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Autism, It Changed Everything

ChangesBy Cathy Jameson

My son doesn’t have the kind of autism that’s featured as a ‘feel good’ story at the end of a nightly news segment.  He has is the regressive non-verbal kind.  Completely dependent, Ronan requires constant monitoring and specialized care.  That’s because the type of autism he has came with seizures and a host of medical issues.  Those medical issues have contributed to developmental and cognitive delays.  He’s in a good place now, but I don’t know if his health will bounce back to what it was before he got sick. 

Ronan’s healthier baby days are long gone, but the hope I have for this child of mine has not diminished.  With all of the setbacks he and I’ve had over the years, and there have been quite a few, you’d think that hope would be the last thing I hold onto.  Who holds onto that for as long as I have?  I’ve faced more traumatic moments in Ronan’s short 13 years of life than I ever expected to as a parent.  From 911 calls, to emergency room runs, to battling doctors, and to unfortunate moments of panic due to Ronan’s wandering, being the parent of a child with severe autism hasn’t been easy.  But with help from devoted family and friends, as well as with a lot of faith and a never-quit attitude, I keep going. 

Consciously putting one foot in front of the other – even though on some days it would be easier to give up, I walk this autism parenting path hoping and praying that I was doing the right thing for my son.  I haven’t always made the best decisions for Ronan in the past and am reminded of that every day.  But if I dwell on that too long, we both suffer.  So instead, I keep my chin up and focus on what I can do right now. 

I’ve done a lot for my child as have many other parents with children like him.  It sometimes may not feel like enough has been done to stop the autism epidemic, but together, we’ve moved mountains.  Late last week, I was reminded of something our community did four years ago.  Do you remember it?  It was kind of a big deal.  On the morning of November 29th, we got Congress to talk about autism.  Not only that, they talked about autism and vaccines.  They even dared to link the two together.  They talked about that link all day long and aired their conversation for others to hear it, too.  

Knowing that vaccines had something to do with my child’s autism, that day was an exhilarating day.  For weeks afterward, I thought that the hearing would’ve kick started an epic takedown.  Surely it would!  The Representatives were onto these doctors.  They were onto the fraud and abuse.  There were onto something and promised to get to the bottom of things.  Since it had been so long since the previous autism hearing,  Congress had quite a few things to catch up on and then actually do.  Many of us offered to help them and to keep the momentum up, me included. 

After rereading a post I wrote about that monumental day, I thought about all that’s happened since then.  I thought about all that hasn’t happened as well. 

We got another hearing!  But what a disappointment it was.

A whistleblower stepped forward!  But as with all things government, it’s been a waiting game for something positive to come from their claim since they went public.

We got people to talk about vaccines on TV!  But we now have more talking heads pushing vaccine mandates as well as legislators working overtime to take citizens’ personal rights away. 

We got people to recognize how high the autism rate was!  But we now have an even higher rate than ever before.

The rate was 1 in 88 four years ago.  It’s now 1 in 68.  And the vaccine schedule?  Well, that’s seen an increase in numbers, too.  The children’s schedule may have stayed somewhat the same, but they’re coming after adults now – including pregnant women. 

So much for getting to the bottom of things.  So much for keeping children, including unborn children, safe. 

As depressing as some of the past has been, many of us still choose to march forward.  We persist.  We hope and work and try and believe.  We look ahead while also never forgetting what happened to our child.  How could we ever forget what happened?  It didn’t just change our child; it changed us, too.  Some people think that parents like me shouldn’t focus on the past as I tend to do, but I must.  We must!  When we tell others about that past, they get the chance to use it as a guide.  With knowledge of our experience, they can choose to not repeat it.  If they choose differently than we did, newer parents could be spared the vaccine insanity that we were not able to avoid, the same one that has somehow been allowed to continue today.  

Not too long ago, I thought we were close to seeing that madness end.  In the halls of Congress four years ago this week, we moved a mountain.  I rode the high from that day for several weeks afterward.  That day and all the promises that came with it feels like a lifetime ago now.  Some things have changed since then – a few for the better.  But when I reflected on how much really hasn’t changed since that hearing in 2016, it feels like we are right back at square one.

Pharmaceutical companies can still manufacture shoddy products. 

The medical industry can still pushes vaccines and do so quite heavily. 

