Virtual Vaccine Safety Debate
Autism’s What If

This Lost Art Radio Fireside Chat Featuring Three Autism/Vaccine Authors Will Have Heat!

This Sunday Radio Broadcast of three fathers of autistic teenage sons, anti-toxins and Skyhorsepublishing304anti-corruption advocates, and Skyhorse Publishing authors on the Autism-Vaccine axis, Kevin Barry, Louis Conte, and James Grundvig in a Holiday Fireside Chat on Lost Arts Radio.

Date:   18 December 2016

Time: 9 pm EST, 6 pm West Coast Time

Live Broadcast:


Call in by phone:      657-383-1002.

Archive Playback:   will be posted next week      

Books from the Authors:

Kevin Barry, Esq.

Author: Vaccine Whistleblower

Louis Conte 

Author: Vaccine Injuries

James Grundvig

Author: Master Manipulator



Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for the heads up. The discussion is currently at the top of the "on-demand episodes" (just under a Bill Gates ad, for me anyway, as if there isn't enough irony in the discussion), show #99. Thank you to the three autism fathers who participated and gave the public a telling/informative glimpse into what they might be flirting with every time they unquestioningly take the advice of pharma-blinkered "healthcare" professionals.

Hans Litten

"Just 20 people are responsible for the whole Autism Pandemic ."

So how did just 20 people manage to lock down the whole of the lamestream media , the international lamestream . All TV , all newspapers , all radio , all magazines which all follow the same FAKE narrative ?

It cannot be about advertising dollars as some of you mentioned .
There is no advertising on the BBC. It is funded by a licence which is enforced by law .
And we are totally blacked out here in the UK . (Vaccine safety is just never discussed at all) .

Hans Litten

And this is worth listening to , I've always wanted to know more about Andrew Moulden .
Seems at last I have found a resource :

Hans Litten

I like that "Forbidden Subjects" , vaccines and autism !

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