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The Price is Right?

Tom priceBy Anne Dachel

WOW...Imagine finding out that Tom Price, the incoming HHS Secretary IS A REAL LIFE DOCTOR....not a party hack.

Kathleen Sebelius, Obama's HHS Secretary was the former governor of Kansas.

I wrote about her...2010

...and 2012

More coverage on AoA:

2010 Secretary Asks To Censor autism Debate

2012 Laying Blame for Autism Inaction

Imagine an HHS Secretary who DOESN'T tell the press to bury coverage of those who question vaccines like Sebelius did.

That's what's ahead with a Trump administration, and plenty of people are worried.... Price is a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

New York Magazine had this to say...

Dec 1, 2016, New York MagazineTom Price Belongs to a Really Scary Medical Organization 

If you believe that, in a country as big and messy as the United States, the government has a significant role to play in keeping people healthy and regulating medicine, there are plenty of reasons to be worried about Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of Health and Human Services....

Science Blogs managing editor David Gorski, himself a surgeon, summed up what he knows about the AAPS in a helpful blog post. The short version is that the organization stands at direct odds, in myriad ways, with some of very foundational beliefs of evidence-based modern public-health research. ...

And it gets even worse, writes Gorski:

Perhaps [Price] was so attracted to the AAPS vision of doctors as special and “outside of the herd” to the point that he ignored its simultaneous promotion of dangerous medical quackery, such as antivaccine pseudoscience blaming vaccines for autism, including a view that is extreme even among antivaccine activists, namely that the “shaken baby syndrome” is a “misdiagnosis” for vaccine injury; ... its rejection of evidence-based guidelines as an unacceptable affront on the godlike autonomy of physicians; or the way the AAPS rejects even the concept of a scientific consensus about anything. Let’s just put it this way. The AAPS has featured publications by antivaccine mercury militia “scientists” Mark and David Geier. Even so, the very fact that Price was attracted enough to this organization and liked it enough to actually join it should raise a number of red flags. It certainly did with me, because I know the AAPS all too well.

How much of this stuff does Price himself belief? It’ll be a worthy topic of inquiry during his confirmation hearing. But either way, the AAPS isn’t the sort of group you join if you have faith in government or belief that it can meaningfully help people; rather, it’s the sort of organization you join if you want to drag the world back to a time when individual patients were on their own, batted to and fro by indifferent markets, with effectively no recourse to fight against quackery, fraud, and other forms of medical malfeasance. If and when Price is handed the keys to HHS, things could get scary, fast.

And the New Republic...

Dec 1, 2016, New Republic: The Trump administration is shaping up to be a public health disaster

According to surgeon David Gorski, prospective HHS Secretary Tom Price belongs to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

 Five years ago I wrote about the AAPS.

For anyone who's interested, this is what the New Republic is all about............. 

The New Republic is an independent journal of opinion promoting novel solutions to the challenges of our time. Since our founding in 1914, we have championed and advanced progressive ideas in America’s continual exercise of self-improvement....

 Through ambitious journalism, trenchant argument, and innovative storytelling, we seek to inspire the next generation of decision makers through conversations in print, online, and in person.

Who owns the New Republic?

Ángel Franco/The New York Times Chris Hughes, the new owner of The New Republic. The newest owner of The New Republic magazine is Chris Hughes, a new-media guru who co-founded Facebook and helped to run the online organizing machine for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Somehow I would want "an independent journal of opinion" to declare itself to stand for balance and honest coverage of opinion on both sides. "Innovative storytelling" is a hardly comparable.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Birgit Calhoun

I found Science Blogs among the publication that cannot be taken seriously. Early on I used to read it sometimes. I made honest comments about all the issues that have come up in Age of Autism. That's when the ad hominem attacks came. I noticed that these people are not really interested in science but instead in sitting on the preservation of what they think science is. I stopped reading this blog quite a few years ago. They are paid by unsavory pharmaceutical companies.


I too am feeling buoyant; I too try not to get my hopes up -- but I find myself grinning a lot lately.

@Tim Bolen

I used to wonder why you were so disgusted by the skeptics. Now I don't. False memory society information makes all too much sense now.


I asked my husband what he thought about AAPS? Well nothing, just a solid organization of a doctors.

Same for me.

And Gorski is having to try to - say it is a bad thing He has his work cut out for him.
Hmmmm; work - how long does he have at his current job?

Better polish up his resume.

Let me see---
Spent the last decade sleazing and attacking parents that had enough sense to put brain injuries and vaccine injuries together
Am very versatile Worked at two jobs at the saeme time, A big university in medical research and pharma company, maybe three - cause I wrote for big pharma as well as slanted my research that they asked me to do.

Something along those lines.

