of battling to preserve the right to informed consent with regard to vaccination, I’ve come to a realization. Vaccination is not a medical issue. Rather, vaccination is a political and economic issue disguised as a medical issue.

If vaccinations were truly a medical issue there would be more interest in whether vaccines were actually safe; whether vaccines actually prevented the targeted illnesses or not; and whether the health of those receiving vaccines was better than those who did not.

The virtual absence of interest in vaccine safety and effectiveness is a strong indication that the intention of vaccination is not about improved medical health. The unwillingness of governments and health authorities to conduct genuine research to determine whether vaccinated individuals have better overall health than unvaccinated individuals is powerful evidence that improved health is not the goal.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that vaccination is serving a political and economic agenda. Vaccines are the battleground for the domination and submission of citizens. It is about subservience. It is about compliance. It is about undermining free will, free choice, and the security of the person. And it is about protecting the economic interests of the medical industry rather than protecting our children.

This agenda becomes evident when we witness the amount of financial and other resources dedicated to tracking vaccine compliance, rather than tracking vaccine safety and effectiveness. Our health units are not monitoring whether vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. They actually show no interest in this information. Instead they invest millions of dollars into tracking and enforcing compliance, and punishing those who do not comply.

But the disguise of being labeled a “medical” treatment seems to cause a glazing over of the eyes resulting in an inability of parents, doctors and politicians to be logical, rational, or thoughtful. Vaccination has become a religion. Vaccines are promoted as the only path to "salvation". Any other path to salvation needs to be discredited.

Ironically, in their efforts to save people, vaccine advocates are destroying people. Destroying their health; destroying their rights and freedoms; destroying their access to education; destroying their access to government resources; and destroying families.

Ted Kuntz

Dr. Neides is my kind of Doctor. Honest, courageous, and he cares about his patients. It's a sad statement that the medical industry crucifies Doctors like Neides rather than celebrate him. Another confirmation the medical industry can't be trusted with our children.

Cherry Misra

@ Mark Brown- You seem to be interested in candida- give this a try- 650 mg Haritake daily for an adult kills candida in the gut within 4 days to a week. Haritake is one of the oldest of ayurvedic herbs and is given even to little babies . It is universally considered to be without side effects, although there will be some loose motions while the candida are dying and releasing toxins. You can see it work for candida in the mouth- thrush, and candida in the genitalia. I am waiting to see someone try it for systemic candida. Haritake has been described by chris shade, PhD, well known mercury toxicologist- as a nine time stronger antioxidant than any other anti oxidant that we know of.
This is an interesting thought- that candida may be involved in cancers and autoimmune disease.
Remember that anyone who has taken in mercury through fish, vaccines, or dental work (or other less common sources of mercury) will usually have candida in the gut. It is certainly possible that some disorders that we attribute to mercury, could be due to the candida instead.

Anne McElroy Dachel


Eric Boodman, like any of the media minions reported that there is no need to discuss this, all the science is in.
"...that preservatives and other ingredients in vaccines are dangerous and are likely behind the increase in diagnosed cases of neurological diseases such as autism — a claim that has long been discredited by researchers."

I'm sure Mr. Boodman has never actually READ any of the studies used to disprove a link between vaccines and autism, nor has he ever INVESTIGATED who funded or who actually did the research. In his world there are no annoying conflicts of interest.

Instead he labels Neides statements as "dangerous."

"Scientists and doctors were horrified about the misinformation contained in the article, especially given that the source is affiliated with a such a prestigious medical institution. A spokesperson for Cleveland Clinic told STAT on Saturday that Neides 'will not be doing an interview.'"

What should really bother Boodman is the fact that Neides won't be doing an interview. This is censorship, not the free exchange of ideas that is supposed to be going on in our country. It should bother Mr. Boodman, but I'm sure it won't.

Anne Dachel, Media

Louis Conte

..."physicians" called the article "vile" .. and .. "Post-truth medicine" because THEY claim the article was filled with "anti-vaccine rhetoric". Really?


Main Stream Medicine and the Government Public Health leadership fully endorses the fraudulent science of criminals like Poul Thorsen. The fraudulent science of the CDC Vaccine Safety Division that dumped the real data in the garbage. The CDC Director has prevented William Thompson from testifying about what went on because his doing so is not in the interests of the government.

Main stream media - what we used to call the Fourth Estate - has walked away from covering these stories because it's bad for business.

What is being done to this doctor is disgusting.

John Stone


A friend said to me this morning "How is it you can say anything you like about the President of the United States, but if you say anything about the vaccine program you are in trouble?" I don't know what they did with Dr Neides but this is not a pretty sight. It is like the legend of Wiliam Tell, and having to bow befor Gessler's hat in the market place. This is not about science at all it is about some very basic human nastiness.


Thank you Dr. Neides.
Thank you for taking the chance to enlighten parents. To encourage parents to educate themselves and their responsibility to do their research on vaccines.
I am proud to say that being able to share this article has helped my daughter in her decision to not vaccinate my Grandson!

Thank you for your courage.

Laura Hayes

Dr. Neides issued his "apology" so very quickly. One must wonder if frightening physical threats, including death, were made to him and his loved ones.

Clearly, the pharmaceutical-medical-media mafia is alive, well, and able to act instantaneously.

