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18 Year Old With Autism Restrained - Died

Under_The_Bus_Sign-300NOTE: The moment I read this story I said, "This young man was restrained and choked out."  Now, we don't know that this is the case.  However, 18 year olds with autism are as strong as oxen, and can make even Mom and Dad ballistic when in a rage or fear-based outburst. So how are school personnel, or bus personnel to react?  Often with a heavy, deadly hand. Our bus staff does not have PMT training -  that's how to defend and safely restrain.

I teach self-defense. I am a black belt in two martial arts. I know how to block and put someone into a submission. Most do not. Most who work with your kids DO NOT.  Let the story unfold.  Pray for the family. Pray for the staff. And pray for a CURE to be a top priority of this administration. We need it. Cure by death doesn't work.  KIM


From NBC San Diego - read the full article here.

An 18-year-old autistic student died Friday while on his way home from school.

San Bernardino resident Anthony Corona died after losing consciousness when school employees "restrained" him following an "altercation," according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

Corona, who attended Bright Futures Academy, a Riverside school serving special-needs students, got into an altercation with another student and school employees on the bus, police said.

The employees and the bus driver, who had exited the freeway to assist the employees, restrained Corona, who at "one point" lost consciousness, according to police.

School employees performed CPR and called for "emergency medical aid." Corona was taken to St. Bernadine's Hospital, where he later died. 

The school issued a statement expressing its "deepest sympathy" to Corona's family, but said signs indicate its employees followed guidelines.



The public has no clue ...there is NOTHING tougher in the world to deal with than severe autism..Imagine having a child born with Alzheimer and your getting a LITTLE close...but elderly have lived their entire life....they had a chance ..these children have had their life STOLEN from them ..they never had a chance well as the immediate family..your on your own boat at noone else can deal with your child's stress...we have to show the AMERICAN public..thus GOVT by video our kids and family's every single d daily sufferings with severe autism...we area a video you tube society..saying it is nothing if they can continually see what we all go through by sending in our warrior day to day day lives no matter how raw then they would FINALLY get it ...they could not deny its as bad as we all keep saying....your right Gary...this should HAVE BEEN A PRIORITY FROM DAY ONE TO FIND A a 20 year special needs teacher and having a severely autistic child as well as other "non autistic kids..the KEY FACTOR the govt knows and takes complete advantage of is our non ability to stand together as a united front and demand answers like we see on tv for Alzheimer or cure breast cancer....why...because we ARE CONSTANTLY EVERY MINUTE ON HIGH ALERT WITHOUT CHILD MEANING LIFE OR DEATH ..we dont have the LUXURY of ever sitting down and getting protest and meetings together..and how could we go anyway..there are no services to watch our kids for a few hours when they get bigger..the public has no idea we have to say ....oh by the way..are you a very fast very weightlifter with a background in behavioral science....oh well thats what we need...where are those sitters? because my severely very sweet autistic son who is 10 yrs old is way faster and way stronger than you...hes a angel but will run you over (not trying to hurt you but because he thinks like a 2 year old who doesn't know not to run off into the parking lot..with the same excitement of a 2 year old and strength of an bull) ..into the street to head on traffic because he likes the cars...soooo just you happen to have that person..thats why we need to start videoing our lives...people truly think were over exaggerating when thy are not even getting a piece of the horrific reality. we are all in with a severely autistic child ..because why try too tell them..we all know they are your having eventually we stop trying to explain whats happening..because we cant ..they have to see it...NO ONE experiences what we see and go through with these kids..we need to show them!!!!

Jonathan Rose

Aimee, the fact that you've been berated by neurodiversity advocates only once in person, but frequently online, should tell you something. It's a fringe movement with relatively few real followers, but its numbers seem to be artificially magnified by internet posters who are either paid trolls or actual activists who spend all their waking hours online. You'll notice that there are no big public demonstrations of neurodiversity advocates, and when the Dark Side encouraged them to protest screenings of Vaxxed, hardly any showed up. If you think neurodiversity has influence over the government, nonprofits, and pharma, you've got it backwards. In fact neurodiversity (which started out as a small but genuinely independent movement) has been coopted, controlled, and promoted by the government and pharma because it offers them a convenient rationalization for doing nothing about the autism epidemic: according to the party line, it isn't a disease, so therefore we don't have to spend any money treating it or compensating the victims.


Gary-I just looked into UC at San Diego and they are doing a genetic based analysis of thousands of families affected by autism. Thanks again for the information!


Thanks Gary-I will get a copy of Inoculated to find out about the work they are doing at UC San Diego. I hope it will lead to the answers for our hope for a CURE. Can you give me a brief summary of what they are doing?

