How Many Alex Spourdalakis Cases Will There Be Before We Medically Treat Autism?
HPV (Gardasil) Injury Scandals Worldwide, Why is U.S. media Silent? Parents beware.

UK Daily Mail: Furious Couple Claim Son Started Seizing Day after Meningitis Jab"

Baby Bobby
Mercury Press

NOTE:  Pay attention to the baby's health issues in addition to seizure  - "stomach problems and allergies."  Sound familiar?  Many of us have battled the horror of seizures in our children - many still do - and it's a hell like no other.   From the UK Daily Mail:

A furious couple claim their son began suffering up to 14 violent fits a day after having a new meningitis jab – and have shared shocking footage of his seizures.

Luke Maguire, 26, and Louise McKever, 22, say they have made more than 55 hospital visits since their 10-month-old son Bobby's immunisations this summer.

The Bexsero Meningitis B vaccination has been given to all babies in the UK since September 2015, but seizures are known to be an uncommon side effect.

But the first-time parents, from Ashington, Northumberland, say it has also left their son suffering from stomach problems, night terrors and allergies.

Since releasing a clip of their son suffering from a fit to social media, it has notched up more than 1.8 million views and 27,500 shares.


david m burd

Yes, the elderly whether in "Care Homes" or living with their families, have been, and still are, conned into 30 years of flu shots, all shots having 25 micrograms of ethylmercury (EtHg), year after poisonous year.

All of us - still surviving that is - were not aware our parents/grandparents/friends were being poisoned by this CDC/FDA/AMA/NIH murderous monstrosity.

It was too late - 12+ years ago regards my mother and her friends - for me to intervene as I was still naive to this incredible crime being perpetuated.

Thanks to such as JB Handley, AoA, NVIC, Vaccine Choice Canada, and so many other heroes suppressed by Mainstream Media, the time has come to stop this unforgivable poisoning and torture.

P;ease see my prior comment on "Low Dose Thimerosal in Pediatric Vaccines" -- and wish for all Christmas tidings! And, to all, a good night.

Hans Litten

3 of us are furious at least and get it !
My god what will it take to put these poisoners in their place .

Laura Hayes


Thank you for yet another apropro comment here on AoA. I greatly appreciate you continually stating the urgency of immediately ending this Vaccine Holocaust. I greatly appreciate you always stating the obvious, including your question below.

Couldn't agree with you more. It is well past time that everyone become furious about the poisoning, harming, and killing of babies, children, and people of all ages, right on up to the very elderly, via vaccination.

We cannot in good conscience allow there to be one more vaccine victim. Get furious indeed!

Jenny Allan

The Daily Mail seems to have stopped publishing further comments on this article, including mine, which simply asked if parents were warned about the known side effects of Bexsero before allowing their babies to be vaccinated:-

From the article:-
"Since releasing a clip of their son suffering from a fit to social media, it has notched up more than 1.8 million views and 27,500 shares.
But the Bexsero patient information leaflet states uncommon side effects for infants and children can include high fever, seizures including febrile seizures, vomiting and skin rashes."

There are only 6 comments below the article; most insist baby Bobby's problems are just 'coincidence' -almost certainly genetic- but one brave parent detailed the same problems following her own baby's vaccinations. I was heartened by the predominance of green arrows(like) beside her comment, and red arrows (not like) beside the 'coincidence' posts. Hopefully parents are getting the message, although Bexsero was heavily hyped by the BBC, including devastating footage of a couple of meningitis B child victims, and interviews with their grieving parents. This ' heart strings pulling' stuff prompted a petition to include the vaccine for older children. Thankfully, the UK Government resisted this-on cost. Most MenB deaths are infants, although the vaccine was designed for older children. How many more 'Bobbys' will there be before parents realise they have been conned. Bexsero is not even particularly effective -only an admitted 70% or so- and several doses are needed.

I commend the Dail Mail for publishing this story. The DM is one of the few profitable newspapers in the UK and the only one prepared to run articles on controversial subjects like global warming and medication damage. For this the DM is constantly vilified by vested corporate and political interests. However, like all other publications, they rely on advertising, including pharma.


