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An Open Letter to the Medical Students Who Attended the NYU “Confronting Vaccine Resistance” Lecture

OPEN mindBy Lou Conte

Dear Future Medical Practitioners:

It occurred to me that I should write this letter to you because you were the intended target of the “Confronting Vaccine Resistance” lecture at New York University on November 21, 2016.

It is remarkable that this lecture was necessary. Obviously, those who felt the need to talk to you about confronting those who question vaccines felt the need to get you in line because they have observed what many of us who question vaccines have:

The pharmaceutical industry, just like the other segments of corporate America, is losing the future. Increasingly, people across the country, particularly young people, are thinking for themselves and questioning the status quo.

Even with all of the power, money and influence Pharma exerts over the main stream media, people simply don’t believe the propaganda anymore and are asking tough questions. Trust in the main stream media is almost as low as the trust in government.

Buried in the post-mortem of the last election is the fact that young people recognize that those currently in power have messed up, placed profits before people, protected corporate interests over human interests and inflicted grave harm upon the future of the nation.

The fact that grave harm has also been inflicted on hundreds of thousands of children through mandatory vaccination is not beyond the observation of today’s young people. They have grown up with autism all around them. They will eventually ask why this happened. Particularly when they are asked to foot the bill to care for a generation lost to autism.

Lectures from Paul Offit, Dorit Reiss and Richard Pan won’t stop them from figuring out what caused the autism epidemic.

The unspoken truth about what has caused the autism epidemic is another example of what Sarah Kendzior described as “the invisible hand that feels like a death grip” in her June 2016 Foreign Policy commentary, Why Young Americans are Giving Up on Capitalism.

The cast of characters who appeared before you in “Confronting Vaccine Resistance” lecture are the standard bearers for the kind of capitalism that has sickened America to its’ core. Dr. Paul Offit, Dorit Reiss and California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan are spin-wizards for “Vaccinology” - the pharmaceutical industry sponsored belief system that develops vaccines and makes sure that they are imposed upon the public for maximum profit with zero liability, thanks to 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. The act essentially blocks civil suits against vaccine manufacturers for vaccine injuries. Tax-payers now foot the bill, not the wealthy pharmaceutical industry.

From the reports of Dr. Suzanne Humphries, one of the few “vaccine questioners” allowed into the lecture, it is obvious that Vaccinology Incorporated intends to attack Dr. Bob Sears for daring to propose alternatives to the vaccine schedule and for accepting the simple truth that some children should be exempt from taking vaccines because of the risk for injury.

One of the best ways to insure compliance with Vaccinolgy is to make sure that those who question the belief system are labeled heretics and brought before the grand inquisitors to be publicly punished.

As he was at NYU, Dr. Paul Offit is often the lead in these pre-canned Vaccinology sponsored soirees. Offit spews misinformation about “anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists” on a regular basis. He believes that children can take thousands of vaccines at one time, has called for the jailing of journalists who write about vaccine safety and inappropriately and unfairly described the mental health status of CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson. Offit conveniently forgot to mention that Thompson has alleged massive research fraud at the CDC – the focus of the movie, Vaxxed - on the papers he and other CDC scientists published on vaccines and autism. Offit neglected to disclose that Thompson reported that CDC scientists dumped research that showed that vaccines cause autism into the garbage.

Offit capped off his visit to NYU with a tense encounter with the parent of a vaccine injured child in which he used the “F” word. “Get the flop out of here!” Offit said when asked about doing an interview with the Vaxxed crew. I suppose this was Offit’s way of confronting vaccine resistance members.

Also, not mentioned is that Offit has been cited by Congress for failing to disclose conflicts of interests when he sat on a federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). The ACIP is a powerful body that recommends which vaccines are approved by the federal government.

What follows is an excerpt from Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making - Majority Staff Report, Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, June 15, 2000:

“b. Dr. Paul Offit (Exhibits 38-41)

Dr. Offit shares the patent on the Rotavirus vaccine in development by Merck and lists a $350,000 grant from Merck for Rotavirus vaccine development. Also, he lists that he is a consultant to Merck.