Aimee Doyle


You're right that I probably could be gutsier - I think when it happened (being called a "curebie") I was so stunned that I didn't know how to respond. And I was at a party where I didn't want to create a scene. This kind of response has only happened once in a social situation - I've seen it a lot more online. So I've just been sort of careful in social situations like conferences and gatherings...but perhaps I should be shouting cure from the rooftops. I'll think on it.

All that being said, though, the neurodiversity movement does have a lot of power and influence...with the media, with nonprofits, with government, and I imagine, with pharma. As Anne Dachel noted, it is now unacceptable to talk about anything other than supports and services. Those of us whose children are severely vaccine injured need to come up with a strategy to counteract the neurodiversity influence.


Agree with everyone here! We need a CURE! t's mot a bad word. Our children want a cure! it is Christmastime and tons of people don't know what to buy others as presents. Suggest that they make a donation to a researcher who is looking for a cure for autism.


I'm a dad of a severely autistic and type 1 diabetic 15 year old son. I can easily see this story being written about my son some day. He has outbursts that require the school restrain him. He is on medication to help with this, but thye still occur and can be very, very intense. We pray for a cure. We need a cure. His level of illness is not something that can be accepted. We love him dearly and know that he will not have any good quality of life. He's barely verbal. We want him to be cured. After 15 years of many varying types of therapy, including early intervention, he's just not getting better. He needs a cure, not acceptance. If you don't want to be cured or you don't want your child to be cured, that's your choice. Don't fight against a cure for the severely autistic. It is just cruel to them and to the families that love them.

Jonathan Rose

Aimee, how you handle these social situations is entirely up to you, but if anyone talked to me that way, I would tell them in no uncertain terms that I'm not going to put up with any namecalling or personal insults, and I would demand a full and immediate apology. That said, we've always freely discussed cures among our many friends in the autism community, and none of them have ever objected, though it may be that a few of them decided that they would no longer associate with us. We're never going to get a cure unless we vocally and relentless demand one. If we hold our tongues, then the Dark Side has won, and our children have lost everything.

josie muller

was he on drugs/meds? even some antibiotics and vaccines could cause an aggressive episode. because while my son was living in a group home and under the influence of anti psychotics and other meds it was the only time when i observed him becoming unexpectedly aggressive with super human strength. head butting caregivers, breaking noses or given concussions. in addition of him to severely head banging against hard surfaces, at one episode opening his scalp requiring metal staples. he even tried to head butt me after being hours in "frozen" state. and he was not the only one, each one had his own style of hurting staff and there was not warnings. he is with me now drug free, vaccines free, back to his gently persona, scared of strangers.

Bob Moffit

If they do not have cameras on Riverside County "special needs" buses in San Bernardino ... they should .. if for no other reason than as a "safety precaution" .. to protect those students from serious injuries caused by potentially untrained, overly aggressive .. "employees seeking to restrain someone".

I will never understand why our long-suffering community feels we must .... "pray for a CURE to become a top priority of this administration".

Seeking a CURE should have been a TOP PRIORITY for our federal public health bureaucracies for DECADES NOW .. when .. after all ... WE NEEDED ACTION NOT PRAYERS

Tim Lundeen

You could mention James Lyons-Weiler's book to these people.

"There is no cure" goes right along with "autism is genetic". As soon as you accept that there is an environmental component, that autism was not inevitable for someone, then you have to accept that there might be a cure: remove the environmental toxins, and try to heal/correct the damage they caused.

Dr Taylor

I hope they find people who witnessed what happened. This is bull crap! šŸ˜”šŸ˜”

Gary Ogden

Gayle: Read "Inoculated." There is some very interesting work being done at UC San Diego (Chapter 14).

Aimee Doyle

I am concerned that - regardless of our administration - that any research toward cure will be blocked by the neurodiversity movement, which sees cure as a "four letter word."

The neurodiversity movement has been successful in getting Autism Speaks to remove cure from their mission statement. It has been successful in getting the Autism Research Institute to stop talking about not only cure, but even recovery (although ARI does research medical treatments for the medical issues that are comorbid with autism). The media does not discuss cures for autism - and does not even interview parents who would want a cure. Once again, the focus has been on the high-functioning individuals with autism - and almost never on the medical issues. And then you have books like Neurotribes. Another victory for neurodiversity.

As Ann Dachel noted recently in a post, when it comes to autism, no one is now allowed to talk about anything other than supports and services.

I find I even have to be careful what I say when I am in social situations with parents and adults with autism. I once slipped and said I would welcome a cure for my son, and I was immediately called a "curebie" and accused of not loving and accepting my son.

We in the autism community really need to figure out how to come together as a community - I'm just not sure how. I certainly wouldn't force a cure on anyone who didn't want it - but I do want the option of a cure for my son. Like cochlear implants for those who are deaf - they should be available for individuals who want them.


Kim-I am praying along with you for a CURE for autism to be a top priority for this new administration. We must have research into a CURE NOW. With hope for RESEARCH for a CURE in the new year for all of our affected families.

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