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Scottish Mental Health Services In Collapse Because Of Rise In Autism And ADHD

Scottish collapseBy John Stone

Scotland’s mental health services for young people are beyond breaking point from the flood of autistic and ADHD children. The Scottish daily newspaper, The Herald, reports that nearly 7,000 young people were denied help from mental health services in 2015. Correspondent, Helen McArdle, writes:

Neil Findlay, convener of the Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee called for an investigation after 6,931 referrals to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) were rejected in 2015.

Evidence to the committee suggested that a surge in diagnoses for autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was putting pressure on services…

This is a figure of extraordinary magnitude in a country with a population of just 5.3 million at the census in 2011 – the number of children in Scottish schools in 2015 was just 680,000. In a single  year above 1 in 100 children out of the entire school population had had an unsuccessful referrral to mental health services.  This would be equivalent to more than 400 thousand children mapped on to the US population. Those are only the ones who did not get treated.

McArdle’s article does not report just how much autism has risen in Scotland in the last two decades. In 1998, the first year in which the Scottish Executive published on the numbers of  autism cases in Scottish schools there were just 820 pupils (1 in 925) with a diagnosis and this had risen to 11,722 in 2015. By September 2016 the figure had risen yet again to 13,423  (1 in 51), a factor of more than 18 in just 18 years. The figures, however, will be incomplete because there are often delays in diagnosis, and indeed many children will presumably still be awaiting a diagnosis out of  the 6,931 who had been turned away by the service in 2015. Also, given that this is a rolling 15 year cohort the rate will likely be much higher than 1 in 51 among younger children as the overall rate was a mere 1 in 129 in 2009.

The reality is that since Andrew Wakefield reported on the possibility that autism could in some cases

Loch ness
Honorary member of the "hidden horde""

be caused by the MMR vaccine in 1998, and the scandal over other infant vaccines containing a mercury excipient (Thimerosal), which blew up in the USA the following year, government agencies across the world have been in denial about the rise in autism, fudging figures and inventing hidden hoards of adults. But it is no use citing missing adults when our children cannot now be diagnosed fast enough, and demands on the system are unprecedented. This report shows that the system in one small country - part of the United Kingdom - is now in complete and utter breakdown, and the masquerade cannot go on much longer.

Citizens in Scotland and across the globe have been betrayed by industry captured agencies, pusillanimous politicians together with the bought out, intimidated mainstream media. It is already too late but the nettle must be grasped.


Post Script: Baron-Cohen's Cambridgeshire survey published in 2009 provided a figure that for every three cases identified there were likely two which had not. If anything it looks now as if the speed of diagnosis has slowed down but if we followed that figure for 2016 the Scottish schools figure that would be 1 in 30.5. Also, if there are 4 boys to 1 girl  that would yield a rate of  about 1 in 31.5. That combined would yield a figure of 1 in 19 for boys. But, of course, the rate would be still higher among younger children.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

John, Thanks you are right. The obfuscation is deliberate. How do they get away with it?

At IMFAR back in 2002 the person I was with went howling out of a panel discussion on social disorder, "These people love autism! It's their bread and butter. They aren't interested in prevention."

These big names must be put to shame. They continue to try to shame parents, pointing to autistic traits in parents, and they consider this to be genetic evidence?

Christine, Thanks for the link to the Waterhouse, London, Gillberg paper (27 pages actually). It might be worth trying to submit a letter to the Journal of Autism etc. but that would have to be something like 500 words max.

Discussions on AoA may in the end be more effective. And, I am about to submit comments for the next Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) meeting. These are online back to 2001. In response to Waterhouse et al.'s 14 research questions, I propose sticking with the traditional triad: (1) Language disorder, (2) repetitive movements, and (3) diminished level of awareness.

John Stone


But it is what we are doing now. If we look at the big names in this game: Gillberg, Rutter, Wing, Frith, Baron-Cohen etc. they have done nothing but shuffle around making misleading statements for decades while the trickle became a flood. Or, to put it another way round, like the Emperor Nero, they fiddled while Rome burned.


There are lots of things we should stop doing (some of them much easier to stop than others) which would make things a lot better.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

John & Christine, Autism has many causes: Prenatal exposure to valproic acid or alcohol, genetic conditions (yes) like PKU, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, and also lead poisoning. Birth complications (low Apgar) have been documented more often than any other factor, but are most vehemently denied as a cause of autism.