Jeannette Bishop

I've been trying my darnedest not to get overinflated with hope, but if Dr. Gorski sees a potential move towards health freedom in this appointment, it's hard not to feel a little bit buoyant.

david m burd

If I may, I'm picking a smaller piece of Gorski when he refers to "shaken baby syndrome":

In my review and investigation of medical stories/reports over the last decade, "Shaken Baby Syndrome" DID NOT EXIST before the massive amounts of vaccines injected into babies.

The horrific hemorrhaging, and deaths, of 'shaken babies' - and the persecution of their innocent parents - repeats the Salem Witches being drowned for a culture gone mad. Today, here in America, the vaccine system is killing both babies and destroying their distraught parents.

I pray the CDC will be "shaken" to their core - and I'll keep working to that end.


Governments are trying to control people through the use of medicine. But first they have to completely control the practice of medicine. Gorski is a government agent, no matter who is directly paying him. It is the government's agenda that he is serving. The bad mouthing of non AMA physician groups that declare independence from top down government approved medicine and that are fighting to restore the patient physician relationship is expected.

That Gorski is getting published outside his propaganda blog could be a sign of the media's desperation. I wonder if they have any idea of how much he sounds like a paid troll.

Tim Lundeen

For anyone who hasn't seen it, Emmy-award-winning Sharyll Attkisson's TED talk at is illuminating. She also has a column on this at

Mark Brown

Orac (Dr. Gorski) + Dr. Califf can't beat me c 100 medical studies! Why? They have to use
Pharma Studies and they mostly Suck! 30-60,000 thousand dollar black box drugs to sort
of treat Psorisis? I cured it for 88bucks! UndecylenicAcid (4 joke itch), tea tree oil, and
modified Atkins diet...I would use Kaufmann's AF (anti fungal) diet now!
Dr. Mark Hyman+Robert Kennedy URock! Organic Hippocrates = 50% cheaper c Healing!!
Four foot long Ropeworms? My guess is that they are mostly Fungal Biofilms!
I wish you the Best c your journey! Mark Brown PA JohnsHopkinsGrad...Maverick

Hans Litten

Tim Bolen | December 05, 2016 at 09:49 AM

Marvellous to hear sir !

John Stone

Gorski's column "scienceblogs" is owned by 21st Century Fox as part of the Murdoch media empire (according to wiki). There is nothing more anti-science than the intolerant style of Gorki's column. Gorski is a purveyor of hate-speak against views and people he does not like. How can we talk about science when we have hate speak against the victims of industrial products promoted by the government? What Gorski is really into is social repression: he is skewing the results and quite deliberately. In terms of good medicine and careful science, or even just plain ordinary decency, he represents the exact opposite. The fact that this is what gets patronage, and is what is supposed to be respectable, is an indictment of the system.

Tim Bolen

Gorski is just part of a healthcare PsyOps network that embraces the Alinsky bully approach.

Twenty years ago the healthcare PsyOps people were centered around Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch operation, and they called themselves "Quackbusters." They were soundly defeated, and it was fun doing that.

Now, Gorski is the center point, and his operation is called the "skeptics."

Mike Adams (Natural News) and I have pretty much uncovered Gorski's operation. But, that doesn't stop the rest of his network using him.

Big Pharma is ALWAYS going to have a PsyOps network. Why? They need one - because their offering is just as bad as everyone is beginning to realize.

I have always found that the way to deal with a bully is to punch them hard in the face, so to speak, and watch their nose bleed all over their new shirt. Then, when they have turned away slightly, to stop the bleeding, punch them TWICE in the exposed ear - so that it swells up to twice the size over the next four days. This gives the bully something to contemplate, perhaps even pointing out that there are painful consequences to bullying.

Gorski calls me "vile." I was thinking of putting that on my business card.

Attorney Jim Turner and I tabled a project legally targeting the "skeptic" operation in favor of taking over the SB 277 lawsuit. Once we get the new lawsuit set in place, we will be re-addressing that sleaze group.

Tim Bolen -

Gary Ogden

Gorski appealing to "faith in government" and "evidence-based guidelines?" What a hoot! What evidence? He's clearly not aware of the good work of Dr. Ioannidis. They are in panic mode now, the quislings and apologists. The Price is right. Just right to drain the swamp at the CDC. We did not vote in vain.

Bob Moffit

If it weren't such a serious topic .. the dictionary would have a photo of Science Blog's editor .. David Gorski's picture .. as a prime example of who/what qualifies as "fake news".

We are witnessing the "swamps" determined application of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" everyday .. as today's column identifies prospective HHS Secretary Tom Price ..under consideration for being appointed to high government office by President elect Trump .. to be their latest target.

Alinsky's rule number 12:

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

I defy anyone to explain the difference of Alinsky's 12th rule .. and .. the poppycock spewed forth by the likes of Gorski?

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