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Lost Arts Radio Presents James Grundvig, Lou Conte and Kevin Barry on VaxXed

Great interview by Richard Sacks with three men you likely know, all of whom are Skyhorse Publishing authors. From the Lost Arts Radio YouTube channel description of the program:

What do James Grundvig, investigative journalist and author of the CDC expose' "Master Manipulator", Kevin Barry, author of "Vaccine Whistleblower", former federal attorney and president of the personal freedom website, and Lou Conte, author of the novel "The Autism War" and co-author of "Vaccine Injuries", have in common? Unfortunately the answer is autistic, vaccine damaged sons, though they also share other concerns in common about the future of our country and the world. Recently, as you are not supposed to know, the movie VAXXED ( has broken through concerted efforts at censoring its message, and has been waking up millions of Americans and others to the fact that a formerly trusted government agency, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, lied over a period of at least ten years, to keep hidden the truth that vaccines cause autism. Even today, the coverup continues. And of course, the question that arises simultaneously is, what else is CDC hiding? And what about other government agencies we trusted to tell the truth? Clearly CDC works for the vaccine and drug companies, not for the American people.

Investigative journalist James Grundvig, recently interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola about his bombshell CDC expose' "Master Manipulator", Kevin Barry, former federal attorney author of "Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC", and Lou Conte, author of "The Autism War" and co-author with Tony Lyons of "Vaccine Injuries, Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines", get together for a round table discussion with me on this Sunday's Lost Arts Radio show. All three of these men have a personal stake in the CDC crimes documented in the movie VAXXED, as they all have vaccine-injured, autistic sons.

On this Sunday's show, we'll be looking into the deeper corruption that has been going on at CDC, the subject of investigation by all three of our guests, and get a real glimpse into how deep this rabbit hole of government crime actually goes. If the corruption is not stopped, CDC and its industry partners will be subjecting the public to hundreds of new highly profitable and potentially deadly vaccines, already in development, which they hope will be made mandatory for your kids, and eventually all adults. If they kill you or your family, Congress has arranged that the vaccine companies and the doctors and others who recommend and physically give the injections, will have no legal responsibility. The personal tragedy of these three men will become universal. It will become yours.

Join me, your host Richard Sacks, every week for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss. If you want to support the work of Lost Arts Research Institute, please donate to our efforts at, and tell others about the show. On the radio show website ( you will find links to the radio show archives, our articles, educational resources, announcements, and other features you will enjoy and learn from. Also on that site, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter, for additional information that goes out only to our newsletter subscribers. The new site, just being developed (, will deal with the work and larger project of the research Institute, which we hope you will support with donations that are now 100% tax deductible. That is the information we will get to talk about with you on the new Saturday morning radio show (11am EST / 8am PST on

Thanks for being part of our family and we look forward to being with you on our next show. Feel free to communicate your comments and suggestions to me any time – I will read them all and respond as time permits.

Richard Sacks, Host


John Stone


I don't think there is any possibility of the Legal Aid Agency supporting litigation against pharma in any respect. They blocked litigation against Merck over Vioxx even though litigation had been successful in the US and Merck wasn't a British company. All pharma products are taken purely at the risk of the citizen in the UK, with only theoretical liability to the manufacturers.

In the Pandemrix case Public Health England are trying to pretend to be the good guys since the evidence comes from official sources, but the govenment are still blocking payment from the Vaccine Samage Payment Unit (I doubt whether it has made a single payment since Robert Fletcher in 2010, though I stand to be corrected).

Hans Litten

The BBC finally admits vaccines cause an unwanted side affect "narcolepsy" in this case , and the BBC even talks about studying vaccinated versus unvaccinated , and the BBC even admits narcolepsy incident is very much greater in the vaccinated group .

The BBC , the most crooked , criminal purveyor of fake news in the world .

GSK says patient safety is their number one priority .

Hans Litten

Government in perfect collusion with Pharma Harma !

Legal aid has been withdrawn from a long-running case against a pharmaceutical giant. Children born with severe disabilities, including spina bifida, were suing the manufacturer of an anti-epilepsy drug which their mothers took during pregnancy and which they blame for causing birth defects - a claim the company denies. …

Will government cuts effectively put wealthy pharmaceutical companies beyond challenge in the civil courts?

Hans Litten

LANDI KOTAL: Two minor children died and 11 more fell unconscious because of reaction to vaccines during an immunisation campaign in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency on Wednesday.

Local sources said that the two minors hailing from Shalobar area were administered vaccines against measles and pneumonia and died moments after the administration of injections.

A simultaneous anti-polio vaccination is also underway in most parts of Bara as part of the national polio vaccination campaign.

The sources said that another 11 children in different localities became unconscious both due to injections against seven different diseases and also after taking polio drops. The affected children were immediately shifted to hospitals in Peshawar.

go Trump

Listened to most of the clip while doing a few other things.

Some new facts and insights that I was not aware of... I DID NOT however have time to watch the entire fireplace clip a few days back.

Bob Moffit

Richard Sacks .. host of "Lost Arts Research Institute":

"Thanks for being part of our family and we look forward to being with you on our next show. Feel free to communicate your comments and suggestions to me any time – I will read them all and respond as time permits."

My friend .. I listened to first hour .. but .. please .. with the greatest respect for all you do .. as a well-intentioned "suggestion" .. isn't there existing technology that would "transcribe" this interview in written form for the AoA community .. who would have appreciated the content .. but .. simply do not have 3 hours to "listen" as it was broadcast?

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