Dr. Offit began his tenure on ACIP in October of 1998. Out of four votes pertaining to the ACIP's rotavirus statement he voted "yes" three times, including, voting for the inclusion of the rotavirus vaccine in the VFC program.

Dr. Offit abstained from voting on the ACIP's rescission of the recommendation of the rotavirus vaccine for routine use. He stated at the meeting, "I'm not conflicted with Wyeth, but because I consult with Merck on the development of rotavirus vaccine, I would still prefer to abstain because it creates a perception of conflict."

Dr. Offit voted for his own vaccine to be used in the VFC, the Vaccines For Children Program.

What does this say about Offit’s ethics?

California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, the newest star in the Vaccinology pantheon, ran away from a meeting in the California statehouse with Del Bigtree, the producer of Vaxxed, last May - I guess that Pan kept running all the way to Manhattan just to lecture you lucky NYU med students.

Pan sponsored, then rammed through legislation that took away the vaccine exemption rights of California citizens under the infamous SB-277. Pan has accepted significant funding – anywhere between $66,000 and $350,000 from pharmaceutical and medical interest, depending on how one chooses to tabulate the numbers provided by Map Light.

What was Senator Pan doing at NYU? Does his California district include Manhattan?

Dorit Reiss, another regular at Vaccinology gatherings, has clear ties to the pharmaceutical industry. This photograph says it all, doesn’t it?

Reiss actually believes that excessive corporate influence over federal regulators who are supposed to regulate industry and safe-guard the public, often referred to as Industry Capture, is a good thing. Reiss actually published a paper, The Benefits of Capture, on her curious theory.

In Reiss’ way of thinking, the pharmaceutical industry (for example) isn’t capturing federal regulators, it is simply collaborating with regulators to identify and resolve “issues” when they inconveniently pop up.

Is that what happened when issues with Vioxx popped up? Did the industry call the regulators and, in the spirit of collaboration, mention that their drug was killing people? Is that what happened with the illegal marketing of Paxil and Wellbutrin? Is that what happened when data was withheld on the health risks of Avandia?

Frankly, Reiss’ beliefs are far more dangerous and far more corrosive to the health of America’s children and the health of our democracy than people who ask questions about vaccine safety. Reiss seems to propose that government should allow industry to control it.

The medical practitioners of tomorrow will inherit the mess left by Offit, Pan and Reiss and all of the other shadowy people in the Vaccinology world whose identities will likely never be known.

All I can ask of you - as you walk into professional life with mountains of college loan debt - is that you remember your oaths to do no harm. Remember that Informed Consent is a guiding universal principle in medicine and that every life is sacred.

All I can ask of you is that you do your own research, ask tough questions and demand answers.

Think for yourselves.

If you do, you will be far better people – and far better medical practitioners - than the ones who lectured you at NYU.

Louis Conte is the father of triplet boys, two with autism. He is the author of a novel, The Autism War, co-author along with Tony Lyons of a non-fiction book, Vaccine Injuries. He was a co-author of Unanswered From the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury, available at:


R Nikolic

Hello Louis!

I am a small business owner, Traditional Naturopath, and anti-vaccine advocate. My son developed "benign rolandic epilepsy" after his first vaccines at age 9 days. I believe that capitalism is a system meant only to support the oil, pharmaceutical, and banking tycoons.

I am now required to buy medical insurance, and have personally used (and paid cash) for antibiotics only 2 times in the last 20 years. With medical insurance payments rising 300% in the last 4 years, deductibles rising 300%, pharmaceutical costs rising 1,000% +, once again the middle class is paying the price for big business and the impoverished. I don't mind supporting neighbors that need help, but I do mind getting financially, mentally, and emotionally raped to support oil, war, pharma, banks.

People who believe that government is looking out for them, need to turn off their televisions. People who believe this is the best/only way for capitalism to operate stopped having their own thoughts at age 4.

Keep fighting the good fight!