Autism has long been described in terms of 3 traits: Communication disorder, repetitive movements, and social withdrawal. These traits are in fact neurological signs. All causes of autism affect brain systems that underlie these neurological signs. Before Gillberg, Darby & Clark proposed "Autism syndrome as a final common pathway of behavioral expression for many organic disorders" (Am J Psychiatry. 1992 Jan;149:146-7).

Wernicke's encephalopathy (WE) was described 135 years ago, in 2 cases of alcohol abuse and a case of sulfuric acid poisoning (AD Thomson et al. Alcohol Alcoholism 2008 Mar-Apr;43:174-9). Bilateral and symmetric damage within the brainstem was described. Mercury, lead, poisons like methyl bromide, and asphyxia at birth cause the same pattern of damage.

I will keep trying to suggest that Wernicke's encephalopathy (WE) should be investigated as the "final common pathway" in autism. Inflicted in the perinatal period or infancy, development of the brain will be stunted.

John Stone

Thanks Christine

I think this is very much a separate topic. I was drawing attention ot the flood of cases that come under the broad heading of ASD: that they can be broken down into different types is something else. We have young people with neurological impairments in unprecedented numbers, however you define them. But one problem is that if you start changing the definitions it may distract from the scale of problem.

Christine MacVicar


This is the Article, written this year, all of 87 pages.



John Stone

Hi Christine

It was not of course the purpose of my article to endorse the effectiveness of CAMHS, and if CAMHS was doing their job they would sure as hell be probing what was going on rather than just letting it happen. I think I have located the article by Gillberg you are referring to. Gillberg is hyper-productive so I had to go down 83 articles (search terms Gillberg and autism) before I found the right one two-and a half years ago.

"Although accumulated evidence has demonstrated that autism is found with many varied brain dysfunctions, researchers have tried to find a single brain dysfunction that would provide neurobiological validity for autism. However, unitary models of autism brain dysfunction have not adequately addressed conflicting evidence, and efforts to find a single unifying brain dysfunction have led the field away from research to explore individual variation and micro-subgroups. Autism must be taken apart in order to find neurobiological treatment targets. Three research changes are needed. The belief that there is a single defining autism spectrum disorder brain dysfunction must be relinquished. The noise caused by the thorny brain-symptom inference problem must be reduced. Researchers must explore individual variation in brain measures within autism. "


But if one considers the likelihood that there might be simply a random multitude of neurological impairments caused by a cocktail of sources to which our children are exposed it might not be a very surprising observation. What we have to do is stop doing damage through unhinged vaccination programs, psychotropic drugs, toxic ingredients in foods, phone radiation, cord clamping etc..My basic view would not be looking at isolated brain functions which may be neither be clinically possible (in many case) or desirable in most, but to stop doing damage in the first place, and to find non toxic means through diet to encourage healthy brain development if we can.

Christine MacVicar

The problem is that these children do not need referred to CAMHS, they need a specialist service set up to investigate all the known causes that produce "autistic" behaviour.
The latest research from a group that includes Christopher Gilberg, ,notes that ASD lacks validity, because of the multitude of medical conditions already known to cause this.
What we are suffering from in Scotland is institutionalised discrimination against our children who are not being diagnosed by medically qualified personnel.
The recent research regarding undiagnosed inborn errors of metabolism, autoimmune encephalitis, brain B12 deficiency mitochondrial dysfunction etc. are not being followed up and there is absolutely no requirement for anyone concerned with our children to keep up to date.
What other medical condition would still be regarded in exactly the same light half a century on, despite an avalanche of research? It would not be tolerated in any other medical field.
If we truly lived in a democracy, we would be able to use that process to get justice, equality of health care and recognition of wrong diagnosis and harm done by the medical profession.
The truth is we do not live in a democracy, but the SWAMP that we all know exists.

John Stone


I quite agree.


Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

John, I just received an email pointing out a new protocol for umbilical cord clamping adopted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology (ACOG):

This is two years after the Royal College of Obstetrics (RCOG) and NICE guidelines to delay umbilical cord clamping for 30-60 seconds after birth. If only they would go back to the traditional teaching, to wait for placental circulation to cease, evident when pulsations of the umbilical cord cease.

How can we trust any medical advice? Hurried births and vaccine injury are only their most obvious mistakes.


Ted Fogarty, and here would be some of the arbiters of truth that the "fake news" media like Zuckerberg/Murdoch hires:(Snopes "fact checkers")



Great article, John and it keeps astounding me that no one is calling a halt to it at a high level. Oddly enough, I think someone like Putin would not stand for this havoc wreaked upon his people, not that I think he's praiseworthy on all accounts. But then, that's the way the pharmaceuticals have wanted it; infecting politics, public health orgs, media... We are headed for complete chaos and the teachers and counsellors all see it.

