National Autism Association Asks You To Participate in Study on Autism & Wandering Danger
California's SB-18 Seeks To Further Erode Parental Rights: Richard Acts For Pharma Yet Again

For Families Trying to Make HPV Vaccine Decisions: Suzannne Humphries MD

Kim Vaxxed2016 has been the "Year of Vaxxed." Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, Andy Wakefield and the entire VAXXED army, parents, advocates, warriors from coast to coast, have made vaccine safety and injury a topic of daily discussion. The videos sent out alone are like an encyclopedia Britannica of knowledge to help make smart, INFORMED vaccine choices.

Many of us with children vaccine injured into autism will never, ever allow another vaccine near our children or ourselves. Others aren't so far along the curve - and they're lucky, frankly.  It's damn hard to believe that your doctor whom you trusted with your child's life could knowingly or (maybe worse) unknowingly introduce a dangerous medical intervention that could rob your child of his/her rightful life - or even actual life. 

Please visit the VAXXED site regularly - send friends to the site. Witness parent after parent telling you from their hearts and souls and their very guts - how important it is to learn about vaccines.

Gardasil is a stark case in point - and here's a video to share. KIM


Jeannette Bishop

The first Gard-as-il to me was like watching an unpreventable train-wreck coming head-on into young people's lives... Gardasil 9 with more than double Al, upped doses of VLPs (that seem to look too much like many proteins in the body), etc... fast-tracked like it's not a new vaccine (with no placebos, lies about the placebos in the original vaccine trials, more data manipulations) ... I just can't put into words how bad this vaccine sounds!...and they still don't know the HPV vaccine will prevent any cancer (unless "cancer" is code for population maybe).

JB Handley's compilation of global HPV vaccine issues here:


Y'all can go ahead and shoot for the moon, but my CHILD is not going in the rocket.


With the 21st Century "Cures" Act, Pan pushing SB18 in CA, there's no doubt that the whole meme of vaccine preventable cancers is the new polio when it comes to Pharma manipulating the hearts and minds of the American parents.

go Trump

... Merck’s Gardasil is well known as the ... HPV / “Help Pay for Vioxx” vaccine. Fast-tracked to market in 2006 by Dr. Julie Gerberding... who now works for .... Merck.

The MMR vaccine has become “Merck's Master Race” vaccine because of what it does to some children.


No vaccines for our family. It took a lot of stupidly slow understanding for us to get here though. I am more than embarrassed about how slow we all were. to tell the truth.

Bigtree said to be brave.
That is a good point.
I saw a high school classmate yesterday and we were talking. He was a dairy farmer, a sweet boy all through school that never got to do anything but go to school. He loved going. OR working on tht e farm. On the night we graduated, he could not go to the party cause he had to get home to milk. He told what long hours he put in until he finally gave it up in 2002, and started working at a factory instead.

He mentioned just in a musing passing that he could not understand why his son would not work.
I was brave.
I told him what happened to my son,
I told him that it was not always an immediate reaction, but some reactions were slower. That ADHD was just one of the soft signs of brain injury were caused by vaccines.

He was surprised and said his son had been on ADHD medicine. He opened up and said that his son had burned down their trailer when he was little.

When his son was in middle school that he would do all he could to skip school, that he had taken him out on the farm and made him work and said now wouldn't you rather be in school? In which he said his son said no.

That his son had a quick and violent temper, and that his son had one time kicked him in the face. He pointed out a scar on his lip - a pretty big scar that came from his son kicking him in the face.
His marriage had failed because of the undercurrent of dealing with this child.

I told him to think brain injury.

His son is 34.

He said to me that when your children are giving you trouble like ours, you don't want to talk about it cause you are embarrassed, and you don't like to talk cause it feels like you are betraying them. I never talked to any one about this.

That too takes bravery, doesn't it? Yes, I think so.

I told him that I have kept up a lot with my classmates and there are some really bad things that have gone down with our generation. Most our children have not done so well at all.

By the way this classmate of mine had asthma when he was little - he and brother both. Both outgrew it by the time they entered school. We graduated in 74.

Lot of silent suffering seems to have been going on.



"Your opponent, Hillary Clinton, had a detailed plan"

Shillary lost The election Silberman. Looks like Voters think that Trump knows best instead of Gramma. Stop crying about your defeat and own it.

"Clinton’s plan, which included the first national prevalence survey of autism in the United States, was developed with the input of autistic adults — a historical milestone."

The autistic people I know cannot speak, or use the bathroom properly, etc. So who is really autistic here? It seems almost like we are talking about two separate disabilities here Stevie. Do you and Hill speak for all the autistics or just the ones who are not brain damaged from vaccines?

"If you are developing a similarly comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life for people on the spectrum and those who love them, please make it public."

Try to keep up Stevie, remember, smaller doses, longer period of time. I think you will see a big impact on autism.

" Kompothacras, as the father of two young adults with autism, has waged a public war on mandatory vaccination laws and public health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He believes that vaccines were responsible for his children’s dramatic loss of skills in the second year of life, a phenomenon known as autistic regression."

A phenomenon? No Stevie, brain damage from a vaccine. Haven't you read the vaccine inserts? So we should believe you who is a book salesman over an autism parent who witnessed first hand? Sounds reasonable.

"You’ve probably heard that Wakefield’s 1988 case series in The Lancet suggested that the combination vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)"

Stevie, you are over a decade off with that one. At least do basic research before you regurgitate the now debunked conspiracy theory that Wakefield committed fraud.

"In my book, I explain that autism — even so-called regressive autism — "

You don't believe regressive autism exists? Oh dear, does your book talk about the flat Earth as well?

"Many people on the spectrum struggle with chronic anxiety and seizures; the potential for innovative treatments from the biotech industry is great. "

Get a little shilling in for biotech huh Stevie?
What progress have we made with all the Billions of dollars dumped in to research that does not look at vaccines as a culprit? No cause, no cure, just give us more money.

"Before the invention of vaccines, routine infections like measles and pertussis killed thousands of American children every year,"

What does this have to do with the fact that the CDC allowed a triple live virus to decimate unsuspecting children and then committed scientific fraud to protect the profits of the MMR program? You can't just mix a bunch of pharmaceuticals together and hope it will be ok. Especially when you are shooting up babies with the dangerous concoction.

Trump knows vaccines can cause autism. He has seen it. Just like I have seen it. But feel free to send over a copy of your book in case the White House gets low on TP.


"Dr. Mahin Khatami has written a scathing commentary on the HPV vaccine that was published this month (December 2016) in the journal Clinical and Translational Medicine" vaccine impact dot com

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