John Stone

Obviously Lou was alluding to another article - interesting in itself - but which was somewhat eliding "big business" with "capitalism" but the two have not been synonymous for a long time. In an article I linked to below I quoted veteran economist JK Galbraith writing in 1999:

“The fraud also conceals a major change in the role of money in the modern economy. Money, we once agreed, gave the owner, the capitalist, the controlling power in the enterprise. So it still does in small businesses. But in all large firms the decisive power now lies with a bureaucracy that controls, but does not own, the requisite capital. This bureaucracy is what the business schools teach their students to navigate, and it is where their graduates go. But bureaucratic motivation and power are outside the central subject of economics. We have corporate management, but we do not study its internal dynamics or explain why certain behaviors are rewarded with money and power. These omissions are another manifestation of fraud. Perhaps it is not entirely innocent. It evades the often unpleasant facts of bureaucratic structure, internal competition, personal advancement, and much else…”

And unfortunately, not only that, they have largely taken over the state too. Both things young and old people should regard with suspicion.

Louis Conte

Dear All:
I'm seeing that some are concerned that I am criticizing capitalism on some basis.

Please understand, that I am not.

I admire people who run businesses, build companies and contribute so much to the fabric of America life. I am, however, making the point that the version of capitalism of Offit and Reiss is corrupting.

They believe in a Soviet style system with their mandatory vaccination scheme that is the antithesis of genuine capitalism.

Americans do NOT have a choice in taking the vaccines these people push. That choice - the essence of what drives competition in capitalism - is missing. Accountability for the harm caused by these products is now gone due to the 1986.

Wouldn't it be interesting if people had open access to vaccine safety data, had access to vaccine effectiveness information, had a choice of products, had the choice to not take the product and had faith that they would be fairly and compassionately compensated if they were injured by these products?

Thanks you for your comments.


My statements are not a reflection of my personal opinion whether vaccines should exist. We are dealing with a huge industry and an indoctrinated medical system. My statements reflect my ideas on viable ways to argue against forced vaccination. We need to use their very words and actions, showing knowledge of any kind of harm, and hold them accountable. Until we win the battle on forced vaccination, I believe stopping this machine will be impossible. It is just my opinion.


Good points, but I don't like that you conflated capitalism with the quasi fascist type of government partnership with business that is mandating vaccines by force in our country.

Jim Thompson

Re: Researcher and NYU students and “Thalidomide and the Power of the Drug Companies”

You could check at an inter-library loans department at your local library.

Also here is an excerpt from an archived article from Life Magazine about Frances Oldham Kelsey, August 10, 1962, page 28, John Mulliken, “A Woman Doctor Who Would Not be Hurried,” at page 28 on .

“The application was submitted by the William S. Merrell Co., an old Cincinnati drug firm. When it arrived on Dr. Kelsey's desk in the form of three blue- and black-bound folders. Each the size of a telephone book, it seemed routine enough, Merrell was asking the Food and Drug Administration to evaluate and license a drug called thalidomide which they wanted to market, by prescription, under the trade name Kevadon from all accounts the perfect sleeping pill. The folders contained Merrell's complete laboratory, clinical, pharmaceutical and animal testing. For Frances Kelsey, a pharmacologist, physician and mother of two daughters, the application seemed even easier than routine to process.
But she knew her job was to move cautiously and watch for that 10th chance in 10 that the drug might be unsafe. As she began to read the contents of the folders. Dr. Kelsey became uncomfortable. ‘There was something a little different about this one," she explains. "So it seemed better to be safe and sure.’ …now to keep Kevadon [Thalidomide] out of U.S. drugstores Dr. Kelsey wrote to the Merrell Company and told them that their evidence was "incomplete."
From that moment the struggle between the ‘stubborn bureaucrat’ and the company was joined. ‘They came to Washington, it seemed, in droves.’ Dr. Kelsey recalls. ‘They wrote letters and they telephoned—as often as three times a week. The telephoned my superiors and they came to see them too.’ Company officials complained that Dr. Kelsey was being unreasonable and irresponsible. After all the drug was being used in every civilized country. ‘Most of the things they called me you couldn’t print.’”

Frances stopped Thalidomide from being approved for use in the United States. She received the President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service from President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

Finally here is Washington Post article on Frances Oldham Kelsey.
See .