The autism rate is still at an all-time high, the highest it’s ever been. 

And Ronan’s struggles?  They are still very present, some of them showing no signs of letting up. 

More often than not, it’s taken a fight to get something done – for my son, for our rights, and for our community.  It may take another fight to right the wrongs that still exist.  Will that stop me?  Never.  My son’s autism may have changed the way I’ve had to parent him, but I will never lose my fighting spirit.  I will never let anyone take it away from me.  Since we are stronger when our community works together, I pray no one takes your fighting spirit away either. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Donna, I just received an email pointing out a new protocol for umbilical cord clamping:

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology (ACOG) now recommends a "delay" in umbilical cord clamping of 30-60 seconds after birth. This is far better than clamping the cord immediately after birth. Still it does not allow for nature to take its course. Placental blood flow continues (if not clamped off) until fetal valves in the heart close. Blood flow to the lungs is then fully established.

In the UK the Royal College of Obstetrics (RCOG) mandated a 30-60 second delay two years ago. It will be of interest in 3 to 5 years to see if fewer children will need special education.

Donna Young

It is any "premature umbilical cord clamping" that may weaken a child, resulting in modest to sever autisms, and many other internal disorders, blood and hormone anemias, lung, heart disease, and learning and behavior problems. Please sign and shares this Petition, for improved world wide medical law reforms. Thank you.


Beautiful post. We will never lose hope. This week I was told by a "Friend" that I am too dramatic about Autism. Hilarious!!! As our boy ages we concentrate on how happy he is. His heart and soul are whole, his brain is likely damaged forever. How can our government know so much and do nothing? Money.

Tim Lundeen

@bob moffit Thanks for the reference to!

I sent my issue: what causes autism, with a suggestion they get James Lyons-Weiler on the show.

Bob Moffit

I hate sounding my own horn .. but .. here is my own email just sent to

Hi Tucker

I have become a dedicated viewer of your new show ... each night at 7:00 PM. I love the way you bring in people who have undertaken some outrageous positions .. expressed some outrageous opinions .. and .. you calmly ask them to defend the things they have said and done.

The reason I am contacting you is your nightly plea for viewers to submit a topic or issue that viewers believe have not received the main-stream media coverage the issue demands.

I am a 78 year old .. retired NYC Police Department Sergeant .. whose second grandson was progressing normally at eighteen months of age .. who .. following numerous vaccines .. beginning with the HEP B within hours of his birth .. most of which contained thimerosal .. a mercury based preservative then routinely found in childhood vaccines .. suddenly and inexplicably .. lost communication skills, lost contact with his surroundings .. suffered extraordinarily high temperatures .. inconsolable crying tantrums, chronic diarrhea, spontaneous outbursts .. self-injuring head contact with hard surfaces ... eventually being diagnosed with autism .. a condition his original pediatrician admitted having absolutely no information as to either treatment .. or .. possible cure.

My beloved grandson .. 1 of 48 boys in our country today .. is now 17 years of age .. non-verbal .. in need of constant supervision to protect himself from engaging in behaviors a two year old would normally recognize as dangerous.

Here is my submission of a subject that remains "uncovered" by main-stream media for at least a decade now .. as evidenced this video of then Congressman Dan Burton chairing a Congressional Committee where he asked prominent public health officials for a reasonable explanation whereby the Congressman could help understand what had happened to his own grandson (exactly the same experience as my own and tens of thousands of other mystified parents) ..

Unfortunately .. Congressman Burton's "hearing" received almost no coverage in main stream media .. even though at that time the rate of autism was reported to be 1 in 110 children within the USA.

That number today is 1 in 48 .. with public health officials adamantly refusing to admit the rate of autism has actually increased .. insisting the rising numbers are due to a "broader definition" and "better recognition" of autism.

In any event .. here is an article explaining the issue I believe is more than justified receiving your attention .. regarding a former high-level senior scientist at the CDC ... Dr William Thompson .. who has courageously become a "whistle-blower" .. accusing the highest levels of the CDC of colluding in the deliberate manipulation and eventual destruction of "scientific research" that provided clear and convincing evidence exposure to the MMR vaccine for children prior to 18 months of age .. as presently recommended .. significantly increased their risk of autism .. most especially among black children .. who showed an dramatic increase in autism if given the MMR prior to 18 months.

