"Thank God For Disneyland [Measles Outbreak] Says "Health" Speaker at NYU Vaccine Event
An Open Letter to the Medical Students Who Attended the NYU “Confronting Vaccine Resistance” Lecture

New Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism

WMPNOTE:  If you're in the Metro NY area, please join us in New York city on Monday night, December 5th to celebrate the launch of the World Mercury Project with Robert Kennedy, Jr.    Tickets are just $30 or $50 for VIP seating and a signed book.  Go to EventBrite to learn more and purchase your ticket. I'll see you there! (Kim) About the event:

After decades of successfully trumpeting major environmental causes, Robert Kennedy Jr. has recently turned his attention to mercury, and its impact on human health. With major medical organizations like the Endocrine Society now recognizing toxicity as causing disease in human beings, The World Mercury Project is a timely contribution to our collective well-being.

Mr. Kennedy's project is as important as it is controversial, with his focus shifting to a tenuous source of mercury in adults and humans: the modern vaccine schedule. We hope you will join us for this illuminating conversation.

Interviewing Mr. Kennedy is Evolution of Medicine founder James Maskell


New Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism

Two new studies by international teams, including Egyptian scientists, have validated the link between autism and mercury.

In an article published in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease, a team of nine scientists from leading Egyptian universities and medical schools confirmed the causal role of mercury in the onset of autism.

The scientists determined the extent of mercury poisoning in children by measuring urinary excretion of organic compounds called porphyrins, which act as biomarkers for mercury toxicity. The researchers also measured blood levels of mercury and lead. The researchers found a strong relationship between mercury toxicity and the presence of autism and a direct correlation between levels of mercury toxicity and the severity of autism symptoms.

The scientists studied 100 children; 40 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), 40 healthy individuals and 20 healthy siblings of ASD children. The results showed that the children with ASD had significantly higher mercury levels than healthy children and healthy siblings. Children with the highest mercury levels had the most severe autism symptoms.

At least six American studies have linked autism presence or severity to mercury exposure as determined by measuring urinary porphyrins. The first study, completed by Heyer et al. in 2012 (Autism Res 5:84) showed a correlation between the presence of autism and specific urinary porphyrins associated with mercury toxicity. This affirmed an earlier study by Kern et al. (2011, Pediatr Int 53:147) where specific porphyrins associated with mercury toxicity were significantly higher in ASD children as compared to non-autistic controls. Woods et al. (2010, Environ Health Perspect 118:1450) also saw disordered porphyrin metabolism in autistic kids which was not observed in non-autistic control children. This again suggested increased mercury toxicity associated with autism and autism spectrum disorder.

Read more at World Mercury Project here.


Jeannette Bishop

josephine wangutusi,

The levels of aluminum are also far above U.S. safety guidelines for injection. MMR live attenuated viral vaccine which doesn't contain mercury or aluminum (unless contaminated) appears to be involved in the regression of many onto the autism spectrum. Many vaccines are found to be contaminated with glyphosate now that genetically modified crops raised with round-up are in use. Many more vaccine components are suspect too, but mercury is clearly in my opinion one of the worst.

josephine wangutusi

This is a very educative article. thank you for sharing. In Africa many children are highly affected by this autism condition. Does it mean that the level of mercury is highly felt here? It is an alarming condition and the parents are not aware.

Toby C

Thanks for sharing this information. Mercury does look like one of the likely culprits of autism. However, it may not be the only one.

vaccine papers

These results are not specific to mercury. other toxins, including aluminum, affect porphyrin levels.

Children receive less mercury today than they did in the 1970s, from the first 1-2 years of vaccines. Nearly eliminating mercury from vaccines in 2002-2004 did not reduce autism rates.

Its not the mercury. Aluminum adjuvant is a better explanation that fits the facts better.

Analysis of Urinary Porphyrins in Rats Exposed to Aluminum and Iron

Article in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 48(1):11-7 · February 2001 

The mechanism by which excess aluminum induces anemia may be aluminum overload resulting from a reversible block in heme synthesis due either to a defect in porphyrin synthesis or to impaired iron utilization. Studies were conducted to define the specific changes in the urinary porphyrin excretion pattern (porphyrin profile) and the time course of those changes in rats exposed to aluminum. In these studies, aluminum chloride (AlCl3) was orally administered to female Wistar rats at the dose of 100 mg Al/kg for 35 days with or without FeCl2 (4 mg Fe/kg). Control rats were treated with 0.9% NaCl or with FeCl2 (4 mg/kg). The dynamics of urine porphyrins (8-, 7-, 6-, 5-, and 4-carboxyporphyrins) was determined by HPLC on the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, and 35th days in both exposed and control groups of rats. The results of the experiment indicate that aluminum induced a statistically significant increase in the percentage of uroporphyrin and a decrease in coproporphyrin in urine (cumulative dose, 2100 mg Al/kg). Changes in urinary porphyrins were observed when the concentration of aluminum in serum was at 48 microg Al/L on average.

Freya Koss

If I was given an opportunity to speak with Robert Kennedy Jr., I would attend the Monday night meeting.

Robert Kennedy Jr. thankfully follows in his father's footsteps. In 1958 Robert Kennedy Sr. received a handwritten letter from a young black woman from Virginia who had been jailed with her husband for their bi-racial marriage. Kennedy forwarded the letter to the ACLU, who took the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ten years later, based on this case, the unethical laws were irradiated.