I will ask again and again where are the researchers who will address the neuroimmune damage done to our children by an overly zealous vaccine schedule. Where are the researchers who will approach a biotech or pharmaceutical company to start clinical trials using immune modulators that can correct and reverse the damage done to our children? My son's doctor has been asking this question for years and he is finally getting other doctors to realize that these trials need to be done NOW and not in the distant future. We must save this entire generation NOW!

John Stone


Quite right, it is bastardised capitalism, corporatism, agency capture, boondoggles, captive markets, no liability for manufacturers etc. etc. All this circumvents the ideology of the free market while have the privileges of the free market (making loads of money). However, you couldn't really say it was socialism either (perhaps hints of Maoism).


Not sure what vaccines have to do with capitalism. Vaccines are a government-protected (ie socialist) industry.
If it _were_ true capitalism, vaccines wouldn't stand a chance because:
- people could freely choose whether to have them
- if they wanted them, people would have to pay for them, so they'd think twice before buying
- people could sue when the vaccine damages them

Under such conditions, the vaccine industry would die out.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Nine months was too young for the infant MMR because the vaccine failed to create antibodies due to the mother's passing immunity to the infant. Fifteen months was when antibodies could finally be measured in the recipient's blood. In spite of being vaccinated repeatedly, young mothers today cannot pass natural immunity, so the MMR is now 12 months and pushing for 9 months. No wonder boosters are recommended. We now have no natural immunity to pass to the vulnerable infant and no immunity for life usually rendered after the natural infection. The vaccine has failed to prevent measles in every outbreak. What have we traded for? Explosions of autism.


@Jim: I can't find a reasonably priced copy of "Thalidomide and the Power of the Drug Companies." Perhaps you might like to send AoA copies of some of the most appropriate pages and ask them to post?

Shelley Tzorfas

Todays youth are getting many more shots in 6th grade, high school and again all over in college. Young mothers are telling their parents that they cannot see the newborn unless they have yet another round of vaccines. It is called "Cocooning." It is an entrance into forced vaccination for adults where there is much money to be made. Adults have typically not needed vaccines for 20, 30, 50 years but Healthy People 20-20 will change that. (A misnomer of sorts). I believe that where a person lives might be an influencing factor as to how many vaccines are administered. The Salk vaccine used Cervical Cancer as a component and guess what became common? The Sabin used monkeys that were also identified as having cancer known by the term SV40. That is known for causing some brain cancers. In the 50's to 60's children ate Sugar cubes containing live polio virus which also caused many to be stricken with polio. I am not aware of kids getting 5 or 6 sugar cubes nor am I aware of that many Dtap's. At this time this is probably moot. Up to 83% of the vaccines are now made in China according to what I read. We have the right to inspect that place at least once every 13 years. Just think about how many of our pet dogs perished from eating dog food made in China…If we cannot trust their dog food, certain plastic plates, why we trust a vaccine that can harbor mutating viruses or bacteria?


Students today are more messed up than ever. This cannot all be down to genetics. Doctors and nurses, vis a vis the immunization program, are increasingly being viewed as complicit and instrumental in harming children. Trust in medical doctors is probably on a par with trust in media. That is to say it's at an all-time low. Doctors are even complicit now in CP cases of child removal even when it is unwarranted. Sorry but that's the stone cold truth and they (future med students) may as well know it going in.


LOL, I have educated many of a new little Pre med - med - new young residency is that what you call them when they are kinda, almost out of school, but needed to do some practice in the real world? doctor. One at a time.

Back in the 90s, one doctor told the other young doctor that yeah that is true, but you never say a word about it cause it was a career killer. That was an allergy doctor.

Then there was the immunologist; he was sent in all by himself to take the history on my husband so I gave him a history he will never forget.

He left and the other older woman doctor came in and was just plain cold. Yeah, she might have been a cold fish to begin with but I doubt it. That was back in 2007. How time flies and how nothing has changed.

That why I need to seem some body go to jail for this.

Is that asking too much?


Ciaparker: "They always gave the DPT as a series of five shots, three in infancy, one at 18 months, and one at kindergarten entrance "

Shock Admission: Babies Only Vaccinated to 'Train Parents'

"A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent recently admitted during a conference that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to 'train the parents' to get their children into the medical system and that the vaccines are completely worthless."