James Grundvig

It's just more proof of the Autism Epidemic, which means an environmental trigger(s)--hello, dirty, toxic vaccines--and not genetic. The costs will rise in the US--Obamacare should be the least of their worries.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Parental outcry against the absurd vaccine schedule continues to be ignored by the medical establishment. Since the 1930s clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth has been recognized as wrong. In the UK two years ago the NICE guidelines for umbilical cord clamping were finally changed. Waiting for up to 5 minutes (longer if requested by the parents) is the new rule. I suggested follow-up of children in 5 years, which is still 3 years away.

Clamping the cord before natural cessation of placental blood flow is a clear medical error. Traditional textbooks (until the mid-1980s) taught that placental circulation should cease before tying or clamping the cord. Placental circulation ceases when the fetal heart valves have closed, with blood flow redirected to the lungs.

The medical establishment is incapable of investigating its flawed policies. Health in the US lags behind many "less developed" parts of the world. We need to ask President Trump to order investigation of our federal health agencies. Contact him at https://www.greatagain.gov

I love your honorary member surfacing from the depths of Loch Ness!

John Stone


Also, while I was writing this I heard from a Scottish friend who had another friend with an autistic three year-old. The little boy was being seen by the services but they seemed to be putting off making the diagnosis for no apparent reason, rather than being eager to make it. It is just one case, of course.

John Stone

For those interested in the story of how the British media was shut down my submission to the Leveson Inquiry may help:


John Stone

Hi Anne

You are right, it is a farce. The rise in autism in the UK continued while the Blair government were trying to put a cap on Special Educational Needs - it was not driven by a policy of identifying need: there wasn't one (quite the reverse). On the other hand the hidden hoard was created in 1998 by the National Autistic Society (Wing and Potter) to cover over the changes which already beginning to happen across the country, and the embarrassing intervention of Andy Wakefield. It is quite surprising how the British establishment to a man and woman went after Andy Wakefield and perpetuated the big lie, though certainly the families of three Prime Ministers were affected (Major, Blair, Cameron). For some reason the President of the NAS was Jane Asher, daughter of the man who invented Munchausen Syndrome. Meanwhile, Dame Steve Shirley, founder of Autistica (the British Autism Speaks), had sworn to find the cause of autism by 2014, but of course she couldn't because despite being one of the most brilliant minds of the post-war generation she simply would not look in the right place. Now Autistica sounds like a good new name for our country.


It is a good comment - and I have referred to the Savile business too - but I wonder whether the newsmen of Savile's heyday might at least have exposed this for what it was.

Ted Fogarty, MD

Excellent work John, we are getting to the stage where this issue is accelerating into an obvious situation that the Fake News moguls like Murdoch and the state media of the BBC have completely discredited themselves by their relationships not only to the cabal hit job on Dr. Andrew Wakefield but the lack of journalists in the establishment failing in sounding this alarm....and the alarm of other human rights crimes against children in the UK such as Jimmy Savile. These scandals put the whole lot of the industry in the gutter. God bless your stamina and please send them after us in America for libel ;-) Infowarriors are winning this ground battle and maybe that new president who grabbed this third rail of vaccine-autism link early in 2016 will put the right people in the right places to markedly improve the situation in the English speaking world...Putin gets it ... we will all be speaking Chinese if this goes on another generation.

The Scots are the geopolitical canary in the coal mine it would seem right in the face of the monarchs that find humanity a plague as an existential abstraction while they play "house" on the backs of your society. William Wallace is spinning in his grave. EFFIIIMD

Anne McElroy Dachel

"Evidence to the committee suggested that a surge in diagnoses for autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was putting pressure on services…"

So John, how do the authorities explain these numbers and the "surge in diagnoses for autism ..."???
If it's "better diagnosing" then the simple solution is to go back to the days when we somehow just missed all these neurologically disabled kids!

Anne Dachel, Media

John Stone

Hi Kathy

When I reviewed the latest statistics for schools in England which date from January 2016 I came up with a figure of 1 in 71 which Scotland passed round about the spring of 2013 in the headlong rush towards doom, so we English are probably just about 2.75 years behind. I am not sure they are predominantly Celts up there but I believe it is a rather different gene pool, they also get less sun and Vitamin D is considered a significant general health issue. There may also be some institutional differences affecting this, but tonight I have read a very similar newspaper report from Northern Ireland (for which I do not have comparable data).

