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Virginia General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care Recommends No Changes to Vaccine Exemptions

Good news for Virginians, from

The General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care on Wednesday recommended making no changes to the state’s regulations on possible exemptions, including religious reasons, for otherwise-mandatory school vaccinations.

The decision came after the commission received more than 700 comments on the subject, the majority of which were in favor of taking no action.

The issue was brought before the commission at the bequest of Dels. Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, and Christopher P. Stolle, R-Virginia Beach, who introduced a bill during the most recent General Assembly session that would have removed religious exemptions as a valid reason not to have a child vaccinated.

Filler-Corn and Stolle struck the bill and requested the commission research whether non-medical exemptions should be tightened.

The bill received a great deal of attention from those against mandatory vaccinations, most of whom wore red to Wednesday’s meeting, which was held at the General Assembly building in downtown Richmond. Some in red wore T-shirts and hats supporting President-elect Donald Trump.

Most brought their children with them, and one young boy held a sign that said: “Vote ‘No’ to Mandatory Vaccines.” When the commission recommended taking no action, the crowd cheered.

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"So what should be your position from a public health standpoint? "

My position is one of distrust of public health officials and any information or recommendation coming from them. They can not be trusted on any level. They ironically are the biggest threat facing this country. If there is an outbreak of anything, we are in danger not only from the outbreak, but because we have criminals running so-called public health.

My position is that we need a cleaned up health care system, top to bottom. Only then can we address what we should do in a true public health emergency. In the meantime, we should be a free people, protected from the criminals in charge.



What Cait said :o). I meant that if their only reason for *allowing* no mandates is that mandates are currently not needed according to their whacky conflicted for profit arbitrary standards, then we're still in trouble. The reason should be that people should never be forced to take any medication or treatment under any circumstances. I reread what I wrote and see how you could have taken what I said the wrong way, up until the last line (roulette).


I've wondered the same. And I also think there should be a site which posts all politicians' expressed views on vaccines, to make it easier to get info before voting.


I agree with your asking what they'll do if there's an outbreak of measles etc. But what should be done if a more dangerous epidemic disease makes a comeback in the US. Like diphtheria or polio? I wrote to one of my senators, Roy Blunt, and he replied saying that he'd never vote for a mandate except in the case of an outbreak of a dangerous disease. He was probably thinking measles and mumps, but the question remains. In the outbreak of diphtheria in Russia twenty-five years ago, they quickly vaxxed everyone, and it seemed to end the epidemic. Whether or not you think the vaccine did it (I do), the polio epidemics ended soon after large numbers were vaxxed. So what should be your position from a public health standpoint? I would still be in favor of individual choice, but I think most people would choose vaccines in that situation.

Mary Battle

Yesterday, I accompanied my son to my granddaughter's checkup. The pediatrician said right off that if my granddaughter was not going to be vaccinated, she would no longer be seen in the practice. She also said there was no such thing as religious exemption, and he research, but avoid those anti-vaccine websites that show up first in searches!

Needless to say, he is looking for a new pediatrician, preferably in Loudoun county, although he says he will travel any distance to be seen by a friendly pediatrician who will respect his role as parent and protector. If anyone can refer one to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Some background. My son had a negative reaction to his DPT vaccine as an infant. Then a subsequent tetanus shot 16 years later, before heading off to college, a routine tetanus shot administered at the ER resulted in a brain hemorrhage, a 3 day stay in neurological icu, seizures for months quelled by Dilantin, followed by narcolepsy treated with provigil.

Ultimately, he lost most of his short term memory. He will not allow his children to be vaccinated. His wife is on board, however, the pediatricians are not only offensive. they are bullies. I witnessed the doctor's appalling, offensive, unprofessional behavior. If it was unethical, I would report it. I was a single mom, and


The red shirts were just to unite our group and make a visual statement, not otherwise to specify a party affiliation. It was great to be there, thank you, fellow citizens!! And thanks to NVIC who organized us for maximum effectiveness.

Cait from Canada

no-vac: I think you are misinterpreting Linda1's post. She is definitely not pro-vax or pro-pharma.

Betty Bona

What do all the red shirts mean? Now that we are post election, I want to know how much impact the vaccine safety group (or anti-vaxxers) had on the election. I try to tell people that there was a measurable impact (all those educated soccer moms I keep hearing about), but others not so involved say it was negligible. Is the movement strong enough to make a difference in an election? I think it would be helpful for people to know that they can make a difference as a voting block. Maybe there's a new voting block called the "Vaccine Safety" voting block. Maybe we can get politicians to realize they need to have platforms that address our issues. Is that what the red shirts are about?


@ Linda,
You are very wrong. Most vaccinated children are constantly sick and get many more infectious diseases than the non vaccinated. In western Europe most parents don't vaccinate their children, who are healthier and die less frequently than American children. In US - non vaccinated Amish children are the healthiest of all. Present polio epidemic occurs mostly or only in the population of vaccinated children. Stop spreading pharma lies and propaganda. Vaccines are poisons and bioweapons destroying US population.

Gary Ogden

Alan: Citizens do have recourse against these scoundrels. In California a group of citizens has filed a "public attorney general" lawsuit in federal court under the RICO statutes against legislators and the governor for taking money from pharma to sell out our children. Racketeering it truly is. As far as I know, this is available to anyone in any state. You don't need an attorney to file.


"Among those in favor of making no changes to immunization exclusions was the Virginia Department of Health, which stated that “the low exemption rates and relatively high vaccine coverage rates and low morbidity from vaccine preventable diseases” made taking no action on the issue an acceptable option, according to commission documents."

Wrong reason. What are they going to do when the majority chooses not to vaccinate? What are they going to do if there is a 1950's style childhood disease outbreak? Will they then force vaccination? Will they not interfere with citizens' obtaining natural immunity or will they mandate that all play vaccine roulette?

Gary Ogden

Great news! They actually listened to their constituents, unlike in California.

Alan V. Schmukler

Not long ago Virginia was about to pass the most regressive mandatory vaccine law in the country. If it had succeeded it would have prevented children who were not vaccinated from attending public or private school or being home-schooled. These efforts will not stop as long as Pharma has legislators in their pockets. Exposing and prosecuting legislators who secretly accept money to introduce legislation would be a step in the right direction.

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