There is this often quoted lecture to first year medical students that 50% of what you learn in medical school will turn out to be wrong;we just don't know which 50%.

In this case you do know that 100% of this presentation was wrong on every account, and it was coming from the self-anointed high priest and priestesses of vaccination--the religion, not the medical intervention. Where was the talk of the ethics and principle of informed consent and encouraging medical students to violate almost every principle underlying good medicine--first do no harm.

Stay away from any of these first year medical students when they become practicing physicians.



They always gave the DPT as a series of five shots, three in infancy, one at 18 months, and one at kindergarten entrance. I got them in the '60s, and Dr. Spock's book on child care in the '50s lists them. Because it's a killed pathogen vaccine, it takes a lot to cause enough antibodies to be created. The first just start to make the immune system aware of the challenge.

I was given a lot of polio shots, five of the Salk and two of the Sabin vaccines. I don't think they even knew yet how many they thought would be effective then.

It's true that they seemed to not know about the MMR. When they realized that 9 months was too early and made it 15 months, that was supposed to be for life, but they soon started a booster at kindergarten entrance. But they've always thought that in most cases, one dose of the live virus vaccine would give lifetime protection, the booster was just to try to catch the 10% that didn't respond to the first one. In pet vaccines, they've always said that one dose of a live vaccine is effective for lifetime protection (although vets cooked up the yearly booster program, now discredited), but you need to give several doses of a killed-pathogen vaccine.


Those students need to hear Dr Obukhanych. Great choice.


So are students such as those at NYU expected to view Dorit's Law Review article as evidence that regulators and industrial scientists have the same goals?

Is it First Do No Harm to Profits?

I would encourage the NYU students to read “Thalidomide and the Power of the Drug Companies" by Sjostrom and Nilsson (1972).

“The sales promotion men, for their part, were kept busy mounting a front against the doctor and the pharmacist. One salesman wrote, ‘my happy laughter and appropriate references to the completely harmless properties of the drug were apparently successful in putting the often anxious pharmacists minds at rest.’ ...After a visit to a university neurological clinic in Cologne to defend Contergan (Thalidomide), Dr. Goeden of Chemie Grunenthal stated in a letter of February 23, 1961 that ‘I declared our standpoint on the problem of polyneuritis and Contergan and sought above all to cause confusion.’" pp. 61-62.


Hear hear @Linda1!

Might I humbly also suggest Dr Obukhanych be part of the informative symposium so our future doctors can actually learn something useful about immunology and how the practice of vaccination actually affects the immune system. I'm sure the fine folk here could suggest hundreds more that would actually instill some real knowledge.

Also Democracy Now is having its big anniversary event on the same night as the Mercury Project's kick off event in NY. If anyone at the latter is up for some party crashing later on that evening it might make for an very interesting and democratic evening.

Shelley Tzorfas

Dear Medical Students,

Please allow me to put some things in perspective for you. When the young medical students in the 1950"-1960's were urged to vaccinate, they were told that a vaccine would stop illness forever. That made sense and sounded logical so the doctors left medical school and began vaccinating. Within a few short years the vaccine did not work so the medical students in the 70's-80's learned to give booster shots which sounded logical and they left medical school giving booster shots. Each 10 or so years multiple boosters were added. Why would a child be subjected to DTaP shot #2, #3, #4, #5 and then #6? Why-because the first 5 did not work or at least did not last more than a few years and became worthless.

So let's go back to the medical students from the 1950's and 1960's… Do you think if they were told to give 7 vaccines for a particular illness that they would have complied? No, they would have found it to be absurd. Do you think that if they were told to give 76 vaccines to infants and children they would have complied, or to give a vaccine to a newborn for a disease that is primarily from unprotected sex or druggies sharing IV needles, or to give vaccines to pregnant women towards reaching the fetus, they would have gone along? Remember, in those years nearly ALL US kids had normal-right of passage-childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, chicken pox and that was portrayed on TV episodes from The Brady Bunch to the Flintstones because the media was not yet owned by the pharmaceutical cartel. It was not until around 2007 that the pharmaceutical Corp. could direct market to adults and children. Kids being on medication was relatively RARE but today most of the population is on something. Now 1 in 25 boys have Autism, 1 in 5 high school kids have ADHD. Once the vaccine maker's were given permanent IMMUNITY from lawsuits kids went from a few vaccines to 76 and growing containing Aluminum, Thimerosal/mercury, cancer causing Formaldehyde (And many are contracting cancer) Peanut oil (Causing anaphylaxis) aborted fetal cells (Over 50 years old) cells of pigs cows monkeys dogs insects and many other toxic ingredients..

