Low-dose Thimerosal in Pediatric Vaccines: Adverse Effects in Perspective.
Vaccines: What is there to be "Pro" About? Laura Hayes to Weston A. Price Foundation Conference

Mercury, Vaccines and the CDC’s Worst Nightmare

AF RFKNOTE: AofA'ers, if you aren't subscribing to Autism File magazine, treat  yourself this holiday season. Subscribe here. Below is an excerpt and link to this article - an interview with Robert Kennedy, who continues to be a champion for children's health.  Thank you to Rita Shreffler for this insightful interview. Please share.

Read the article here.

Environmental and humanitarian legend RFK, Jr., mainstream media, and the very corrupt CDC

Interview by Autism File executive editor, Rita Shreffler

For over three decades, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been one of the world’s leading environmental advocates. He is the founder and president of Waterkeeper Alliance, the umbrella group for 300 local waterkeeper organizations, in 34 countries, that track down and sue polluters. Under his leadership, Waterkeeper has grown to become the world’s largest clean water advocacy organization.

Around 2005, parents of vaccine-injured children started encountering Mr. Kennedy’s speeches and writings about the toxic mercury-based preservative thimerosal. They embraced new hope that this environmental champion would finally expose the truth about vaccine injury and win justice for injured children.  Kennedy is known for his fierce and relentless brand of environmental activism and his advocacy for transparent government and rigorous science. He is now applying his tenacious energies and sophisticated strategies to exposing the fraud and corruption within the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry. Last month, he launched his new non-profit, the World Mercury Project, with vaccine safety advocates Lyn Redwood and Laura Bono, legends themselves among parents of vaccine-injured children. Autism File executive editor Rita Shreffler spoke with Mr. Kennedy about CDC corruption, pharmaceutical industry greed, media malpractice, and his vision for the World Mercury Project.





& Benedetta,
I am not from Trump circle and can only speculate about reasoning behind the choice of his staff. So far, I see that he surrounds himself with industry and former military leaders, and with people loyal to him. This are smart choices, if he wants to survive as a leader and wants to make American great again. The fact that he has a personal/family experience with vaccine injuries may be a blessing for American and world children, if he decides to save future generations from vaccine poisoning. Without saving the children, the US is doomed - I believe he knows it.

Anna Quandt

I've been following this story since Evidence of Harm came out and I started reading Dan Olmsted at UPI. This interview covers everything I have learned in the last decade and expresses it beautifully. I would like to send it to all my friends and family who long ago dismissed me as a kook and conspiracy nut. I am so grateful to Robert F Kennedy Jr for his incredible work on behalf of this cause. I'm also grateful to Dan and Mark and all the rest of you for continuing to research and tell the truth. I never imagined ten years ago how difficult it would be establish what is causing this epidemic. I can't get my friends to admit it is an epidemic. Thank you again AofA for all you do.


No Vac:

I am happy as I can be that Trump is elected.
I just find it interesting that he has an endless line of people coming to see him. Where does he get the energy?

No unhappy with what he is doing. Just wondering why?

go Trump

Perhaps RFK Jr. could be given the role of special prosecutor to investigate the CDC as he has already has most of the criminal case prepared.

Mr. Trump needs to meet with a few of the major players at the CDC and have a ... short “you’re fired show” on live TV, which he is pretty good at.

Of course, there is little question a number of staff at the CDC need to locked up.

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: Who is the pick for CDC? Haven't heard a word about it. I'm about 30% through The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, and boy, is it good!


Great interview with RFK Jr. The following struck me as particularly interesting:

'Genes don't cause epidemics. Genes can provide vulnerabilities but you need an environmental toxin - yet no-one is looking for the toxin. It's like studying the genetic cause of sunburn without looking at the role of the sun'


@ Benedetta,
Please trust Trump, he is very smart. He can't make a new industrial revolution in the US without help of industrial leaders. He needs their support as much as support of US military. I guess, this is the reason why he is surrounding himself with former generals.


This is the best interview on this topic that I've ever read!

Jim Thompson


"He sued to stop a major rule to limit mercury pollution from coal plants."



angus files

Thanks Mr Kennedy for standing up for the truth yet again..



Hi Bob;

So Gates visited Trump.
Mitt Romney visited him too after calling him the worse names, I don't now why all these guys are visiting Trump tower. Except I noticed that some people gets to visit a club house in N.J. and it would be easier to get to than down town Manhattan.

Maybe having to try to get to the Trump tower is a form of punishment?

Bob: you were in law enforcement:
Do you learn anything from liars and evil people when you talk to them? Or do they confuse you?

I have learned a lot by having to listen to the IAAC meetings, Whew -it all becomes as plain as the nose on your face if you have the time to sit an listen and have an interest which most of the American people do not..

I did not learn much from listening to Paul Offit though, I learned more from listening to others tell things about Paul Offit. Then when I go back to listen to Paul Offit it is like--- oh, a fascination like one watches a car accident, or the aftermath of a town hit by a tornado.

You sit there and say to yourself what a piece of - (finish that thought for me).

There was some talk that Gates got into tax trouble, but once he set up the Gates foundation, walked in an arm lock and step with WHO, and in with the vaccine program heavily; all his tax trouble has gone away.

I guess we just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile - I am very pleased with his picks to head the HHS, CDC and the EPA. Three government agencies that forgot who their real masters were.

Bob Moffit

Would love to know if RFK has visited President elect Trump in Manhattan .. as did Bill Gates just the other day? I have great hope that RFK's "World Mercury Project" will be received far better by the new administration's HHS Secretary .. and .. EPA chief .. than he would have received the last two decades of prior administrations.

Hope springs eternal ..

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