Sharon DeNunzio -- Dr. Hyman's blog

Sharon DeNunzio

Dr. David Brownstein (well-known functional MD) wrote a wonderful blog just yesterday congratulating Dr. Neides and bringing all of the points that he raised to the forefront.

I also found a wonderful blog by Dr. Marc Hyman -- head of Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine -- (written in July 2014) regarding his opinion to "open up the debate about thimerosol" and finally a call-to-action to immediately remove thimerosol from all vaccines and other medical products. This was written around the time that Dr. Hyman was vetting that more than 1400 scientific research articles that supported Robert F. Kennedy's book "Thimerosol: Let the Critics Speak".

Where was all the flack to Dr. Hyman's article? did I miss this? Has the uproar gotten worse?

Notice how Robert F. Kennedy, founder of the World Mercury Project late last year, says that he can't get any mainstream media to publish anything that he's writing about?

More of the same...

Gary Ogden

Predictable that the CDC's army of trolls would unleash a blitzkreig on this fine man who hasn't forgotten how to speak the truth, and who remembers why doctors exist. In eleven days we won't see a change in the MSM, perhaps a worsening of the propaganda, but Freiden will be gone!

Bob Moffit

"A doctor at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic sparked an online uproar when he published an article Friday filled with anti-vaccine rhetoric, including the widely debunked claim that vaccines are linked to autism. Physicians took to Twitter to call the article “vile” and “Post-truth medicine” and demand whether the clinic endorsed its doctor’s views."

As could have been predicted ... "physicians" called the article "vile" .. and .. "Post-truth medicine" because THEY claim the article was filled with "anti-vaccine rhetoric". Really?

Anyone reading this "vile" article .. understands the Cleveland Clinic doctor was questioning the "toxins" each vaccine contain .. courageously "standing up and screaming" .. that newborns without intact immune systems and detoxification systems are being over-burdened with PRESERVATIVES AND ADJUVANTS IN THE VACCINES.

Those physicians who took to twitter should be asked if THEY believe newborns should be subject to the numerous "preservatives and adjuvants in vaccines" .. including mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum .. to name just THREE of well-recognized TOXIN ingredients in ALL vaccines?

The Cleveland Clinic doctor only mentioned autism as ONE of the potential chronic .. life-long .. as well as .. life-threatening .. chronic autoimmune disorders .. that have inexplicably dramatically increased in our children today ... autoimmune disorders that were far less common in ALL PREVIOUS .. LESS VACCINATED .. GENERATIONS.

These twitter physicians singled out autism .. rather than addressing the doctor's justified warnings against PRESERVATIVES AND ADJUVANTS .. because there is absolutely no way anyone calling himself a "physician" would recommend injecting these various toxic chemicals into our most precious resource .. our children.

Mark Brown

Way2Go Dr.Neides, URock! Thank you Dr. Hyman, Dr.Wakefield, Robert Kennedy for being
Courageous! Orac, Dr.Califf, Dr.Hamburg, the FDA, the CDC, etc. can't beat me with their
best 100 Medical Studies that showcase, medicines best direction with autoimmune disease
I presented my picture of Psoriasis, I cured it for 88 bucks! Atkins diet, tea tree oil, and undecylenic
acid! (I would use Kaufmanns diet now) . Pharma has ruined a good thing (vaccines) as usual.
Pharma has ruined a potential lifesaver, antibiotics, as usual! THE MATRIX IS MORE CONCERNED
ABOUT THEIR VACCINE SCHEDULE THAN AUTISM! (plenty of business from autism already)
Whether you believe in fungal theory (the cause of most cancers and autoimmune dis) or not
is somewhat immaterial, as ORGANIC HIPPOCRATES RULES....the treatment is similar.
Most things that do work Pharma wise, have anti fungal properties. LETS JOIN FORCES...
an Organic America will certainly look at vaccines from a more holistic point of view...
I wish you all the best in your journey....Mark Brown PA Johns Hopkins grad.... Maverick
P.S. The Ropeworms....I think that they are mostly Fungal Biofilms. Antibiotics, Pesticides, GMOs,
3rdTrimester AB, to many vaccines, etc. have created a MESS IN OUR GUTS. FUNGUS BECOMES
Keep Up The Great Work Age of Autism.....Your Friend Maverick


check for yourself the mortality rates in japan, a country with a moral conscience regarding vaccines. they have one of the lowest rates, compared to the us rates.
modern medicine is a barbaric practice - you know, practicing medicine cause they need more practice. haha.
i know a doctor who has, in her private office, a whole wall shelving unit. each unit, which is really a pocket, is full of pharma samples. there must be over 100 pockets lining her wall.
all she has to do is distribute the 'free samples' to her patients and then they want more.
personally i can't use anything of these synthetic atrocities.
they make me violently sick.
and when i think of all the lab animals used to develop these horrors, i shudder at their pain.
all for $$.
and nothing for true health.

go Trump

... omg another anti-vaccine story, what is next an anti-shrapnel airbag group ???

Have they yet found any "expert baby doctor" in the United States who will TODAY take the two month baby vaccines adjusted to their body weight... only about 40 doses...

John Stone

Well, Dr Neides has now been made to make a grovelling apology although everything he said was completely justified. What a charade - just like self-denunciation under Stalin! Either they don't think people can join the dots or the don't care, providing everyone is scared.

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