Laura Hayes

To follow up on what Jackie and Linda1 have said:

Who isn't vulnerable to the risks of vaccination, which include permanent disability, chronic illness, and death?

To think, assume, or state that only some are susceptible to vaccine-induced injury and death is like saying that only some are susceptible to injury and death when given a glass of arsenic or cyanide to drink.

During the SB277 battle here in CA, I wrote the following letter to legislators, making this very point. Of course, I did not receive a reply from even one...similar to how I haven't received a single reply from anyone at NYU. (Who should be injected with vaccines once their ingredients are examined?)

And to take it a step further, vaccine products have no business being on the market, as not one should ever have been approved. I cover the many reasons why in this recent article of mine:

Vaccines: Elimination Mandatory!



That is my point regarding the unkown with vaccine administration. Clearly if we have a subgroup for whom Dr. Pan needs to push legislation for to prevent them from receiving rotavirus (originally created by Offit), then how can we be sure we know we are catching all primary immunodeficiencies at birth? And they can't very well sit there and play stupid regarding this subject since we can draw a straight line between this knowledge and their involvement.

So, they are aware of a vulnerable subset. We don't know enough about genetics for them to assure us we catch all vulnerable children at birth. It would have thrown reasonable doubt in this case to make an argument that in the past we did not catch vulnerable subsets, they were injured, and more unknowns are most likely out there.

Richard P Milner

Dr. Boyd Haley debates Dr. Paul Offit at


Thank you for writing this excellent letter, Lou.
I have recently become aware of the new organization, Physicians for Informed Consent and would like to recommend to the students that they look into it and join.

Oh, and to the students: If you search google for the exact name "Physicians for Informed Consent", the above will come up on the second search page, behind 11 other site names that do not match nearly as well, but will give you the "information" that google and their corporate partners think you should have, before you see what you're looking for, if you are persistent enough to find it.

Here is a statement from one of the members:

Physicians for Informed Consent

“In 1995 I was hired as an Epidemiology Analyst on the Antelope Valley Varicella Active Surveillance Project–a joint project of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LACDHS)–Acute Communicable Disease Control Unit and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, Atlanta, GA). Initially, I considered it an honor to be part of a team that was to study the effect of the varicella vaccine on the 300,000 residents comprising the Antelope Valley region. While all positive effects of the vaccine were readily approved for publication, it appeared the deleterious effects (e.g., increases in shingles incidence among unvaccinated children and adults that had natural varicella) were being suppressed. After 8 years, I resigned from my employment so as to publish all the results and not be a party to what I perceived as research fraud–with the sponsors of the research seemingly squashing objective research and dictating published outcomes. I was served a notice to “cease and desist” publication of the results in a medical journal, but overcame that objection and the studies were indeed published. Both the LACDHS and CDC continued (unsuccessfully) to interfere and attempt to prevent publication of manuscripts after they had already been accepted and approved for publication by various medical journal editors. Intervention of my attorney was necessary in some cases.”
– Gary Goldman, Ph.D.
PIC Advisor
Full bio and publications:…/gary-goldman-phd/
Please share far and wide. Knowledge will bring people power"

Knowledge as opposed to propaganda. Are you teaching or indoctrinating? Imparting wisdom or instilling fear? Do you perform a public service or are you a public menace?

How about inviting three speakers from Physicians for Informed Consent to present to your students for 3 hours? THAT, after the three stooges you just hosted, will provide your medical students with an education.

Laura Hayes

I just sent this email to NYU's President, to NYU's Deputy Director of Media Relations, and to NYU's LMC's Senior Director of Internal Communications Dept. Please join me, and many others, in letting NYU know that the lecture they allowed and hosted last week is NOT acceptable or ethical.

