Fake News is Old News When It Comes to Autism
A Visit from St. ThereIsNoAutismEpidemicandVaccinesareSafe

EcoWatch: Early Pregnancy Flu Shots: New Research Hints of Autism Link

Vax PregnantHere we are on Christmas Eve. Imagine of Mary had been given "modern" medicine. Would the tidings have been of great joy?

From EcoWatch, by Robert Kennedy Jr and Lyn Redwood


A Nov. 19 study, of 45,231 women, published in JAMA Pediatrics, identified a heightened risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis in the children of mothers who received a flu shot during their first trimester of pregnancy. The study, Association Between Influenza Infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder, was authored by Ousseny Zerbo and his colleagues affiliated with the Division of Research at Kaiser Permanente.

While the researchers found no increased risk when the mother received flu shots in the second or third trimester, the data demonstrated a 20 percent higher risk of an autism spectrum disorder among children of mothers receiving the flu vaccine during the first trimester. That risk was statistically significant. (The P value, .01, indicates a 99 percent likelihood that the result isn't due to chance.)

However, after completing this analysis, the authors made a series of adjustments that have drawn criticism from other scientists. Most controversial was their questionable decision to apply a statistical device called the "Bonferroni Correction" to their data. Statisticians use the Bonferroni Correction in very specific circumstances—where they seek to reduce the chance for false positives in calculations involving multiple comparisons. The impact of the Bonferroni Correction is nearly always conservative; it dampens signals in data sets. In doing so it creates the risk of missing true associations. When applied to the first trimester flu vaccine dataset, the Bonferroni Correction reduced the significance of the association from 99 percent to 90 percent. Despite the fact that the adjusted result was still considered marginally statistically significant, the authors then made a second dodgy judgment, by declaring that, "this association could be due to chance."

These sweeping decisions allowed the authors to arrive at the questionable conclusion that, "There was a suggestion of increased ASD risk among children whose mothers received influenza vaccinations early in pregnancy (first trimester), although the association was insignificant after statistical correction for multiple comparisons." The researchers summed up with an acknowledgement of the uncertainty of their conclusion: "We believe that additional studies are warranted to further evaluate any potential associations between first-trimester maternal influenza vaccination and autism."

National media outlets universally missed that nuance. Journalists widely reported the study as a decisive exoneration of flu shots. NPR declared: Flu Shots Don't Increase Autism Risk In Pregnancy. Fox News‎ celebrated: Flu—or flu vaccine—in pregnancy not tied to autism in kids. The Scientist‎ headlined: Autism Not Linked to Flu or Flu Shot During Pregnancy, while the New York Daily News assured: No link between flu or flu vaccine in pregnancy and autism: study.

As the mainstream media celebrated, public health advocates and scholars cried "foul." Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, the CEO and director of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, and data manager of more than 100 biomedical research studies, told me that the author's "incorrect" and "unorthodox" application of the Bonferroni Correction in this circumstance risked the appearance that they were using improper methodologies to, "make an unwanted but statistically significant finding vanish in a sea of statistical wizardry."

Read more at EcoWatch here.



"Only human doctors are allowed to shrug their shoulders"
"It was so horrible to read their stories."
I just read through the comments and thought like so many others that this is madness. This has to end. I can only hope and pray that with a new administration William Thompson will testify before Congress; and that the barriers created by fake news and junk science will disintegrate and real science and the truth will step forward into the light. I want to see all these families that have suffered so long vindicated. I want the political class to act swiftly to end medical tyranny. Maybe even the outrage will be sufficient to spark a movement in Congress to repeal the 1986 vaccine injury compensation act. At the very least I think vaccine mandates coming out of the Federal government will end---so nurses can take off their masks, and the elderly patients won't be pushed into the vaccine schedule so hospitals get medicare payments....No more... Enough... Who knows, maybe even sb277 will be repealed? The science is there, vaccines cause health problems. I would like to see medicine drop vaccination and a tool. It is not the best invention of modern medicine; it is the worst. And our children and grandchildren will spend their lives picking up the pieces from this medical disaster.


This is significant study.
These guys got this published?

Will they too be now "Wakefield"?

AND why (Curse word insert here) L - has this study not been done before?
They are recommending these.

They gave me a tetanus shot - really a DPT shot back in 1984 though. I was not even asked, and it was for just a minor little sliced cut.
That was at the time when they would not let you in the X ray waiting room with out asking you if you were pregnant or even a chance of being pregnant.

This whole vaccine thing is just insane.

I would like to think it was all of the 1986's Congress - fault. Yet, they were doing some really stupid stuff before that when we all could have sued. That is if we had been smart enough to know what the heck was going on.

Even then, we had doctors keeping us cattle humans all calm as they spouted off stats on percentage of fetuses that just abort, and it was just a normal part of the biology. It just happens.

However; My friends if you have a percentage of cattle aborting their fetuses we darn well know way and soon. Cattle do not abort their fetuses with out known reasons. The vet better know the reason and it had better stop.
Only human doctors are allowed to shrug their shoulders and say they have no idea why this would happen.


4250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot ...

https://vactruth.com/2012/11/23/flu-shot-spikes-fetal... Proxy Highlight

Nov 23, 2012 ... An increase of fetal deaths were reported to VAERS after pregnant women ... to wait 36 months to access what should be published public reports. ... any adverse events for pregnant women from the 2009 flu vaccine. .... the babies who survived the deadly double dose in utero be monitored: ...... Jude 1: 6-8.


even now I feel heartbroken for them just remembering their posts of agony.
Such evil.


what about all those mothers several years ago who took I think it was the flu short in their third trimester -- I think when Obama was first in -- and their babies, almost full-term, began being very distressed and then abruptly dying. It was so horrible to read their stories.


Indeed, "statisticians use the Bonferroni Correction . . . to reduce the chance for false positives in calculations involving multiple comparisons." Otherwise you end up with something like this:


david m burd

"application of the Bonferroni Correction" (!)

Of course this "Bonferroni Correction" is never applied unless the results differ from the Centers of Disease Creation (CDC) publicity department. There's no end to the flagrant lies the CDC perpetuates.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, these critical reviews of heralded vaccine "science" are a major service for at least of us.


PATIENT: Dr, I feel like crap, sick all the time, can’t keep food down, barely can move, can’t see... can barely hear, I am absolutely miserable. I took all your prescriptions and advice, yet I feel like I'm dying.

Dr. JAMA: Yes, but by applying statistics, you are better………Next patient.


HEADLINE: "Scientific Research No Longer Needs Link to Science"

Doug Troutman

I thought the Verstraeten study showed earlier the exposure there was more signaling. Sure glad we had those nice mercury laced Rhogam shots and we waited around the hospital for the mercury laced Heb B shot.

Bob Moffit

" The researchers summed up with an acknowledgement of the uncertainty of their conclusion: "We believe that additional studies are warranted to further evaluate any potential associations between first-trimester maternal influenza vaccination and autism."

Ah yes .. the predictable "additional studies are warranted" .. though all involved know additional studies will NEVER be done.

"Fake news" .. meet .. "Junk Science".

It is the world we live in.

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