If the CDC is guilty as alleged by their own senior scientist .. those responsible my be prosecuted for "crimes" .. for manipulating and destroying evidence that would damage their own reputations as well as the CDC itself.

Please consider inquiring of national media why they have ignored the "whistleblower" accusation of corruption at the highest levels of our most trusted public health agency .. the CDC .. as well as inquiring of our Republican Leadership why they have refused to call Dr. Thompson before the House .. swear him under oath .. and .. ascertain once and for all .. is his stunning allegations are true .. or .. not?

Rumors circulating that former Congressman Dan Weldon is being named Director of the CDC .. and .. if those rumors prove true .. we can rest assured that Doctor Weldon will soon begin "draining that damn swamp" wherein the CDC wallows today.

Please .. Tucker .. DO THE RIGHT THING HERE.

May the wind be always at your back .. may the road ahead rise up to greet you
May your blessings be many and your troubles few.


Ann Millan

Ditto on your article and the best for your son. People ask me all the time why the vaccine safety issue is so important to me when they don't really care or understand. So, my friends are from the vaccine community where I feel most comfortable. I make no apologies for being one who still fights.


Trump's Meeting With Wakefield Rattles Vaccine Supporters
Was it a signal of new administration's attitude toward vaccines?

David Topham, PhD, of the University of Rochester, argued, too, that Trump is a pragmatist, not an ideologue. "It's one thing to engage with certain constituents during the election, and to imply support to win the greatest number of supporters, it is another thing entirely to face down overwhelming evidence that vaccines save lives and that they are not linked to autism."

There is overwhelming evidence that vaccines are not linked to autism. I feel so overwhelmed by all this evidence. Another informative and balanced article. The amount of 'experts' in this article is overwhelming, the evidence presented is also extremely overwhelming. Trump should thank us who voted for him by appointing Wakefield a good position in his administration.



Just sent my email to Tucker!!

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Cathy, Ronan is now 13, and It was 13 years ago, November 2003, that I went to Washington to attend the Autism Summit and IACC meeting in Bethesda the next day. I was allowed to submit a 5-minute comment to present at the IACC meeting. I had to send my comment ahead of time in writing and on a floppy-disk. The invited speakers all went past their time-limits, and at the end of the meeting I got to speak for a-minute-and-a-half. People were putting on their coats to leave. I am grateful for the brief summary of what I said in the minutes of the meeting, and that this remains archived online:

"Ms. Ilene Simon asked the committee to consider the possibility that clamping of the umbilical cord immediately at birth might be an environmental contributor to autism. She noted that the widespread adoption of this practice seems to correlate with the apparent increase in prevalence. She noted that research on oxygen insufficiency in newborn monkeys might be relevant, as the sites of brain abnormalities resulting from the asphyxia is similar to those that have been talked about in connection with autism. She distributed a summary paper of her ideas to the committee members."

I have since come to realize vaccine components may exacerbate damage caused by asphyxia for babies who don't breathe immediately after clamping of the umbilical cord. I am now sending comments almost daily to president-elect Trump, with copies to MA senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and representatives of my district and that of my son's abysmal group home. I am asking for investigation of the medical establishment and federal agencies like HHS, CDC, and NIMH. Brain damage underlying developmental language disorder might have been understood decades ago.

Cathy Jameson

Thank you, Bob.

Bob Moffit

Cathy .. there is a brand new host of Foxnews at 7:00 .. Tucker Carlson .. who has replaced the shopworn, tired careerist Brit Hume .. and .. Tucker's show sounds very promising for our community.

Every night .. Tucker ends his show by asking .. virtually pleading .. with his television audience to submit by email or twitter .. .. the single issue they believe has NOT received the national media coverage it deserves .. so he and his staff can ascertain "why" the issue is NOT being covered.

I am sending my issue .. WILLIAM THOMPSON .. today and will include your link to Congress Hearing ... 4 YEARS AGO .. which did NOT receive the national media coverage it required even then ..

Hopefully ... if enough of AoA readers send Tucker the SAME topic the mainstream media refuses to cover .. who knows .. maybe this guy Tucker will actually "walk the walk" and really try to find out WHY no one in the country has ever heard of DR. WILLIAM THOMPSON?

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