Subject: Open Letter to NYU's medical students after last week's lecture of lies and denigration

Dear All,

Please read Louis Conte's open letter to students at NYU's LMC after last week's lecture by Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss.

It is my sincere hope that this letter will be immediately distributed to all students and staff at LMC. Additionally, another lecture should be held as soon as possible to counter and correct both the information and callous attitude of last week's lecture.

It is unconscionable to know that NYU's medical students are being specifically taught to ignore the gold standard of ethical medicine, that of prior, free, and informed consent.


Laura Hayes


The CDC link that I referred to in my last comment:


Re: Screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)

How many children with this disorder were sacrificed to vaccines before this California bill was passed?

I was curious to see if this testing is done in other states. According to the CDC, 32 states and the District of Columbia currently test. So, 18 states don't. Of course, the CDC does not list them.

angus files

You would think the students will know when somebody has come to them with an agenda-but that's just the arrogance of Offit et-al who think were all blind sheep.

Run whilst ya! can Offit et-al Trump`s coming a calling end of January by my reckoning.


Laura Hayes

Excellent letter, Lou.

Might I suggest, since you live in NY, that you make an appt to meet with the Director of NYU's Langone Medical Center to hand deliver and discuss the distribution of this letter to all of its medical staff and students?

Additionally, I will send this AoA link to the people I contacted at NYU and NYU's LMC regarding last week's inaccurate and dangerous lecture...not one of whom has responded to me yet...a sad reflection of the industry capture you mentioned extending to and including our nation's colleges and universities.

The long arm of Pharma is everywhere. Americans' motto for 2017 ought to be: "Striving to be pharma-free." We must reduce the pharmaceutical companies' profits to near nil which will in turn reduce their ability to buy our elected officials, our government regulators, our media, our medical industry, and our institutions of supposed higher learning.


On the subject of informed consent, the 21st Century Cures Act, passed by the house now in the Senate, has section 2263: clinical testing of medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subject if the testing poses no more than minimal risks and includes safeguards.


Pan helped pass legislation for a subset of children needing to be identified by the newborn screen. The disease is SCID. Aside from needing a bone marrow transplant in first year of life, live virus vaccine is contraindicated for these babies. These children were receiving rotavirus vaccine on schedule prior to identification in the newborn screen program.

If Pan is aware there is a subset for whom we need to be more careful in vaccinating, can he assure us that we are identifying all vulnerable subsets? I don't think he or Offit could defend that argument. I would like to have seen that argument used in fighting SB-277.

Bob Moffit

Lou writes .. "It is remarkable that this lecture .. “Confronting Vaccine Resistance” held at New York University on November 21, 2016 .. was necessary"

I blame NYU for presenting their students with a "lecture" .. wherein these three individual "speakers" were allowed to mischaracterize, defame and demonize .... accomplished, informed medical professionals .. who have raised serious concerns regarding the virtual explosion of chronic autoimmune disorders .. such as .. autism, allergies (peanuts?), asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD, on and on .. some life-threatening as well as life-long .. that were far less common in all previous ... LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS.

NYU medical students deserved a DEBATE .. not a .. LECTURE .. wherein those medical professionals .. such as ... Dr Sears and Dr Wakefield .. as well as .. PARENTS .. could have defended themselves and their well-informed opinions against these three "lecturers" .. who squandered the students time by giving only ONE side of this extremely complex issue.. thereby DENYING those medical students the opportunity to LEARN FOR THEMSELVES .. IF DR SEARS, WAKEFIELD AND PARENTS HAVE NO MERIT TO THEIR RESISTANCE TO VACCINE POLICIES AND PROCESSES.

Hopefully the students realize they deserved a DEBATE .. rather than a LECTURE .. and .. IT WAS NYU THAT FAILED TO PROVIDE THEM THAT DEBATE.

In any event .. that main stream media decides to LECTURE the American people on this particular subject .. rather than allowing the American people to hear BOTH sides of the issue so they can make use of their "informed consent" rights .. it is even WORSE to see universities that deny students the opportunity to LEARN THROUGH DEBATE .. RATHER THAN LECTURE.


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