Babies are being poisoned... isn't it about time that someone got furious?????

david m burd

Bob Moffit, Yes - it is a crapshoot for Trump to meet with Bill Gates. Gates has my vote for the most "USEFUL IDIOT" promoting vaccines being led by his nose from the likes of former NIH/CDC Directors.

Yet, Trump seems completely open to meet ANYBODY -- and why not? I'm thinking Trump is being very savvy to hear what all have to say - and he thinks it through as to its validity.

Bottom line: Trump has personally met with the Vaxxed team and Dr. Wakefield, I pray he takes action.

Bob Moffit

@ David Burd

"Maybe, probably, likely, President Trump's new crew will bring a quick, crucial house-cleaning and a fantastic reversal the present destruction of our children --- despite the goddamn sold-out Mainstream Media."

My friend .. there is no way a "quick, crucial house-cleaning" of that damn swamp in Washington DC is going to happen ... no matter how well-intentioned Trump's promised "house-cleaning" may be.

As I have said before ... Trump has "talked the talk" we all believe .. but .. I am old enough to KNOW .. it is one thing to "talk the talk" .. as MOST elected officials DO ... and .. quite another when those very same elected officials then SUDDENLY find all kinds of reasons ... not to have to .. "walk the walk" ..

In any event .. I am EXTREMELY encouraged that Trump has already reached beyond the "same old .. same old" swamp creatures .. by choosing people of ACCOMPLISHMENT in their OWN highly successful careers .. NOT POLITICIANS .. NOT NEEDING MONEY .. rather than what almost ALL POLITICIANS .. of .. BOTH PARTIES ... DO .. such as .. BUSH and OBAMA .. which was to select their Cabinet appointees from well-established, well-financed, well-entrenched .. Washington D.C. .. lobbyists .. liberal or conservative .. from academia .. or .. even worse .. career politicians looking to become MILLIONAIRES ... while pretending to .. "serve the public interest".

Admittedly ... I have seen the .. "troubling" ... steady stream of "usual swamp creatures" entering Trump tower to meet with our President elect .. including Bill Gates .. who I believe to be among the most dangerous swamp creatures in my life-time .. but .. I am .. STILL .. none-the-less .. putting my faith in the man who also had the personal fortitude to meet with my personal hero .. Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

The "walk" has just begun ... GO TRUMP!

david m burd


Just yesterday while walking my super-congenial, obviously approachable girl dog (named Foxie-Roxie, with a cheerful bright-eyed demeanor), we met a couple my age (over 70), and walked/talked for about an hour on a quiet Nature Trail on the shores of the Potomac river.

When they said they were grandparents, I asked how were their grandchildren doing and I was very pleasantly surprised to hear of being raised by anti-vaccine parents, and all were very well; I ended up giving them my card, and writing down contact info for such as NVIC (Barbara Loe Fisher, I'm sure you know) as to legal vaccine exemptions for schools, etc.

When I informed them about 27+ injected vaccine doses by age 6/7 months (two for flu), these grandparents were greatly surprised(!) there were so many(!). Of course I said just "look it up" (I'm out of copies to hand out).

MY response to your frustration is our Mainstream Media completely hides ALL information clearly indicting the vaccine horror, and thus the typical parent is kept completely in the dark.

I am not mad at such ignorant parents, but though I feel quite futile, I keep trying to get through to them, on many occasions, thanks to my super-sociable tail-wagging girl that just loves to meet young children, and, grandparents.

Maybe, probably, likely, President Trump's new crew will bring a quick, crucial house-cleaning and a fantastic reversal the present destruction of our children --- despite the goddamn sold-out Mainstream Media.

Posted by: david m burd

Shelley Tzorfas

What are the benefits for a 10 month old baby getting a combination 5 in 1 vaccine? Absolutely Nothing. A 5 in 1 vaccine is for the benefit of the vaccine maker. A five in 1 vaccine likely has more poison in the form of preservatives than single shots. They have to keep the different contents from growing bacteria or from separating more carefully because of the combination of elements. This vaccine was originally intended for kids from age 10-25. Only recently did they start data-mining upon infants.
I had only known of 1 person succumbing to Meningitis in my lifetime but once the Meningitis shot was added to the vaccine schedule-I knew of 9 children hospitalized in a small community in 1 day.I also know that E Coli Bacteria is used in some of them.

