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Seven Major Flaws in Zerbo et al. (2016): Association Between Influenza Infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

TACA's Honey Rinicella on NBC Philadelphia Discussing Vaccine Injury

TACA 160NBC Philadelphia (home of Dr. Paul Offit and Children's of Philadelphia) ran this interview with TACA powerhouse, Honey Rinicella.  If you aren't familiar with TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) by all means check out their national site and look for a local chapter in your area. They offer instant and immediate assistance for families facing the challenges of autism.  Please share widely.



I want to see this why isn't it available


Good for her. Great job.


"It would be even more encouraging if NBC Philadelphia actually interviewed Dr Wakefield himself .. "

Great idea. Here's Dr Wakefield at around 4:20 talking about the lies that Paul Offit told his audience at the recent "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" conference:


Bob Moffit

It was encouraging to see NBC Philadelphia .. "home of Dr. Paul Offit and Children's of Philadelphia" .. interview TACA powerhouse .. Honey Rinicella regarding the "demonization" of Dr Wakefield that continues unabated .. and .. unchallenged .. for so long.

It would be even more encouraging if NBC Philadelphia actually interviewed Dr Wakefield himself .. so their viewers can see for themselves the strong, confident Dr Wakefield defend himself.


Excellent!! This approach is calm, cool and collected. It is hard for a "jab them as much and often as you can" person to refute this approach.

Sally Rubin

Excellent to have a mom out there pushing back against the false media narrative about Dr. Wakefield's recommendations in the LANCET study. Thank you, Honey Rinicella!

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