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Thank you donationThe election is over, and Donald Trump is our President elect.  There's another chance to cast a vote with confidence. Vote to keep Age of Autism reporting the news and events from inside the autism epidemic by making a donation of any amount - that will be matched by a generous donor. 

How will President Trump help, hinder or harm the autism community?  Opinions will vary widely. 

Bookmark us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and read us every day to hear from the best and brightest on a full range of topics imperative to us.  Causation. Vaccine Injury. Treatment. Cure. Education. Social programs. Adult issues. Housing. Employment.  We won't shy away from any of it - we never have.

We need your support.

Donations to Age of Autism are tax deductible and can be made by clicking here. Tax deductible

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check out to "Age of Autism".  

Mail to Autism Age c/o Dan Olmsted at: 

102 Whittier Circle

Falls Church, VA  22046


It's that time of year express our THANKFULNESS for the Age of Autism blog!

Thankful to wake up to the Age of Autism blog every single morning!

How wonderful to read and share real and meaningful news!

And now we have an opportunity to show our thanks to those who keep AoA running!

No donation is too small, especially when it will be matched by AoA's Anonymous Donor!

Kinship among AoA readers is powerful, not to mention treasured.

So let's support that which has become so meaningful to us, not to mention helpful to others.

Give as generously as you can, and know that what you give will be put to good use!

It will support the editors of AoA, cover website costs, and allow for Dan's continued research.

Voicing that which mainstream media refuses to report is what AoA does best!

Invite all you know to help support AoA and help keep it going strong!

Now don't delay in donating...donations will be matched through Nov. 30th, up to $5,000!

Give generously. Age of Autism is an uncensored forum for truth, and financial support is needed.

Donations to Age of Autism are tax deductible and can be made by clicking here. Tax deductible

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check out to "Age of Autism".  

Mail to Autism Age c/o Dan Olmsted at: 

102 Whittier Circle

Falls Church, VA  22046

With deep appreciation for all who make up the Age of Autism Family,

Anonymous Donor




Leah, I have been commenting on this site for many months, no one here hates President elect trump more than me. I know this because I have been allowed to comment here profusely. I can't always hold court but, damn if i'm not given a chance.

i'm grateful for these impartial geniuses.

Gary Ogden

Leah: Have your comments been censored? My vote was not so much pro-Trump as anti-Hillary. She represents much of what is wrong with the nation: the banksters, pharma, foreign war-making. I consider Tuesday's vote a public rebellion against government policy and overreach. I personally don't like either political party, and consider them both a spent force, as the number of independent voters is growing as the ranks of the party faithful are shrinking. The Republican primaries were a stark example of how fed up their voters are, and the Tuesday vote was a stinging rebuke to the Democrat establishment. Yes, Putin has killed journalists. This is what world leaders do. Obama has killed many with drones, more than Dubya.


Sad that only pro trump comments have been permitted on this site. His friend Putin who he admires is said to have killed journalists. Silencing comment seems like a good first step for you guys.

Michael S.

Sending a check now. Is the 95 number posted somewhere on the site in case someone needs to reference it for tax purposes?

Jeannette Bishop @ about 9 minutes

Tim Lundeen


Could you have an option for making a recurring contribution? I sent a one-time donation, but would be glad to make regular monthly ones :-)

Thanks for all you do. Very much appreciated!

Gary Ogden

Not celebrating, but breathing a big sigh of relief. If heads roll at the CDC and DHHS he will have justified our votes. This was a repudiation of the elites. My check has already arrived, by the way, and I urge everyone to send one; this is one of the few organizations worth supporting. Bless you, AoA, for keeping us so well informed, for helping guide us in the fight for medical sanity.

Drain the CDC swamp!

Go Trump! Drain the swamp that is CDC, NIH. America can't afford all the damage to our children.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

My check is likewise in the mail. Thanks, checks are easier to report for tax deductions.

Like Bob Moffit my focus is on language-impaired children. I am sick and tired of all the smiling people who try to tell us about a genius nephew with Asperger's. Likewise, Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Kathleen Sebelius, and other political types who try to reassure us they are working to "level the playing field" for all people with disabilities.

I hope President-elect Trump will understand our outrage with political organizations like the IACC.

Bob Moffit

In the name of my 16 year old .. nonverbal grandson ... my check will be in the mail today.

I am sure he would .. if he could .. thank each of you guys personally .. for all that AoA has meant to him .. as well as his entire family.

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