Hi Ed

It looks like it is the same story everywhere. Don't you think it is time they discovered what is causing it?

Ed Yazbak

Excellent article john

Thank you

FYI: Published yesterday : A CDC report stating:
"To classify ASD, trained clinicians review developmental evaluations collected from multiple health and education sources to determine whether the child meets the ASD surveillance case criteria. The number of evaluations collected has dramatically increased since the year 2000, challenging the resources and timeliness of the surveillance system. "

It is everywhere ...

Kathy Blanco

as the late Dr Walsh would say, that's a recipe for disaster....Celtic people have double whammies...they have high copper in their blood which makes them completely vulnerable to any heavy metals or imbalance of minerals, they have high iron in their blood due to hemachromatosis genes, which makes them vulnerable again, they typically have type A blood, again, vulnerablity to vaccines, typically are MTHFR, vulnerable, typically have gluten allergies, vulnerable...this is a recipe for autism if given the USA vaccine schedule!
Kathy Blanco
Celtic background, I know my stuff
Two vaccine injured.


Re the calendar - put them all on January using thumbnails with the hope that they will all be incarcerated by February. May the rest of the year feature the heroes.

Thanks for reporting on the widening gap between reporting and reality. They can under diagnose all they want, when children are not able to function, the truth becomes evident.


Thanks, John, I sent your article to five friends, including our speech therapist! Stunning figures!

John Stone

Thank you everybody for your appreciative comments


That's probably true, but in this instance it was 1% accumulated over the course of a year, on top of those who did get attention - but also they are saying that it is an influx of autism and ADHD (which are neurological impairments, and damage) which are causing the problem.


Such a large number maybe cause the government to continue to cover up what the vaccines have done; even with Trump as President.

Although they may start changing the schedule, under him, and secretly doing research on how to make them safer.
They will have to if we are to survive as a species.

There are however too many injured, for them to even provide services for - let alone compensate in any way.

Even though at this time - All I want now as compensations is a calendar.
A calendar that has for each month of the year - hmmmmm or yearS ; a picture of a prisoner of the month . A prisoner that was involved in this cover up at the government levels,


When I was teaching school way back in in the 90s and beyond there was more than 1 out of 100 that needed mental health services.

More like 3 -5 out of each class of 30 students.

Joan Campbell

Great article and they wonder why the children are not achieving their potential in reading and writing. Been saying this for years to the school system, do they listen yes maybe but do nothing about it. Shared on autism mothers on facebook for you John. Merry Christmas to you all.

Grace Green

Thanks, John, for highlighting this article. Perhaps now they will accede to our demand that they stop classifying "autism" as a mental illness. Then they will have to start looking for the cause, and adopt a prevention and natural treatment strategy which will remedy the situation.

Thomas Petrie

The truth can only be hidden for so long! Healthy children do NOT need "Mental Health Services"! So, let's get some truth going on here! Scotland is well known for covering up the dangers of fluoridated water (even after the world's leading expert--John Yiamouyiannis testified in a Scottish Court about its extreme health risks), and their cover-up of the dangers of vaccines is no secret. As they often do what's popular in the United States (surprise, surprise!), they are reaping just what we're sowing here!

This is, of course, very, very sad. Just the same, there is NOTHING stopping parents from saying "no"--just education and a willingness to think "outside the box."

Bob Moffit

"Citizens in Scotland and across the globe have been betrayed by industry captured agencies, pusillanimous politicians together with the bought out, intimidated mainstream media. It is already too late but the nettle must be grasped."

That damned SWAMP ... of "captured agencies, pusillanimous politicians, bought out and intimidated global media" .. covers the entire globe today.

We can rest assured global "captured agencies" .. such as .. the World Health Organization .. will NEVER admit .. what can justifiably be described as CRIMES against humanity ... THEY have participated in.

angus files

Thanks John very much.
I remember 8 plus years ago,a friend who has written voluminously for the Autism cause replying to me "the government's will stop vaccinating when they can no longer afford to support the damage" I remember thinking "surely not" and I still have trouble comprehending this. It could be that Scotland is leading the pack, this is such a sad opposite from a country who has many pioneering assists to the human race (television being one of the thousands) hardly an accurate reflection of years gone by, but nobody wondering WHY? Of course why would it have anything to do with vaccines, why indeed.


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