After receiving the incredible news from the ACLU, the young black wife states:

"People who are worried that no one will listen to them or that they don't have a voice, it just goes to show: everyone has a voice and everyone has the potential to change laws."

With Kennedy Jr. at the helm of the "Mercury Project", I believe the criminality of the U.S. governmental health agencies who continue to endorse the the lies of Big Pharma will finally be exposed. There is no doubt, science has proven it..............vaccines (mercury containing and otherwise) have caused and/or contributed to autism.

I also implore Robert Kennedy Jr. to include MERCURY AMALGAM FILLINGS in the Mercury Project. Millions of people worldwide have suffered and died from mercury poisoning from their fillings due to the lies and cover-up by the American Dental Assoc., which was formed in 1958 on the basis of using mercury silver fillings. Again, the FDA, CDC, HHS and the White House's OMB have protected the ADA rather than consumers, denying and covered-up the science proving the neurotoxicity of mercury fillings.


Unnecessary and unsafe vaccinations and Mercury Amalgams MUST BE BANNED NOW, NOT LATER!!~

My entire life has been compromised emotionally, mentally and physically, first through inutero exposure, and then at the young age of 7, the first of a mouthful of mercury was unknowingly implanted into what was to become an entire mouthful of poisonous mercury.

Freya Koss
Pres and Founder, PA Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry
[email protected]
My story: Woman Claims She Was Mercury Poisoned | WHNT.com

Cherry Misra

To Birgit Calhoun, Re the relationship of the MMR to autism, I have a hypothesis: We all have some mercury in our brains and no doubt the brain has a method of sequestering that mercury in the manner that is least harmful to the human body, in the same way mercury is sequestered in fatty tissue, in the rest of the human body. Perhaps when the MMR causes swelling of the brain, those sequestering bonds could be broken, allowing the mercury to do severe damage. I would suggest this because if the MMR caused autism in some different manner than mercury, we would probably have two different types of autism - That is, one type would have some features that the other type would not have. But instead, it appears that all the symptoms of autism are consistent with known mercury-poisoning symptoms. Or could we say that the kids who become autistic after the MMR are likely to have intestinal damage caused by the measles virus ?

Mr. Washington


Regarding the MMR vaccine, vaccinepapers.org stated the following:


"The mechanism for MMR causing autism might involve the mobilization/transport of aluminum adjuvant nanoparticles received from prior Al-containing vaccines, as explained here:


MMR stimulates MCP-1, which causes movement of Al adjuvant nanoparticles into the brain.


Birgit Calhoun

I have known that it's the mercury since the year 2000. That doesn't explain the MMR connection. However many MMR shots are given at the same time as the mercury-containing ones. The synergistic effect is something to consider. And certainly both the live measles, mumps, and rubella strains have the potential of causing autism. That would have little to do with mercury unless, of course the mother's dental amalgams caused the autism or the paint preserved with mercury in the new baby's bedroom or heavily mercury-laden fish. From my viewpoint mercury should never have been used in any vaccines. Are the pharmaceutical companies going to own up? I sure hope so, and without delay.


To Sue M:

"MMR RIP": there has never been mercury in the MMR. Angus knows this and a lot more. The MMR RIP is his bi-line.

Sue M

It's always been mercury, yes, but it isn't ONLY mercury, and to assume it is "just" mercury is too simplistic. Mercury/aluminum synergy. Foreign DNA. Pesticides. Viruses that insert themselves into the brain, into the gut. That hide in the vagus nerve. It's poison. Chemists needed something to do after WWI, so they started doing... chemistry. And we just don't know what we don't know. Not only that, what we "do know" is subject to revision. The science is never settled, and as Jim Carrey said, "Problem is the problem." Oh, and to "MMR RIP": there has never been mercury in the MMR. In the Dtap/Tdap, in the flu shot, in the HepB at birth. But not in the MMR. Mercury would kill the viruses in the MMR.

Bonnie Davis

Wish I lived in NYC and could attend and support the World Mercury Project event. So glad Mr Kennedy is taking this on and exposing the real culprit in autism. Perhaps he would like to add to that and see the link between Mercury and Alzheimers. Keep it up! The truth will prevail (hopefully soon) ...

Cherry Misra

Im overjoyed at this news and wish I could be there in New York. So glad that I lived to see this day. I know that all of us have seen so many beginnings of the end, but with one event after another, following in quick succession-book after book, film after film, it is clear that THEY canno.t cover this up as they had hoped.
Friends, this day comes for me as I emerge from the last 5-6 years of mercury toxicity that followed one single dental procedure. It comes for me as my husband seems to be securely improved from his symptoms of Alzheimers , which we treated as mercury toxicity. And unfortunately it comes for me as I see no quick end to the tsunami of autism in India, which goes almost completely ignored and the vaccines are increased year by year. Two types of parents have autistic kids- the good, trusting parents , who trust their doctor and the older couples who have had a single child late in life, and they want to do everything right for him. I have to keep reminding myself not to hate the doctors.
Godspeed Mr. Kennedy. Lets start petitioning for his Nobel prize ( To be shared with a couple of others!)

Rebecca Lee

It always was the mercury, and it still is.

angus files

Looks like a great launch well done Mr Kennedy.


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