Laura Hayes

Sent the email below to my email group this morning after reading this article, and J.B.'s re. the HPV vaccine:

Subject: Why would any parent risk their baby/child's life, health, and development for any vaccine, given all of today's easily attainable information, such as these 2 stories on AoA today?

Willful ignorance, laziness, apathy, caving in and succumbing to vaccine mandates, and/or wrongfully placing trust in and delegating decisions to ignorant, arrogant, possibly corrupt, doctors and nurses...Parents, you will not want to have to explain to your child one day that you chose one/some/or all of these paths when it came to harming them with vaccinations.

2 articles from AoA today. Anyone still want to vaccinate their child?

As AoA commenter, Bob Moffit, asks in the comments section to this second article, and as I often ask:
When will this MADNESS end?

I can tell you one thing, it is not going to end if parents continue to allow their children to be poisoned, harmed, and prematurely killed by vaccines. There is no safe, effective, or needed vaccine...nor one ever properly tested...nor the needed comparison study between the vaccinated and unvaccinated which vaccine profiteers have refused to do for more than 7 decades now, and counting.

How can it ever make sense to inject babies/children/anyone with known toxins and neurotoxins, with ingredients that cause inflammation, with viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin, with ingredients that remain unknown because they are not required to be disclosed, with ingredients purposefully used to induce toxicity, with ingredients used to assist other ingredients to cross the blood-brain barrier (which is wide open in an infant and toddler anyway, by the way), with ingredients known to cause auto-immune reactions, all into a closed system?

Each of these actions is CRIMINAL, and if parents cannot see and act on that in this day and age when so many of us parents of vaccine-injured and vaccine-killed children have worked tirelessly to expose these truths and protect the children of others, and people of all ages, from harm...well, I am at the point of little to no sympathy for them. For their children, yes, because not one of us should be willing to permit or tolerant of there being even one more vaccine victim. This Vaccine Holocaust must be stopped, immediately.

In extreme anger this morning as I continue to hear vaccine horror stories nearly every day, including stories from people who choose to deny it was the vaccines, despite watching something like their 4-month old start to have seizures right after being vaccinated with the line-up of vaccines given at 4 months, or their teenage son develop POTS right after the 3rd dose of Gardasil, or themselves develop a condition that lands them in the hospital after the flu vaccine. Ignorance is not bliss. Denial is not beneficial. Vaccine injury is real, and it isn't rare. Every person vaccinated will suffer some level of injury. The ignorance and denial must stop if we are ever to stop this vaccine insanity.

Parents need to stop clinging to some mythological notion that vaccines are needed. What is needed is a strong and healthy immune system that hasn't been purposefully poisoned and destroyed by vaccines. And a world where citizens demand that the poisoning of everything we need to survive be stopped.

In a mood this morning,


It states in the Daily Mail article they are looking for a rare genetic disorder - Dravet syndrome because the Doctors have ruled out it was the vaccine. This same test they applied to children damaged by DPT injections in the 60/70's most of them tested were negative. The same gene channels affected were found by Danish researchers looking at children who had febrile seizures after the MMR were identified in research published last year . The question must be how many people with this syndrome have never received any vaccines. ? Doctors are marvellous people just by looking they can decide if a vaccine is at fault or not.

Bob Moffit

When will this MADDNESS END??????

angus files

A well informed TV personality up for a slating..


John Stone

Possibly, the parents are under misapprension that such events started with Bexsero, but of course Bexsero was administered with an incredible array of vaccines (although undoubtedly capable of giving savage reactions on its own). If you gave this lot to a dog it would be controversial (from NHS Choices):

8 weeks

5-in-1 vaccine – this single jab contains vaccines to protect against five separate diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b (known as Hib – a bacterial infection that can cause severe pneumonia or meningitis in young children)

Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine

Rotavirus vaccine

Men B vaccine
12 weeks

5-in-1 vaccine, second dose

Men C vaccine (DISCONTINUED from July 1 2016)

Rotavirus vaccine, second dose
16 weeks

5-in-1 vaccine, third dose

Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine, second dose

Men B vaccine second dose

This is a reckless policy and we can only imagine that the more vaccines that marketed the more infants will be expected to receive all the new products as they emerge.

Hans Litten

Where are you now JCVI ? Pollard ? Stanley ? the rest of the cabal .

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